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NYC Landlords Wage War Against Remote Working

New York City's biggest landlords have a major dilemma; that is, companies like Citigroup, JP Morgan, Google, Twitter, and Facebook all encouraged their employees to work remotely from home, which will result in a slower economic recovery.

Jeff Blau, chief executive officer of Related Cos., was on Bloomberg Television Thursday talking about the dire situation, and the campaign he is waging, along with other top landlords to convince companies that their employees should return to offices to avoid damaging the local economy.

"If you go to the business districts, Midtown, it's deserted," Blau said "If employers tell their employees that they don't need to come back, they're going decide to hang out at their parents' or in the Hamptons and phone it in. Ultimately, businesses are not going to be able to survive that."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. Blau, if you have motivated workers who pride themselves on making things happen, both for themselves and the people for whom they work, where they work is of no issue, just that they, and the people for whom they work, will thrive; that is the only issue.

Of course, lessees of large commercial space don't want to see this happen, but it is both the wave of the present, and the future.