Oct 15 10:03

National Security Alert: Thousands of U.S. Special Forces and Combat Troops Discharged as Total Force ‘Vaccination’ Decimates Military Readiness

An estimated 350,000 of our military service members are being dishonorably discharged for refusing to take a completely unnecessary and experimental mRNA nanotech injection, which is now proven to degrade immune systems and cause many serious side effects.

Committing Total Force to these reckless injections, which do not protect troops from getting COVID, and, in fact, increase the threat of the spread and result in many provable side effects, is the greatest failure of military leadership in our history, at best. At worst, it is a deliberate treasonous attack against the U.S. military by the top of the Chain of Command.

To make matters even worse, an estimated 450,000 service members have recently been injected with the non-FDA approved Pfizer shot, even though many were falsely led to believe that they were getting the FDA-approved version, which is not even available in the U.S..

Oct 15 10:02

Bill Gates speech about “vaccines could reduce unsustainable population growth”

Herland Report: Bill Gates speech about “vaccines could reduce unsustainable population growth”: Many now question how it is possible that one of the richest men in the world has come to dominate the WHO, leading NGOs and function as mentor to Prime Ministers and nation leaders.

Billionaire and vaccine investor, Bill Gates, who is massively profiting economically from the Covid-19 world wide lockdown and vaccine programs, has openly advocated for abortion as a measure of population control and questioned what we should do with the rapid population growth in the world.

Many now turn to his TED speech, 2010 in which he spoke of the need to do a “great job” on vaccination among third-world countries and that this could bring down the population count – “health care and vaccines could reduce unsustainable population growth.”

Oct 15 10:01

Biden says private-sector COVID-19 vaccine mandate will take effect ‘soon’

In a brief, six-minute address to the nation, President Biden on Thursday said that his private-sector COVID-19 vaccine mandate will take effect “soon” to address the “unacceptably high number” of people who don’t want to be vaccinated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Biden's impersonation of Hitler is going to backfire. We are already seeing a large segment of the population prefer being unemployed to being vaccinated, and a more wide-ranging (not to mention illegal) mandate will simply accelerate the process.

Oct 15 09:45

Private Covid test lab suspended after possibly giving 43,000 UK residents incorrect results

Covid testing by a private laboratory in Wolverhampton has been suspended after an NHS Test and Trace investigation found around 43,000 people in England and Wales may have received the wrong results.

The UK’s Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which is responsible for “planning, preventing and responding to external health threats,” confirmed the suspension of Covid testing at the Immense Health Clinic laboratory.

The NHS Test and Trace investigation examined around 400,000 samples that have been processed through the lab, after concerns about “people receiving negative PCR test results after they have previously tested positive on a lateral flow device.”

It found that around 43,000 people may have been affected by the errors, receiving incorrect results between September 8 and October 12, mainly in the southwest of England.

Oct 15 09:43

BOMBSHELL: Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine ‘glows,’ contains toxic luciferase, graphene oxide compounds

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine vials glow fluorescent blue and contain an enzyme called Luciferase, a quality inspector for the drug company told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview this week.

“The vaccine glows, at least Pfizer’s does,” Melissa Strickler, who worked for the pharmaceutical giant for nearly 10 years, said. “It looks like someone took a blue glowstick, cracked it open and put it in the vial, but only if there is light and it is around a dark background.”

Strickler, who worked at Pfizer’s large McPherson, Kansas plant, said she has inspected “hundreds of thousands of units” of vaccines in her career at the company “and never once seen anything do that, not even close.” Usually, the fluid in vials are clear like water, she said, but she photographed vials when she noticed the blue fluorescent tinge to the fluid and inquired about the ingredient to superiors.

Luciferase not on the label

Oct 15 06:09

VAX OR STARVE: German State Allows Grocery Stores to Ban Unvaccinated

In Hesse Germany all retailers including grocery stores can now decide whether they want to allow the unvaccinated in their stores.

Hesse includes Frankfurt, the second-largest metropolitan region in Germany.

So they’re going to kill people who won’t get the COVID vax?

How does this make sense?

Oct 15 06:08

Biden Walks Away AGAIN without Taking Questions After Falsely Claiming Vaccine Mandates Had Nothing to do with Southwest Airlines’ Flight Cancelations (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks on his administration’s Covid vaccination efforts.

“Let’s be clear. Vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us,” Biden said as he announced the Labor Department will issue an emergency rule for companies with 100 or more employees to implement vaccination requirements.

Biden also said Covid vaccines for children ages 5-11 will likely be approved soon.

“If authorized, we are ready. We have purchased enough vaccines…Families will be able to sleep easier at night knowing their kids are protected as well,” he said.

Oct 15 06:08

Harvard Research Confirms What We've Been Saying for Months

I have no idea how this paper made it past the censors but there it is! This was published a month ago but didn’t receive much fanfare and now we know why—it confirms what we’ve been saying for months now: the vaccines have not stopped and likely will not stop the pandemic.

Oct 15 05:26

Watch out, Africa! The clown who messed up Britain’s Covid response can now wreck an entire continent’s health

The parachuting of former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock into a United Nations role to aid Africa’s post-Covid recovery defies belief. It’s a tone-deaf appointment that rewards incompetence and smacks of colonialism.

Hancock has been appointed by the UN as its “Special Representative on Financial Innovation and Climate Change for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.” It’s a bit of a mouthful, but one of the main aspects of his new role will be overseeing Africa’s economic recovery in the aftermath of the pandemic.

When appointed to the role, Hancock was praised by the UN’s under-secretary general, Vera Songwe, for his “global leadership, advocacy reach and in-depth understanding of government processes through… various ministerial cabinet roles.” She also congratulated him on his “success” in tackling the virus.

Oct 15 05:26

COVID and The Amish: “there’s no evidence of any more deaths among the Amish than in places that shut down tight”

When it comes to actions taken to address the Covid-19 threat, hindsight is still very much underway. For your consideration: a story and outcome you probably aren’t hearing much about anywhere else. It takes place in the heart of Amish country.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: thousands of families lead lives largely separate from modern America.

The Amish are a Christian group that emphasizes the virtuous over the superficial. They don’t usually drive, use electricity, or have TVs. And during the Covid-19 outbreak, they became subjects in a massive social and medical experiment.

Sharyl: So, it’s safe to say there was a whole different approach here in this community when coronavirus broke out than many other places?

Calvin Lapp: Absolutely.

Calvin Lapp is Amish Mennonite.

Oct 15 05:25

How Did Astra-Zeneca Manufacture “COVID-19 Vaccine” in July of 2018 Before the Disease Was Even Discovered or Named?

A whole lot of people have a lot of explaining to do. Boxes of COVID-19 Vaccine from AstraZeneca show a Manufacture Date of July 15, 2018 . . . But “COVID-19” wasn’t discovered until 2019 and wasn’t NAMED until February 11, 2020.

Here’s the smoking gun: A box of COVID-19 Vaccine from AstraZeneca, with the manufacture date of July 15, 2018 computer printed on the box flap:

Oct 15 05:23

CERN working with WHO to improve understanding of COVID-19 airborne transmission risk in indoor spaces

As the response to the pandemic evolves and people step back into the office, it is necessary to monitor continuously the risk of disease transmission and be prepared to make quick, evidence-based decisions to ensure that everyone can work safely.

CERN has developed the COVID Airborne Risk Assessment tool (CARA) to help personnel return to work safely by assessing the risk of COVID-19 infection in enclosed spaces like offices or meeting rooms. In accordance with CERN’s knowledge-transfer strategy, CERN has made the CARA software open-source, and the tool is freely available to all on GitLab.

Oct 15 05:16

Wuhan Lab Seen In New Light Amid Private Citizens Speaking Up

Proof almost reveals that COVID-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan. Private citizens and internet researchers are showing key clues, not the intelligence community, a key adviser to former President Donald Trump said.

Matthew Pottinger, who served on the Trump National Security Council, made the remarks during the Soufan Center's Global Security Forum. While he said the natural origin theory is still feasible, the lab leak case is becoming much more apparent.

Oct 15 04:26

Sanjay Gupta Does Damage Control With Don Lemon After Shellacking From Joe Rogan

CNN's Dr Sanjay Gupta responded to his total humiliation on Joe Rogan's podcast by slithering over to Don Lemon's show to downplay what took place and act like his network didn't lie about Rogan taking "horse dewormer."

Oct 14 19:20

Taiwan death from COVID-19 vaccination exceeds death from COVID-19

Taiwan death from COVID-19 vaccination exceeds death from COVID-19. Taiwan’s death toll from COVID-19 vaccination exceeds death toll from COVID-19 for the first time.

(Observer Network News) On October 7th, the death toll after vaccination in Taiwan reached 852, while the death toll after the COVID-19 was diagnosed was 844. The number of deaths after vaccination exceeded the number of confirmed deaths for the first time.

Oct 14 13:44

WATCH: Joe Rogan TRASHES CNN Straight To Their Face — ‘Your Fake News Network LIES to Americans!’

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a CNN “reporter,” was stunned into silence on Wednesday when Joe Rogan confronted him with CNN’s blatant practice of repeatedly lying to millions of Americans.

During Wednesday’s “Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan first argued that some people who took two doses of the COVID injection still died with the coronavirus, suggesting the vaccine may not be as effective as Fauci and others claim.

Oct 14 13:41

WATCH: Pilots Speak Out Against Fascist Vaccine Mandates — ‘We Will Not Comply.. And The Economy Will Suffer!’

Two more U.S. pilots have blown the whistle against airlines attempting to roll out vaccine mandates in the wake of Southwest airlines cancelling thousands of flights.

Speaking with Tucker Carlson Tuesday night, Joshua Yoder, commercial pilot and co-founder of US Freedom Flyers, warned “I am not going to take a mandate. I am not going to be coerced into doing something I don’t believe in.”

“I believe in freedom,” he added. “I’m here to support the freedom of my fellow employees and all people across this country.”

Oct 14 13:12

Navy to begin kicking sailors out who refuse COVID vaccine without waivers

The U.S. Navy announced on Thursday it will begin halting reenlistments and transfer orders for sailors currently refusing the COVID-19 vaccines and active-duty sailors will have up until November 14 to either have an approved or pending vaccine exemption request or their second COVID-19 vaccine dose or they will face being discharged from the service. Sailors in the Navy Reserves have until December 14 to receive their second vaccine dose.

Oct 14 13:10

A Last-Minute Nuke to Shatter an Incoming Asteroid Could Actually Work, Study Suggests

Encouraging results from a computer simulation point to the use of nuclear devices as a viable defense against Earth-threatening asteroids that suddenly appear out of the blue.

The Center for Near Earth Object Studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory runs an asteroid impact simulation once every two years. The exercise from earlier this year was unique in that the fictional threatening asteroid, dubbed “2021 PDC,” was detected just six months before its scheduled meeting with Earth’s surface. It was deemed an insufficient amount of time to deploy a mitigation strategy, so the participants focused primarily on disaster response. It served as a rude reminder of our vulnerability to these undiscovered asteroids.

Oct 14 09:26

Deducing the Deadliness of SARS-CoV-2

By Julie Beal

SARS-CoV-2 is supposed to be a deadly virus and yet there is little evidence for this – there are plenty of doctors who say they’ve got patients for covid, but the total number of deaths remained mostly normal until the injections began. For a virus to be classed as ‘deadly’, most people would expect there to be a higher than average death toll, but this hasn’t happened with SARS-CoV-2.

Why, then, do most of the experts continue to believe that SARS-CoV-2 is a dangerous and deadly virus? It could be partly because they’ve been convinced for a long time that coronaviruses are dangerous (both SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV were thought to be lethal, based on the case:fatality ratio). They might also be caught up in the mass hysteria being sustained by the media, but on the whole, it seems to be a function of the way viruses are studied. Here is what the science shows...

Oct 14 08:26

Destroyed! ABC Facebook Page Flooded w/Stories of Loved-Ones Killed by the Vaccine!

ABC News facebook page requested people to comment if they lost unvaccinated loved ones to COVID-19, what they got instead is a flood of Truth about people who have all lost loved ones to the vaxxcine…

People are organizing and sharing their stories about their experience with the vaxxines, soon they will be organizing to hold those people who are responsible for this crime against humanity, accountable!

Oct 14 08:25

Arkansas Governor Allows Bill Requiring Vaccine Opt-Outs to Become Law

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Oct. 13 allowed a new law to go into effect that will allow employees to opt-out of vaccine mandates by proving they have acquired immunity to the CCP virus or by submitting a negative COVID-19 test.

Oct 14 08:23


As more pilots get the covid jab you will start to see more strokes, clots and seizures during flights. Your playing Russian roulette if you take a flight.

Oct 14 07:57

Dem Lawmakers Demand Moderna Share Vaccine Recipe To "Expand Global Access"

During an interview with the AP last week, Moderna Chairman Noubar Afeyan reaffirmed that Moderna wouldn't bring any patent infringement lawsuits against rival firms that infringe on Moderna's patent to produce copies of its mRNA COVID jab.

But here's the catch: When the WHO pressed Moderna to share its vaccine formula with companies in emerging markets to help hasten the rollout of mRNA jabs, Afeyan refused, claiming that Moderna had analyzed whether it would be better to share the messenger RNA technology, and determined that it could expand production and deliver billions of additional doses in 2022.

Oct 14 07:51

Chicago police union head urges cops to defy vaccine mandate

The head of the Chicago police officers union has called on its members to defy the city’s requirement to report their COVID-19 vaccination status by Friday or be placed on unpaid leave.

In the video posted online Tuesday and first reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara vowed to take Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration to court if it tries to enforce the mandate, which requires city workers to report their vaccine status by the end of the work week. After Friday, unvaccinated workers who won’t submit to semiweekly coronavirus testing will be placed on unpaid leave.

Catanzara suggested that if the city does enforce its requirement and many union members refuse to comply with it, “It’s safe to say that the city of Chicago will have a police force at 50% or less for this weekend coming up.”

Oct 14 07:42


It was a pretty good weekend in Louisiana's East Baton Rouge Parish if you have a criminal record and you wanted the COVID vaccine. Why? Because if you played your cards right, you got your shot...and your record has been scrubbed clean.

On Saturday (October 9), the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney's Office held a free vaccination event where area residents could get a free COVID vaccination and get assistance filling out the proper paperwork to have their criminal records expunged.

East Baton District Attorney Hillar Moore and members of his staff, the Public Defenders Office and the Clerk of Court all gave up a day off to assist.

Moore said that to be eligible, more than five years must have passed since sentence completion for misdemeanors. For felonies, 10 years since completion of one's sentence was required. In addition, cases that did not result in a conviction were expunged immediately.

Oct 14 06:36

Tucker: Biden paints unvaccinated Americans as root cause of country's problems

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, the unvaccinated created the border crisis. The unvaccinated botched the Afghanistan withdrawal. The unvaccinated suspended deportations. The unvaccinated pushed the green agenda that destroyed jobs. The unvaccinated put Drag Queen Story Hour and pornographic books into the public schools. The unvaccinated destroyed our energy independence by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline.

Oct 14 06:12

100-200 Members of Congress, Families and Staff Treated with Ivermectin. No Hospitalizations

This is beyond disturbing. According to Dr Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, and verified by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), 100 to 200 congressional reps and/or staff and families who contracted COVID-19 were treated with the Front Line Ivermectin protocol.

This successful treatment is happening at the same time many congressional representatives are playing politics in favor of the vaccine; downplaying the effective anti-viral treatment and therapeutic approach with Ivermectin; and taking action to block regular American citizens from seeking similar treatment with Ivermectin.

Congress can seek treatment with a medication they simultaneously deny to others? This is well beyond a “scandal”, and needs to be investigated quickly.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the former USSR, there was a two-tier medical system. The one for the elites had access to the best medicines and treatments. The rest of the population had limited medical options.

Oct 14 06:05

Xavier Becerra Could Lower Drug Prices — So Why Isn’t He?

Calls are growing for President Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary, Xavier Becerra, to use his administrative power to control drug pricing in a way that Becerra himself supported both as a member of Congress and as California Attorney General. Becerra’s delay in doing so spotlights the gap between Biden’s campaign promises and the actions of his administration and his personnel picks.

While much of the ongoing political debate about lowering the country’s wildly exorbitant and unfair drug prices has focused on whether Congress will authorize Medicare to use its purchasing power to negotiate more reasonable pharmaceutical prices, Becerra’s office also has the power to license patented pharmaceutical products made with federal funding. In July, lawmakers sent a letter to Becerra’s office calling on the secretary to examine making use of these so-called “march-in” rights to control drug pricing.

Oct 14 06:01


The genocidal globalist’s attempt to cull the human herd and create a godless world of enslavement.
Oct 14 05:41

Chaos In Texas As Employees Fired For Refusing To Get Vaxxed Demand Their Jobs Back

Things are getting very confusing in Texas.

Shortly after governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order banning the vaccine mandates by any employer, which in turn was followed by several prominent Texas corporations - such as IBM, American Air, Southwest - saying they would snub the EO and back Biden on shots, we've reach a point where some employers side with the governor, others side with the president, meanwhile employees have no idea what they have to do (or not do), while yet another group of (former) employees that was fired for refusing to comply with the mandates is now trying to get their jobs back.

As Houston Public Media reports, more than 150 former employees of Houston Methodist Hospital, who either quit or were fired in June over a vaccine mandate policy will demand to be rehired after Gov. Abbott issued an executive order on Monday banning any entity in the state from implementing such mandates, according to a lawyer representing the former employees.

Oct 14 05:28

It Appears That an American Airlines Uprising Against the Vaccine Mandate is Now Beginning

In the aftermath of a reported Southwest “sick out,” American Airlines workers appear to be carrying out their own act of vaccine mandate resistance. There are now 251 flight cancellations and 616 flight delays for American Airlines, the majority of them at the airport in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec had noted the unusual American Airlines activity earlier on Wednesday.

The unusual surge in American Airlines flight cancellations and delays comes less than one week after an organized protest at the company’s headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday.

“Hundreds of AA workers and allies protested outside the company’s Fort Worth, Texas headquarters on Thursday,” Newsweek reported. “The protesters told The Dallas Morning News that they are skeptical of the vaccines’ effectiveness and their unreported side effects.”

Oct 14 05:16

WATCH: Joe Rogan Asks CNN's Sanjay Gupta Why His Network Lied About Him Taking 'Horse Dewormer'

Joe Rogan confronted Dr Sanjay Gupta on Wednesday over CNN consciously lying about him taking "horse dewormer" to treat covid.

Oct 14 05:15

Goalpost Shift: Media Says Double-Vaxxed Catching Covid Is A Good Thing

Now that fully-vaxxed people are filling up hospitals in the US and catching covid at higher rates than the unvaccinated in the UK the media has decided to shift the narrative to embrace catching covid as a good thing.

Oct 13 18:29

Federal Judge in Texas Halts United Airlines’ Enforcement of Employee Vaccine Mandate

By Kyle Becker

A federal judge in Texas has halted United Airlines’ vaccine mandate enforcement. The company has been putting employees who claim religious exemptions to forced vaccination on unpaid leave.

“A U.S. judge in Texas on Tuesday temporarily restrained United Airlines from placing any employee on unpaid leave who receive religious exemptions from the company for COVID-19 vaccinations until Oct. 26.,’ Reuters reported. “The Judge also temporarily restrained the airline from denying any late requests for religious or medical accommodations.”

In September, United Airlines employees sued the company over its pre-emptive issuance of an employee mandate ahead of the Biden administration’s formal issuance of a federal vaccine mandate...

Oct 13 17:38


Mere weeks before #Covid19 became a household name, The Highwire aired an entire episode exposing leading public health authorities at the “Global Vaccine Safety Summit” held by the World Health Organization at the end of 2019. Listen to what Soumya Swaminathan, Marion Gruber, Heidi Larson and other leading experts were saying about vaccines before the pandemic hit.

Oct 13 13:56

Go Fund Me Takes Down Fundraising Campaign For Litigation Over Vaccine Mandate

We previously discussed how GoFundMe has joined social media sites in censoring opposing viewpoints on subjects from critical race theory to vaccines to election fraud.

The site once offered a neutral site for those seeking to support others with similar views or interests.

The company now insists that it will only allow people to gather on the site if it believes their views are true and correct.

However, it was still surprising to see the site take down a fundraising account for litigation against vaccine mandates.

The effort of former nurse Jennifer Bridges was simply to get such matters before the courts, which can be the ultimate authority on what is “misinformation.”

GoFundMe however blocked people from contributing to the litigation.

Oct 13 13:37

Nearly 42,000 Sources of Toxic “Forever Chemicals” Put US Drinking Water at Risk: Study

By Kenny Stancil

Bolstering calls for stronger PFAS regulations and more testing, a new analysis released Tuesday finds nearly 42,000 potential sources of toxic “forever chemicals” that could contaminate drinking water in communities throughout the United States.

In their peer-reviewed study, which was published in a special issue of Water Science, Environmental Working Group (EWG) scientists examined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Enforcement and Compliance History Online database to identify potential sources of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) pollution in the nation’s surface and drinking water.

According to their investigation, solid waste landfills, wastewater treatment plants, electroplaters and metal finishers, and petroleum refiners were the facilities that appeared most often as possible sources of PFAS contamination...

Oct 13 13:14

From the Streets of Victoria, Australia: “We Are Now in Deep Trouble Here … This Is a Fight for Our Souls and Our Humanity.”

Op-Ed by Nelleus, Truth Comes to Light

We are nearing the mid-point in October 2021 and I think we are now in deep trouble here.

What can I say? It’s insanity. The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

Never, ever have I seen anything like this in Australia, let alone Melbourne, including the behaviour and disjointed dialogue from the criminals masquerading as police.

Hardened criminals can be more articulate in their verbal communication than Australian police. These people are so out of control that they are unable to speak properly when barking orders.

It makes me wonder: Have they been fully vaccinated and now have totally lost their minds? Or is this the way these types of people behave when they know that they are inflicting pure evil on innocent and vulnerable people?...

Oct 13 13:00

Philippines President Makes FRIGHTENING Suggestion For Unvaccinated: Enter Their Homes And Jab Them As They Sleep

President Rodrigo Duterte has devised a terrifying new strategy for increasing immunization rates in the Philippines.

Duterte said he understood many people were still afraid to obtain the vaccine, which is not mandatory, during his ‘Talk to the People’ address on Monday.

“I know many people are still hesitant” he said “So find them in your barangays (neighborhoods). Let’s enter their houses and vaccinate them while they are asleep. End of story.“

Oct 13 12:26

Suspicions of a Lab-Made Virus

By Julie Beal

Most scientists think that SARS-CoV-2 underwent a natural process and evolved into a virus that could infect humans. The widely accepted theory is that, against all the odds, a bat coronavirus managed to get inside a pangolin and then get inside the exact same blood cell as a pangolin coronavirus, and then these two viruses gave rise to a brand new kind of virus that could infect humans. This is classed as zoonotic infection – this is where a virus is supposed to jump species and start being able to infect humans by acquiring specific mutations.

Oct 13 09:50

Fact check: Nurse who fainted after COVID-19 vaccine did not die

Social media users have been sharing posts that claim that the nurse who fainted after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is dead. This claim is false: the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where Nurse Manager Tiffany Dover works, confirmed to Reuters that she is well.

Most posts reference an “Alabama nurse,” likely conflating two pieces of misinformation (previously debunked by Reuters here and here ) .

The posts (here , here , here , here) share videos (here , here , here) or screenshots that show that the websites and SearchQuarry have a record of Tiffany Dover or Tiffany Pontes (which they claim is her real name) from Higdon, Alabama, who died at the age of 30 in 2020, also listing some of her known relatives. Captions include, “Tiffany Dover confirm (sic) dead from vaccine”; “Tiffany Dover – Another Vaccine Casualty”; and “Tiffany Dover … passed away.”

Oct 13 09:47

New Perseverance Photo Reveals Martian Rocks In Incredible Detail

Mars is filled with countless rocks throughout its surface, and as seen in the NASA photo above, each one has a unique story to tell about the planet's history. Among all of the planets in our Solar System, Mars has become a primary focus. While it's always been an interest to scientists and astronomers alike, research missions have doubled down in recent years.

Just take a look at what's been happening in 2021 alone. China landed its first rover on the planet, NASA's Perseverance rover has collected the first Martian rock samples that'll be returned to Earth, and the InSight probe created the first interior map of the planet. These robotics are providing incredible data and information about Mars, paving the way for the first humans to visit at some point in the 2030s.

Oct 13 09:46

Daily Express RETRACTS story on Russia ‘stealing’ Sputnik V vaccine recipe, but the original fake-news publisher the Sun persists

The Daily Express has retracted the claim Russia stole the coronavirus vaccine recipe from UK’s AstraZeneca, replacing it with a statement by Sputnik V’s developers. The Sun merely appended a quote and stands by its false story.
In a Monday ‘bombshell,’ the Sun claimed UK spies “have proof” that Moscow’s flagship Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik V, was actually inspired by documents “swiped” from AstraZeneca “by a foreign agent in person.” The Express later published its own story, citing the Sun.

On Tuesday, however, the latter tabloid retracted the story entirely – leaving the original headline, but replacing the copy with the text of a statement by the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the outfit that funded Sputnik V’s development at the Gamaleya National Research Center in Moscow.

“The article also contained false information. As an apology, we are happy to set the record straight,” the Express noted in the correction.

Oct 13 09:45

Blue Origin successfully and safely completes second human flight to space and back

Blue Origin successfully completed its second human spaceflight on board New Shepard on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. The flight included four astronauts, Dr. Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries, Audrey Powers, and William Shatner, as well as thousands of postcards from Blue Origin’s foundation, Club for the Future.

Now official astronauts, the crew was welcomed back from space with a celebration in the West Texas desert with family, friends, and the Blue Origin team.

Oct 13 08:44


Very interesting testimony. Pay attention to what's going on around
FEMA personnel are under no obligation to inject. However, the same conditions, the same work, the same equipment.

Oct 13 08:43

Did Rockefeller create the ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic of 1918?

It Started with the Rockefeller Institute’s Crude Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Experiment on US Troops. The 1918-19 bacterial vaccine experiment may have killed 50-100 million people.

What if the story we have been told about this pandemic isn’t true? What if, instead, the killer infection was neither the flu nor Spanish in origin?

Newly analyzed documents reveal that the “Spanish Flu” may have been a military vaccine experiment gone awry.

Oct 13 08:42

Boeing tells all US employees to get their Covid-19 shots by December 8, to comply with Biden’s order for federal contractors

Aerospace giant Boeing has declared that all of its American employees must show they have been vaccinated for Covid-19 by early December, saying the move is required under a White House vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

“Boeing is requiring its US-based employees to either show proof of vaccination or have an approved reasonable accommodation (based on a disability or sincerely held religious belief) by Dec. 8,” the company said in a statement to media outlets on Tuesday, adding the decision is to “ensure compliance with President [Joe] Biden’s executive order for federal contractors.”

Oct 13 08:41

“We are Not Going to Fire Any Employees Over This”: Southwest CEO Comes Out in Opposition to Biden Vaccine Mandate

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly had a major announcement on Tuesday about the vaccine mandate the airline recently issued: His company won’t be enforcing it.

During an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, the CEO said that no employees would be fired over the company’s vaccine mandate. Earlier, the airline announced that all employees needed to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 24 or face termination.

“We are not going to fire any employees over this,” Kelly said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See? A little rebellion can be a good thing!

Oct 13 08:28


A group that was formed to fight back against COVID-19 mandates handed down by Gov. Phil Murphy is asking the rest of New Jersey to participate in a so-called "walk out" on Monday to present a united front for the same cause.

Oct. 18, by no coincidence, is also the date on which teachers in New Jersey must be vaccinated against the virus or start submitting to regular testing for COVID-19.

"This is about people stopping and remembering, for a second, our freedom and what's important," said Nicholas Riess, with New Jersey Liberty. "This is about standing up and saying, 'No, we are not going to continue with the fear campaign.'"

The group is neither for nor against face coverings or vaccination, the Warren County resident said — it's against mandates such as requiring masks in schools and requiring vaccination of people in certain jobs.

Oct 13 08:28

NYC’s Unvaccinated Teachers Must Waive Right To Sue If They Want To Keep Health Benefits

Aside from being put on unpaid leave, New York City teachers who’ve declined to get the COVID-19 vaccine won’t be allowed to keep their health benefits for another year unless they give up their right to sue the city over its vaccine mandate.

This condition was the result of an arbitration invoked by the city’s largest teachers union, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT). The union touted the arbitration verdict as a victory that forced the city to acknowledge medical and religious exemptions to the vaccination. It also allowed the teachers to take a year of unpaid leave with continued health care coverage or voluntarily resign with unused sick days paid out and a year of continued health insurance.

Oct 13 08:11

LIVE: Watch Bezos' Blue Origin launch a crew with William Shatner to space — 10/13/2021

Oct 13 07:58

FDA Says No Need For Boosters As Moderna, J&J Plead Case

After a detailed review, the FDA's scientists have decided to hold off on approving Moderna's vaccine for a booster jab, the latest bad news for the company's bottom line. Documents published Tuesday show that Moderna's two-dose vaccine course generates enough immunity from the virus and the delta variant that a third dose is "unnecessary".

The decision creates the possibility that the agency could approve Pfizer for a booster jab but not Moderna.

Modern submitted its data to the FDA's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee asking for approval of a booster jab for most adults. The biotech upstart, which rose to prominence thanks to its mRNA technology that undergirds the most popular COVID jabs, argued that immunity provided by its jabs wanes over time, with some studies showing immunity starts to wane at around the six month mark. Some studies have suggested that natural immunity is more effective than immunity from the jabs.

Oct 13 07:42


According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Propaganda is the more or less systematic effort to manipulate other people’s beliefs, attitudes, or actions by means of symbols (words, gestures, banners, monuments, music, clothing, insignia, hairstyles, designs on coins, and postage stamps, and so forth). Deliberateness and a relatively heavy emphasis on manipulation distinguish propaganda from casual conversation or the free and easy exchange of ideas.

Those who have been paying attention to the last 19 months have seen the brazen propaganda pushed by media and government alike. The serf class is propagandized to comply with one set of rules while the elite openly flaunt their ability to abide by an entirely different set.

Oct 13 07:40

Investigative Journalist Exposes Pentagon-funded Study that Can Prove COVID-19 Vaccines Do More Harm than Good

Investigative journalist Michelle Edwards exposes the findings of a health data analytics company hired by the Department of Defense (DOD), which can prove that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are doing more harm than good.

Humetrix has conducted data analysis on 5.6 million Medicaid beneficiaries aged 65 and older under a DOD program called “Project Salus.”

An innovator in consumer-centered mobile platforms for over two decades, Humetrix is under contract with the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) and the DOD to “carry out COVID-19 surveillance and population risk mapping in the highest risk Medicare population for severe COVID-19.”

The complete analysis, titled “Effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines against the delta variant among 5.6M Medicare beneficiaries 65 years and older,” was released on Sept. 28.

Oct 13 07:38

Pfizer CEO—Biden’s ‘Good Friend’—Is Privately Working to Tank Drug Price Reforms

Hours after President Joe Biden called Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla a “good friend,” Politico revealed that the pharmaceutical executive has been urging his employees to fight Democrats’ plan to let Medicare directly negotiate prescription drug prices—a popular proposal that Biden has endorsed.

Politico obtained a copy of a three-minute video message in which Bourla echoes common—and misleading—pharmaceutical industry talking points against the Medicare negotiation plan, which top Democrats are working to include in a budget reconciliation package despite the objections of several Big Pharma-backed lawmakers.

Oct 13 07:31

Former Houston Methodist employees will demand their jobs back after Abbott’s vaccine mandate ban

More than 150 former Houston Methodist employees who parted ways with the hospital in June over a vaccine mandate policy will demand to be rehired after Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Monday banning any entity in the state from implementing such mandates, according to a lawyer representing the former employees.

Attorney Jared Woodfill, who currently represents almost 200 healthcare workers in multiple lawsuits against Methodist, said executive order GA-40 makes the hospital’s policy illegal.

“Governor Abbott says very clearly, ‘whereas countless Texans fear losing their livelihoods because they object to receiving a COVID-19 vaccination for reasons of personal conscience,'” he said. “That applies to every plaintiff that I represent, and every plaintiff that Methodist hospital thought it was appropriate to fire.”

Woodfill said he planned to send a formal request to the hospital on Tuesday in an attempt to reinstate the former employees.

Oct 13 07:28

California wildfire jumps major highway as blaze swells to 13,400 acres

About 100 Central California properties and a shuttered oil refinery were under threat overnight from a rapidly growing wildfire that forced the closure of a major highway near Santa Barbara, per the Los Angeles Times.

The big picture: The Alisal Fire that ignited near the Alisal Reservoir on Monday has grown to 13,400 acres with 5% containment, officials said. Nearly 800 firefighters are now battling the wind-driven blaze that caused thousands of people to evacuate.

Highway 101 near Santa Barbara has been closed since Monday. Flames have "jumped the freeway in several areas," the LA Times reports.

Threat level: Firefighters were keeping an eye on the blaze's proximity to the ExxonMobil facility in Las Flores Canyon, which has not been operating since 2015 following an oil spill, per the LA Times, which notes the "remaining oil stored in the unit" has since been taken elsewhere.

Oct 13 06:37

Revolver Uncovers Buried Details on Just Who’s Funding Newsguard’s Fraudulent “Covid Fact-Checking” Scam

The insidious Global Oligarchs are really sweating Revolver News lately, especially after investigative reporting blew up their carefully constructed January 6th “insurrection” and “intelligence failure” narratives. The Regime’s response to the rising threat of Revolver News has been, thus far, to send legions of “fact-checkers” after us to claim that we’re spreading “disinformation” — the Regime’s censorship predicate du jour.

Nowhere is the scam of “disinformation” journalism more apparent than in the services of a shadowy company called Newsguard. Newsguard markets itself as an “internet trust tool” that assigns “nutrition label” ratings to news sites to indicate their “trustworthiness.”

We help you decide which news sources to trust — with ratings from humans, not algorithms.

Oct 13 06:18

The new report on UK’s botched Covid strategy makes me so angry. It's basically a catalogue of missteps that led to 150,000 deaths

The initial report into the UK’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic is a damning indictment of a government’s mishandling of “the greatest peacetime challenge in a century,” which led to off-the-scale suffering and 150,000 deaths.

The release of the highly anticipated parliamentary report offers no comfort whatsoever to the families and loved ones of those who have so far fallen victim to the Covid-19 virus in the UK. But it does make you angry. Very. Bloody. Angry.

Oct 13 06:11

Southwest Airlines pilots and staff are flying in the face of corporate and government vaccine mandates – and about time, too

Southwest Airlines’ top brass can deny the massive delays they’ve been experiencing have anything to do with their insistence staff take Covid shots or lose their job till they are blue in the face... but no one is buying it.

Southwest is experiencing turbulence. Over the weekend, the Texas-based airline canceled over 1,800 flights. Monday was no better: almost 400 more flights were canceled. A corporate spokesman, Alan Kasher, blamed the catastrophic interruption in business on bad weather in Florida and "issues" with air traffic control.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Last night there was a report that the CEO of Southwest Airlines reversed himself, saying unvaccinated employees will not be fired.

Oct 13 06:09

The Final Solution. Full Digitization. “The QR Codification of the World”

Imagine humanity would one day – very soon – decide to stop wearing masks. In unison. Not in the streets, not in restaurants, not in shops, not in sports events – simply nowhere. Against all orders of a good portion of the 193 UN member governments, or at least the western governments. And, indeed, against the entire UN system – against the orders of Mr. Antonio Guterres, himself. Yes, indeed. Many of the UN agencies, not all yet, have started mandating vaxxing for their staff… or else.

How come, it hasn’t occurred to everyone yet, that there is something wrong? Badly wrong. Can it be that it is simply cognitive dissonance? You know that there is something horribly wrong, but your comfort zone doesn’t allow you to admit it? That was the case in the Third Reich – that brought forward Hitler’s tyranny. The rest is history.

Oct 13 05:54


New Shepard’s 18th mission, NS-18, is targeting liftoff on Wednesday, October 13, carrying four astronauts to space and back. Liftoff is currently targeted for 9:00 am CDT / 14:00 UTC from Launch Site One in West Texas. Live launch coverage begins on at T-90 minutes.

Oct 13 05:50

US government pays Merck $712 for 5-day molnupiravir course that only costs $17.74 to manufacture

According to a report by drug pricing experts at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and King’s College Hospital in London, a five-day course of molnupiravir only costs $17.74 to produce.

So why is Merck charging the U.S. government $712, or over 40 times the production price of the drug?

Oct 13 05:50

Former Pfizer VP: ‘Clear evidence of fraud’ in Pfizer study claiming 95% efficacy

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Yeadon yesterday said there is “clear evidence of fraud” in the Pfizer study that purports to claim 95% efficacy in their COVID-19 “vaccine”.

(Article by Mordechai Sones republished from

Yeadon was commenting on an article appearing in The Lancet and critiquing a documentary that scrutinized a Pfizer efficacy study, calling the distinction raised therein between relative risk reduction and absolute risk reduction “accurate”.

The Lancet article, entitled COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the room, says that although attention has focused on vaccine efficacy and comparing the reduction of the number of symptomatic cases, “fully understanding the efficacy and effectiveness of vaccines is less straightforward than it might seem. Depending on how the effect size is expressed, a quite different picture might emerge.”

Oct 13 05:26

White House Taunts Texas and Florida for Fighting Vaccine Mandates: Joe Biden Will Override State Laws

The White House on Tuesday warned Republican governors of Texas and Florida that President Joe Biden would override their efforts to fight coronavirus vaccine mandates in their states.

“We know that federal law overrides state law,” she said referring to state attempts to ban vaccine passports.

She accused Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of playing politics by issuing executive orders that fight vaccine passports.

“Why would you be taking steps that prevent the saving of lives that make it more difficult to save lives across the country or in any state?” she asked.

Psaki argued that the governors were “putting politics ahead of public health.”

“Every leader should be focused on supporting efforts to save lives and end the pandemic,” she said.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Monday banning any entity in Texas from requiring vaccine mandates for their employees or their customers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Supreme Leader Biden does not actually have that authority. His "mandate" is a press release with no legal backing.

This makes a good case for secession.

Oct 13 05:25

DeSantis Administration Fines County $3.5 Million for Firing Employees over Vaccine Mandate

The Florida Department of Health (FDOH), under Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) direction, fined Leon County over $3.5 million this week after it fired over a dozen employees over vaccine mandates.

The FDOH fined the county $3,570,000 for an estimated 714 counts of violating a state statute, as DeSantis effectively banned the use of vaccine passports in the state. Yet, according to the governor’s office, Leon County proceeded with the requirement anyway.

On July 28, the county announced that employees had to be fully vaccinated by October 1. While the vast majority, 700, complied, 14 did not submit proof, resulting in their termination.

“It is unacceptable that Leon County violated Florida law, infringed on current and former employees’ medical privacy, and fired loyal public servants because of their personal health decisions,” DeSantis’s office said in a statement.

Oct 12 16:49

“We are Not Going to Fire Any Employees Over This”: Southwest CEO Comes Out in Opposition to Biden Vaccine Mandate

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly had a major announcement on Tuesday about the vaccine mandate the airline recently issued: His company won’t be enforcing it.

During an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, the CEO said that no employees would be fired over the company’s vaccine mandate. Earlier, the airline announced that all employees needed to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 24 or face termination.

“We are not going to fire any employees over this,” Kelly said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A little rebellion can be a good thing!

Oct 12 15:40

WATCH: Airline Pilot Trashes Vax Mandate And Warns Just How Bad The Economy Will Get When Pilots Quit

Last night Tucker Carlson had Joshua Yoder, an airline pilot, on his show and he explained why so many pilots are against the vaccine mandate and just how bad it’s going to be when airlines fire 30% of their pilots because of Biden’s mandate:

Oct 12 15:31

Moderna and Johnson & Johnson say clinical trial data support need for COVID-19 vaccine boosters ahead of FDA advisory meeting later this week

Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are pushing to get COVID-19 vaccine boosters approved ahead of a key U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee meeting later this week.

The two firms say that data in briefing documents, published on Tuesday by the FDA, show extra doses are needed.

Moderna said the data support the use of boosters for people aged 18 and older six months after receiving the second shot, citing the waning effectiveness of the shots at preventing infection, and the increased antibody levels provided by third shots.

Oct 12 14:22

Wyoming teenager arrested after refusing to wear mask on school grounds, family says

Smith told Bouchard that she has been made to feel "unwanted by the school system" and is "stressed out" over having to fight the school’s mask mandate. -- "Right now, I should be playing sports and having fun," she said. "And instead I’m fighting for the rights that were supposed to be won hundreds of years ago."

Oct 12 14:16

The Great Southwest Airlines Rebellion?

The incredible cruelty and folly of forced vaccines finally came home to roost. The vaccine mandate backlash has been bubbling just under the surface, but now it has spilled out into the open, threatening to completely derail an already crumbling economy and to obliterate a deeply unpopular US President and Administration.

Oct 12 13:12

911 systems in danger of collapsing as first responder shortages further complicated by opposition to COVID vaccines

Now that vaccines are available, however, not all of these first responders are keen to get the jab. They have varied reasons for not wanting to do so; some have religious objections, while others are not heavy into injecting a substance into their bodies that until about 15 minutes ago was still experimental. Others say they don’t need a COVID-19 vaccine because they have had the virus and they now have natural immunity. -- But none of those reasons are valid according to the vaccine Nazis running corporate health conglomerates and city governments, most all of whom are Democrats. Now that vaccines are available, even though they’re not always safe or effective, they are mandating their employees get a jab or else they will be out of a job.

Oct 12 12:40

Picture shows Gadsden flag hanging from apparent Southwest airplane amid pilot anti-vaccine mandate movement

A Gadsden flag was reportedly hung out of the cockpit window of a Southwest Airlines plane this week amid speculation that more than 1,000 flights were canceled as a result of airline employees protesting the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“This photo was just sent to me of a grounded Southwest plane flying a Gadsden flag out of the cockpit. The Hero Pilots at Southwest and other Airlines deserve our support,” Podcast host Benny Johnson tweeted on Monday. “True patriots worthy of the American Freedom Fighter tradition. Don’t Tread On Me. God Bless Them.”

Oct 12 12:40

Disney Documentary On Fauci Getting Brutal Reviews

The new Disney documentary on Doctor Anthony Fauci is getting some brutal reviews from viewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

The documentary features Fauci, the Biden administration’s top infectious disease specialist, and chronicles his career and rise as a public figure during the pandemic.

Disney describes the Fauci documentary as “a revealing portrait of one of our most dedicated public servants, whose work saved millions.”

Top critics on Rotten Tomatoes seem to agree with that assessment, but audience reviews have come to a different conclusion, giving an ‘audience score’ of just 2%.

Oct 12 12:19

Clean Water for Nearly 10 Million People Threatened by Red Sea’s Aging Oil Tanker: Study

By Kenny Stancil

An abandoned supertanker holding more than one million barrels of crude oil has been slowly corroding off Yemen’s coast, and a new study out Monday warns that the consequences of an “imminent” spill in the Red Sea could be graver than initially thought—cutting off access to clean water and food aid for millions of people in a matter of days and completely decimating the region’s fishing stocks within three weeks.

“The possibility of a massive oil spill in the Red Sea is increasingly likely,” write the authors of the peer-reviewed paper, published in the journal Nature Sustainability. “The Safer, a deteriorating oil tanker containing 1.1?million barrels of oil, has been deserted near the coast of Yemen since 2015 and threatens environmental catastrophe to a country presently in a humanitarian crisis.”...

Oct 12 12:08

Top 10 US Government and CDC COVID-19 FAILS since the scamdemic began

For anything that goes wrong with the CDC’s advice for Covid, the Big Media “solution” is always the same – blame the unvaccinated. Is Covid still spreading among the vaccinated? Yes. Blame the unvaccinated. Are people dying from the China Flu vaccines? Yes. Just blame the “anti-vaxxers.” Are the Fauci Flu jabs causing blood clots around the world? Yes. Blame it on the natural health advocates.

Oct 12 11:41

Is modern life making breast milk less beneficial and leaving babies prone to allergies? Women in traditional farming communities have milk 'richer in good bacteria and antibodies'

Modern life may be making breast milk less beneficial for babies and leaving them prone to allergies, a study suggests.

Oct 12 11:32


Citizen Journalist Secretly Films 20 Year Pfizer Contractor on Covid Vax "Skeptical of the Science"

Oct 12 10:34

“The Abstract” Premiere: Dr. Willis & Marin County Covid Tyranny

By Peter A. Kirby

Welcome to the premiere episode of The Abstract. The Abstract is a new vlog produced by me, the author of Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project and staff writer here at Activist Post, Peter Kirby. For this premiere episode, we will expose the corrupt, slimy government creatures behind the Covid tyranny in Marin County, CA – where I live. Behold as we deconstruct the malfeasance of our County Public Health Officer and others.

See on Rumble here:

Oct 12 09:32

MSM All But Silent After Multiple People Paralyzed After Receiving Pfizer Shot

She received her first shot of the Pfizer vaccine last week at Rite Aid in Caste Village. Twelve hours later, Cecere said almost her entire body was paralyzed.

fake news media all but silent after multiple people paralyzed after receiving pfizer shot

“It was the scariest thing in the world to go to sleep completely fine and walking, to wake up 1:30 in the morning not able to move at all.”

Today comes the stunning and sickening report that multiple women, after receiving their first shot of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, are waking up paralyzed from the neck down, and remain in that condition, in some cases for days.

And even after regaining feeling and movement from neck to wait, one woman is still unable to walk weeks later. But don’t pay any attention to all that stuff, just turn your brain off and run right out and get your COVID jab today!

Oct 12 09:09


Southwest Airlines blames weather and tower issues for nearly 2,000 of their flights getting nixed this weekend -- but many think the real reason is ... a pilot strike over vaccines.

Here's the deal ... upwards of 1,800 SA flights (and counting) were straight-up canceled between Saturday and Sunday all over the country -- leaving even more would-be passengers stranded or without air travel for the holiday weekend.

Oct 12 09:08

A Southwest Airlines pilot explains why you will not hear anything about vaccine mandates from his union - and why Southwest has more flexibility than it admits to stand up to the White House

The pilot emailed following the first Southwest post today (and provided his SWA ID to prove his identity). He asked that I paraphrase the email.

Essentially, the union cannot organize or even acknowledge the sickout, because doing so would make it an illegal job action. Years ago, Southwest and its pilots had a rough negotiation, and the union would not even let the pilots internally discuss the possibility of working-to-rule (which would have slowed Southwest to a crawl).

But at the moment the pilots don’t even have to talk to each other about what they’re doing. The anger internally - not just among pilots but other Southwest workers - is enormous. The tough prior negotiations notwithstanding, Southwest has a history of decent labor relations, and workers believe the company should stand up for them against the mandate. Telling pilots in particular to comply or face termination has backfired.

Oct 12 08:59

A Southwest Pilot Explains What Happened over the Weekend

Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights Friday through Sunday, and hundreds more on Monday because employees called in sick, or refused to sign up for overtime hours over the holiday weekend, a Southwest Airlines pilot told American Greatness.

Southwest blamed “air traffic control issues” and inclement weather for the cancelled flights, but the problems were actually a direct result of the airline’s announcement on October 4 that all of its 56,000 U.S. employees were required be vaccinated against COVID-19 or face termination.

Oct 12 08:40

Hospital covid outbreak saw many deaths among fully vaccinated, only minor symptoms among unvaccinated

The journal Eurosurveillance published a paper recently that debunks the myth of “vaccine-generated herd immunity” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

As it turns out, the fully vaccinated are producing vaccine-generated herd anti-immunity as they contract and spread new “variants” of the disease to other people, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

A Chinese Virus outbreak recently occurred at an Israeli hospital, the paper explains. And almost everyone who got sick received their shots. Everyone who died was fully injected.

Oct 12 08:03

Washington State Ferries cancels 157 sailings over crew shortage

Friday, Washington State Ferries saw more cancelations than they usually see in an entire year, according to officials.

Staff with WSF say there were 157 sailing cancelations on Friday. On average, there are about four cancelations per month.

Cancelations affected sailings throughout the week.

Ian Sterling, a spokesperson for WSF, says the cancelations are due to a lack of crew.

Sterling says it is an issue WSF has faced for months, and the problem is at a tipping point.

He says the lack of crew is due to a perfect storm of problems including a worker shortage, a wave of a retirements, and possible impacts of the vaccine mandate.

Oct 12 07:52

Colorado State University threatens to arrest unvaccinated students

Colorado State University trespassed and threatened to arrest unvaccinated students after learning they failed to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination, a requirement for students to attend in-person learning.

In an email sent to unvaccinated students obtained by Turning Point USA, CSU alleged that unvaccinated students pose a threat to the safety and well-being of the University community.

Oct 12 07:49

Rome is popping off…

Police use water cannons and clubs to beat back Vaccine Freedom Fighters.

Oct 12 07:47

North Half of La Palma Rises 4 Inches/North West Coast Sinks 4 Inches

Oct 12 07:43

Fauci Contines To Dangle Carrot To Entice Obedience To Rules That Make No Sense

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday said COVID-19 cases would need to go “way down” before most vaccinated Americans can safely meet publicly indoors without masks.

The White House chief medical adviser said the virus is still actively expanding too much in nearly the entire country to reverse that direction.

“It’s about 95,000 [cases nationwide per day] as the seven-day average. That’s still way too high,’ Fauci told CNN’s “State of the Union” when asked what the amount would have to be to reduce the CDC’s indoor-mask recommendation for even most vaccinated people.

Oct 12 07:25

The Great Southwest Airlines Rebellion?

The incredible cruelty and folly of forced vaccines finally came home to roost. The vaccine mandate backlash has been bubbling just under the surface, but now it has spilled out into the open, threatening to completely derail an already crumbling economy and to obliterate a deeply unpopular US President and Administration.

Seemingly out of nowhere what appears to be a Southwest Airlines rebellion has taken flight this weekend. According to media reports, scores of pilots and other Southwest employees have coordinated the taking of “sick days” to use them up in advance of a Southwest Airlines mandate to get the jab or lose the job. Over Saturday and Sunday more than 2,000 flights have been cancelled, with airports experiencing full-on mayhem.

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association is suing the airline over the imposed vaccine mandate, bolstering the claim that there is a “sick out” underway among angry Southwest pilots.