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Apr 21 20:16

Amazing device with life saving potential is being suppressed

Ever since the early days of the Egyptian Pharaohs and the ancient Greeks, electricity has been used for healing and fighting disease. A lot of this knowledge was lost during the dark ages of European history but resurfaced in the 1700's.

During this period, there was a number of individuals who brought this back into popular knowledge. Among these was John Wesley who published “The Desideratum, or Electricity Made Plain and Useful” in 1760. Previously, In 1747 he published “Primitive Physick, or an Easy and Natural Way of Curing Most Diseases”, which was a very successful pamphlet addressed to the lay public that contained a list of over nine hundred recipes for medical remedies and practical directions on how to cure a large number of disorders.

Apr 08 22:33

Another biological time bomb lurking

There are forces of evil acting around the world, striving to invent the ultimate biological weapon. This is in addition to the problem of new emerging diseases that come from natural sources but mutate over time.

While the current Covid-19 pandemic, a result of a coronavirus discovered in the area of Wuhan China, is on our minds, one of the most recent scares in this regard was Anthrax, a microbial infection of Bacillus anthracis, which when inhaled can be fatal. There is, however, a treatment available if it is caught in time. All that is usually required is simple antibiotics unless the infection is antibiotic resistant.