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"The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen. What makes it possible for a totalitarian or any other dictatorship to rule is that people are not informed; how can you have an opinion if you are not informed? If everybody always lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer. This is because lies, by their very nature, have to be changed, and a lying government has constantly to rewrite its own history. On the receiving end you get not only one lie-- a lie which you could go on for the rest of your days-- but you get a great number of lies, depending on how the political wind blows. And a people that no longer can believe anything cannot make up its mind. It is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also of its capacity to think and to judge. And with such a people you can then do what you please." -- Hannah Arendt, 1974


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December 2, 2020

Dec 02 14:04

BLM Revolt: Local Chapters Want Answers on Finances, Transparency from National Leaders

Leaders of several local Black Lives Matter chapters around the U.S. said in an undated online statement that they want transparency about finances and other operations of the national group, Black Lives Matter Global Network.

The statement begins with questions about changes in the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, including the appointment of Patrisse Cullors as its executive director, the formation of the Black Lives Matter Political Action Committee, and another group, BLM Grassroots.

The local chapters signing the statement include Washington, DC, Chicago, Vancouver, Washington, and Philadelphia:

Dec 02 14:03

Election theft is an act of WAR, and now we must defend our nation from traitorous Democrats and their co-conspirators

As evidence of election fraud is laid out in front of the state legislatures, Americans can now see that there was a coordinated, multi-layered attack on the United States. Election theft is not about politics. It’s not a petty crime that should be forgiven and forgotten. It’s not something anyone should concede to. Election theft is an act of war on the country, and now Americans must defend their nation from corrupt high-level Democrats, their army of left-wing street criminals, and other traitorous operatives who have conspired against the USA and did everything in their power to remove the President so they could install their own puppet dictator to get what they want.

Dec 02 13:55

Zuckerberg Says Facebook Ready to Work With Biden to “Push” COVID-19 Vaccine

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly said the platform is trying to work with Joe Biden on a joint Facebook-Biden administration push for Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

During a livestream interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Facebook founder mentioned a “push around authoritative information on vaccines,” though he did not elaborate on what that would entail.

“You and the rest of the government have an important job ahead,” Zuckerberg told Fauci during the interview.

“I know our team at Facebook has already reached out to the incoming administration to help with the COVID response in any way that we can,” continued Zuckerberg. “I’m sure there will be a few important things that we can do together.”

Dec 02 13:54

REPORT: Georgia Group Linked with Stacey Abrams Probed for Seeking ‘Out-of-State’ and ‘Dead’ Voters

A progressive group linked with failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is reportedly under investigation in George for seeking “out-of-state” residents and “dead people” to vote in the upcoming special election.

“Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has launched investigations into several groups, including one founded by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, for seeking to ‘aggressively’ register ‘ineligible, out-of-state, or deceased voters’ before the state’s Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections,” reports Fox News.

“Raffensperger’s office on Wednesday said the investigations are into groups including America Votes, Vote Forward and The New Georgia Project — which was founded by Abrams and previously chaired by Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock,” adds Fox.

Dec 02 13:54

TED CRUZ: ‘Supreme Court Should Hear Emergency Appeal on Pennsylvania Election Challenge’

Senator Ted Cruz weighed-in Wednesday on the current state of the 2020 general election; saying the US Supreme Court should “hear the emergency appeal on the Pennsylvania election challenge.”

“#SCOTUS should hear the emergency appeal on the Pennsylvania election challenge,” posted Cruz on Twitter.

Dec 02 13:45


On the face of it, an alliance between Turkey and Ukraine seems like a rather odd creation, yet one that may surprisingly durable simply because neither country has anywhere else to turn. What practically dooms them to a partnership if not an outright alliance is their unenviable geographic and geopolitical position of occupying the strange “no man’s land” between Russia, NATO, and the Middle East. It is, of course, largely a predicament of their own making. Ukraine, with considerable Western backing and encouragement but nevertheless mostly through efforts of a faction of its own oligarchy, opted out of the Russia-centered network of loose alliances, trade partnerships, and other forms of cooperation that were mutually beneficial to the two in the previous two decades. But that defection was not rewarded by the West in a way the likes of Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Avakov, Parubiy, and other architects of the Maidan coup expected.

Dec 02 13:44

Previous infections with seasonal coronaviruses might protect against SARS-CoV-2

A new study conducted by researchers at University Hospital Münster suggests that previous infection with seasonal coronaviruses may protect against critical cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Seasonal coronaviruses, which generally cause mild respiratory illness and symptoms of the common cold, belong to the same viral family as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) – the agent that causes COVID-19.

Intriguingly, Joachim Kühn and colleagues found that patients with critical cases of COVID-19 had significantly lower levels of antibodies against seasonal coronaviruses than patients who had less severe disease.

More specifically, levels of immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies against the human coronaviruses (HCoVs) OC43 and HKU1 were significantly lower among COVID-19 patients with critical disease than among those with moderate-to-severe or mild disease.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Dec 02 13:44

The US Has Already Monetized $4.4 Trillion of Debt, Four Times as Much as Is Held by China

The US government has borrowed $4.2 trillion in the last 12 months, pushing the total national debt to over $27 trillion. In order for Uncle Sam to borrow, somebody has to lend. So, who is buying all of these government bonds? Foreign and domestic investors, commercial banks and US government entities all buy US debt, but increasingly, the Federal Reserve is backstopping the market and making this borrowing binge possible.

In Q3, the Fed bought $240 billion in US Treasuries. That brought its total Treasury holdings to $4.44 trillion. The central bank now holds a record 16.5% of the US debt load.

In the last 12 months, the Fed has doubled its holdings of Treasuries, adding a staggering $2.4 trillion in US government bonds to its balance sheet – most of that since March. The Fed’s total share of US debt has spiked from 9.3% in Q1 to 16.5%.

Dec 02 13:43

SpaceX's 1st crewed Mars mission could launch as early as 2024, Elon Musk says

SpaceX's first crewed mission to Mars could be just four years away.

Company founder and CEO Elon Musk said on Tuesday (Dec. 1) that he's "highly confident" SpaceX will launch people toward the Red Planet in 2026, adding that the milestone could come as early as 2024 "if we get lucky."

Dec 02 13:42

HUGE: Sidney Powell Drops HARD EVIDENCE - Pictures of Check Stubs Paid to People to Ballot Harvest

Dec 02 13:24

Arm CEO expects regulators to ‘take a good look’ at the Nvidia deal

Arm Holdings CEO Simon Segars told CNBC that he expects regulators to “take a good look” at the company’s deal with U.S. chipmaker Nvidia.

Nvidia announced Sep. 13 that it plans to buy the British chip designer from Japan’s SoftBank in a $40 billion mega-deal but the acquisition has several hurdles to overcome.

“There are regulatory approvals to go through in many jurisdictions around the world,” Segars said Tuesday evening. “That is a drawn-out process. There’s a lot of interaction that has to go on with the regulators to provide the information that they want.”

When the deal was announced, Nvidia and Arm said they expected the deal to take 18 months to complete. “We’re about two months into that now and we still expect that it’s going to take the remaining 16 months to go through the process,” said Segars.

Arm CEO says we can overcome internal divisions to allow Nvidia to complete takeover

Dec 02 12:35

PROFIT FROM DEATH: OxyContin consultant suggested paying BONUSES to distributors for each drug overdose as part of sales “turbocharge” strategy

Court documents released last week under Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy process reveal that that consultancy firm McKinsey & Company advised its client to pay rebates to distributors of OxyContin whenever an overdose case could be traced back to abuse of the controversial opioid pill.

The purpose of these kickbacks or bonuses was to help “turbocharge” Purdue’s sales of the deadly drug, thus producing higher profits for the pharmaceutical giant amid escalating scrutiny over its illicit marketing and sales practices.

Though the Trump administration reportedly cut a deal with the Sackler family, which runs Purdue, to protect them from criminal liability, the company has reportedly agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges over the way it peddled OxyContin to the masses.

Dec 02 11:37

‘COLD CALCULATED FRAUD’: Detroit Poll Watcher Alleges Electioneering, Phony Biden Ballots, Discarded Trump Ballots

At the Michigan hearing on election integrity, Detroit poll watcher Articia Bomer claimed to witness multiple examples of “irregularities and violations of Michigan election law” at the polls on election night in a fiery testimony.
“I hope my statement is taken seriously. I am sharing this information under the penalty of perjury that if I testify, I could be locked up if I’m telling a lie, which I am not.” said Bomer, at the beginning of her testimony.

Bomber dove right in, listing off various examples of irregularities that she allegedly witnessed on election night:

“On November 3rd, 2020, between 9:30 and 10 PM, I reported to TCF Center. I was assigned to two seperate tables, Absentee Voting County Board 123 and 120. I immediately noticed things were not normal. Election workers were allowed to wear Biden T-shirts, blue face masks, the ones I recognized on Gretchen Whitmer’s face in some of her interviews on Charlie Langton’s show.”

Dec 02 11:36

Explosive: New Data From Rigorous Statistical Analysis Points to Voter Fraud in Montgomery County, PA

We find considerable evidence consistent with the possibility of electoral fraud in vote counts in Montgomery County, PA.

In particular, we examine a highly anomalous update to mail vote totals in the NYT/Edison data which enormously benefited Biden, and which looks suspicious on a number of dimensions.

At a high level, our results are suggestive of a new and highly suspicious batch of mail ballots being added to the count sometime between Wednesday early morning and Thursday morning. These ballots are drawn from an implausible distribution that enormously favored Biden and simultaneously harmed Trump (the latter being done in addition by allocating more votes to Jorgensen). Said mail ballots end up being extremely different both from the mail ballots that came before (as measured in NYT data), and the mail ballots that came afterwards (as measured in the county’s own data).

The key evidence is as follows:

Dec 02 11:34

Statistician Reveals How Pennsylvania Democrats Used Fake Voter Registration “Birthdays” to Commit Voter Fraud

We construct a new metric of potential voter fraud using suspicious distributions of birthdays in Pennsylvania voter registration data. The basic idea is that people picking fake birthdays will make predictable non-random choices, like picking round numbers for days of the month, and not knowing what true birth month distributions look like.

Under this metric, a number of counties in Pennsylvania have extremely unlikely distributions of voter birthdays. Seven counties representing almost 1.4 million votes total (Northumberland, Delaware, Montgomery, Lawrence, Dauphin, LeHigh, and Luzerne) have suspicious birthdays above the 99.5th percentile of plausible distributions, even when using conservative assumptions about what these distributions should look like.

Dec 02 11:34

The Brief Podcast: The Democrats’ Call For Unity Is A Joke

For 4 long years, Democrats and their media lapdogs have relentlessly attacked Donald Trump. They condemned his every idea, opposed his every initiative, dismissed his considerable accomplishments, denounced him as a racist and white supremacist, tormented him with the outrageous lie that he was a Russian asset, and launched mendacious investigations designed to destroy his presidency. As columnist David Limbaugh wrote, “they’ve harassed, bullied, impeached and censored him”.

Dec 02 11:33

Possible 3 To 5 Weeks Of Choppiness Before Gold Gets Upside Momentum

Dec 02 11:33

[VIDEO] Schumer proposes doing Biden’s cabinet confirmation hearings BEFORE the inauguration

Chuck Schumer is actually proposing that the Senate begin cabinet hearings for Biden’s nominees weeks before the actual inauguration takes place:

He wants to begin hearings on January 6th, the day after the Senate special election in Georgia.

This is the same man who led Democrats to slow-walk confirmation hearings for Trump nominees after he became president. In fact Fox News reported in July of ’17, almost 7 months after Trump was inaugurated, that Team Schumer had deliberately held up the Senate so that it had confirmed less than a QUARTER of Trump’s nominees:

Dec 02 11:32

Georgia group founded by Stacey Abrams under investigation for seeking out-of-state, dead voters

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has launched investigations into several groups, including one founded by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, for seeking to “aggressively” register “ineligible, out-of-state, or deceased voters” before the state’s Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections.

Raffensperger’s office on Wednesday said the investigations are into groups including America Votes, Vote Forward and The New Georgia Project — which was founded by Abrams and previously chaired by Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock.

Dec 02 11:31

Adam Schiff, Who Championed The Mueller Probe, Opposes Durham Appointment

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, one of the leading proponents of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, said Tuesday he opposes Attorney General William Barr’s decision to appoint U.S. Attorney John Durham as special counsel in an investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.

In an interview on MSNBC, Schiff suggested that the attorney general in the Biden administration should assess Durham’s mandate and decide whether to allow the prosecutor to continue his investigation.

“In an appointment secretly conferred on Durham prior to the election…Barr is using the special counsel law for a purpose it was not intended: to continue a politically motivated investigation long after Barr leaves office,” Schiff said in a statement on Tuesday after Barr said he had appointed Durham to the special prosecutor role on Oct. 19.

Dec 02 11:31

UPDATE: Joe Manchin Calls-Out AOC, Says ‘Not One Senator’ Supports Defunding the Police

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., responded to criticism from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Wednesday, saying not one Democrat in the Senate supports defunding the police.

Manchin, a moderate, and the “Democratic socialist” Squad member traded jabs recently on the direction of the Democrat Party.

“I don’t have any disrespect for the congresswoman, we just differ,” he told “Fox & Friends.”

“You can respectfully disagree and we do that,” he explained. “My people in West Virginia expect me to represent them in a rational and responsible civil manner, in a bipartisan independent manner and I do that to the best of my ability, so I don’t begrudge whatever she does.”

Dec 02 11:22

Minneapolis Carjackings Skyrocket While City Council Still Considers Defunding Police

While the Minneapolis City Council is making another effort to defund the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD), carjackings have skyrocketed in the city, with some of them involving drivers accosted at gunpoint.

Dec 02 11:21

Statisticians concur: Tabulating equipment was programmed to shift a percentage of absentee votes from Trump to Biden in every Michigan precinct

A non-partisan group of citizens and statisticians are challenging the credibility of Michigan’s election results. After conducting an audit of the official data, statistical experts found troubling signs that the election was subject to interference by mail-in ballot fraud and algorithms.

These nationally recognized statistical experts examined the records to look for statistical anomalies. They were not paid for their effort and they worked independently from other team members, only to consult with outside experts to obtain additional data relevant to their investigation. They performed this audit in a limited time frame. Their goal was to make sure that every legal Michigan vote was counted and only legal votes were counted.

Dec 02 11:21

ABC, CBS, NBC Evening Newscasts Ignore AG Barr Appointing John Durham As Special Counsel To Continue Investigation Into Russia Probe Origins

In a letter dated December 1, Attorney General Bill Barr informed the House and Senate Judiciary Committees that he had appointed U.S. Attorney

Dec 02 11:20

Sam Donaldson exposes Biden Lies

Dec 02 11:19

Coronavirus Stimulus Talks Restart as Centrists Unveil Bipartisan Plan

Lawmakers released a blitz of competing coronavirus relief proposals Tuesday, reigniting stalled talks as the pandemic surges across the country, but without any clear signs that Democratic and Republican leaders would be able to reach a consensus.

A bipartisan group from the House and Senate unveiled a roughly $900 billion compromise proposal, offering one route between House Democrats’ last $2.4 trillion bill and Senate Republicans’ recent $650 billion proposal. Meanwhile, GOP and Democratic leaders traded new offers, as the looming expiration of some relief measures intensified the pace of year-end legislating.

In another sign of the new urgency, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held their first phone conversation since the election on relief measures and spending legislation.

Dec 02 11:19

Trump 2024? Trump Tells Crowd ‘See You In 4 Years’ If Biden Wins Election

Trump told a crowd of guests at the White House Christmas party that he would see them “in four years” if his legal challenges against vote totals in several states failed. The president’s comments were caught on a Facebook livestream by former Oklahoma Republican Party Chair Pam Pollard.

Dec 02 11:17

Elon Musk worried Tesla could 'get crushed like a soufflé under a sledgehammer,' report says

With shares up nearly 600% year-to-date, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is worried the company's stock could "get crushed" if it doesn't start to focus on profitability and affordability.

Ticker Security Last Change Change %
TSLA TESLA INC. 568.95 -15.81 -2.70%
TD Ameritrade Stock Table

Musk's email, obtained by news outlet Electrek, notes that Telsa shares are being valued on future profits, but if investors decide the profitability isn't there, the company's stock will suffer drastically.

Dec 02 11:13


ELON MUSK'S PLAN TO BUILD A city on Mars is controversial, to say the least. Filmmaker Werner Herzog recently compared the idea to a Biblical plague. But the SpaceX CEO is not backing down.

At a Tuesday evening award ceremony in Berlin, the CEO was asked in an on-stage interview whether he would like to be buried on Mars. Musk, who has made the claim a number of times over the years, reiterated Tuesday he wants to die on Mars — "just not on impact."

Dec 02 11:12

B.C. church FINED $2,300 for in-person services, police CAN'T EXPLAIN which order was violated

Dec 02 11:11

Listen: Sean Hannity Calls On Trump To Pardon Himself As Giuliani Hints It Might Actually Happen

Sean Hannity has implied that President Donald Trump should pardon himself and his family before leaving the White House in January in order to protect himself from the left’s ‘witch hunt’.

The suggestion was made on Hannity's Fox News radio show on Monday while talking about how president Trump last week announced a full pardon for his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Dec 02 11:09

Ilhan Omar Defends Second Push To Defund Minneapolis Police, Despite Crime Wave

Representative Ilhan Omar is sticking to her guns, and defending a second push to divert millions of dollars away from the Minneapolis’s police department in favor of “violence prevention.”

Minneapolis is in the midst of a crime wave that has caused civilians to sue the city.

Dec 02 11:08

COVID-19 an Opportunity to Build Resilience around Food Systems

The Barilla Centre for Food and Nutrition (BCFN) has appealed to the United Nations to educate citizens to use their roles as consumers to create a momentum for change. This was ahead of the 2021 Food Systems Summit which the United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, will host on November 25 next year.

Delivering the message through Danielle Nierenberg, the president of the Food Tank, at the conclusion of the one-day Resetting the Food System from Farm to Fork summit, BCFN said the world should take advantage of the COVID-19 opportunity and not return to normal.

“The normal left us vulnerable, and the crisis we’re experiencing has really widened the cracks in the food system that was in need of much repair,” said Nierenberg who was also co-moderating the session.

Dec 02 11:06

WATCH: Bill O’Reilly explains why this election just doesn’t make sense

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a Bill O’Reilly clip, but I’ve got an interesting one for you tonight:

BillO lays out circumstantial, but interesting numbers that indicate how this election simply doesn’t add up when you compare it to previous elections.

There were several that stuck out to me, but the one I’ll highlight is where O’Reilly noted that Joe Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metropolitan area except Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, the four cities that are most suspicious for massive voter fraud.

And this is happening in the same election that Trump increased his popular vote by almost 11 million. It makes no sense.

Dec 02 11:01

The Proof Is In: The Election Was Stolen

Dec 02 10:56

Despite Lockdowns, Isolation, Poverty, and Loss, the Human Spirit Will Always Prevail

We will always find a way to connect with others, no matter how many holidays get "canceled," how stringent the lockdowns, or how dystopian the world may seem.

Dec 02 10:54

America Allowed Biggest Radio Telescope in the World to Collapse Into Rubble

A huge, already damaged radio telescope in Puerto Rico that has played a key role in astronomical discoveries for more than half a century completely collapsed on Tuesday.

The telescope’s 900-ton receiver platform fell onto the reflector dish more than 400 feet below.

The U.S. National Science Foundation had earlier announced that the Arecibo Observatory would be closed. An auxiliary cable snapped in August, causing a 100-foot gash on the 1,000-foot-wide (305-meter-wide) dish and damaged the receiver platform that hung above it. Then a main cable broke in early November.

The collapse stunned many scientists who had relied on what was until recently the largest radio telescope in the world.

Dec 02 10:53

An All-Out Trade War With China Would Cost Australia 6% of GDP

China accounts for more than a third of export dollars earned by Australia.

The figures, for the 12 months to October, cover the period of coronavirus disruptions and disputes over trade.

They apply to physical exports rather than harder to measure services, and are dominated by record-high Chinese takings of Australian iron ore.

But they mightn’t last.

Dec 02 10:52

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood Hold Press Conference in Atlanta 12/2/20

Friday, December 2, 2020: Attorneys Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood will hold a press conference in Atlanta, GA at Willis Park.

Dec 02 10:45

Horowitz: A lost generation of children — thanks to adults acting like children

My kids are absolutely convinced that there are monsters in our basement and will never go into it alone. Irrational fear is a very normal feeling for young kids, but it's part of the growing process. They grow out of it because rational adults guide them through those fears.

Dec 02 10:45

President Donald Trump teases another presidential bid: 'I'll see you in 4 years'

President Donald Trump appeared to tease a 2024 presidential bid on Tuesday night from the White House. The president's remarks were caught on camera and were delivered during a White House Christmas party event.

Dec 02 10:43

Owner of NYC ‘autonomous zone’ bar taken away in handcuffs for defying COVID lockdown restrictions

The New York City Sheriff's Department raided a Staten Island bar Tuesday night, shutting down the business and arresting one of its owners after the bar continued regular operation despite coronavirus lockdown measures.

Dec 02 10:41

UK Minister Warns Brits Could Be Denied Normal Life Without COVID Vaccination

Nadhim Zahawi, the newly appointed minister to oversee the UK’s COVID-19 vaccine deployment, says the proof of vaccination could be held on a phone application already used in Britain as part of the government’s track and trace system.

“… I think you’d probably find that restaurants and bars and cinemas and other venues, sports venues, will probably also use that system as they’ve done with the app,” Zahawi told the BBC on Monday.

“The sort of pressure will come both ways: from service providers – who will say ‘look, demonstrate to us that you have been vaccinated’ – but also we will make the technology as easy and accessible as possible.”

Zahawi explained that while the vaccine should be voluntary, he believes Brits will find that most businesses will require proof of vaccination before providing service.

“I think people have to make a decision but I think you’ll probably find many service providers will want to engage in this in the way they did with the app,” he said.

Dec 02 10:40

Heads Up! Elite British Army Unit Being Used to Spy On Combat 'Anti-Vax' Citizens

Dec 02 10:40

Mainstream media have betrayed us. Find Truth at LifeSiteNews

Dec 02 10:39

How anyone could 'trust anything associated with Victorian police' is a wonder: Jones

Dec 02 10:39

Daniel Andrews wants Victorians to ‘ignore monumental failures’ and move on

Dec 02 10:38

Klaus Schwab & His Great Fascist Reset

Born in Ravensburg in 1938, Klaus Schwab is a child of Adolf Hitler’s Germany, a police-state regime built on fear and violence, on brainwashing and control, on propaganda and lies, on industrialism and eugenics, on dehumanisation and “disinfection”, on a chilling and grandiose vision of a “new order” that would last a thousand years.

Schwab seems to have dedicated his life to reinventing that nightmare and to trying to turn it into a reality not just for Germany but for the whole world.

Worse still, as his own words confirm time and time again, his technocratic fascist vision is also a twisted transhumanist one, which will merge humans with machines in “curious mixes of digital-and-analog life”, which will infect our bodies with “Smart Dust” and in which the police will apparently be able to read our brains.

Dec 02 10:38

You're CRAZY If You Deny This Evidence Of ELECTION FRAUD | Breakdown | Huckabee

Dec 02 10:37

McEnany blasts Pelosi: She 'does not deserve to be Speaker'

Dec 02 10:37

Schumer: ‘I Agree’ with Biden Planning to Give Trans Students Access to Sports, Bathrooms, Locker Rooms Based on Identity

During a press conference on Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said he agrees with Joe Biden’s plan to grant transgender children access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms according to their gender identity.

Schumer was asked, “Joe Biden said that on his first day of office, he will give transgender students access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity in all federally-funded schools. Do you think he has the ability to do this, and do you agree with this decision?”

Schumer responded, “I agree with the decision, and I know he’ll check things out thoroughly, legally.”

Dec 02 10:29

Hollywood Celebrities Who Pushed Georgia Boycott Over Abortion Are Now Leading Democrats’ Senate Fight

How much do Hollywood stars really care about Georgia? Here is one indication: Some of the same celebrities who threatened to boycott Georgia over its so-called “fetal heartbeat” abortion bill are now carpetbagging their way through the Peach State to support Democrat candidates for the Senate runoffs.

They were ready to abandon Georgia in a literal heartbeat. Now they want to tell Georgians how to vote.

Stars including Alec Baldwin, Alyssa Milano, Amy Schumer, Sophia Bush, Patton Oswalt, and Debra Messing have all voiced their support for Democrat challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, urging Georgians to vote blue on January 5 and flip the Senate. But these same stars also backed the Georgia boycott nearly two years ago, signing a letter supporting the withdrawal of TV and movie productions unless Gov. Brian Kemp reconsidered the bill that would outlaw abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Dec 02 10:29

James O’Keefe: We Taped Two Months of CNN Editorial Calls with Jeff Zucker

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released the first of its apparent audio recordings of CNN editorial calls with network president Jeff Zucker on Tuesday evening, promising more releases of what O’Keefe says is two months’ worth of CNN internal dialogues.

Earlier Tuesday, O’Keefe live-streamed what he identified as CNN’s morning call, as well as the reaction of the participants after he unmuted himself and revealed that he was listening.

Dec 02 10:29

Stealing Arizona: Crowder Reacts to STUNNING Election Findings | Louder With Crowder

Dec 02 10:28

Public Health England: PCR Test is Not Able To Detect Infectious Virus!

The government has known this all along (it is on its own ruddy website) yet it continued to use the PCR test to fraudulently declare thousands of COVID “cases” , pronounce a “second wave”, deceitfully and disinengenously throw up its hands in fake dismay and use it to terrorise the populace all on the pretence that its PCR test was detecting a live virus.

I don’t know how much evidence people need that this is a fraud, lie, deceit, fake,. sham , pretence·, hoodwinking, masquerade, swindle, cheat, trick, phoney, con, artifice, phoney, fabrication, sting, fiddle , swizzle, swizz, swindle, bunco, boondoggle , hustle, grift . . . aaah somebody stop me I’ve been at the Thesauruas again.

But the point made here is that the government has been fibbing knowingly and with malice aforethought. And they are STILL at it (God help us they can’t stop!).

Dec 02 10:27

Republicans ready to become deficit hawks again under a President Biden

Republicans are preparing to reembrace their inner deficit hawks after greenlighting big spending bills under President Trump.

GOP senators say they expect to refocus on curbing the nation’s debt and reforming entitlement programs starting in 2021, as the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the debt has surpassed the size of the American economy.

“I think that’s kind of getting back to our DNA. ... I think spending, entitlement reform, growth and the economy are all things that we’re going to have to be focused on next year, and, yeah, I would expect you’ll hear a lot more about that,” said Sen. John Thune (S.D.), the No. 2 Senate Republican.

The shift could pose a significant headache for a new Biden administration that will need GOP support in the Senate to move its agenda. It is also likely to complicate efforts on a debt ceiling deal.

Dec 02 10:27

StarGate TV Series Warned Us About the Vaccination Disaster Facing Us

StarGate was a sci-fi series from the 90’s. There were two shows that tried to warn us that we were facing disaster from vaccines…

Anadvanced alien race called the Aschen promised to give Earth the vaccine technology to live disease free well past our normal life spans. But something we were not told… ONCE VACCINATED WE WILL NO LONGER ABLE TO HAVE CHILDREN……….SOUND FAMILIAR?!

Dec 02 10:26

Citing rise of ‘Christian nationalism,’ Secular Democrats unveil sweeping recommendations for Biden

A Democratic group dedicated to representing secular values unveiled a slate of recommendations for President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administration on Monday (Nov. 30), outlining a sweeping agenda designed to roll back many of President Trump’s actions involving religion and to “restore a vision of constitutional secularism.”

The 28-page document, crafted by the Secular Democrats of America PAC, is being presented to the incoming administration by Democratic Representatives Jamie Raskin and Jared Huffman — both co-chairs of the Congressional Freethought Caucus.

The SDA’s agenda offers a wide range of policy recommendations to push back against the so-called “Christian nationalist movement,” which the the group describes as an “extraordinarily well-funded and well-organized” phenomenon whose “extreme and sectarian agenda (was) on constant display under the Trump-Pence administration.”

Dec 02 10:21

Health Care Workers And Nursing Home Patients Should Get Coronavirus Vaccines FIRST, CDC Advisors Vote As One American Dies Of COVID-19 Every MINUTE

As anticipated, a key advisory panel is urging that health care workers and nursing home residents should be the first to get coronavirus vaccine doses in the coming weeks.

Dec 02 10:19

Head of Pfizer Research: Covid Vaccine is Female Sterilization

The vaccine contains a spike protein (see image) called syncytin-1, vital for the formation of human placenta in women. If the vaccine works so that we form an immune response AGAINST the spike protein, we are also training the female body to attack syncytin-1, which could lead to infertility in women of an unspecified duration.

Dec 02 10:18

Up to 280,000 Ballots ‘Disappeared’ After Trip to Pennsylvania From NY: Amistad Project Director

As many as 288,000 ballots for the 2020 U.S. election “disappeared” in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after being transported by truck from New York, according to Phill Kline, the director of the legal group Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project.

Kline, a former district attorney and Kansas attorney general, said he received evidence that between “130,000 to 280,000 completed ballots for the 2020 general election had been shipped from Bethpage, New York, before the ballots and the trailer in which they were shipped disappeared” on Oct. 21. Kline cited statements from a U.S. Postal Service subcontractor whom he described as a whistleblower.

Dec 02 10:18

Michigan, Arizona Public Hearings Shed Light on Election Irregularities

Public hearings conducted in Arizona and Michigan this week have shed light on a myriad of election irregularities as Republican lawmakers in some states prepare to ramp up action disputing this year’s election results.

Two hearings took place this week: one by the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on Dec. 1 and another on Nov. 30 by select members of Arizona’s state legislature along with members of President Donald Trump’s legal team. There was also one last week held by the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee.

At the Michigan hearing, witness after witness, many of whom had written sworn affidavits over their concerns, spoke of irregularities and a culture of concealment during their time at the TCF Center in Detroit. Patty McMurray, a poll challenger for nine years, said she attempted to watch the workers’ duplication ballot process where one worker was meant to hold up the damaged ballot and the other would fill in a new one to replace it.

Dec 02 10:17

2020 Election Boosts GOP State Legislator Advantage by 67 Percent

Republicans expanded their control of state legislatures in the 2020 election, flipping both chambers in one state while gaining more than 160 seats overall.

Their lead over Democrats thus increased to more than 700 seats (about 67 percent) from over 400, although that number can still change with some remaining contests still to be decided.

State politics had long been a domain of Democrats until the 1990s, when they still controlled the southern states, including Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Arkansas, and Alabama. That began to change in the late ’90s and early 2000s, and particularly in the 2010 midterms, when the GOP swept the field and flipped 21 chambers across 15 states, according to data from the National Conference of state Legislatures, a bipartisan association of state legislators (pdf).

Dec 02 10:16

Pennsylvania Lawmakers See ‘Constitutional Crisis’ Over Election Certification

Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature are looking at every legal avenue that would reclaim their authority over election procedures and dispute the 2020 election results until claims of widespread fraud have been resolved.

“We’re in extraordinary times, and we’re doing an extraordinary amount of research to see what the possibilities are,” state Rep. Russ Diamond, a Republican, told The Epoch Times on Dec. 1.

“My preferred outcome is simply to make sure that Pennsylvanians know that every legal vote was accurately counted, and that the results reflect that. That’s the only thing I care about.”

Dec 02 10:16

DOJ Not Done Investigating Election Fraud, Spokesperson Says

The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a statement on Tuesday in response to the backlash from an article by The Associated Press which quoted Attorney General William Barr saying that “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

“Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the DOJ has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election. That is not what the Associated Press reported nor what the Attorney General stated,” a DOJ spokesperson said, according to CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge.

Xmas w/o borders
Dec 02 10:15

Putin Orders Mass Covid Vaccinations To Begin Next Week In Russia

Just hours after the UK approved the rushed Pfizer vaccine for use in the UK as soon as next week (it remains unclear just who will volunteer first), President Vladimir Putin ordered the start of mass-scale vaccination against coronavirus in Russia by the end of next week with medics and teachers first to get the shot.

In a teleconference on Wednesday, Putin said that Russia’s pharma industry is ready for a large-scale vaccination as the amount of doses of the pioneering anti-Covid "Sputnik V" vaccine already produced will reach two million in the coming days.

The vaccination against Covid-19 will be voluntary, and Russian citizens will be getting the shots free of charge.

Dec 02 10:14

Do we eat the rich now? (Picture)

Dec 02 10:14

Project Veritas Infiltrates CNN 'Rundown' Calls; Execs Trash Trump, Call Tucker Carlson 'White Supremacy Hour'

Project Veritas has done it again - this time having surreptitiously recorded CNN's 9 a.m. morning 'rundown' calls for months, during which they recorded CNN president Jeff Zucker and other executives telling their fake news foot soldiers how to spin the news.

The first batch of several upcoming dumps has dropped with the hashtag #CNNTapes, featuring Zucker and other executives suggesting they need to 'not normalize' Trump's behavior, target Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and that Fox News host Tucker Carlson's show is "white supremacy hour."

Highlights via Project Veritas (emphasis ours):

CNN President Jeff Zucker: “This is a president who knows he's losing, who knows he's in trouble, is sick, maybe is on the aftereffects of steroids or not. I don't know. But he is acting erratically and desperately, and we need to not normalize that.”

Dec 02 10:14

Nearly 40% of healthcare workers say it's 'not likely' they will get a coronavirus vaccine because they are afraid the jabs were developed too quickly to be safe

Even though healthcare workers are expected to be the first group to receive the coronavirus vaccine, some are wary about doing so.

Dec 02 10:11

Gov Cuomo says the rate of COVID transmission now is just a FIFTH of what it was in March as he tells people not to panic despite rising hospitalizations and deaths

Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday that the rate of transmission in New York is just a fifth of what it was in March and told people not to panic despite the rising number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Dec 02 10:10

What Do We Do with All This Debt?

Dec 02 10:03

Governor Northam: No plans for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in Virginia

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s office says there are no plans to mandate any COVID-19 vaccine in the commonwealth.

State health officials are finalizing plans to distribute a vaccine, once approved and ready.

“We’ve established a vaccine unit within VDH’s unified command. We also have some vaccine advisory groups which help consult and review data on safety, efficacy and operational decisions,” Virginia Department of Health Deputy Commissioner for Population Health Dr. Laurie Forlano said.

With guidance now out from a CDC advisory panel, health care workers and nursing home residents will get first priority for a coronavirus vaccine in Virginia. The state will follow the CDC’s prioritization recommendations. The supply will be limited at first.

Dec 02 10:03

This Was All Predicted 10 Years Ago

Dec 02 10:02

Trevor Loudon’s 2020 list of 65 communists, socialists and security risks in Congress

Here’s my long awaited list of communists, socialists and security risks in the US House of Representatives.

In my opinion all of those listed would struggle to pass a low-level background security check.. but guess what? There are no security checks in Congress.

Do you think Hamas, Hezbollah, North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Cuba, Turkey or Venezuela might be aware of this massive defect in US national security? Maybe even try to exploit it? Surely not!

Here’s my list of 63 of the most obvious security risks in the House, with links to my website Keywiki for the backup evidence. Apologies to the many I’ve omitted. Please email me at trevor.newzeal @gmail.com if you’d like to be included in next year’s list.

Dec 02 10:00

Retired 3-star General McInerney calls for President Trump to invoke Insurrection Act, suspend Habeas Corpus, declare martial law and initiate MASS ARRESTS under military authority

Brannon House of WVWtv.com has published another bombshell interview with retired 3-star General Thomas McInerney, who is openly calling on President Trump to recognize severity of the cyber war assault on America by invoking the Insurrection Act, suspending Habeas Corpus (as Lincoln did) and initiate mass arrests under military authority.

The original, full interview is found at this link from WVWtv.com. We have posted a six-minute summary of the video highlights below, via Brighteon.com.

This call by Gen. McInerney, a highly-accomplished military veteran and loyal patriot, appears to be stemming from a realization that much of the existing government has gone rogue and is now colluding with enemies of the nation. State governors have gone rogue, court judges have gone rogue and state election officials have willfully engaged in coordinated, treasonous election rigging in order to achieve the overthrow of the executive leader, President Trump.

Dec 02 10:00


Dec 02 09:59

US Army rubbishes claim by retired three-star general that special forces soldiers died attacking a CIA facility in Germany tied to election fraud

A retired three-star general is sticking by his claims that U.S. special operation forces died in during an attack on a CIA computer facility in Germany that was stowing away info about an effort to flip votes from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden, even though top Army officials have heavily rebuked that such an attack occurred.

Retired Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney's claims about the attack have been heavily circulated across social media platforms, with conspiracy theorists even offering that five soldiers killed in a Sinai helicopter crash had actually died in the clash with the CIA.

But both U.S. Army and U.S. Army Special Operations Command denied that such an attack occurred, the Military Times reports.

Dec 02 09:58

How did Covid REALLY spread around the world? As damning test results show antibodies were in US in December - WEEKS before China raised the alarm - growing global evidence points to a cover-up

A new study that found traces of coronavirus in US blood samples from December last year is adding to the growing evidence that the virus was circulating for months before China announced its existence, casting more shadows over the truth about the pandemic and fuelling suspicions of a cover-up by Beijing.

Claims the global outbreak began in a livestock market in Wuhan last winter have crumbled in the face of scientific evidence proving the virus was all over the Western world weeks and even months before China declared the first cases to the World Health Organization on December 31.

Research published on Monday revealed that 39 blood samples taken between December 13 and 16 last year in California, Oregon and Washington state had tested positive for Covid antibodies, meaning the people who gave them had been infected weeks earlier.

Dec 02 09:57

350 elephants drop dead in Botswana, some walking in circles before doing face-plants

More than 350 elephants in Botswana have mysteriously died since May, in a phenomenon that some scientists have dubbed a "conservation disaster," and one that has evaded explanation.

The elephants — which died in the swampy Okavango Delta — still had their tusks intact, suggesting that ivory poaching hadn't driven the deaths, The Guardian reported. A flight over the delta in May by researchers with Elephants Without Borders, a wildlife conservation organization, first spotted 169 carcasses; that number jumped to 356 in June, when the conservationists took another flight over the area.

Botswana's Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation, and Tourism has verified 275 of those elephant carcasses, according to a statement from the African Wildlife Foundation.

Dec 02 09:56

'130% Mr Biden, -30% Mr Trump': Data scientist presents unusual findings of vote counts in Arizona

Dec 02 09:17

At least 41 people test positive for coronavirus after attending 'Naughty in N'awlins' swingers convention where organizers admit people 'said f** it' and gave up on mask wearing

At least 41 people who attended a swingers convention in New Orleans have tested positive for COVID-19 after 'giving up' on social distancing and mask-wearing within three days of arriving.

Dec 02 09:15

Roosevelt and Polio (Picture)

Dec 02 09:14

Maskless 'Karen' goes on homophobic rant and calls anti-protester a 'f*****', 'Nazi' and 'Satanist' during demonstration against coronavirus lockdowns in Los Angeles

A maskless woman wearing a 'Trump 2020' sweater has been dubbed a 'Karen' for launching a shocking homophobic rant and calling a person a 'f*****' during a protest decrying California coronavirus lockdowns.

Dec 02 09:12

What time is it in this photo? CIA's latest test for budding spies asks them to tell the time using just visual clues

In the run-up to winter, the CIA has tweeted a wintry scene and asked eagle-eyed followers to see if they can tell what time it is in a photo.

Dec 02 09:11

Nothing would fuel anti-vaxx madness more than insisting on 'jab passports', writes former barrister LAURA PERRINS

Amid the wintery gloom, a series of new vaccines have been justifiably hailed as the breakthrough against coronavirus.

Dec 02 09:09

Almost SIX MILLION Americans have filed claims to continue receiving unemployment benefits - nearing pre-pandemic high seen during the 2009 recession

Almost six million Americans filed a 'continued claim' for state unemployment insurance in mid-November, almost exceeding pre-pandemic records.

Dec 02 08:56

Britain's first plastic-free lidless disposable cup that breaks down fully in soil and has a folding top to prevent splashes launches to help tackle 'takeout trash mountain'

The ButterflyCup has special folds that can either seal the cup or form a spout
It is entirely made of paper, with a special, water-based coating that stops leaks