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Macron Threatens Business Owners Who Fail to Check Patrons’ Covid Passports with One Year Prison Sentence, €45,000 Fine

French President Emmanuel Macron recently announced that a Covid passport would be required in order to enter restaurants and theaters.

Macron also announced a new mandatory vaccine mandate for all healthcare workers.

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France Says No!

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France’s mandatory ‘health pass’ with government-issued QR codes for access to everyday life is the start of a dystopian nightmare

President Macron’s announcement that citizens must adhere to a Covid-19 vaccination schedule, or pay for nose-swab tests every 2-3 days to live any semblance of a normal life, is the final nail in the coffin of civil liberties.

In the dead of summer, just a couple of days before the July 14 Bastille Day national holiday, when many French citizens had tuned out and left the big cities for some respite from a long stretch of sanitary restrictions – including months of curfews – French President Emmanuel Macron took advantage of the lull to drop a bomb on their lives that few were expecting.

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French Citizens Riot in Response to Plan to Mandate Vaccine Passports

French citizens rioted in response to plans by President Macron to mandate vaccine passports to enter venues like shopping malls, restaurants bars, hospitals, bars, cafés and access public transport.

As we highlighted yesterday, people will have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to enter any of these sites from August onwards.

Given that they would have to cover the bill for every single PCR test, the restrictions would make the vaccine de facto mandatory for anyone who wants to live a normal life.

People in Paris responded on Bastille Day with an unruly protest that led to French police using tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

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Scenes of civil war right now reported in France against the COV_ID passport.

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France's Covid rebellion: Vehicles are set ablaze and tear gas is fired in Paris over Macron's new law that all health workers get jabs and requiring new Covid pass for anyone over 12 going to a restaurant

Protesters in Paris were tear gassed during violent demonstrations against France's new Covid laws making jabs compulsory for health workers and demanding vaccine passports for bars and restaurants.

Hundreds of cafe owners, hospital workers and parents, some chanting 'Liberty! Liberty!', took to the French capital on Bastille Day to rebel against President Macron's controversial plans that were introduced this week to tackle the nation's surging coronavirus cases.

Large crowds were confronted by riot police, who fired tear gas to try to disperse the advancing group. Protesters and police kicked the tear gas canisters at each other, and cyclists calmly weaved through the crowd.

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‘The pass shall not pass!’ Protesters take to streets across France after Macron drops vaccine passport bombshell (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Police fired tear gas at demonstrators who threw rocks and bottles, set construction equipment on fire in Paris, and picketed state buildings across France, in response to President Emmanuel Macron’s vaccine and health pass moves.

Mass protests all over the country took place on Bastille Day, the anniversary of the 1789 storming of the notorious Paris dungeon that kicked off the French revolution. In Paris, police fired tear gas to suppress the demonstrators.

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Courageous Macron Restarts the Yellow Vests Protest Movement Against Himself

In a move with consequences that anyone could have predicted Macron has galvanized another protest movement against him. Call it the Yellow Vests 2.0 for now.

Macron had been plagued by Europe’s most resilient protest movement for most of his mandate but caught a lucky break with COVID-19. The Mind Virus of 2020 allowed him to decree lockdowns which also took care of Gilet Jaunes.

Rather than remember he owed his new-found situation as a ruler not facing weekly uprisings to an extremely unlikely gift, he went out of his way to provoke them once again by decreeing Europe’s most Draconian vaccine passport regime.

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Macron — Get the Vax or live in the shadows

Jul 14 07:37

It looks as if the French are ready to sharpen the guillotines!

The Yellow Vests movement (#GiletsJaunes) in France announced they’ll take the streets on July 14th in protest to President Macron’s plan for mandatory #COVID19 vaccinations of all French citizens.

This was announced yesterday after Macron spoke on national TV announcing more mandatory vaccination measures for all citizens.

Jul 13 06:56

Macron delivers bad news to France: Vaccine passports, mandatory shots for health workers, AND unpopular pension reform

French President Emmanuel Macron has told his citizens that they’ll need to be vaccinated to visit bars and board trains, and health workers face mandatory Covid jabs. Macron will also push ahead with unpopular pension reforms.

In a televised address on Monday, Macron announced that coronavirus vaccinations will be mandatory for healthcare workers in France, and a “health pass” proving vaccination status, or a negative test for Covid-19, will be necessary to board a train or visit restaurants, theaters, bars and cinemas from August. All French people over 12 years old will need a pass.

"We will extend the health pass as much as possible to push as many of you as possible to get vaccinated," Macron said.

Jul 08 06:31

French govt warns ‘dangerous and quick’ Delta variant could ‘ruin the summer’

The French government has warned its citizens that the “dangerous and quick” Delta variant has the ability to “ruin the summer”, calling on people to get vaccinated against the Covid virus soon to avoid a future lockdown.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, government spokesperson Gabriel Attal warned that France is at risk of a fourth wave of the virus due to the mutations of the Delta variant, which make it a highly transmissible strain.

Attal highlighted concern among health officials as Covid infection rates rise in 11 of the nation’s metropolitan regions, including around the Ile-de-France area of Paris, which has seen numbers double in the past week.

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Report: Abortion Activists Gear Up For Response If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

The Supreme Court recently agreed to hear a case out of Mississippi where abortions are banned after 15 weeks,

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Marine Le Pen re-elected as leader of French right-wing National Rally party

Marine Le Pen has been re-elected as the leader of France’s right-wing National Rally party. With less than a year to go until France’s next presidential election, polls show Le Pen nipping at President Emmanuel Macron’s heels.

Le Pen was re-elected at a party congress on Sunday, winning 98% support and facing no competition.

“Your confidence honors and obliges me,” Le Pen tweeted after the vote. “Unite for victory!”

Jul 07 07:24

French & Germans are to blame for Ukraine & Georgia losing control over swaths of territory, claims top Kiev security official

France and Germany bear moral responsibility for Ukraine and Georgia losing territory. That’s according to the secretary of Kiev’s National Security and Defense Council, who pointed the finger at the EU’s two strongest powers.

Speaking to Forbes, Aleksey Danilov focused his accusations on Paris, saying that France’s actions led to Kiev losing control over Crimea, as well parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and contributed to Tbilisi’s loss of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

“Our international partners reproach us and say that we haven’t defeated corruption,” Danilov said. “But there is corruption in other countries too. The French, for example, were engaged in negotiations between Georgia and Russia in 2008. As a result, the Georgians lost some territory.”

Jun 21 06:50

French Conservatives Gain Ground as Macron and Le Pen Fail to Make Headway in Key Regional Polls

The first round of regional elections in France, perceived as a "rehearsal" for the 2022 presidential election, has been marred by a conspicuously low voter turnout: only one voter in three cast their ballots on Sunday.

French voters headed to polling stations on Sunday to cast their vote in the first round of regional elections, but both French President Emmanuel Macron's Republic on the Move and the right-wing National Rally, headed by 2022 presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, suffered a setback, failing to make the ground they intended, exit polls showed on Sunday night.

According to projections, Macron's party showed a poor performance in many of France's 13 regions, failing to win more than 10 percent of the overall votes. National Rally, while ahead of Republic on the Move, garnered only 18-19 percent of the votes - down nine percent compared to the 2015 regional polls.

Jun 20 06:14

Multicultural Gang Turf Wars Getting ‘More Violent’, Admits Paris Police Major

Both fuming and bragging, the man told the police officers that he used his car as a weapon during the street battle in a northern suburb of Paris, ramming the vehicle into a fighter from a rival group.

“I destroyed him,” the man said. “For certain, he’s at the hospital. He’s got a cut on his skull, he’s got a cut on his mouth.”

For the veteran police major called out to deal with the aftermath of another bloody brawl, the eye-opener this time was the sheer brutality, the clear intent on both sides to gravely wound and perhaps permanently maim.

On a national level, such disorder is translating into polarized and politicized debate about violence ahead of France’s presidential elections next year and local elections this month. President Emmanuel Macron’s opponents are using the perennial hot-button issues of crime and policing to attract votes.

Jun 17 04:18

Wild-Looking ‘Open Rotor’ Engine Could Cut Airliner Emissions by a Massive 20 Percent

Along with boosting fuel efficiency, it's slated to maintain existing performance and noise levels.
Airlines are a major source of airborne pollution, and making them more sustainable is a goal of governments and the aviation industry alike. There have been several proposed solutions to this problem by private companies and elected officials, but a new sort of engine could reduce emissions and fuel consumption without having to sacrifice the existing convenience of air travel.

Jun 15 07:34

COVID Delta variant represents 2-4% of French cases -minister Veran

PARIS, June 15 (Reuters) - The Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus first found in India - which experts estimate to be more infectious than other variants - currently represents 2-4% of confirmed COVID cases in France, said French health minister Olivier Veran on Tuesday.

Veran added this meant France was registering between 50-150 cases a day of the COVID-19 Delta variant, which highlighted the importance of sanitary protocol measures and vaccinations to keep the virus at bay.

"We are in the process of crushing the virus and crushing the pandemic, and we must in no way let the Indian variant get the upper hand so that it leads to another wave of the pandemic," Veran told reporters at a Paris vaccination centre.

Jun 14 06:53

Israeli Nuclear Engineer Confirms: The Mossad Sabotaged Iraqi Nuclear Equipment on French Soil

On June 7, 1981, 40 years ago last week, Israel destroyed the Osirak (aka Tammuz) nuclear reactor near Baghdad. The decision to use the air force to launch the surprise attack on the unfinished facility was made by the government headed by Menachem Begin, in consultation with all the country’s defense and intelligence bodies, after other options to thwart Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons program had failed.

Jun 11 10:33

Emmanuel Macron warned of 'bellwether' regional elections - President's future at risk

French President Emmanuel Macron has been warned regional elections held at the end of June will be an important barometer for public opinion as they will be the last major election held before the 2022 presidential vote. But pollsters believe National Rally leader Marine Le Pen is set to take several regions in a historic first which could spell disaster for Emmanuel Macron's reelection chances. The French President has been touring regions to promote his party La République En Marche but was recently slapped in the face when he met with crowds.

Jun 11 09:02

The narcissistic fall of France

I use that quote from Pascal (Pensées, 229) because I am not setting out to assert positive truths nor to defend opinions. I see a situation which — as Pascal writes in his next sentence — “offers nothing but cause for doubt and anxiety”.

In asking me to give an opinion on the now celebrated “Letter of the Generals,” UnHerd‘s Will Lloyd rightly notes: “What seems most extraordinary about the furore that followed is that so few people questioned the premise of the letter — that France is on the point of collapse.”

Jun 09 08:58

France Freezes Aid to Central African Republic Over Russia Ties

France has suspended military cooperation with and economic aid to the Central African Republic (C.A.R.). France accuses C.A.R.’s government of being “complicit” in a Russian disinformation campaign targeting France, a French defense ministry official said to the media on Monday. [Which is codeword for France being less popular than Russia in CAR.]

The French foreign ministry said that $12.2 million in economic aid to the C.A.R. government would be “suspended until further notice.” [Oh noes, not a full $12.2 million.] However, French humanitarian aid and other projects worth more than $7.3 million, which directly target the needy Central African population will continue, the ministry added.

The French military will also continue to provide about 100 soldiers in a European Union-led military training operation in the C.A.R.

Jun 09 08:53

2 arrested after incident that has seen French President Emmanuel Macron SLAPPED IN FACE (VIDEO)

France’s President Emmanuel Macron was slapped in the face as he approached the crowd during his visit to a town in southeastern France. The incident was broadly condemned by French politicians and has led to two arrests.

Macron was visiting the department of Drome in southeastern France when the incident happened. The president was meeting restaurateurs and students to discuss the nation’s recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. At some point, he decided to approach a crowd of onlookers in the village of Tain-l’Hermitage.

A video circulating on social media shows the president, dressed in shirt sleeves, reaching out his hand to a crowd of well-wishers standing behind a metal barrier. A man wearing a mask and glasses then suddenly grabs him by the arm before apparently hitting him in the face and shouting “Montjoie Saint Denis” and “Down with Macron-ism.”

Jun 06 07:10

Emmanuel Macron makes humiliating U-turn – protesters win as President scraps major policy

EMMANUEL MACRON has made a humiliating U-turn on one of his flagship policies - two years after his radical plans fuelled widespread protests across France.

The French President has abandoned his key election pledge to reform pensions. The biggest post-war changes would have increased the retirement age and merged private and public sector savings into one universal points-based system.

The 43-year-old put the overhaul of the pensions system in his winning 2017 election manifesto and pressed ahead with the sweeping changes in 2019.

Widespread “Gilets Jaunes” or yellow vest protests were triggered in 2018 following plans to hike fuel taxes, but descended into a wider movement against government policy – including pension reforms.

President Macron suspended his pension plans last spring due to the coronavirus pandemic and has now said his proposals cannot go ahead as planned.

Jun 02 05:24

Typical! French officials to use EU presidency to 'help Macron get re-elected'

FRENCH officials are set to use their EU presidency to help Emmanuel Macron get re-elected as the President of France, according to the director of the Centre for European Reform.

Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, said France will use its EU presidency in the first half of next year ahead of the French presidential elections to "promote its ideas of Europe".

Jun 01 09:01

Air France cancels flights as Russia withholds clearance

Air France (AIRF.PA) cancelled two more flights to Moscow on Monday after Russian authorities failed to approve flight plans that avoid Belarus airspace.

The European Union has urged its airlines to avoid Belarus amid outrage over the forced landing of a Ryanair (RYA.I) jet en route to Lithuania from Greece on May 23 and the arrest of a dissident journalist on board.

"Air France confirms the cancellation of flights AF1154 and AF1654 from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Moscow on 31 May 2021 as the authorisations from Russian authorities to enter their territory have not been granted," the airline said.

The French airline, part of the broader Air France-KLM group, was forced to cancel two Paris-Moscow flights last week after receiving no Russian clearance for flight plans skirting the territory.

Obstacles to rerouted Air France flights appeared to have been resolved late last week, allowing Air France to carry out two weekend Paris-Moscow services. read more

Jun 01 08:51

France's Bernard Arnault Becomes The World's Richest Person

This week, French billionaire, Bernard Arnault, became the world’s richest person.

As Visual Capitalist's Nick Routely notes, Arnault’s rise into top spot is particularly noteworthy since American billionaires – particularly in the technology sector – have dominated the world’s richest people ranking for a number of years. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos remains neck-and-neck with Arnault, with Elon Musk still within striking distance.

Jeff Bezos began 2021 in top spot, but has been challenged by both Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault. The former took a hit after Tesla’s stock began to cool off after hitting a record high in Q1 2021.

Arnault’s name may be new to some, but he has been on of the top five richest people globally since 2018, and has been a billionaire for well over a decade.

The French tycoon got his start in the fashion space by parlaying a fortune made in construction into the purchase of Christian Dior in 1985.

Vive la France

Jun 01 06:50

Le Monde: No Major French Publisher Will Touch Marine Le Pen

Le Monde has released an article reporting on the publishing of books by French politicians, a veritable cottage industry. The report confirms a few things which any observer of the genre will long have noticed, e.g.:

That French politicians write books to give off airs of literary gravitas.
“‘The exercise is getting banalized and is leading to a profusion of writings of variable quality,’ stressed [pollster] Brice Teinturier […]. [N]ew criticisms are addressed to politicians who are in office: they are criticized for writing instead of working.”
“Sophie Charnavel, head of the publisher Robert Laffont, considers that certain books are only there to occupy space and ‘are standardized’ so that their author is invited to the morning radio shows. A marketing exercise.”
That, as a rule, no one is reading the bulk of these publications.

Jun 01 06:31

Communist ‘antifa’ activists attack Catholic procession in France

A Catholic procession held Saturday in Paris to commemorate the killing in hatred of the faith of 10 priests and seminarists during the socialist insurrection of the “Commune” in 1871 was violently attacked by a group of communist activists and “antifas.”

One hundred fifty years after the brutal killing of 50 hostages in the popular 20th arrondissement of Paris, the “Massacre of the rue Haxo,” old resentment is still alive and the anticlerical French extreme left appears to be anxious to kindle past anger.

The extremists’ attack forced the procession to disband. Two middle-aged men who had joined the procession fell when the demonstrators started throwing garbage cans, bottles and metal fences at those who were praying and singing. One received bad scalp wounds and had to be evacuated by ambulance while covered with blood.

May 31 06:01

France locks the doors: British travellers must show 'compelling reason' to enter the country from TODAY as Macron battles to keep Indian variant at bay

British travellers will have to provide 'compelling reasons' to enter France from today as President Emmanuel Macron battles to suppress the Indian variant.

Travel from the UK will only be permitted for EU nationals, French residents or those travelling for essential reasons such as bereavement or childcare.

Those who are allowed to make the journey must take a pre-departure Covid test and quarantine for seven days on arrival.

May 27 06:17

Netanyahu slams France for ‘insolent’ claim Israel at risk of apartheid

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday denounced French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian for saying earlier this week that Israel is at risk of “long-lasting apartheid” if a Palestinian state is not established.

Le Drian, whose remarks made him one of the first senior French officials to use the term “apartheid” in reference to Israel, was referring to Palestinians but also to violent riots by Arab Israelis that erupted in multiple cities and towns amid the recent fighting with terror groups in Gaza.

Speaking at an event in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu expressed “a strong protest against the French government and the outrageous comments of the French foreign minister on television.”

May 24 06:31

What is a Bigger Threat to France, Islamisation or NATO 2030 Doctrine?

The problem of France's Islamisation stems from the Cold War era, when Islamists were used by NATO allies as a tool against the Soviet bloc, says French politician Karel Vereycken, warning that now the transatlantic alliance is about to drag France into bigger trouble.

Earlier this month, conservative magazine Valeurs Actuelles published an open letter signed by active French soldiers who warned that the country was heading for "civil war" because of a growing Islamist threat.

The letter released by the magazine on 9 May echoed a previous one, published by the same media outlet on 21 April and signed by active officers and retired generals. The senior military brass warned that Islamists had been taking over large parts of the country's territory.

May 24 06:16

French army chief dismisses UN report into deadly Mali wedding airstrike as 'biased'

The top French military officer has dismissed as “biased” a United Nations report into an airstrike that killed at least 19 civilians in Mali early this year, alleging that it sought to turn the local people in the Sahel region against France.

The UN peacekeeping mission in Mali (MINUSMA) concluded a report into the January airstrike carried out by the French military on a wedding party in the central Malian village of Bounty.

The UN report found that “19 people were directly affected by the strike, including 16 civilians,” and three more civilians died of their injuries during their transfer for emergency treatment.

“At least eight other civilians were injured in the strike. The victims are all men aged 23 to 71, the majority of whom lived in the village of Bounty,” said the report.

The head of French armed forces, Francois Lecointre, said on Saturday that the report contained “errors” and “bias.”

May 20 02:09

71% Of French Say "We're Full": No More Immigration

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A new poll has found that 71 per cent of French people think the country has had enough immigration and that it can’t take any more.

The 2021 Fraternity Barometer, a joint effort by the polling firm Ifop and le Labo de la Fraternité, found that almost three quarters of respondents desired to see no more immigration, while a clear majority of 64 per cent said France should no longer accept refugees because of the threat of terrorism.

France has suffered numerous terror attacks carried out by jihadists who were let into the country as “refugees,” including the majority of the Paris massacre terrorists.

As we previously highlighted, even so-called “moderate” Michel Barnier, who was the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, is calling for a 3-5 year total ban on all immigration into the EU.

May 18 09:11

Ex-Cops Warn France on the Brink of Collapse.

May 16 11:25

60% Of French Police & Military Say They Will Support Le Pen In Presidential Election

60 per cent of police and military say they will support populist Marine Le Pen in next year’s French presidential election, with the number even higher among active duty police.

A survey published by the Centre for Political Research of Sciences Po (Cevipof) found that a plurality of 44 per cent of police and military would vote for Le Pen in the first round of the election.

In a hypothetical second round run off against President Emmanuel Macron, this number rises to 60 per cent, a three per cent increase on the 57 per cent figure she achieved in 2017.

Among active duty police officers, support for the National Rally leader rises to a massive 74 per cent.

May 16 05:52

Police Use Water Cannons to Disperse Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators in Paris – Photo, Video

Rallies in solidarity with Palestinians as Gaza and Israel aim missiles at each other have been rocking Europe, the UK, and US this week.

People have taken to the streets in Paris this Saturday to march in support of Palestinians amid the flare-up of tensions in Gaza.

Although the city prefecture and administrative court did not authorise the rally, crowds have gathered in the Boulevard Barbès in the 18th arrondissement of the French capital.

May 15 05:55

Russia Intercepts Three French Warplanes Over Black Sea

The latest in a growing number of confrontations in the Black Sea saw a Russian Su-27 jet intercept three French warplanes that were approaching Russian airspace.

Two French Mirage-2000 jets and a C-135 tanker were caught approaching the Russian border, and it’s not clear why. Russian officials say they were prevented from crossing the border and escorted away.

Such incidents are not unheard of, as NATO nations, usually the US, will challenge Russia’s defense of its own airspace in the Black Sea. Interceptions are very common, and often lead the US to complain that it is “unprofessional” of Russia to chase them off.

Despite this, Russia’s policy of escorting the planes away mirrors NATO’s own policy toward Russian planes that get too close to NATO airspace. The tit-for-tat interceptions don’t accomplish anything, but continue to happen, with NATO showing its interest mostly in the Black Sea.

May 14 05:20

Army Chief Of Staff Calls On French Military Who Warned Of "Civil War" To Resign

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit news,

The Armed Forces chief of staff in France has called on soldiers who wrote a letter warning President Macron of a brewing “civil war” to resign.

The letter, which was published last weekend, warned of the “disintegration” of France due to authorities having made “concessions” to Islamism and the far left’s war on the nation state.

It followed another letter that was signed by 20 former French generals which struck a similar tone, cautioning that the “anti-racism” movement is seeking to create a “racial war” by attacking symbols of French cultural cohesion and identity, including statues.

Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Francois Lecointre has responded to the second letter by asserting that its authors should leave the military.

“The most reasonable thing is certainly to leave [the army] in order to be able to make one’s ideas and convictions public in a perfectly free [way],” the general said in a letter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am reminded of Theodore Roosevelt's reflections on immigration, and have posted it here: "“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

So the question I have for these guys is, what if the military who wrote this, are correct in their assessment?!? That is the question Lecointre dares not ask.

May 13 09:26

French Fighters Packing High-Tech Surveillance Pods Just Probed Russian Defenses

A Russian fighter crew caught a rare glimpse of a secretive French surveillance operation this week.

On Tuesday, the Russian air force sortied at least one Su-30 interceptor to trail a trio of French warplanes flying in international air space over the Black Sea. The French formation included a C-135FR tanker and two Mirage 2000D fighters.

The Kremlin released a grainy video of the encounter.

Note what the delta-wing Mirages were carrying under their bellies alongside their air-to-air missiles: slim pods containing sensitive electronic receivers for detecting enemy radars.

The French fighters almost certainly were mapping Russia’s defenses in the volatile Black Sea region. While surveillance flights aren’t unusual in the area, surveillance flights by armed, supersonic fighters most certainly are.

May 12 07:49

France bans schools from teaching 'gender neutral' words with full stops in the middle because they are 'a threat to the language'

  • Academie Francais, which guards the French language, has told school teachers to stop using 'gender neutral' word spellings in classrooms
  • New spellings use full stops to break up words and include both male and female endings in an effort to make language 'more inclusive'
  • For example, word 'amis' meaning 'friends', would be spelled ami.e.s to include the female 'e' ending - though it would be pronounced as usual
  • Academie says changing the rules represents a threat to the French language

France has banned schools from using 'gender neutral' spellings, saying they are a threat to the French language.

The country's education ministry issued the ruling last week after a push to include full stops in the middle of written words - dubbed 'midpoints' - which allow both male and female forms to be represented simultaneously.

May 12 07:22

Le Pen Warns Macron "Danger Of Civil War" Looms If He Doesn't Handle Islamist Problem

The French government and much of the public has reacted with outrage after another open letter issued by military personnel has warned that France is headed for "civil war" if it doesn't handle its Muslim extremism problem.

The controversy was further stoked when Marine Le Pen - commonly dubbed by mainstream media as France's outspoken "leader of the far-right" - once again showed support for the letter by agreeing on the "danger of a civil war" in an apparent rallying of her base around the message ahead of next April's election where they'll seek to take on President Emmanuel Macron. Clearly a significant bulk of officer and enlisted military members agree with her stark assessment.

May 12 06:20

French Military Warns Again of the Disintegration of France

In 1976 Jean Raspail described the future fate of France in The Camp of the Saints. France is disintegrating precisely as Raspail described. The French military is being punished by the traitorous French government for giving truthful and patriotic warnings, but in Europe today national patriotism is regarded as fascism. In place of an ethnic nationality, European governments have constructed towers of Babel which lack any common basis for culture and law.

All over Europe mosques are being constructed for active worshipers firmly attached to their culture while Christian churches stand empty and abandoned. When a people lose their religion, they themselves are lost. The Great Replacement is underway. Western civilization has been murdered by its own intellectuals.

May 12 05:47

French Military Chief of Staff Hints Soldiers Who Signed 'Civil War' Letter Should Resign

On Sunday, the news magazine Valeurs Actuelles published a letter from French servicemen on active duty in support of their retired colleagues, who previously warned Paris of a possible collapse of the country due to alleged laxity in security and anti-extremism policies.

French Army Chief of Staff General Francois Lecointre has hinted that those active soldiers who signed an open letter warning of the risk of a "civil war" in France should resign from the armed forces.

In the letter to President Emmanuel Macron published by the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles on Sunday, the servicemen, whose names were not disclosed, supported a previous appeal by the country's former military personnel, who urged Macron's government to act against the dangers of Islamism and religious fanaticism.

May 11 12:11

New Military Letter Warning Of Civil War In France Gains Over 220,000 Signatures

A group of currently serving French soldiers has published an open letter warning President Emmanuel Macron that the survival of France is at stake after his “concessions” to Islamism.

The French government condemned it, as well as a similar letter in April.

This previous letter was signed and published by 20 French semi-retired generals.

The letter to the government last month came from semi-retired generals. The minister in charge of the armed forces, Florence Parly, said they would be punished for defying a law that forbids reservists or serving members of the military from expressing opinions in public on religion and politics.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin called the latest letter a “crude manoeuvre” and accused its anonymous signatories of lacking “courage”.

The new text was published late on May 9th by Valeurs Actuelles, although the numbers and ranks of its original signatories remains unknown.

May 11 05:29

French government blasts fresh warning of civil war by serving military personnel as far-Right stunt

The French government has blasted a new open letter by scores of serving French military personnel to Emmanuel Macron warning of impending civil war at the hands of Islamists as a “crude manoeuvre” by the far-Right.

Interior minister Gérald Darmanin dismissed the letter, which includes dire warnings of societal collapse and army intervention, as a blatant bid to boost the far-Right ahead of regional and presidential elections and called on the anonymous signatories to have the “bravery” to identify themselves.

In all, 145,000 people, a mixture of military personnel and civilians, had endorsed the second letter by Monday afternoon and 1.7 million people had read it. There are about 426,000 serving members of the French armed forces, including the Gendarmerie.

May 11 05:20

'Civil war is brewing in France and you know it': French military launches another salvo at Macron with new open letter

A group of active French military personnel has published a new open letter to the country's president Emmanuel Macron, warning him of a "civil war" brewing in the country after all the "concessions" he's made to Islamism.

The letter, published in the conservative Valeurs Actuelles magazine late on Sunday, strikes a similar tone to the message published by the same outlet last month. Unlike the previous one, which was signed by 25 retired generals and active-duty soldiers, the new letter is anonymous and is open for signing by the general public. As of noon on Monday, it had attracted over 100,000 signatures.

The authors of the letter have described themselves as active-duty French soldiers, belonging to the younger generation of the military that saw actual combat over the past years.

May 10 09:14

'Civil war is brewing in France and you know it': French military launches another salvo at Macron with new open letter

A group of active French military personnel has published a new open letter to the country's president Emmanuel Macron, warning him of a "civil war" brewing in the country after all the "concessions" he's made to Islamism.

The letter, published in the conservative Valeurs Actuelles magazine late on Sunday, strikes a similar tone to the message published by the same outlet last month. Unlike the previous one, which was signed by 25 retired generals and active-duty soldiers, the new letter is anonymous and is open for signing by the general public. As of noon on Monday, it had attracted over 100,000 signatures.

The authors of the letter have described themselves as active-duty French soldiers, belonging to the younger generation of the military that saw actual combat over the past years.

May 10 08:10

France loses a religious building every two weeks

One religious building is disappearing in France every two weeks.

That is the conclusion of Edouard de Lamaze, president of the Observatoire du patrimoine religieux (Observatory of Religious Heritage) in Paris.

He is raising the alarm in the French media about the gradual disappearance of religious edifices in a country known as the “eldest daughter of the Church” because the Frankish King Clovis I embraced Catholicism in 496.


Lamaze’s appeal for increased awareness came after a fire destroyed the 16th-century Church of Saint-Pierre in Romilly-la-Puthenaye, Normandy, northern France. The fire, deemed accidental, took place on April 15, exactly two years after the blaze that devastated Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

May 07 06:13

Marine Le Pen to French Generals: “Join Me in the Battle for France”

Marine Le Pen, leader of the French conservative opposition party Rassemblement National, has come out in support of the 20 French generals who signed an open letter warning of “civil war” in France. Le Pen is currently polling in first place in France for presidential elections to be held in 2022. This week, Le Pen was also acquitted of charges of “hate speech” for exposing radical Islamist propaganda on Twitter.

The French Army chief of staff has threatened the Army officers signing the open letter with court martial. Retired Foreign Legion general Christian Piquemal accused General François Lecointre of being a “bootlicker”.

May 07 05:44

Open letter from retired military : a plot against the Republic ?

The Yellow Vests against globalization

In 2018, France was shaken by a vast popular movement, the "Yellow Vests". Starting as a protest against the increase in gasoline prices, it very quickly appeared as a protest against the sociological effects of trade globalization: disappearance of the Western middle classes, relegation to under-equipped countryside [1].

Two weeks after the beginning of the demonstrations, unidentified groups infiltrated the movement to sabotage it from within. Thus, while for 15 days all the demonstrators proudly waved the French flag and sang the Marseillaise -something not seen in popular demonstrations for fifty years-, hooded thugs dressed in black vandalized the Arc de Triomphe and especially the sculpture of the Marseillaise. The trial that followed showed that this group of unidentified provocateurs had no connection with the Gilets jaunes who were the only ones arrested.

May 06 11:42

Le Pen Cleared Of Breaking Hate Speech Laws For Posting Images of ISIS Atrocities

Populist leader Marine Le Pen has been cleared of violating hate speech laws after she was ludicrously charged for posting images of ISIS atrocities in an effort to illustrate the barbarity of ISIS.

Le Pen originally posted the images in 2015 as a rebuttal to comparisons that were being made between her National Front party and Islamic jihadists.

“This is what Daesh is,” she wrote under the photos, which showed ISIS militants executing people.

Despite posting the photos in an effort to denounce ISIS, Le Pen was accused of “disseminating violent messages that could seriously harm human dignity,” a charge that was never applied to media outlets or journalists who shared similar photos.

While anything other than an acquittal would have been incomprehensible, the fact that it took over 5 years to happen is absurd and undoubtedly related to Le Pen’s hostility to the French establishment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What this woman did... was to demonstrate the truth of the situation.

One knows that a society is on the brink of no return, when telling the truth gets criminalized.

IF these images were "fake news", that would have been horrendous; but in light of the fact that these images were of events which actually happened, these charges should never have been brought about by French authorities in the first place.

Religious/political assassinations are just plain morally wrong, period, end of discussion.

May 06 09:46

Jersey officials hold talks with French fishermen over rights dispute

Jersey officials are meeting French fishermen, who have been protesting over their post-Brexit rights, in an attempt to resolve the dispute.

Two Royal Navy ships and two French vessels are patrolling near Jersey while about 60 French and Jersey boats are at the island's St Helier port.

French fishermen say their rights are unfairly restricted by licences issued by the island under a new system.

No 10 said the PM has been in contact with Jersey officials over the row.

HMS Severn, which has previously been used to shadow Russian navy warships off the English coast, can be seen from the port, sitting off about a mile from the French boats. HMS Tamar is nearby and both ships are maintaining a presence and not making any effort to intervene.

May 06 05:34

Your move, Macron: Boris Johnson sends two Royal Navy vessels armed with cannon and machine guns to stop French fishermen from blockading Jersey in dramatic escalation of conflict with Paris over post-Brexit fisheries

Boris Johnson last night sent two Royal Navy gunships to Jersey 'as a precaution' in a major escalation of the 'unacceptable' row with France over post-Brexit fishing rights.

Armed with cannon and machine guns, the vessels will patrol the Channel after Paris warned yesterday it could cut off electricity to the British Crown dependency which is largely supplied via an undersea cable.

It is understood the Prime Minister made the decision to deploy the patrol boats after intelligence suggested a fleet of 100 fishing boats was threatening to block all access to the port at Saint Helier this morning.

May 06 05:24

Watch out Macron & Le Pen? TV firebrand Eric Zemmour has topped French ratings with his takes on immigration, Islam and Napoleon

A household name in France for his ratings-topping work on TV and prize-winning books, Eric Zemmour is the most popular figure on the right, with one poll finding support of 17% for a run in next April’s Presidential elections.

When French TV viewers turn on CNews tonight, no doubt they’ll be expecting political journalist and award-winning author Eric Zemmour to mention the 200th anniversary of the death of his hero, Napoleon.

And the million or so viewers that tune in at 7pm from Monday to Friday to hear the considered views of the most popular figure on the French right on the Face A L’Info show will recognise the 62-year-old’s opinion from his 2014 best-seller The French Suicide.

May 05 06:45

French far-right leader Le Pen acquitted after sharing IS execution images

A French court on Tuesday acquitted far-right leader and presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen on charges she broke hate-speech laws by tweeting pictures of Islamic State atrocities.

Le Pen shared the gruesome images in December 2015, a few weeks after Islamic State jihadists killed 130 people in attacks in Paris, in response to a journalist who she accused of drawing a comparison between IS and her party.

One of the pictures showed the body of James Foley, an American journalist beheaded by the Islamist terrorists.

May 04 13:18

Macron panics as Le Pen WINS hate speech court case

May 04 06:51

France hid impact of French Polynesia nuclear tests, report says

France has concealed the levels of radioactivity that French Polynesia was exposed to during French nuclear tests in the Pacific from 1966 to 1996, during which almost the “entire population” of the overseas territory was exposed, according to a report.

Online investigation site Disclose said on Tuesday that it had analysed some 2,000 pages of French military documents declassified in 2013 by the defence ministry concerning nuclear tests on the archipelago.

May 03 06:55

France is primed for a Military coup?

May 02 07:47

French sci-fi writers set out to ‘scare’ the military establishment

COLOGNE, Germany – A team of 10 science-fiction writers and artists have begun another round of envisioning threats to French security in 40 years or so, according to Emmanuel Chiva, director of the French Defense Innovation Agency.

The “Red Team” group, which started in mid-2019, presented its initial results in late 2020. The team set out to imagine the future of piracy, complete with entire pirate nations and rogue ships roaming the seas.

The new slate of 2021 topics is entirely classified, Chiva said at an April 29 online conference organized by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. “We don’t want to expose our vulnerabilities or give ideas to our opponents,” he said.

The team’s assignment is to envision how society as we know will be organized in the future and by what means adversaries could threaten it, Chiva explained. Analysts will then derive scenarios in an attempt to identify technologies that would allow decision makers to stay ahead of the game.

May 02 07:43

Countries Spending the Most on War

According to a new report, total global military expenditure rose to $1.8 trillion in 2018, a 2.6% increase from the previous year.

Military spending in China rose for the 24th year in a row. While overall military spending in the U.S. is down compared to a decade prior, due largely to the conclusion and de-escalation of two of the most expensive wars in its history, but military spending in the United States increased for the first time in seven years. These two countries account for such a substantial share of total global arms expenditure that their two increases in military spending alone largely explain the global increase.

The United States and China are by no means the only world powers that spend billions each year on the military. The top 14 military spenders, after the United States, can be found on five continents, and each has its own vast web of military and political alliances. Some are allies; others bitter enemies.

May 02 07:22

Majority Of French Agree With Military Generals That Nation Is Nearing "Civil War", New Poll Finds

A new poll has found that a majority of French people support the sentiments expressed in a letter signed by active duty and retired members of the military warning that the country is heading towards a “civil war” caused by failed multiculturalism and attacks on French identity.

Around 1,000 servicemembers signed the letter, including 20 retired generals, warning President Emmanuel Macron of “several deadly dangers” threatening France, including “Islamism and the hordes of the banlieue,” a reference to the fractured suburbs around major cities with high crime and immigrant populations.

The signatories also blame the “anti-racism” movement for seeking to create a “racial war” by attacking symbols of French cultural cohesion and identity, including statues.

The letter blames “fanatic partisans” for seeking to create divisions within communities that have created a vacuum for Islamists to assert their control.

May 02 05:47

Mayor of Paris District Agrees With Generals Threatening to Seize Control Amid ‘Civil War’ Danger

A group of over 1,200 French generals, officers, service members and police personnel signed an open letter to the French government last week urging it to act against radical ideologies and religious extremism to prevent a civil war and the disintegration of the Fifth Republic. The letter has sparked a major debate throughout France.

Rachida Dati, mayor of the 7th arrondissement (district) of Paris, has expressed her agreement with the recent letter to the government by current and former members of the military and other security services about the dangers of violence and civil conflict caused France-hating ideologies, Islamism and “suburban hordes”.

“What is written in this letter is a reality,” Dati said, speaking to France Info on Thursday.

May 01 07:20

More than half of French people support generals’ warning that France is 'DISINTEGRATING,' hurtling toward civil war, poll shows

A warning by retired generals that France is “disintegrating” and risks civil war as Islamists detach swathes of the nation is far from a fringe view. In fact, a new poll shows 58% of French people support the “call to honor.”

Although Prime Minister Jean Castex condemned the letter to President Emmanuel Macron this week and the signatories now face disciplinary sanctions, the LCI TV poll conducted by Harris Interactive suggests that French people are with the 20 retired generals. According to the survey, which was reported by Valeurs Actuelles magazine, 73% agreed with the assessment that the country is “disintegrating,” and 84% agreed that violence is increasing in French society.

May 01 07:19

Renault workers ‘bossnap’ managers to stop them selling factory

In the latest incident of “bossnapping” in France, Renault workers at a car part production branch of the company in the country’s northwest have held up seven managers to stop them from selling the factory.

AFP reported the incident on Wednesday, saying the drama at the Fonderie de Bretagne foundry near the town of Lorient saw the workers preventing the managers from leaving for as long as 12 hours.

Union representative Mael Le Goff regretted that the directorship would nevertheless not sit down for a dialog with the workers. "They still didn't want to have a dialog so it was pointless trying to talk to people who don't want to engage," he said.

"We are still waiting for progress with this issue," Le Goff said. "It's been going on for a year, it's exhausting."

The factory remains closed, while Renault allegedly tries to find it a buyer so it does not completely shut down.

May 01 07:19

French farmers block motorway to protest new agriculture policy

Hundreds of tractors block traffic on a stretch of motorway leading to Strasbourg and the European Parliament, to denounce the new Common Agriculture Policy, which will see European aid used for more agro-ecological purposes.

May 01 06:41

France chaos as protests erupt across nation – police charge crowds and launch tear gas

Violence has broken out in France after protestors took to the streets for annual May Day demonstrations. Police in Lyon have clashed with demonstrators after a large number of trade unions and left-wing activist attempted to march through the city. Footage for the scene shows chaos on the streets as riot police repeatedly attempt to force the march back with tear gas and baton charges.

Macron's EU conference cameo is a 'terrible humiliation'
The melee appears to have broken out as French officers in full riot geat attempt to halt the progress of the march toward the Place Bellecour in the centre of Lyon.

Footage shared on social media shows cops mount multiple charges into the crowd of hooded protesters at the front of the demonstration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 30 14:27

Paris mayor says she AGREES with military chiefs who threatened to seize control of the country and warned of the 'disintegration' of France - as 18 of the officers are fired

  • Eighteen serving officers who signed letter to Macron are to be fired, it emerged
  • But despite anger, right-wing politicians like Rachida Dati are backing the troops
  • Dati said that the concerns of the soldiers reflected a very real terror threat
  • The mayor of the 7th arrondissement said the police were the targets of jihadists

A Paris mayor has backed military chiefs who threatened to seize control of the country to fight radical Islam and prevent the 'disintegration' of France.

Eighteen serving officers who were among the hundreds of retired soldiers who signed the open letter to Emmanuel Macron are to be fired, the country's armed forces chief confirmed today.

But despite widespread condemnation, politicians on the right like Rachida Dati, mayor of the 7th arrondissement, continue to throw their support behind the signatories, who included 20 retired generals.

Apr 30 08:15

18 French active-duty servicemen to face MILITARY COURT over open letter blasting ‘Islamist hordes’ & looming ‘civil war’

Eighteen French servicemen, who have been identified as signatories of a letter warning President Emmanuel Macron about a looming “civil war,” will come before a military court, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff said.

Each of the identified soldiers and officers would appear before a higher military council, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff, General Francois Lecointre, told Le Parisien. All of them would be subjected to “disciplinary sanctions,” with the harsher ones reserved for the most senior ranks, he added.

“I believe that the higher the responsibilities, the stronger the obligation of neutrality… is,” the general said. The chief of staff also said that those among the semi-retired generals who signed the controversial letter could potentially be forced to leave military service and go into full retirement.

Apr 30 07:20

Paris mayor says she AGREES with military chiefs who threatened to seize control of the country and warned of the 'disintegration' of France - as 18 of the officers are fired

A Paris mayor has backed military chiefs who threatened to seize control of the country to fight radical Islam and prevent the 'disintegration' of France.

Eighteen serving officers who were among the hundreds of retired soldiers who signed the open letter to Emmanuel Macron are to be fired, the country's armed forces chief confirmed today.

But despite widespread condemnation, politicians on the right like Rachida Dati, mayor of the 7th arrondissement, continue to throw their support behind the signatories, who included 20 retired generals.

Apr 30 05:36

France’s armed forces chief quits after clash with Macron over budget cuts

France’s armed forces chief resigned on Wednesday in a dispute with Emmanuel Macron over defense budget cuts, an early test of the newly elected president’s mettle and the tough presidential style he is cultivating.

In a statement, 60 year-old Pierre de Villiers said he had tried to keep the armed forces fit for an ever more difficult task within the financial constraints imposed on it, but was no longer able to sustain that.

“In the current circumstances I see myself as no longer able to guarantee the robust defense force I believe is necessary to guarantee the protection of France and the French people, today and tomorrow, and to sustain the aims of our country,” he said.

Macron moved quickly to replace de Villiers, appointing General Francois Lecointre, 55, to fill the role, a military source said.

Apr 30 05:36

18 French active-duty servicemen to face MILITARY COURT over open letter blasting ‘Islamist hordes’ & looming ‘civil war’

Eighteen French servicemen, who have been identified as signatories of a letter warning President Emmanuel Macron about a looming “civil war,” will come before a military court, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff said.

Each of the identified soldiers and officers would appear before a higher military council, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff, General Francois Lecointre, told Le Parisien. All of them would be subjected to “disciplinary sanctions,” with the harsher ones reserved for the most senior ranks, he added.

“I believe that the higher the responsibilities, the stronger the obligation of neutrality… is,” the general said. The chief of staff also said that those among the semi-retired generals who signed the controversial letter could potentially be forced to leave military service and go into full retirement.

Apr 29 06:42

French generals who called for military rule if President Macron cannot stop 'Islamists' from 'disintegrating society' will be punished, government declares

  • Twenty retired generals, as well as serving officers, signed the ferocious rebuke
  • Incendiary letter claims France at risk of 'disintegration' at 'hands of Islamists'
  • Defence Minister Florence Parly warned 'these are unacceptable actions'
  • She added that those serving officers who signed letter would be disciplined

Emmanuel Macron has threatened to punish generals who signed an open letter warning that the country is heading for 'civil war' because of radical Islam.

Twenty retired generals, as well as several serving soldiers, signed the letter which warned that failure to act against the 'suburban hordes' - a reference to the predominantly immigrant population of the housing estates which surround French cities - will lead to deaths 'in the thousands.'

Apr 29 06:20

France Carries Out Unusual Ballistic Missile Test As American Spy Plane Looks On

France says it successfully conducted a test launch of an M51 submarine-launched ballistic missile earlier today from a land-based site on the country's northwestern Bay of Biscay coastline. Online flight tracking software also showed a U.S. Air Force RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft, which is specifically configured to gather intelligence about ballistic missile tests, flying near where the weapon's inert payload was expected to impact the Atlantic Ocean north of Bermuda. Warning notices ahead of this test had indicated certain peculiarities, as The War Zone explored earlier this week, which had prompted discussion about whether this might have been a test of a new M51 variant or even a hypersonic weapon.

Apr 28 06:43

The Secession of French Elites

In previous articles, we have seen how French pollster Jérôme Fourquet in his The French Archipelago has statistically documented the rise of social liberalism, the growing presence and character of Muslims, and the general decline of shared identity in France.

Another crucial phenomenon is what Fourquet calls “the cultural, geographical, and ideological secession of the [French] elites” (p. 94). On the one hand, there is a certain retrenchment as French elite media have reduced influence and reach on the general population, on the other the elite is seeking to emancipate itself from the constraints of the people, evidenced by flight into gentrified neighborhoods, private schools, and outright expatriation.

The decline of the mainstream media

Apr 28 05:22

French defense minister threatens ‘sanctions’ against ex-generals behind open letter blasting Islamism and ‘suburban hordes’

French Defense Minister Florence Parly has said that former high-ranking military personnel may be punished for signing a letter urging the president to stop the looming disintegration of the country and possible civil war.
The letter, which had caused a stir in the media, was published in the conservative ‘Valeurs Actuelles’ news magazine on April 21. The appeal was signed by around 20 retired generals along with “a hundred senior officers and more than a thousand soldiers,” the magazine said.

Apr 27 07:05

Putin, Macron express concern over escalation in southeastern Ukraine

The conflict in southeastern Ukraine was among the key topics of a telephone conversation between Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Emmanuel Macron of France. The leaders expressed concern over escalation in Donbass, the Kremlin press service said on Monday.

"Special attention was focused on the Ukrainian conflict. The leaders expressed concern over the escalation of tension in southeastern Ukraine. Vladimir Putin drew attention to Kiev’s provocative actions, saying that Kiev is deliberately seeking to aggravate the situation along the contact line and ignoring the Minsk agreements. It was stressed that the Kiev authorities must strictly obey by the existing agreements, first of all, concerning the establishment of dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk and incorporating Donbass’ special status in laws. Emmanuel Macron, in turn, informed Putin about his recent talks with the Ukrainian president in Paris," it said.

Apr 27 07:02

Macron can’t ignore furious generals’ warning that terror attacks & ‘Islamist hordes’ are pushing France towards civil war

A warning from 20 retired army generals that the ‘Islamist hordes of the banlieue’ are causing France to disintegrate has been dismissed by the government. But as the terrorist atrocities continue, many citizens share their fears.
Although France is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population, the simmering tensions over Islam’s place in the secular republic are only ever a news cycle away from boiling over.

In the space of just a week, there has been controversy over a court decision to free a killer without charge, the murder of a police worker on the steps of her station and a call to arms from a group of retired generals who warn the actions of Islamist “hordes in the banlieue” risk the disintegration of the country and civil war.

Apr 24 07:27

French archdiocese gives money to build large mosque

Vincent Jordy, recently named archbishop of Tours in the center of France, has been forced to publish a statement after declarations by a local Muslim leader revealed that the Catholic diocese has given funds for the construction of a large mosque, and that these funds can be said to have been financed by the “denier du culte”: parish contributions given by Catholics in the diocese for its upkeep and operating costs.

The story broke ten days ago when a local newspaper, la Nouvelle République, published a story for the beginning of Ramadan on April 13, with comments by the president of the Muslim community of the department of Indre-et-Loire in the Loire valley explaining that the new Grand Mosque of Menneton was not yet ready to receive the Muslim faithful, in particular in its areas destined for public worship.

Apr 22 06:37

Marine Le Pen’s chances of an electoral earthquake in France are gaining momentum as Macron loses his bearings

France goes to the polls in 2022, and such is President Emmanuel Macron’s unpopularity that the prospect of a Le Pen victory is being seriously considered, to the extent a risk assessment has been produced by a leading think tank.

With the French presidential elections now less than a year away, when cafes and bars reopen post-Covid, there will be one topic of conversation among customers to dominate all others – the very real possibility that Marine Le Pen could be the next President of the Republic.

So strong is the sense of dread of this nightmare for the French left that one influential think tank has issued a ‘risk assessment’ on what this could mean for the nation. It’s the sort of exercise usually taken to forestall a national disaster like, for instance, an outbreak of an uncontrollable killer virus.

Apr 22 05:14

France Should Change Coming Elections to Prevent Right-Wing Victory Says Veteran Civil Servant

A former senior French civil servant has recommended that France change the order of coming elections to prevent a potential victory for populist-nationalist Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

Philippe Lazar, a former senior civil servant, admitted that there is a possibility for a victory for Ms Le Pen in next year’s presidential elections and said a way to prevent such a victory could be to have the French parliamentary elections held before the presidential election.

In an opinion article for the French newspaper Le Monde, Lazar stated that while Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) would likely increase its seats in a parliamentary election, it would not get at least half of the seats, and such a result could impact support for Le Pen as a presidential candidate.

Apr 21 20:24

98% of French teachers say 'non' to AstraZeneca: Mass vaccination centre offering jab to over-55s is forced to close after just 58 people out of 3,000 signed up

French teachers in the city of Nice have overwhelmingly rejected AstraZeneca's Covid jab after just 58 out of a possible 3,000 signed up to be vaccinated.

The jabs were being offered at a mass vaccination centre in Nice's Palais des Expositions this weekend, with 4,000 available to those aged over 55 in high-risk occupations, meaning 3,000 teachers eligible to take part.

But the centre was forced to close after just four hours on Saturday due to lack of demand with just 58 appointments registered, and did not reopen today despite being scheduled to do so.