Scientific Consensus Redux | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scientific Consensus Redux

Looking back, it turns out that a lot of scientific consensuses were wrong.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The consensus :) opinion is that the majority is always right. But history proves that before the majority can be right, one person must be right, and while that one person is right, standing defiantly for truth before the flood of outmoded opinions thrust upon him or her by lazy minds, the majority must inevitably be wrong. That has been shown here with climategate. It has been shown with Saddam's "nooks." It has been shown with 9-11 and David Kelly and JFK and RFK and Vince Foster. Soon it will be shown with the Big Bang.

We are learning that formal education in the United States has turned away from enlightenment and research and become little more than indoctrination in the accepted myths, with a degree a mere certificate of enforced conformity proving one can be trusted not to rock the government and corporate boat in exchange for wealth and tenure. Another article down below bemoans a loss of trust in scientists, and while I still trust scientific method, I agree individual scientists, like the politicians who pay their salaries, should be viewed with a great deal of suspicion. Dr. Mengele was, after all, a scientist!

Maybe the aftermath of Climategate is that the people of the world stop trusting the authority figures paraded across the viewscreens of our lives and learn to rely on their own education and logic to figure out what the world is doing. Yes, many will make mistakes, but across an entire population such individual mistakes tend to cancel each other out. Far better than an entire population raised to trust official spokesdrones being led in one direction into ear, slavery, and ruin.