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Mix.com Doesn't Believe In Free Speech

Here is the response from Mix.com,why they will not post Breitbart or many of the websites here on WRH.

Daniel from Mix Support
1:57 AM (8 hours ago)
to me
As per our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to exclude any content form our service at our discretion, and without explanation.
Kind regards

Frank Marion

10:19 AM (0 minutes ago)
to Daniel
In other words you are deepstate and you are censoring Free Speech. Pathetic.I don't agree with much on Breitbart but they unlike you believe in the Bill of Rights!


Bake me a gay cake


Muh free speech...

They wont put you up.....

Ethan Allen and...

either. If you don't care about Free Speech,you are as warped as they are. I thought you were a believer in Free Speech. Evidently not. You were a pretty nice fellow when I was able to put you up on stumble and for awhile on Mix until they banned you along with several other sites here. Don't want to hear any more bitchin from people who get demonetized or totally banned. Hope they choke you out! You need to learn some lessons.

unhinged and emotional dems are enough each day, thanks


Wow, taking this so personal.

You betcha I take it personal!

Ethan Allen and...

Especially when I smell the horrible odor of hypocrisy emanting from a poster I liked and respected. Mix.com allows xxx porn to be posted on their site,but they don't allow your site or Breitbart or many others. Does that bother you? Of course not.It blew my mind to read your defense of corporations that are intent on destroying this website and many others along with our country. You must have lost your balls somewhere,if you ever had any to begin with.
You have smart assed me and needled me several times in the last year or 2 and I just decided to unload on your hypocritical NWO butt! THis is a fucking War and you don't have the cajones for it. Don't lecture me kid!

DEMAND MIX.com Bake you a gay cake too


lol, same shit - muh free speech!

our discretion, and without explanation.



Can't force a private company to uphold this. Not a side walk in front of a city hall, other wise a "public" space

Nobody tells MR how to moderate this space, why should we think different about another entity acting similarly.

Fuck yourself than


You dont respect the constitution. Mix never drove traffic to any one site you like ..zero since day one, and I told you.

Obviously Filtered or shadowbanned the entire time.

Take yourlick, you sucker, realise you wasted your time and are pointing blame inaccurately