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January 29, 2022

Jan 29 07:20

US Army’s New Squad Vehicle ‘Ineffective for Combat’: Report

The US Army’s Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E) arm has released its latest assessment regarding the service’s new Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) designed to support troops on long operations.

In a report published this month, OT&E explained that the lightweight vehicle is not operationally effective for deployment on combat and engagement, security cooperation, and deterrence missions.

It said that the 5,000-pound (2,267-kilogram) ISV is not suitable for various operations because of “poor” developmental test reliability and deficiencies in training, maintenance, safety, and human system integration.

When the vehicle was tested in Arizona and North Carolina last year, OT&E noted that the ISV could not deliver effective fires or provide reliable communication and protection for infantry squads.

The report disclosed that soldiers using the squad vehicle could not avoid enemy detection, ambushes, or engagements on most of their missions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another costly boondoggle, like the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Jan 29 07:18

Scoop: Ukraine gives U.S. senators 4 specific asks

The chairman of Ukraine's parliament has sent a letter to eight U.S. senators outlining four specific requests for security assistance and sanctions that Kyiv believes will help deter a Russian invasion, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: The Ukrainian government is leaning on Congress — and a bipartisan group of senators negotiating compromise language on sanctions that could pass the Senate — in an effort to push the U.S. posture beyond the Biden administration's approach.

Like the Ukrainian government, Republicans are pushing for the bill to impose some sanctions now, before Russia invades.
But Ukraine's intervention in yet another U.S. legislative fight is unlikely to please a Biden administration already frustrated with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Jan 29 07:15

Chinese military ‘ready for any external provocation’ during Winter Olympics

China's navy has embarked on a series of military exercises in its waters this week, saying it is prepared for any kind of provocation during the Winter Olympics.

Defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian said on Thursday that China would ensure the Games were safe and "splendid", and the People's Liberation Army stood ready for any situation.

"The Chinese military is also fully prepared for any external provocation and contingency," Wu said.

The assurance comes after US military drills in the South China Sea and the arrival of a US ballistic-missile submarine in Guam in recent weeks.

Jan 29 07:14

Two civilians killed as guards clash at Kyrgyz-Tajik border

Two Tajik civilians have been killed during overnight clashes at Tajikistan’s contested border with Kyrgyzstan, where a ceasefire has since been established.

As a result of the latest deadly flare-up, “10 people were injured on the Tajik side, of which six were servicemen and four were civilians,” Tajikistan’s national security committee said in a statement.

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Jan 29 07:13

Several Pakistani soldiers killed in southwest checkpost attack

Pakistan’s military has confirmed that at least 10 soldiers were killed in an attack on a security checkpost in the southwest province of Balochistan earlier this week, according to a statement.

The attack took place on Tuesday night in the Kech area, located near the country’s western border with Iran and roughly 600km (373 miles) south of provincial capital Quetta, Pakistan’s military said in a statement released late on Thursday.

Jan 29 07:13

US lawmakers urge Blinken to halt UN probe into crimes committed during Gaza conflict

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, calling on the Biden administration to lead an effort to end a United Nations commission looking into alleged Israeli war crimes against Palestinians.

The bipartisan group of 42 House members, led by pro-Israel Democrat Josh Gottheimer and Republican Vicky Hartzler, said the investigation looking into possible Israeli war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories reflects a "continued broader bias against Israel", and said the UN should focus its attention elsewhere.

"Please know that while Congress may be divided on the Administration's decision to rejoin the [UN Human Rights Council], we stand united in urging you to act upon the Administration's commitment to defend Israel from discriminatory treatment at the Human Rights Council and throughout the UN system," the letter said.

Jan 29 07:12

Israeli Forces Injure Four Palestinians, Including Child, in Kafr Qaddum

At least four Palestinians, including a child, were injured by Israeli occupation forces on Friday, during the weekly protest against Israeli settlement construction in the village of Kafr Qaddum, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Eyewitnesses told WAFA that Israeli soldiers attacked the protesters with rubber-coated rounds and tear gas canisters, injuring four of them and causing many cases of suffocation from gas inhalation.

Jan 29 07:11

U.S. Plans to Reroute $67 Million in Aid Towards Lebanon's Armed Forces

The United States plans to reroute $67 million of military assistance for Lebanon's armed forces to support members of the military as the country grapples with financial meltdown.

According to a notification sent to Congress, the State Department intends to change the content of previously appropriated foreign military funding for Lebanon to include "livelihood support" for members of the Lebanese military, citing economic turmoil as well as social unrest.

"Livelihood support for (armed forces) members will strengthen their operational readiness, mitigate absenteeism, and thus enable LAF members to continue fulfilling key security functions needed to stave off a further decline in stability," said the notification to Congress, seen by Reuters.

Washington is the biggest foreign aid donor to Lebanon. U.S. officials had pledged additional https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/us-give-extra-67-mln-lebanon... support in October.

exmarketplace 3
Jan 29 07:11

'Fire under the ashes': Anger simmers in Jordan over jailing of king's critic

There has been a swift crackdown in Jordan following public displays of anger over the sentencing of ousted MP Osama al-Ajarmeh to a dozen years in prison on Wednesday.

Supporters and members of his Ajarmeh tribe raged at the judgment, which came after the popular lawmaker was convicted of stirring an insurgency, threatening the life of the king and manufacturing explosives to be used in a terror plot.

Masked youths burnt down the tribe’s headquarters in the Naour district, south of Amman, accusing Ajarmeh’s leaders of failing to defend the former MP, who denies all the allegations. Video footage of people throwing stones at a photo of King Abdullah II near the state security court building in Amman soon went viral. But security forces quickly stepped in and smothered further public displays of anger.

Jan 29 07:05

Biden warns he will deploy troops WITHOUT NATO's backing: President issues limp declaration that he will move 'not too many' troops to Eastern Europe 'in the near term' but not as part of NATO force as members fail to agree on action

President Biden said Friday evening that he will move US troops to Eastern Europe sometime 'in the near term'.

However, he said did not say they would be deployed as part of a NATO force.

'I'll be moving troops to Eastern Europe and the NATO countries in the near term. Not too many,' Biden said as he got off Air Force One after a trip to Pittsburgh.

Jan 29 07:04

'You're about to get a lot more speeding tickets!' Critics slam 'Pothole Pete' Buttigieg's plan to fix the nation's roads crisis with MORE speed cameras and lower speed limits that will guarantee fines for drivers

Pete Buttigieg's plan to add more speed cameras to America's roads as a way patrolling them more 'fairly' has been panned by critics who say it will only lead to more speeding fines under the guise of equity and road safety.

Buttigieg announced the plan yesterday and claims it will reduce the number of deadly road collisions.

The highway plan is receiving some $17billion from Biden's $1.2trillion infrastructure bill, which will be used in part to pay for the cameras.

Jan 29 07:03

GOP faces divisions over siding with Ukraine against Russia

Republicans are pushing President Biden to be tougher on Russia over its aggression toward Ukraine, but their isolationist far-right flank is denying them unity on the issue.

Some of former President Trump’s closest allies have questioned why the U.S. would side with Kyiv over Moscow at all and expressed skepticism that it’s worth pouring American resources into the conflict.

Top GOP leaders espousing the party’s traditional hawkish views have urged the Biden administration to impose sanctions and bolster Ukraine’s military capacity to counter Russia’s troop buildup along their shared border in recent weeks after its past invasion of Crimea in 2014.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All those people who want war with Russia please pick up your rifles and parachutes on your way to the transport planes.

Jan 29 07:02

Family Of Four Found DEAD Trying To Cross US-Canada Border In Blizzard With Waist-High Snow, Temps As Low As -40 Below

Jan 29 07:01

Zelensky Says Ukraine Lost Almost $500 Million to Biden War Hype: ‘We Don’t Need This Panic’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned international corporate media and world leaders like President Joe Biden for publicly predicting imminent war with Russia on Friday, stating that the panic caused by these statements cost Ukraine 12.5 billion hryvnia (about $437 million) in foreign investment.

Zelensky spent nearly an hour and a half with reporters at a press conference in Kyiv on Friday following what has become a controversial phone conversation with President Biden on Thursday night. While the official readouts from both Washington and Kyiv depicted the call as productive and friendly, a CNN report based on anonymous sources described the call as frustrating and tedious, featuring harried warnings from Biden that Kyiv would be “sacked” and exasperated requests from Zelensky for the president to “calm down.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 29 07:00

BEX ALERT - MSNBC’s Reid: Republicans Using ‘Hitler’ Tactics to Exploit ‘White Grievance and Rage’

MSNBC host Joy Reid said Friday on her show “The ReidOut” that Republicans are attempting to rile up white voters with tactics used by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler while discussing laws banning books about race issues in schools and the teaching Critical Race Theory.

Reid said, “Book burning and banning happened to be staples of fascism and communism. The Nazis did it, Hitler, imposing rigid censorship on newspapers and burning all literature he considered dangerous. The Soviets banned books, too, along with the Chinese Communist Party.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This woman is certifiable!

Jan 29 06:59

‘#ReleaseTheTranscript’ Calls Grow as White House, Ukraine Dispute CNN Rumors on Biden-Zelensky Phone Call

The White House on Thursday contradicted CNN’s reporting about President Biden’s phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The confusion regarding Thursday night’s conversation caused “#ReleaseTheTranscripts” to trend on Twitter, a hashtag originally pushed by the left to call for the release of the transcript of a similar phone call between Zelensky and then-President Donald Trump in 2019.

Democrats alleged that Trump had committed impeachable behavior on the call, which Trump described as “perfect.” Zelensky largely abstained from participating in the scandal.

Jan 29 06:58

Biden Legal Adviser: Kamala Harris Doesn't Have Power to Break a Tie for Biden's SCOTUS Nominee

Jan 29 06:58

Truckers arriving in Ottawa. OMG it's happening!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Fight for your freedom the way you fought for toilet paper!

Jan 29 06:56

The Cold War Racket Never Ended for the U.S.

Yesterday, I wrote about how President Kennedy would do his best to step into the shoes of an adversary in order to try to understand why his opponent was taking certain actions. In that way, JFK was able to fashion a solution to a crisis that would take into consideration his opponent’s concerns. That’s how Kennedy was able to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis without going to nuclear war with the Soviets, much to the anger and even rage of his enemies within the Pentagon and the CIA. -- Too bad President Biden is unable to do that. What Biden should do is declare an end to the Cold War and abolish NATO immediately. Unlike Kennedy, however, Biden is deferring to the power of the Pentagon and the CIA and, in the process, letting them continue their dangerous and destructive Cold War racket.

Jan 29 06:52

Has the Sea Level Really Risen?

Jan 29 06:46

Video: On the Verge of the Battle for Central Syria

As of January 27, Syria security remains precarious despite a slight improvement in the country’s northeastern, northwestern and southern regions.

In the northeastern region, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on January 26 that it had retaken control of Geweran prison in the city of al-Hasakah where hundreds of ISIS terrorists were holding up.

The terrorists launched a large attack on the prison late on January 20 to free their comrades. However, they ended up capturing the entire prison and nearby areas.

The SDF said that its military operation to secure the prison and nearby areas, codenamed the People’s Hammer, was successfully concluded. More than 1,600 terrorists surrendered after running out of water, food and medical supplies. 32 hostages who were held by the terrorists were also freed.

Jan 29 06:45

Pfizer Trials: All Injected Mothers Lost Their Unborn Babies

Please recall our November 23, 2021 post titled “The FDA and Pfizer are a Match Made in Hell”.

There we described how the FDA took only 108 days to approve Pfizer’s injection, but wanted 55 years to produce the documents!

Thankfully Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency filed a lawsuit after the FDA denied their request to expedite the release of the records, and the records are being released, albeit still too slowly.

Among the first reports handed over by Pfizer was a ‘Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports’ describing events reported to Pfizer up until February 2021. You can download this entire report here.

Look at table 6 from this Pfizer report. It is titled “Missing Information”. Its first heading under the topic “Missing Information” is “Use in pregnancy and lactation”. It includes this paragraph:

Jan 29 06:44

US Government to “Fix Supply Chain Problem” by Banning Unvaxxed Truckers from Crossing the Border

In case you have been under a rock, you likely noticed that there is a bit of a problem with the American supply chain — and the rest of the world in general. The pandemic, coupled with the government’s response to it has thrown the world into a whirlwind of uncertainties, inefficiencies, and complete stoppages.

As this article is being written, thousands of containers sit on ships off the California coast waiting to be unloaded. Prices of everything have gone through the ceiling and there are very few signs that anything is improving. Instead of providing meaningful solutions, the government is telling citizens to start rationing.

Jan 29 06:44

Thailand Government Pays Compensation for Covid-19 Vaccine “Side Effects” and Deaths, Sets a Legal Precedent

What is important in this report by the Bangkok Post is that the Royal Thai Government (member state of the UN and the WHO) firmly acknowledges the deaths and adverse events affecting Thais who have taken the vaccine jab.

“Out of the 11,707 people who filed a claim with the authorities, 8,470 people, or 72.3% of all claimants, have been compensated”.

1,962 individuals, namely 23% of those compensated “were left permanently paralysed or died after receiving their Covid-19 shot”.

The implications are far-reaching.

People in Thailand and around the World will be informed of the decision of the Thai government and will refuse to take the jab.

And this decision establishes a legal precedent. It sets the stage for compensation Worldwide on behalf of the victims of the vaccine.

Class action law suits as well criminal charges against Big Pharma and corrupt governments are forthcoming.

Jan 29 06:42

Freedom Convoy Interview

Jan 29 06:42

Biden Spits on Putin’s Request for Security

“The main issue is our clear position on the unacceptability of further NATO expansion to the East and the deployment of highly-destructive weapons that could threaten the territory of the Russian Federation.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Washington delivered a slap in the face to Moscow on Wednesday when U.S. ambassador John Sullivan provided a written response to Russia’s proposals for security guarantees. The missive was given to Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko who did not reveal the contents but passed them on to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for analysis. Lavrov, in turn, issued a statement on Thursday morning confirming our worst suspicions that the Biden administration has shrugged off Russia’s reasonable demands choosing instead to intensify the provocations that are likely to trigger a war between the world’s two nuclear superpowers. This is an excerpt from an article at Tass News Agency:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's stop calling it World War Three and start calling it Biden's War!

Jan 29 06:40

CNN’s Jim Acosta Accuses Youngkin of Turning VA Into a 'Soviet-style Police State'

"In office less than two weeks and Governor Glenn Youngkin has already set up an email tip line for parents to report teachers for teaching divisive subjects,” said CNN's Jim Acosta. “I seem to remember Glenn Youngkin campaigning in a fleece vest in Virginia. He was running as a different kind of Republican. I was told there was going to be a vest, not a Soviet-style police state across the Potomac from Washington."

Virginia’s Attorney General Jason Miyares responded, noting that Acosta should open a history book. “I think what Jim Acosta said — listen, my family fled Communist Cuba. You want to talk about what ‘Soviet-style’ looks like? It’s the opposite of freedom,” he said. “So clearly, Jim Acosta maybe needs to take some history classes of what Soviet-style communism actually looks like. And [Virginia is] the opposite.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now you know why CNN has lost 90% of their viewers!

Jan 29 06:39

The elites’ morally obscene response to the Canadian trucker convoy

Something big is happening in Canada and it’s happening in a typically Canadian way. After two years of draconian lockdowns and mandates, truckers are pushing back with a 70 km long convoy that pulled into Ottawa yesterday. It’s exciting and inspiring. It’s also drawing the elites out from cover, as they abandon any pretense of supporting the people they applauded so vigorously almost two years ago when they hid in their offices while “the little people” kept the world working.

The Canadians have been renowned for being an obedient, peaceable people. But perhaps we’ve forgotten that there’s a warrior strain in them. During both WWI and WWII, some of the British Empire’s most ferocious fighters came from Canada. That blend of warrior and peaceful soul seems to have come together with the massive Freedom Convoy that Canadian (and some American) truckers have driven from Vancouver to Ottawa, Canada’s capital.

Jan 29 06:33

Leaked video shows tense exchange between Border Patrol chief and agents

Jan 29 06:33

General Michael Flynn Issues Emergency Warning Of Nuclear War & Coming Domestic False Flag: FULL INTERVIEW

Jan 29 06:32

Israel is overrun with Covid. The vaccines have failed. The experiment must stop.

Israel has always been the most important country to judge the mRNA Covid vaccines.


It has nearly total adult vaccine coverage. Efforts to blame "the unvaccinated” for whatever is happening won’t hold. Israel has good data - far more complete and up-to-date than American figures. And it vaccinates quickly, so whatever impact the vaccines are having rolls through the population (and the data) quickly.

But most of all, Israel matters because Israel was first. It mass vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA first and it boosted first. And human biology is the same everywhere.

So what happens in Israel happens in all the other mRNA countries eventually. As the chief scientific officer of Pfizer said in September, Israel is a “sort of laboratory” for the vaccines.

Here’s how the Israeli experiment is going.

This chart tracks serious Covid cases (basically intensive care hospitalizations) in Israel from early 2020, the beginning of the epidemic:

Jan 29 06:31

An invasion of Ukraine could drive up global food prices and spark unrest far from the front lines

More than 100,000 Russian troops are massed near Ukraine amid a flurry of diplomatic efforts to defuse the prospect of conflict. Should peace not prevail, western-gazing Ukrainians would pay the highest price. But in a worst-case scenario, the cost of a major Russian invasion of Ukraine — one of the world’s largest grain exporters — could ripple across the globe, driving up already surging food prices and increasing the risk of social unrest well beyond Eastern Europe.

As tensions mount, one focus of economic concern is the global impact of extreme sanctions on Russia, a major exporter of agricultural goods, metals and fuel, particularly to Western Europe and China. Should the crisis escalate to the point of triggering staggering sanctions, the blow could spike prices and worsen global supply chain woes by tightening markets for commodities including natural gas and metals such as nickel, copper and platinum used in the manufacturing of everything from cars to spacecraft.

Jan 29 06:31

‘We Can Hurt Them in Ways They Don’t Understand’: Ukraine on Russia Cyber-War

An apparent hack of the railway system in Belarus by activists trying to disrupt a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine could be a prelude to a vicious cyber-war, NATO and Ukrainian security officials have told VICE World News.

This week a group calling itself the Belarusian Cyber-Partisans claimed to have hacked and encrypted key databases in the state railway computer system. The group said it was part of an effort to disrupt the transport of Russian forces in the country under the guise of military exercises and force the release of detained opposition activists, according to Yuliana Shemetovets, a New York-based Belarusian activist who is not a member of the group but volunteered to act as a spokesperson for the group.

Jan 29 06:30

Belarus Strongman Says Will Go to War if Russia Attacked

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said Friday his country would go to war if its key ally Russia was attacked, promising to host "hundreds of thousands" of Russian troops in the event of a conflict.

His remarks come as tensions simmer between Moscow and the West over Ukraine, with fears that Russia is preparing to invade its ex-Soviet neighbor.

In a televised address to the nation, Lukashenko first said his country would go to war if Belarus was attacked.

"The second instance that could lead to a war that Belarus would take part in is if our ally Russia is directly attacked," he said.

"We will stand up to defend our land — our homeland," Lukashenko added, referring to Belarus.

Jan 29 06:29

Why Die for Ukraine?

You would think that the problems facing the United States would be enough for brain-dead Biden. With massive inflation, the economy is teetering on the brink of ruin. We face tyrannical control because of harmful vaccine mandates.  Bogus propaganda about “climate change” threatens to cripple American industry. The government seeks to monitor all our financial transactions. We threaten China with a new Cold War. But it isn’t enough. Now, Biden wants to ignite a war with Russia that could easily turn nuclear and destroy us.

Jan 29 06:28

Russia Not to Blame if War Breaks Out, Lavrov Says

Russia is not seeking war with the United States and NATO, the country’s top diplomat said Friday as he signaled openness for further dialogue despite the West’s rejection of its sweeping security demands.

“If it depends on Russia, there will be no war. We don’t want a war,” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“But we won’t allow [the West] to rudely ignore and trample on our interests,” Lavrov said in a videoconference with Russian radio broadcasters.

Jan 29 06:27

What Are Russian State Media Saying About Ukraine?

While global media outlets are focused on whether or not Russia will invade Ukraine, Russian state media views the rising tensions from a different angle.

Over the past 24 hours evening news coverage and leading Russian newspapers have focused on U.S.-Russia negotiations and the likelihood of a Ukrainian attack on Russia-supported separatists in the eastern Ukrainian Donbass region.

Take a look at our round-up:

January 28, 2022

Jan 28 22:17

ADL Changes Definition Of Racism So Only Whites Can Be Labeled As Racist

The Anti-Defamation League changed the definition of racism so that it only applies to white people.

exmarketplace 1
Jan 28 21:15

Trudeau Can’t Hide

Jan 28 18:16

Microsoft Will Now Scan For ‘Hate Speech’ In Your Private Documents In New ‘Woke’ Update To MS Word

Microsoft Word will now scan text for so-called “hate speech” and warn users if their language is not “inclusive” enough, following a ‘woke’ new update to their popular program.

Webmaster addition: Newspeak comes to your computer. I refuse to use such a feature. I want to say what I want to say. It's called Freedom of Speech.

Jan 28 17:22

Huge salute to the truckers

What a surprise. We all thought the military would be the ones to protect our rights and our freedoms. Turns out it's the truckers!!!

Jan 28 14:26

Medical examiners compelled to mis-classify and conceal vaccine injuries in kids

Although there is considerable evidence that a subset of infants has an increased risk of sudden death after receiving vaccines, health authorities eliminated “prophylactic vaccination” as an official cause of death, so medical examiners are compelled to mi-classify and conceal vaccine-related fatalities under alternate cause-of-death classifications.

In this paper, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database was analyzed to ascertain the onset interval of infant deaths post-vaccination. Of 2605 infant deaths reported to VAERS from 1990 through 2019, 58 % clustered within 3 days post-vaccination and 78.3 % occurred within 7 days post-vaccination, confirming that infant deaths tend to occur in temporal proximity to vaccine administration.

Jan 28 14:14

China threatens US: There will be 'military conflict' if Biden supports Taiwanese independence

In what could be read as either a warning or a threat, China's ambassador to the United States said Thursday there will be "military conflict" between the U.S. and China should the island nation of Taiwan attempt to become fully independent from Xi Jinping's communist regime.

In an interview with NPR, ambassador Qin Gang asserted that Taiwan is "walking down the road toward independence" and said, "If the Taiwanese authorities, emboldened by the United States, keep going down the road for independence, it most likely will involve China and the United States, the two big countries, in a military conflict."

Jan 28 14:13

‘RELEASE THE TRANSCRIPT’: GOP Demands Biden-Zelensky Call Transcript, 'Joe Asked Trump to Do It!'

House Republicans are calling on the Biden Administration to release the transcript of the phone call between President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Initial leaked reports say the call didn’t go well, which the White House and the Ukrainian government deny.

Well there’s one way to be sure, according to House Republicans: release the transcript.

“Now it’s your turn @JoeBiden. #ReleaseTheTranscript,” they said on Twitter, sharing an old clip of Biden demanding Trump release his transcript with Zelensky.

Jan 28 14:09

How Evil Do You Have to Be to Suddenly Pull Treatment From Ailing Florida Covid Patients?

This is clearly the worst of the worst of the moments of Bidendom, and there are many bad moments.  The lies, political spite, and dismissively bad solutions are sure to alienate voters who need these treatments.  DeSantis is showing the right fighting spirit and should consider stepping up alternative treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine regimes if possible, and suing the hell out of Biden & Co. in the courts.  The inhuman Bidenite meddling and lying here absolutely shock the conscience.

Jan 28 14:09

Court ruling puts mail-in voting on hold in Pennsylvania

A statewide court says Pennsylvania’s expansive two-year-old mail-in voting law is unconstitutional, agreeing with challenges by Republicans who soured on mail-in voting after then-President Donald Trump began baselessly attacking it as rife with fraud in 2020?s campaign.

According to a Commonwealth Court filing released Friday, the court ruled that Act 77, allowing residents to vote by mail in Pennsylvania, violates Article VII, Section 1 of the Pennsylvania constitution.

The Commonwealth Court denied the Pa. Department of State acting secretary's application for summary relief.

Jan 28 14:08

Pentagon Chief Austin Says Conflict With Russia 'Not Inevitable', 'Still Time for Diplomacy'

Speaking to Russian media on Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov emphasized that Russia does not want war with the United States. He warned, however, that Moscow "won't allow the West to grossly ignore our interests, either."

Conflict with Russia is "not inevitable," Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin has announced.

"Conflict is not inevitable, there is time and space for diplomacy," Austin said, speaking at a briefing in Washington on Friday. "The United States in lockstep with our allies and partners has offered Russia a path away from crisis and toward greater security, and the Department of Defence will continue to support those diplomatic efforts," he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just for show.

Jan 28 14:06

Soros Reportedly Channels $125 Million Into ‘Democracy PAC’ Run by His Son Ahead of 2022 Midterms

The Hungarian-borne hedge fund manager has earned himself a shady reputation among American conservatives and statesmen from countries around the world over his funnelling of hundreds of millions of dollars to “civil society initiatives” aimed at shaping nations’ politics. Some countries view his NGOs’ activities as meddling.

George Soros has reportedly committed $125 million to "Democracy PAC," the political action committee he set up ahead of the 2020 election cycle and has named his son Alexander as the PAC’s president.

The new spending splurge is expected to support “pro-democracy” “causes and candidates, regardless of the political party,” and be directed to those working on “strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy: voting rights and civic participation, civil rights and liberties, and the rule of law,” the billionaire said in a statement shared with Politico.

Jan 28 14:06

'Am I Not Worthy?' Russia's Lavrov Jokingly Balks at Prospect of Not Being Hit by US Sanctions

Lavov's remark came during his interview with the chief editors of four Russian radio stations on Friday.

The prospects of being targeted by US sanctions were met with humour from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who appeared positively aghast at the thought of being spared such embargos from the United States.

Lavrov made this remark while being interviewed by chief editors of four Russian radio stations, when one of them, Roman Babayan of Govorit Moskva, said that the United States' government is ready to introduce sanctions against Russia's leadership, "even” Lavrov.

“What do you mean by 'even'? What, am I not worthy?” the Russian foreign minister joked in response.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gotta love the Russians' sense of humor!

Jan 28 14:04

NATO knows truth about Russia ‘invasion’ plans, source tells media

Despite weeks of escalating tensions and claims that Russian troops and tanks could begin streaming over the border into Ukraine at a moment’s notice, Moscow doesn’t actually appear to be masterminding an invasion of its neighbor, a top NATO official has reportedly admitted.

The senior figure, who represents an EU member state in the bloc’s Brussels HQ has told pan-European news outlet Euractiv that they believe Russia is not on the verge of starting a military incursion into Ukraine.

“To invade such a large country with such military forces [like Ukraine], you need military capabilities other than those that have been currently deployed,” the source said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 28 13:50

Suwanee, Georgia Ballot Harvester caught in the act

Jan 28 13:48

Could Joe Manchin Sink Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee?

On Wednesday, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin sent mixed messages about President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court upcoming nominee to replace Justice Stephen Breyer.

On the one hand, implied that his support was not guaranteed, while on the other, he said he could support someone more liberal than himself.

Jan 28 13:47

NATO Response To Russia's Proposals 'Embarrassing': Lavrov

At this point Moscow has received two written responses to its security proposals submitted early this month. US Ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan on Wednesday hand delivered the answers to Russia's foreign ministry - one coming from Washington, and the other from NATO headquarters in Brussels.

While both appeared to either reject or avoid addressing Russia's key demand of legal guarantees of no further Russia expansion eastward, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blasted NATO's response in particular as 'embarrassing'.

Jan 28 13:46

Is ATF Preparing To Confiscate Forced Reset Triggers?

Gun Owners of America, one of the largest pro-gun organizations, has just published what appears to be a leaked internal ATF email documenting their plans to start seizing lawfully-owned forced reset and wide-open triggers beginning immediately.

Gun Owners of America has credibility when it comes to finding out what the ATF is doing before going public. If you remember, they were some of the first to break the news on the ATF considering braced pistols to be short barrel rifles, a very similar situation.

GOA's video (linked here) discusses how the ATF has just given their field agents the go-ahead to start demanding the forfeiture of Rare Breed's Forced Reset Trigger and BDU's Wide Open Trigger, which the ATF considers to be a "machine gun."

Jan 28 13:45

Kraft-Heinz Again Raises Prices On Dozens Of Products As Inflation Continues To Bite

As some on Wall Street warn that the Fed remains dangerously behind the inflation curve (a fear that was given voice yesterday when Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's comments on inflation during the post-FOMC press conference appeared to send stocks spiraling lower), one of America's biggest makers of food and consumer goods has warned that more price hikes are coming.

To wit, Kraft-Heinz (in which Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns a big stake) said in a letter to customers that it will raise prices in March on dozens of its most popular products. The hikes will affect brands including Oscar Mayer cold cuts, hot dogs, sausages, bacon, Velveeta cheese, Maxwell House coffee, TGIF frozen chicken wings, Kool-Aid and Capri Sun, CNN reported.

Jan 28 13:35

CNN is in crisis mode...

Jan 28 13:35

Judge Andrew Napolitano accuses CIA of spying on Americans

Napolitano also described a government behavior known as “chilling” in which the intelligence community uses intimidation to get Americans to self-censor. -- “The Supreme Court has a doctrine called chilling. Chilling occurs when the government engages in behavior that makes you think twice before you exercise your fundamental liberties. So if you’re at a political rally, and the guy next to you is an FBI agent and the people on the other side of viewers are NSA agents, you’re probably going to think twice before you say what you want to say,” the former judge said. -- “That’s not America. The Supreme Court has condemned showing that is as destructive of freedom as if they made it unlawful for you to assemble of that political rally. The DOJ [Department of Justice] announced it’s going to create a new division in there to look at domestic terrorism. What does that mean?

Jan 28 12:34

Freedom Convoy | Ontario

Jan 28 12:33


As always check everything random folks tell you on the internet. As a soldier I have direct experience with “False Flags” go ahead and research the ” Sarajevo bread line massacre of May 1992? None of this is meant to in any way dissuade you from doing what you are. It needs to be done and I thank you for doing it. This is not meant to cause division or paranoia, and no one should use it to. This is is meant as a stark warning and information resource nothing more. The Author

Jan 28 12:25

Left of the Border (Cartoon)

Jan 28 12:23

Nuland: US to Work With Germany to Block Nord Stream 2 if Russia 'Invades' Ukraine

The United States is going to work with Germany to make sure that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline does not move forward should Russia decide to "invade" Ukraine, Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said on Thursday.

Nuland said that Nord Stream 2 "will not move forward one way or another" if Russia "invades Ukraine."

"We have had extensive consultations at every level with our German allies," Nuland told a press briefing. "We will work with Germany to ensure that the pipeline does not move forward."

Jan 28 12:22

‘We’re Not Supposed to Show IDs’: Watch Bodycam Footage of Deboarding of Secret DHS Flight in NY

Nearly two million people trying to enter the US illegally were apprehended in 2021, data from the Customs and Border Protection released Monday has shown. Critics have spent months attacking the Biden administration over its border policy, claiming the White House cares more about the frontiers of other countries than those of the United States.
Conservatives have spent over three months accusing the federal government of secretly flying illegal immigrants from border states to other parts of the country under the cover of night, and have now obtained leaked bodycam footage appearing to confirm their concerns.

The police bodycam video, obtained under a freedom of information request by Rob Astorino, a former Westchester County executive and Republican candidate for New York governor, shows what is estimated to be about 100 migrants getting off a charter flight at the Westchester Airport and boarding busses whisking them off in an unknown direction.

Jan 28 12:21

How the Australian Government stole our Future

Jan 28 12:21

Oil Rally Fueled By OPEC Production Shortfall

That OPEC’s spare oil production capacity was a problem that was only going to get worse with time became clear last year when the first reports began to emerge that the cartel and its partners led by Russia are not adding as much oil to their monthly output as agreed. Now, the gap between commitment and output has deepened, adding fuel to an already strong price rally.

In December, OPEC+ added 253,000 barrels daily to its combined production falling well short of its 400,000-bpd target for yet another month in a growing row. Naturally, this fueled concern about the security of global supply amid forecasts from the International Energy Agency that oil demand is going to exceed pre-pandemic levels later this year.

Jan 28 12:20

Russia’s Military, Once Creaky, Is Modern and Lethal

In the early years of Vladimir V. Putin’s tenure as Russia’s leader, the country’s military was a hollowed-out but nuclear-armed shell.

It struggled to keep submarines afloat in the Arctic and an outgunned insurgency at bay in Chechnya. Senior officers sometimes lived in moldy, rat-infested tenements. And instead of socks, poorly trained soldiers often wrapped their feet in swaths of cloth, the way their Soviet and Tsarist predecessors had.

Two decades later, it is a far different fighting force that has massed near the border with Ukraine. Under Mr. Putin’s leadership, it has been overhauled into a modern sophisticated army, able to deploy quickly and with lethal effect in conventional conflicts, military analysts said. It features precision-guided weaponry, a newly streamlined command structure and well-fed and professional soldiers. And they still have the nuclear weapons.

Jan 28 12:04

Study: Gas stoves worse for climate than previously thought

The same study that tested emissions around stoves in homes raised new concerns about indoor air quality and health because of levels of nitrogen oxides measured.

Even when they are not running, U.S. gas stoves are putting 2.6 million tons (2.4 million metric tons) of methane — in carbon dioxide equivalent units — into the air each year, a team of California researchers found in a study published in Thursday’s journal Environmental Science & Technology. That’s equivalent to the annual amount of greenhouse gases from 500,000 cars or what the United States puts into the air every three-and-a-half hours.

“They’re constantly bleeding a little bit of methane into the atmosphere all the time,” said the study's co-author Rob Jackson, a Stanford University climate scientist.

Jan 28 12:03

Trudeau has turned off Ottawa live traffic cams!

You know what to do Canadians. Keep recording and uploading your videos of the Convoy. Tag me in them on Gab and Gettr (https://gettr.com/user/cynthiaholt) and i will share every single one of them.

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This incident happened on the 18th of January. It involved Corsair flight SS-925. This was from Martinique Aime Cesaire International Airport (TFFF) to Paris Orly (LFPO) in France. Martinique is part of France, since France counts all of its dominions as parts of the country itself. And this means that some French airlines fly some surprisingly long domestic flights.

The flight from Martinique (in the Caribbean sea) was over the Atlantic when the Captain of the A330neo became incapacitated. The authorities have not offered any detail into the Captain’s condition, likely for privacy reasons. In any case, the Captain was unable to perform flight crew duties. The First Officer took control of the aircraft and declared an emergency.