May 11 08:08

Nearly Half of Female Soldiers Still Failing New Army Fitness Test, While Males Pass Easily

More than seven months after the official launch of the Army Combat Fitness Test, or ACFT, nearly half of female soldiers are still falling short, with enlisted women struggling the most, Military.com has learned. The data again raises questions about whether the Army's attempt to create a fitter force is creating more barriers to success for women.

Internal Army figures from April show 44% of women failed the ACFT, compared to 7% of men since Oct. 1. "Female soldiers continue to lag male soldier scores in all events," according to a United States Army Forces Command briefing obtained by Military.com.

FORSCOM data includes the results of 106,000 ACFTs taken in the first half of fiscal 2021. This amounts to 27% of women and 36% of men in the force who also have scores logged into the Army's database, meaning the data could potentially be incomplete. FORSCOM tracks 3,400 new fitness tests per week on average.

May 11 07:46

US Already Planning How To "Choke" Chinese Submarines In Case Of Conflict

A hugely significant weakness and set-back for the Chinese Navy and particularly its submarine capability was featured in recent Nikkei analysis, which found that its coastal system already has geography working against it, while at the same time giving Japan and Taiwan a significant edge.

"When you look at China’s submarine bases, every single one of them has a fair bit of shallow water that their submarines have to transit through in order to get to deep water," former US Navy submariner Tom Shugart explained to Nikkei Asia.

A key issue is that submarines are much easier for rival nations to search out and track as they traverse shallow water, while in deep sea waters identity and defensive action against subs becomes extremely difficult.

May 11 06:14

Will Biden Have Blood on His Hands in Afghanistan?

President Biden has announced that America’s forever war in Afghanistan is finally coming to an end. He says that U.S. forces will exit the country by next September 11.

That’s a good thing. And it is long overdue.

But there is one big problem with Biden’s timetable: It violates an agreement that the U.S. government entered into with the Taliban to exit the country by May 1 of this year.

Under that agreement, the Taliban agreed not to attack U.S. troops prior to their scheduled departure on May 1. With Biden’s decision to deliberately violate the agreement by unilaterally extending the withdrawal to September 11, he is knowingly placing the lives of the 3,500 American servicemen still in Afghanistan at risk.

May 11 06:13

How a hearing on nuclear weapons shows all that’s wrong with US foreign policy making

If you want to understand why our nuclear strategy is so badly out of date, and out of touch with most Americans, look no further than the abysmal hearing last week staged by the Strategic Forces Subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee. A panel of old white men spent 90 minutes hectoring Congress to replace every weapon in the U.S. arsenal and to maintain the Cold War policies that repeatedly brought us to the brink of nuclear war.

The hearing was titularly chaired by Senator Angus King but choreographed by subcommittee staff director Jonathan Epstein, who is said to be the guiding force behind the subcommittee. The witnesses were selected to present a nearly uniform endorsement of existing programs and contracts, particularly the controversial new intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM, and to rebut arguments in favor of revising obsolete Cold War doctrines.

May 11 06:12

Trump’s Secret Rules for Drone Strikes and Presidents’ Unchecked License to Kill

On Friday night, in response to transparency lawsuits filed by the ACLU and the New York Times, the Biden administration released a redacted version of President Trump’s rules for the use of lethal force against terrorism suspects abroad. During the Trump administration, the Times and other media reported that the Trump rules weakened even the loose policy safeguards put in place by the Obama administration in 2013, which were also released in response to litigation in 2016. Despite redactions, the newly-revealed Trump rules show how far that administration went in casting aside any meaningful constraint on the United States’ use of lethal force abroad without meaningful oversight by Congress or the judiciary, and with devastating consequences for people’s lives.

May 11 05:57

NATO Enters New Warfighting Domain in Space

The head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s North American command, General André Lanata, recently visited U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The general, as all top commanders of NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (described as NATO’s Warfare Development Command) in Norfolk, Virginia have been since his nation rejoined the NATO Military Command structure in 2009, is French. As the Supreme Allied Commander Europe is always American and the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe is always British when he’s not German.

May 11 05:22

The big secret; America is unable to wage a war with peer capable enemies

This is a pretty damning and frightening title, don’t you think? Well, it’s true and it’s accurate. But you won’t ever see anyone be so absolutely blunt as MM here. This isn’t salacious and eye catching as some kind of “click bait” for “doom porn”. Never the less, it’s a real and serous issue. And we are talking about it here, simply because the “drums of war” are beating loudly inside of America.

American war drums are beating loudly.

May 10 07:16


Here’s the strange thing: almost 20 years into a series of chaotic, staggeringly expensive, failing wars across significant parts of the planet, the U.S. military – "the greatest force for human liberation the world has ever known" (George W. Bush), aka "the finest fighting force that the world has ever known" (Barack Obama) – continues to eat taxpayer dollars as if they were nothing at all.

May 10 06:49

Official: Ukraine Certain of Receiving Lethal Weapons From NATO

Leonid Kravchuk, one of the three signatories to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Ukraine’s first president, told one of his nation’s television networks on May 7 that he was sure of the U.S. and other NATO delivering lethal weapons to Ukraine. Weapons required to continue the seven-year war against the Donetsk and Lugansk republics in the Donbass and for possible armed conflict with Russia.

May 10 06:49

Alaska: US Military Exercise Implements New Doctrine To Confront Russia in the Arctic

The large-scale Northern Edge war games commenced a week ago in and off the coast of Alaska. An estimated 15,000 service members from the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy are participating in the two-week event along with six ships and 240 aircraft. The Air Force’s newest fighter jet, the F-15EX Eagle ll, is among the warplanes deployed for the exercise. Northern Edge is its maiden flight in terms of military drills. The Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group, an amphibious ready group and embarked 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit are also involved .

Stars and Stripes’ account of the exercise, which it terms massive, is titled Joint exercise of US forces in Alaska mimics ‘what future conflict could feel like.’ The word mimic is perhaps intentionally misleading. Rehearsing for future conflicts would be more to the point. Rehearsing for future conflict with Russia would be more accurate yet.

May 10 05:37

War Is Strictly Business in Twenty-First Century America

Here’s the strange thing: almost 20 years into a series of chaotic, staggeringly expensive, failing wars across significant parts of the planet, the U.S. military – "the greatest force for human liberation the world has ever known" (George W. Bush), aka "the finest fighting force that the world has ever known" (Barack Obama) – continues to eat taxpayer dollars as if they were nothing at all. According to the Costs of War Project, the US has sunk almost $2.3 trillion dollars into the failed Afghan War from which it’s now retreating and a minimum of $6.4 trillion into all the major conflicts of the Global War on Terror (not even counting future costs caring for the war’s vets). And all of this happened in years in which little indeed went into American domestic infrastructure.

May 09 05:16

NATO Allies "Take Over" Black Sea For Military Exercises

The title is courtesy of the Hungary-based Transylvania Now news site. The Pentagon’s Special Operations Command Europe kicked off the Trojan Footprint 21 exercise on May 3; what is identified as its premier special operations forces drills.

The war games will be held until May 14 in five Black Sea and Balkans nations: Bulgaria, Georgia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Romania. Special forces from the U.S. – all branches of the armed forces including Green Berets – the five host nations, Britain, Germany, Spain and Ukraine are involved. With the exception of Turkey, all Black Sea littoral states but Russia are participating.

The exercise is designed for "enhancing interoperability between NATO allies" to prepare for “counter[ing] myriad threats.” Though there aren’t a thousand... only one threat. Russia.

May 08 06:29

Who Wags the Dog? Israel’s Friends in Washington Mean Constant War in the Middle East

Donald Trump, who was elected President of the United States in 2016, may have won due to voters attracted by his pledge to end many of the “stupid” wars that the American military was involved in worldwide. In the event, however, he ended no wars in spite of several attempts to withdraw from Afghanistan and Syria, and almost started new conflicts with cruise missile attacks and the assassination of an Iranian general. Trump was consistently outmaneuvered by his “experts” on the National Security Council and at the Pentagon, who insisted that it was too early to disengage from the Middle East and Central Asia, that America’s own national security would be threatened.

May 08 02:11

Jerusalem Protests: The Mob ‘Breaking Faces’ Learned From Israel’s Establishment

Dragged out of bed

What Human Rights Watch and other human rights groups have been documenting is equally visible to the gangs roaming Jerusalem. Israel’s official actions share a common purpose, one that sends a clear message to these youngsters about what the state – and Israel’s national ideology of Zionism – aims to achieve.

They see Palestinian land reclassified as Jewish “state land” and the constant expansion of settlements that violate international law. They see Palestinians denied permits to build homes in their own villages. They see orders issued to demolish Palestinian homes, or even entire communities. And they see Palestinian families torn apart as couples, or their children, are refused the right to live together.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One would have thought.... that after the horror of being labeled "the other" in Germany before World War II,and became subject to horrific actions against them, that Jews who had experienced those kinds of degradation, frequently leading to death, would never, ever inflict such actions against any another human beings, when Israel was founded.

Unfortunately, the reality of 21st century Israel, is that it has become an apartheid theocracy, with nuclear weapons.

I have to wonder.... if this was really what the founders of this country actually wanted, because it has become, in the words of Casey Stengal, "deja vu, all over again."

May 07 07:30

The BIG lie that led us into WWI

Webmaster's Commentary: 

American war material salvaged from the Lusitania.

May 07 06:48

Bloodbath in Mexico: Another gift of US drug and drone wars

Written by
Ted Galen Carpenter

Washington’s bankrupt drug-war and drone-war initiatives have both come home to roost on America’s own southern border. Decades of U.S. policy ineptitude have empowered Mexico’s drug cartels to the point that they now pose an alarming threat to the country’s basic social order.

Now the violence in Mexico is beginning to exhibit a greater high-tech sophistication. In late April, the Jalisco cartel attacked police in the western state of Michoacan with explosive-laden drones, wounding two officers. It was merely the latest development in just one theater of the country’s ongoing chaos.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American Comedian Ron White, has one line in his stand-up routine, which seems to very much apply here: "You can't fix stupid!!"

And this has been very much a stupid policy with regard to drugs, on the part of the US government.

Were I in government, I would advocate legalizing EVERYTHING, to take the profit motive away from the cartels. Of course, the private and public prison systems would collectively yell, scream, and holler; they love high recidivism rates, and those high rates are, unfortunately, a result, of how the US incarcerates.

May 07 06:43

Oh What a Lovely New War! False Flagging in the Middle East?

There has been virtually no American media coverage of last week’s arrival of a senior Israeli delegation in Washington to discuss Iran. The delegation included the head of the Israeli external intelligence service Mossad Yossi Cohen and Israel’s National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat. Their itinerary included briefings at the Pentagon and also with national security and State Department officials at the White House. Lest there be any confusion about the “mission” of the delegation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced unambiguously that his team would be explaining why Iran should not be trusted and that any agreement with it is “fundamentally flawed” in that it opens the door to a nuclear weapon for the Iranians when the deal enters its “sunset” phase after ten years.

May 07 06:31

How Washington Lost the Ultimate Drug War

Originally posted at TomDispatch.

Shouldn’t we be amazed? After all, for almost 20 years, the U.S. military has been supporting, equipping, training, and building up the Afghan military to the tune of more than $70 billion. The result: a corrupt mess of a force likely to prove incapable of successfully defending the U.S.-backed Afghan state from the Taliban once our troops are gone — that is, by this September 11th.

Recently, three New York Times reporters interviewed Afghan officials and military and police figures across the country and concluded that Washington had

May 07 06:28

Israel Attacks Syria for Second Straight Night

Israel went nearly two weeks between attacking Syria, and is now hitting for a second night in a row, with an attack helicopter raid into the Syrian Golan Heights. As with Wednesday night, Israel refused to comment on the attacks.

This makes it tough to determine what happened, as Israeli media tends to exaggerate and Syrian state media tends to downplay what happened. Officially, there are no confirmed casualties of the Thursday attack, and only one civilian killed Wednesday.

The attacks were on opposite sides of the country, with Wednesday’s hit near Latakia in the northwest, and Thursday’s in Quneitra, near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. In neither case was it clear what was being attacked, though Wednesday’s missiles hit a plastic factory.

May 07 06:27

As NATO Summit Approaches: Will Biden Keep US Nuclear Weapons in Turkey?

A piece was published in Turkey’s Hürriyet on May 5 by its editor-in-chief Sedat Ergin analyzing the prospects of the Biden administration removing American nuclear bombs from Turkey.

It has been estimated that the Pentagon maintains 50 B61 tactical nuclear weapons at the Incirlik Air Base in the country among an estimated 350 of those kept in Europe under the auspices of a NATO nuclear sharing or burden sharing arrangement. Both expressions are used. The other 300 bombs are reputed to be in Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Those in Turkey have the advantage of being closer to Russia and the Middle East. The Incirlik Air Base, in Adana, is not far from Turkey’s border with Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF Biden's handlers have any horse-sense whatsoever, they will get these weapons OUT of Turkey, just as quickly as humanly/diplomatically possible.

May 07 06:21

US Secretary of State Assures Ukraine of Support for NATO Membership Plan

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Kiev today.

Afterward Kuleba announced the results in these words:

“I have had a very constructive meeting with Tony Blinken. There was a very frank – and this is the most important thing – confidential conversation between Tony Blinken and the President of Ukraine. He had a very good conversation with the Prime Minister of Ukraine. We have really agreed on several things that are important for Ukrainian security, important for Ukrainian reforms, and we will work on their implementation in the interests of Ukraine and the United States, and in general the Euro-Atlantic space as such.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia.... is sure to be delighted with this development...NOT!!

May 07 06:19

US Accuses Iran of Making ‘Unrealistic Demands’ for Sanctions Relief

Indirect negotiations between the US and Iran that have been ongoing in Vienna to revive the nuclear deal are dragging out due to the fact that the Biden administration refuses to lift all Trump-era sanctions. On Thursday, a State Department official blamed the lack of progress on the Iranian side and said Tehran was making “unrealistic demands” for sanctions relief.

The unnamed official told reporters that a deal could be reached quickly if Iran has the political will. “If Iran makes the political decision that it genuinely wants to return to the JCPOA as the JCPOA was negotiated, then it could be done relatively quickly and implementation could be relatively swift,” the official said.

Iran has been very clear that if the US lifts sanctions imposed since the Trump administration withdrew from the JCPOA in 2018, Tehran would quickly return to the nuclear limits set by the agreement. But President Biden refuses to do so, complicating the negotiations

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Unrealistic demands", MY ASTROLABE!!

More and more, all of this appears to be a huge "rope-a-dope" scheme, to make Iran look bad and wrong, so that when the US gets "suckered" into a war with Iran, courtesy of Israel, of course,that some Americans will believe that such an action is "justified."

In my world; war of any kind signals that there has been a catastrophic failure of imagination.

And, there is the following to consider:

The question the US government should be asking is, if it is ready to confront BOTH China and Iran, should things go "south" concerning the resumption of JCPOA?!? That is one heck of an important question right now!!!

May 07 06:16

EU Accepts US, Canada, Norway in Military Mobilization Project

The European Union (EU) on Thursday authorized the United States, Canada, and Norway to participate in the Permanent Structural Cooperation (PESCO), a project that seeks to streamline the cross-border mobilization of troops and military equipment by land, sea, and air.

Acceptance for the participation of these countries in this program was conditional on their acceptance of several conditions, including the exchange of military information with the EU.

PESCO was established in 2017 as the European response to then-President Donald Trump's threats to diminish U.S. cooperation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

It also emerged as a mechanism to enhance the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) after the consummation of Brexit and in the face of "threats" that might arise from Russia's actions.

May 07 06:08

Milley: US Considering Training Afghan Forces in Other Countries

n Thursday, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said the US was considering training the Afghan military in other countries after US troops are pulled out of Afghanistan.

“We’ll continue to take a look at training them perhaps in another location,” Milley said at a joint press conference with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. When asked if that means the US would train Afghan forces from a different country, Milley said, “It’s possible.”

“There’s a lot of different options out there, and we haven’t settled on one of them yet,” he added. Milley reiterated that the US will continue to provide financial support for the Afghan military.

The Afghan military, especially the air force, is reliant on Pentagon contractors to maintain their equipment. At the press conference, Austin said the plan is to remove US contractors from Afghanistan, but Milley suggested some sort of contractual support could continue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


The more I read, the more I suspect that the US government is not "leaving Aftghanistan"; it is re-branding the war!!

May 07 06:05


Webmaster's Commentary: 


May 07 05:48

US military goes full speed ahead toward max LGBT inclusion with ‘diversity’ panels, all-gay helicopter crew

Under the Biden-Harris administration, the normalizing of homosexuality and transgenderism within the ranks of the U.S. military is accelerating.

“History was made on Friday with the first ever all gay U.S. Navy helicopter crew,” tweeted veteran Navy Intelligence Officer and left-wing activist Travis Akers, along with pictures of the homosexual flyers.

May 07 03:53

NATO's Southeastern Spearhead: Turkey's Military Aggression In Iraq, Syria, Yemen, & Caucasus Signals Proxy Conflict With Iran

Authored by Rick Rozoff via Anti-Bellum,

The past week has witnessed reports of increased Turkish military activity in Iraq and Syria as well as its intruding itself deeper into the war in Yemen. In all three cases Ankara has pitted itself against forces that are or can be seen to be pro-Iranian: Shiite parties in northern Iraq, the government of Syria and the Houthi-led government in Yemen.

Direct tensions between Turkey and Iran have been increasing since last year over the above three nations as well as the Turkish-directed attack on Nagorno-Karabakh by Azerbaijan (Turkey and Azerbaijan identify themselves as “one nation, two states’) and its aftermath.

May 07 03:46

White House Says "We Support" Ukraine's Ambitions To Join NATO

While traveling aboard Air Force One for President Joe Biden's visit to Louisiana on Thursday, White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre bluntly stated that "we support" Ukraine's ambition to join NATO.

When she was asked by a press pool reporter if the White House "supports Ukraine joining NATO" - the deputy press secretary responded with "We supported it... yeah" - but then quickly sought to clarify that certain "commitments" have to be met. She explained, "The Biden administration remains committed to ensuring that NATO's door remains open to aspirants when they are ready and able to meet the commitments."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

War... with Russia?!?

IS this administration so collectively and completely insane as to consider this a viable possibility?!?

Folks, the reality here is, we don't have the troop strength; we don't have the weaponry; we don't have the manufacturing, and we flat-out, with this tax-and-spend frenzy on the part of the Leftocrats, don't have the money.

May 06 11:52

Space Force Chief Scientist Says Developing Super-Soldiers Is ‘Imperative’

Dr. Joel Mozer said the technology could be used to create a 'superhuman workforce' for the military.

The top scientist in the US Space Force said last week that human augmentation should be embraced and that it is “imperative” for the US military to start working on such technology that could create a type of super-soldier.

“In our business of national defense, it’s imperative that we embrace this new age, lest we fall behind our strategic competitors,” Dr. Joel Mozer said at an event at the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Mozer said augmentation technology could produce a “superhuman workforce” that uses technologies like “augmented reality, virtual reality, and nerve stimulation.”

“You could put [an] individual into a state of flow, where learning is optimized, and retention is maximized,” he said. “This individual could be shaped into somebody with very high-performing potential.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This all sounds reasonable on the face of it; however, I have a question for the good Doctor; what happens when an individual who has had this done to them, returns to civilian life?!?

How will they resond to their own crying, teething baby?!? How will they resond to a spouse who may not quite react to something as they expected, no, demanded that they react?!?

The unasked question here, is how do these people get "deconditioned" from what they have gone through in order to return to ordinary civilial life?!?

Call me silly, but I worry about this.

May 06 11:36

China "Indefinitely" Suspends Economic Dialogue With Australia As Relations Continue To Deteriorate

More recently, China accused Australia of giving a "free pass" to terror-sympathizers over accusations that Aussie politicians are backing Uighur activists and providing external support to Muslim fundamentalists in Xinjiang - which came just weeks after a senior Australian official warned that the "drums of war" are "beating" as relations continue to sour.

"In a world of perpetual tension and dread, the drums of war beat — sometimes faintly and distantly, and at other times more loudly and ever closer," said Australia’s Department of Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo in comments that were made public late last month.

May 06 09:20

US Launch of Minuteman III Ballistic Missile Fails, Cause Under Investigation

A test launch of an unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman III failed and the cause is unknown and being investigated, the US Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) said on Wednesday.

"An unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile test launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, experienced a ground abort prior to launch. The cause of the ground abort is currently under investigation, and Air Force Global Strike Command is assessing the potential to reschedule the launch", AFGSC said in a press release.

May 05 07:22

Cyber Command shifts counterterrorism task force to focus on higher-priority threats

U.S. Cyber Command is shifting the majority of its special task force aimed at targeting the Islamic State group to focus more on nation-state actors, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region, which the command and the Department of Defense are prioritizing.

Joint Task Force-Ares was created in 2016 to combat the militant organization online as a compliment to the global coalition fighting against the group’s grip on power in Iraq and Syria. The task force has since undergone several changes. The Army’s cyber component was originally tasked to lead the joint cyber effort, but in 2018, responsibility shifted to Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command, which allowed the team to focus not just on the Islamic State group, but more broadly on counterterrorism efforts globally.

May 05 07:20

Why These Infantry Marines Have a New Obsession with Chess

It's kind of like Fight Club. Except it's mental, not physical, and Marines can't stop talking about it.

In the recently concluded first pilot of the new 14-week Infantry Marine Course, junior grunts and their instructors blew off steam and passed downtime with game after game of chess. For Marines, famous for staving off boredom in sillier and more reckless ways, hours spent playing the timeless game of mental strategy represents a bit of a departure.

But it's completely in keeping with the focus of the new infantry course, which calls on the Corps' most junior ground-pounders to think critically, take initiative and consider their training in the context of the service's larger strategy to prepare for a future fight against a peer adversary in a maritime environment.

May 05 05:23

Video: NATO always has been, remains and will continue to be a nuclear alliance

NATO has been a nuclear alliance since the U.S. first provided nuclear weapons to the bloc in 1953. It is the only nuclear alliance in history with the U.S., Britain and France as nuclear powers.

One billion people are under NATO’s nuclear umbrella.

“Competitors and potential adversaries” NATO maintains nuclear option against: Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

NATO maintains the credibility and effectiveness of its nuclear infrastructure and forces.

As long as nuclear weapons exist NATO will remain a nuclear alliance.

May 04 07:50

America’s Plan to Spend $17.7 Billion on Just 31 Surface-to-Air Missiles

The Pentagon plans to spend almost $18 billion to develop, produce and support its new interceptor to stop incoming nuclear missiles from North Korea or Iran, the first major defense procurement award of the Biden administration, according to newly released figures.

Teams led by Lockheed Martin Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp. will receive between them as much as $13.1 billion in the development phase of the Next Generation Interceptor. Their competition will culminate in a winner-take-all selection process following a “critical design review” — possibly by 2026 — leading to the construction of as many as 31 new interceptors, including 10 for testing.

The production phase is estimated to cost $2.3 billion, with long-term support costs totaling another $2.3 billion, according to estimates prepared by the Pentagon’s independent cost assessment unit.

May 04 07:05


May 04 06:47

“At First Quietly, Then Much Less Quietly”

The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), a branch of the U.S. Department of Defense, was launched in 1971 as the Defense Race Relations Institute (it changed to DEOMI in 1979). But whatever the name, the mandate’s always been the same: pollute the armed forces with propaganda about how America is racist, sexist, “homophobic,” and an all-around evil place filled with Klansmen and Himmlers.

DEOMI employs a trickle-down methodology, indoctrinating base commanders who then pass along the propagandizing to their rank-and-file service members.

May 04 06:30

VA Secretary Wants More Vets Sickened by Burn Pits to File Claims, But Many Are Still Being Turned Away

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough wants more veterans who believe they were sickened by exposure to burn pits overseas to seek help from the department, despite many being turned away.

"We're urging vets to come forward with their claims," McDonough said at a press briefing Monday. "Our commitment is to treat each claim with the care it deserves. As we get more claims, we can aggregate those claims to draw bigger conclusions."

As of March 31, the VA had denied 72% of burn pit claims, according to agency data obtained by Military.com. Between June 2007 and March 31, the VA processed 15,640 disability compensation claims related to burn pit exposure. Of those, 3,510 veterans had at least one burn pit issue granted.

May 04 06:24

Honeywell Fined Millions Over Exporting Sensitive Info On F-22, F-35, And More To China

The U.S. government and defense contractor Honeywell have reached a settlement over alleged violations of portions of the Arms Export Control Act, or AECA, and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR. The matter at hand had to do with Honeywell's alleged unauthorized export of dozens of technical drawings relating to components of various aircraft, missiles, and tanks, including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, the B-1B bomber, the Tomahawk cruise missile, and the M1A1 Abrams, to multiple countries, including China. American officials contend that some of the disclosures harmed national security, something that Honeywell denies.

May 04 06:11

America Is Still Servicing Saudi Aircraft Bombing Yemen

The Biden administration has finally clarified the extent to which it is still supporting Saudi Arabia’s military in Yemen.

In comments to Vox, Pentagon officials admitted that the US is still maintaining Saudi Arabia’s warplanes by using contractors. The US could cancel the contracts at any time, which would effectively ground the Saudi Air Force, ending the vicious bombing campaign that has been raging since March 2015.

“The United States continues to provide maintenance support to Saudi Arabia’s Air Force given the critical role it plays in Saudi air defense and our longstanding security partnership,” a Pentagon spokesperson told Vox over the weekend.

The maintenance is done through the Pentagon’s Foreign Military Sales program, which means Saudi Arabia pays the US to provide contractors that can maintain the warplanes.

May 04 05:26

Hawks okay with Israeli attacks on Iran leading to all-out war

A former advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Israeli actions against Iran may lead to a war that endangers civilian life, but supported that strategy over the Biden administration’s current diplomacy with Iran.

Speaking at the Jewish Institute for National Security of America, retired major general Yaakov Amidror found a receptive audience of American hawks who believed the Biden administration needed to be saved from its own policy choices.

Amidror, who served as Israel’s national security adviser from 2011 to 2013 and is now a distinguished fellow at JINSA, spoke about the Israeli-Iranian “shadow war,” which has involved alleged Israeli sabotage attacks on Iran.

“At the end, we might face Iranians who decide to retaliate,” he said. “Might it lead to a war? I think that the decision makers understand that the answer might be yes.”

May 04 05:24

Weapons biz celebrates declining ‘state of humankind,’ cold war with China

Business is good for weapons companies according to their just released first-quarter-2021 earnings. Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics all had first-quarter-revenues that exceeded estimates. And executives from all three corporations were surprisingly blunt with investors on earnings calls about why their revenues were soaring: the Biden administration’s tilt toward great power competition with China and greater international instability.

General Dynamics’ Chairman and CEO Phebe Novakovic clearly stated that what’s bad for people is good for their bottomline. “[U]nfortunately, for the state of humankind, the world has become an increasingly dangerous place,” said Novakovic on Wednesday. “And so we see the reflection of that concern in many U.S. allies with increased demand for many of our products in Europe, Eastern Europe, a little bit in Asia, parts of the Middle East and in the former Commonwealth nations and the U.K.”

May 04 05:12

WHY has the F-35 received so much Negative Attention? Real Fighter Pilot Explains

May 04 05:01

New Chinese Submarine Armed With Missiles Capable of Covering Entire US, Reports Say

China's newly commissioned nuclear-powered submarine, dubbed the Type 094A, is equipped with ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles) — the most powerful in the country, the South China Morning Post reported, citing a military source.

"The Type 094A is an upgraded version of the Type 094 that overcame one of the key problems – noise – by improving hydrokinetic and turbulent systems, allowing it to carry the more powerful JL-3", the source was quoted as saying on Sunday.

Before the upgrade, the submarine was capable of firing the inferior JL-2 that could only hit the northeast United States, the source said, noting that currently, it is able to cover the whole American continent.

May 04 04:56

U(nspeakably) S(adistic) Foreign Policy

If you had set out to construct a foreign policy designed to impose indescribable suffering on millions of innocent people around the world, you’d have a tough time coming up with anything more systematic and effective than U.S. foreign policy. An inventory of US direct military and covert operations, aid to savage governments and murderous "rebels," and economic sanctions would easily lead one to think that the architects of this constellation of policies aimed to inflict death and maximum pain on innocent bystanders. It has been one series of crimes against humanity.

May 04 04:51

Foreign minister, military chief: Ukraine’s NATO-standard army to be integrated into global military force

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who was at NATO headquarters slightly more than a week ago to meet with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, spoke with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and confirmed that his nation’s entry into NATO and the European Union is a matter not of if but when.

For anyone not familiar with the fact, the eleven nations that have joined both NATO and the European Union in the post-Cold War era – Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia – all joined NATO first and the EU second. As though the first were the precondition for the second as it evidently is. That says a lot concerning power relations between NATO and the EU, and between the U.S. and the EU.

May 04 04:47

Blinken: US, UK and Allies Must Work Against China’s Threat to ‘International Rules-Based Order’

On Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab ahead of an in-person meeting of the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7).

At a joint press conference, Blinken and Raab discussed the need to rally the G7 countries against China and Russia. “We’ll talk about threats to the international rules-based order and to democratic values and human rights,” Blinken said of the G7 meetings that are happening over the next few days.

Blinken and other US officials often claim China is a threat to the so-called “rules-based order.” While the US is clearly following a policy of containment with Beijing, Blinken claims that is not the case. He said the Biden administration’s goal is not to “contain China or to hold China down” but to “uphold the international rules-based order.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Guess who makes up the rules!

May 03 10:07

US Navy Sends new Robots Warships to hunt Chinese Ship in the South China Sea

May 03 10:06

China’s new nuclear submarine missiles expand range in US: analysts

China’s newly commissioned nuclear-powered submarine is armed with the country’s most powerful submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) capable of hitting the US mainland, according to a military source and analysts.

The Type 094A, or Jin-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), was presented last Friday as part of the celebration to mark the 72nd anniversary of the PLA Navy. It was capable of firing the JL-3, or Julang (Big Wave) SLBM with a range over 10,000km (6,200 miles), a source close to the navy said.

“The Type 094A is an upgraded version of the Type 094 that overcame one of the key problems – noise – by improving hydrokinetic and turbulent systems, allowing it to carry the more powerful JL-3,” said the source, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.

“Before the upgrade, the submarine was armed with the inferior JL-2 that could only hit the northeast United States, but now it’s able to cover the whole American continent.”

May 03 08:54

SitRep: Is the F-35 officially a failure?

The oft-maligned F-35 program has run into another bit of turbulence. For years, Congress has authorized the Defense Department to purchase more F-35 Lightning II aircraft than the services had made budget requests for. But that largess appears to be coming to an end—just as the US Air Force starts to look for other ways to fill out its fighter squadrons.

In February, the Air Force lifted the curtains on plans to buy a brand-new aircraft to replace the F-16 Fighting Falcon. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. C.Q. Brown said the service is looking at buying what he called a "clean sheet" fighter in 2023, using lessons learned from the efforts behind the recently acquired T-7A Red Hawk trainer. But that plan may have some difficulty taking flight because the Air Force was supposed to already have an F-16 replacement—the F-35A Lightning II.

May 03 07:14

Hawks seek revival with new group

Fresh from his great success at regime change as Donald Trump’s Special Envoy for both Venezuela and Iran, neoconservative hero Elliott Abrams took to the oped (some say comics) page of the Wall Street Journal to announce the creation of “A New Coalition to Advance U.S. Global Interests“ dedicated to the proposition that the United States must maintain its post-World War II role as “superpower leader of the free world” and “the most powerful and influential nation in the world.”

May 03 06:46

The Marines' New Unmanned Ship Killing Missile Launcher Truck Breaks Cover

We now have our first look at an unmanned variant the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle armed with Naval Strike Missile anti-ship cruise missiles that is under development for the U.S. Marine Corps. That service confirmed that a test of this system, an important component of an ongoing and radical restructuring of its forces, had taken place in November 2020, but no pictures were released at the time of the launch vehicle itself.

Raytheon released the picture, which is credited to the U.S. Navy, of what is officially known as the Navy Marine Expeditionary Ship Interdiction System (NMESIS) on April 28, 2020. The company subsequently confirmed to Naval News that the image was from the test last year. The complete NMESIS system consists of the unmanned Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), also known as the Remotely Operated Ground Unit Expeditionary-Fires (ROGUE-Fires), and a launcher with two ready-to-fire Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) inside their self-contained launch canisters.

May 03 06:05

Trucks Get Parked Over Air Force Nuclear Missile Silos During Tests… Just In Case

The U.S. Air Force’s latest Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile system test at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, included a semi-truck parked over the silo, an added precaution to absolutely rule out an accidental launch. This seemingly crude measure is a routine part of these ICBM tests, codenamed Giant Pace, which evaluates the reliability of the land-based leg of the U.S. nuclear triad.

One of the most recent such tests, which are referred to as SELMs, standing for Simulated Electronic Launch-Minuteman III, was Giant Pace 21-1. This took place at Minot’s Golf 8 launch facility on April 7. These take place every two years and run through the whole process for readying an LGM-30G Minuteman III missile to fire, except for the actual launch. After the launch command is issued, the key in the launch control center is turned, and the door to the missile silo slides open. At that point, the exercise ends.

May 03 06:03

Mobile nuclear reactors? Scathing report slams ‘disturbing’ military program

The author of an academic report on Pentagon plans to build mobile nuclear reactors to power future combat bases called the effort “extremely disturbing” and “based on a lie.”

The report released Thursday slams the Pentagon and Army G-4, logistics — specifically the Army office’s 2018 report that lays out the potential uses and needs for such mobile nuclear reactors in future operations.

Alan J. Kuperman wrote the 21-page report titled, “Proposed U.S. Army Mobile Nuclear Reactors: Costs and Risks Outweigh Benefits,” in his role as coordinator of the University of Texas at Austin’s Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project.

“They don’t reduce casualties, they increase costs and they increase threats to the lives of U.S. service members,” Kuperman said.

May 03 06:02

Japan is rethinking how to use its tanks to prepare for a potential clash with China

Despite a few successes early in World War II, Japanese armor was hopelessly outclassed by Allied tanks as soon as they arrived in large numbers.

Those experiences and the threat of a Soviet invasion led the Japanese to put much more effort into post-war tank designs. By the 1990s, Japan had a large and capable armored force.

But the Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) has had to recalibrate in recent decades.

The threat from a rising China has forced Japan's Ground Self Defense Force (GSDF) to shift from an armor- and artillery-intensive force based in its north — where it would've responded to a Soviet invasion — to a more mobile one able to reach southwestern Japan at a moment's notice.

May 02 07:43

Countries Spending the Most on War

According to a new report, total global military expenditure rose to $1.8 trillion in 2018, a 2.6% increase from the previous year.

Military spending in China rose for the 24th year in a row. While overall military spending in the U.S. is down compared to a decade prior, due largely to the conclusion and de-escalation of two of the most expensive wars in its history, but military spending in the United States increased for the first time in seven years. These two countries account for such a substantial share of total global arms expenditure that their two increases in military spending alone largely explain the global increase.

The United States and China are by no means the only world powers that spend billions each year on the military. The top 14 military spenders, after the United States, can be found on five continents, and each has its own vast web of military and political alliances. Some are allies; others bitter enemies.

May 02 07:38

F-22 And F-35 Datalinks Finally Talk Freely With Each Other Thanks To A U-2 Flying Translator

Five F-35A Joint Strike Fighters and a single F-22 Raptor "talked" with each other using their proprietary stealthy datalinks via a U-2S Dragon Lady spy plane carrying a specialized communications gateway payload, during a recent demonstration. This marks the first time that the Air Force's two stealth fighters were able to exchange data freely in flight, something that has been years in the making. The U-2 was also able to simultaneously share information with assets on the ground and at sea, as well as with non-stealthy combat aircraft, all in near-real-time. That info was used to initiate strikes from ground-based artillery and naval assets as part of the high-stakes capability demonstration.

This demonstration event was known as Project Hydra. The company's Skunk Works advanced projects division worked together with the Air Force and the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) to carry out the tests. Elements of the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy were also involved.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sooooo ... one could cripple an entire US battle group by shooting down that one plane!

May 02 07:37

NATO Will Never Match Russia's Military Strength, Ex-US Official Says

NATO will never equal the power of the Russian military because the alliance only serves a propagandistic function, former US Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts told Sputnik.

"NATO will never match Russian military strength. NATO mainly serves as European approval of US foreign policy," Roberts said. "It has a propagandistic function."

Roberts pointed out that it is important to understand that the United States’ hegemonic policy "leaves no basis for agreement."

"What Washington demands is the surrender of Russian sovereignty. [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s responsible, low-key, non-confrontational responses to Washington’s threats and insults will not benefit him or Russia," Roberts said. "The vicious facts are these: Putin and Russia are seen by Washington as obstacles to US hegemony, and the powerful and pervasive US military/security complex requires Russia as an enemy to justify its budget and power. This leaves no possibility for better relations."

May 01 12:08

Anti-War Group Releases Activist Guide to End Militarized Policing in US

By Jenna McGuire

In an effort to curtail police militarism, anti-war group Win Without War on Thursday released an activist guide titled Stop Militarizing Our Communities: 5 Things You Need to Know About the 1033 Program.

The activist guide was authored by Tanaya Sardesai, a student at Pomona College and a former intern at Win Without War, and centers on the Department of Defense’s 1033 program, which is responsible for supplying military weaponry to domestic law enforcement...

May 01 07:56

American-Style War ’til the End of Time? (A Lifetime “at War”)

The question that Americans seldom even think to ask is this: What if the U.S. were to begin to dismantle its empire of bases, repurpose so many of those militarized taxpayer dollars to our domestic needs, abandon this country’s focus on permanent war, and forsake the Pentagon as our holy church? What if, even briefly, the wars, conflicts, plots, killings, drone assassinations, all of it stopped? -- What would our world actually be like if you simply declared peace and came home?

Apr 30 08:01

Largest Since the Cold War: Massive US-Led War Games Move to the Balkans

The DEFENDER-Europe 2021 military exercises led by U.S. Army Europe and Africa which began a month and a half ago and are scheduled to run through June, are now concentrating on the Balkans. In all the Pentagon has reported that the drills were to occur at thirty locations in twelve nations, and involve anywhere from 28,000 to 31,000 to 37,000 troops from as many as 27 nations. By the very nature of such exercises we only learn what military press releases and their news agencies rewrites choose to disclose, but it’s evident that the DEFENDER-Europe exercises underway may well be the largest U.S. and allied war games in Europe since the Cold War.

Again, the exact location of each component of the exercises is not generally divulged, but it can be gathered by what has been released that airborne, missile defense and other drills have occurred or will occur from the Baltic to the Black to the Adriatic Seas; along Russia’s western sea borders (with Ukraine in between).

Apr 30 08:00

Worried about the autonomous weapons of the future? Look at what’s already gone wrong

To the casual observer, the words “military AI” have a certain dystopic ring to them, one that’s in line with sci-fi movies like “Terminator” that depict artificial intelligence (AI) run amok. And while the “killer robots” cliché does at least provide an entry point into a debate about transformative military technologies, it frames autonomous AI weapons as a challenge for tomorrow, rather than today. But a close look at the history of one common type of weapons package, the air defense systems that militaries employ to defend against missiles and other airborne threats, illuminates how highly automated weaponry is actually a risk the world already faces.

Apr 30 07:54

Amid Widespread Disease, Death, and Poverty, the Major Powers Increased Their Military Spending in 2020

The existence of widespread poverty in the world’s mightiest military powers raises the question of what could have been done to alleviate or eliminate it, if during 2020 they had not poured nearly $1.1 trillion into preparations for war.

Last year was a terrible time for vast numbers of people around the globe, who experienced not only a terrible disease pandemic, accompanied by widespread sickness and death, but severe economic hardship.

Even so, the disasters of 2020 were not shocking enough to jolt the world’s most powerful nations out of their traditional preoccupation with enhancing their armed might, for once again they raised their military spending to new heights.

Apr 30 07:30

Cracks in QUAD as US Violates Indian Sovereignty?

Through diplomatic channels, New Delhi protested to Washington on April 9 about the American warships that illegally entered the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of India. The Seventh Fleet’s USS John Paul Jones frigate was en route from the Persian Gulf to the Strait of Malacca before it illegally entered India’s EEZ close to the Lakshadweep archipelago to the southwest of the Indian mainland in the Arabian Sea.

Under Indian laws and regulations, foreign ships can freely pass through Indian territorial waters. However, this only applies to civilian and commercial ships, and warships must receive approval from India to pass through. New Delhi’s position is consistent with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which states that any warship must receive the consent of coastal states to pass through.

Apr 30 07:23

Israel’s Iron Dome causing cancer among soldiers, report claims

A group of Israeli soldiers have claimed that their military service at the anti-missile Iron Dome defence system has given them cancer, according to an investigative report by Yedioth Ahronoth.

At least 10 Israeli soldiers, in their 20s and 30s, said at the end of their military service or after they were discharged that they had developed cancer after their stint with the Iron Dome unit.

They called the Iron Dome, which intercepts short-range missiles, the "Toaster."

"When you're near a radar you're literally feeling your body boiling from the inside out… if you try to imagine what happens to food when it is in the microwave, it is like that. You feel the heat

Apr 30 06:34

Space Force scientist warns it's 'imperative' the US military experiment with human augmentation and AI to stay ahead of Russia and China

Combining humans with machines to create superhuman intelligence may soon no longer be the plot of science-fiction films, as the US Space Force's chief scientist say it will happen in 'the coming decade.'

Dr. Joel Mozer, speaking at an event at the Airforce Research Laboratory Wednesday, announced we are entering the age of 'human augmentation,' which is crucial to the US's national defense in order to not 'fall behind our strategic competitors.'

However, his proposal does not turn humans into cyborgs, but employs 'AI agents' to assist with strategic military planning.

Apr 30 05:45

Three Kyrgyz Servicemen Killed, 22 Injured in Clashes With Tajikistan, Security Committee Says

Three Kyrgyz border patrol agents were killed and 22 others injured in the border conflict with Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz National Security Committee's State Border Guard Service told Sputnik on Friday.

"Three servicemen of the Boru special detachment of the National Security Committee's State Border Guard Service were killed in clashes with the Tajik side, 22 servicemen sustained injuries of differing levels of severity. The condition of two servicemen is assessed as grave," a spokesman for the Kyrgyz State Border Guard Service said.

The personnel extends condolences to families and friends of the victims, the spokesman continued.

Apr 30 05:35

Marines' F-35Bs arrive in Britain for HMS Queen Elizabeth deployment

The "Wake Island Avengers" squadron of U.S. Marines F-35B fighter planes arrived in Britain on Wednesday to deploy with a British carrier strike force.

The aircraft traveled 5,000 miles from Marine Air Station Yuma, Ariz., to Royal Air Force Lakeheath, on England's eastern coast, to conduct final training for planned 28-week deployment aboard the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Apr 30 05:32

Navy SEALs Shifting Focus Away From Counterterrorism to Face Russia and China

The US Navy SEALs are undergoing a major overhaul. The special operations forces are following the rest of the US military and shifting focus away from counterterrorism in the Middle East to face China and Russia.

As part of the transition, the SEALs are reducing the number of platoons it has by 30 percent so that the remaining teams will have more personnel. SEALs commanders are looking to focus on maritime operations since any conflict with China and Russia would involve naval battles.

Rear Adm. H. Wyman Howard III, the top commander of the SEALs, told The Associated Press that the special operations forces will expand cyber and electronic warfare capabilities. Howard said the SEALs could use skills they learned over the past 20 years in counterterrorism missions but that the focus must be shifted. “Many of these things are transferable, but now we need to put pressure on ourselves to operate against peer threats,” he said.

Apr 29 12:30

Israel has no choice but to act on its own to stop Iran.

Apr 29 09:59

From Bioweapons to Super Soldiers: How the UK is Joining the Genomic Technology Arms Race

By Yusef Paolo Rabiah, UCL

The UK government recently announced an £800 million, taxpayer-funded Advanced Research and Invention Agency (Aria). The brainchild of the British prime minister’s former chief adviser, Dominic Cummings and modelled on the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Darpa, the organisation will focus partly on genomic research.

Genome technology is becoming an increasingly important part of military research.

So given that the UK boasts some of the best genomic research centres in the world, how will its new agency affect the wider genome technology warfare race?...

Apr 29 06:35

Did a black bear in Duluth nearly start a nuclear war? A book by a Stanford professor using declassified Air Force documents appears to bolster much of the legend.

It’s one of those stories that sounds too far-fetched to be true — that a bear outside the fence at the Duluth Air Force Base nearly triggered World War III and a possible nuclear holocaust.

But in recent years more accounts of the incident have surfaced that the legend appears to be true. Or at least much of it.

In October 1962, at the height of the Cold War between the U.S. and Soviet Union, American spy planes spotted Soviet nuclear missiles being installed in Cuba. Tensions mounted as both sides inched closer to war. On Oct. 22, all U.S. armed forces were placed on DEFCON 3, halfway to actual war, with President John F. Kennedy under pressure from his military commanders to strike first. The Cuban Missile Crisis had begun.

Here’s where the Duluth bear comes in:

Apr 29 06:21

F-15E Strike Eagle Smart-Bomb Transports Are Hauling Munitions Around The Middle East

As The War Zone predicted, it didn’t take too long for the U.S. Air Force’s “bomb truck” F-15E Strike Eagle configuration to appear in an operational theater. Jets featuring the modified munitions carriage, allowing each to haul up to 15 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs) of various types simultaneously, recently arrived in the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of operations.

Apr 28 12:13

Putin confirms ‘successful’ test of new rocket ‘designed to blast space missiles to bits’

Apr 28 06:38

WW3 WARNING: China expands naval threat to Indian Ocean with new aircraft carrier base

Apr 28 05:26

Ohio Guided Missile Submarines Were Designed To Be Drone-Carrying Clandestine Command Centers

But what we do know is that China is decades ahead of the West in certain technologies such as directed energy weapons and electronic suppression systems. Indeed it would be a sorry day for an entire submarine with 100 – 200 crew and all sorts of multi-million dollar munitions to sink softly to the bottom of the South China Sea when nothing works. It would be a scene out of the Foundation Trilogy.

During the story, there was this group of technologists that controlled the manufacturing and science related to all technology. It had become a religion to them. They were dedicated to technology like religious fanatics.

Meanwhile the various empires and governments were using this technology to conduct wars and achieve their very own petty objectives.

So the leader of the technologists decides to shut everything down, and as a result the Empire space fleet of enormous weapons systems and space-dreadnoughts all shut down and came to a complete stop.
That being said, let’s be real.

Apr 28 01:11

One shot the US military doesn’t want to take

The U.S. military is used to taking shots, but when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine, many are hesitating.

Courtney Waltbillig lives at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas with her husband who is an Army Captain in the 1-1 Cavalry. A dental hygienist, this mother of two is young, healthy and like many military families was hesitant at first to get the COVID vaccine.

“I know a lot of my friends and coworkers were like, I’m not gonna put that into my body, I don’t know what’s in it,” Waltbillig said in an interview with Fox News.

Democratic lawmakers led by Rep. Jimmy Panetta of California, the son of former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, have written a letter demanding President Biden order the military vaccinated before 600,000 troops and their families begin to move this summer to new bases in the US and abroad, potentially becoming a vector to spread the virus.

Apr 27 08:52

Unlearned History Lessons

“Avoiding a clash with great powers does not indicate cowardice, but wisdom, because sacrificing oneself is never an advantage anywhere”. Preface to "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu by N. Konrad

In recent years, relations between Russia and the US have shifted from competitiveness to confrontation, effectively going back to the Cold War era. The sanctions pressure, threats, conflict behaviour and defence of selfish interests are plunging the world into a state of permanent instability.

If relations between the two countries have been in the situation described above for a long time, it is called a crisis. Such crises provide a fertile ground for even more acute periods in the relationship – a “crisis of all crises”. Under such circumstances, any faux pas, any lack of patience, and any strategic understanding of the “weight” of each word could plunge not just two countries, but the entire world, into an abyss of the gravest challenges, threatening it with a direct military clash.

Apr 27 07:47

‘Every Time the US “Saves” a Country, It Converts It Either into a Madhouse or a Cemetery’.

fter twenty years, the United States government – and the forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) – will depart from Afghanistan. They said that they came to do two things: to destroy al-Qaeda, which had launched an attack on the United States on 11 September 2001, and to destroy the Taliban, which had given al-Qaeda a base. After great loss of life and the further destruction of Afghan society, the US departs – as it did from Vietnam in 1975 – in defeat: al-Qaeda [covertly supported by the US] has regrouped in different parts of the world, and the Taliban is set to return to the capital, Kabul.

Apr 27 07:42

At least 44 Fort Bragg soldiers died stateside in 2020 — several of them were homicides. Families want answers. But the Army isn’t giving any

Three weeks before Christmas, in the piney woods outside of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, a deer hunter came across the fallout from a firefight that, to date, no one has been able to explain. A tricked-out Chevy Colorado with matte-black wheels and racing tires was stuck in a rut on a dirt road near Lake MacArthur. In the bed of the truck and on the ground beside it were two dead men. Both had been killed by gunshots, and according to news reports, shell casings were scattered on the ground. Yet there were no firearms to be found at the scene, and no trace of the third man, the surviving shooter. There had to have been at least one.

Apr 27 07:39


This is the newest update of the ‘U.S. Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map’ exclusive series showing the approximate locations of U.S. Carrier Strike Groups. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence tracks locations of U.S. aircraft carriers using the available open-source information. No classified information was used in production of the map.

Apr 27 06:56

Is conflict between the US & its allies v Russia & China inevitable? (Ex-UK ambassador to Russia) E1006

On this episode of Going Underground, we first speak to Sir Tony Brenton, the former UK ambassador to Russia. He discusses Boris Johnson’s decision to send UK warships to the Black Sea, Russia’s recent military build-up near the Ukrainian border for military exercises which have since concluded, Alexey Navalny’s imprisonment in Russia and his history of racist comments in the past, whether conflict between the US, NATO and its allies v Russia and China can be avoided, and much more! Finally, we speak to Farah Nabulsi, director of the Oscar-nominated film ‘The Present’, which focusses on a Palestinian family’s struggle living near an IDF checkpoint.

Apr 27 06:08

Despite virus, global military spending grew in 2020, led by US

Global military expenditure rose by 2.6 percent to $1.98 trillion last year even as some countries reallocated their defence funds to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said in a report issued on Monday.

The five biggest spenders in 2020, which together accounted for 62 percent of military spending worldwide, were the United States, China, India, Russia and the United Kingdom, in that order, according to the Sweden-based body.

Apr 26 10:21

The United States Has Declared Defeat In Two More Wars

President Biden announced last week that he planned to remove all combat troops from Afghanistan by September, which he says will mark the end of what is now a twenty-year war in the central Asian country.

A week earlier, the US and Iraq reaffirmed a deal to withdraw “any remaining combat forces” from Iraq, and to further wind down the US involvement there, which dates back to the 2003 invasion.

In both cases, of course, the stated plans to end military intervention have been framed in polite language designed to make it look like the US is leaving on its own terms—and also to allow the US regime some level of plausibility when it claims “mission accomplished.”

Apr 26 07:34

The "Russian Threat"

During 2016 CIA director John Brennan and FBI director James Comey, together with the corrupt Democrat party, began orchestrating Russiagate in order to prevent Trump from reducing the risk of nuclear war by normalizing relations with Russia. President Trump tried to nip a New Cold War in the bud, but that was not in the interest of the power and profit of the military/security complex which desperately needs the “Russian threat” as its raison d’etre.

Stephen Cohen, myself and a few others expressed concern that the tensions between the two nuclear powers were being driven to more dangerous highs than ever existed during the 20th century Cold War. Many websites joined in debunking the orchestrated Russiagate fabrication.

Apr 26 06:40

Golden PAWS Provides Service Dogs to Veterans

Apr 25 04:02

The United States Has Declared Defeat In Two More Wars

President Biden announced last week that he planned to remove all combat troops from Afghanistan by September, which he says will mark the end of what is now a twenty-year war in the central Asian country.

A week earlier, the US and Iraq reaffirmed a deal to withdraw “any remaining combat forces” from Iraq, and to further wind down the US involvement there, which dates back to the 2003 invasion.

In both cases, of course, the stated plans to end military intervention have been framed in polite language designed to make it look like the US is leaving on its own terms—and also to allow the US regime some level of plausibility when it claims “mission accomplished.”

Apr 24 07:28

Marines making big investments in electromagnetic warfare

Recognizing the importance electromagnetic warfare will play, the Marine Corps plans to make big investments in new systems.

As part of force design updates the Corps announced for 2030, the service is looking to invest around $1 billion in development over the next five years, Col. Dave Burton, program manager for intelligence systems and portfolio manager for command element systems at Marine Corps Systems Command, said April 21 at the virtual C4ISRNET Conference.

The Corps is enhancing systems for its traditional electronic warfare operators for “peer-to-peer EW engagements,” Burton said.

Broadly speaking, the Marine Corps wants to develop future systems in four categories, according to Lt. Col. Brian Ackerson, branch head for Marine Air Ground Task Force electronic warfare.

Apr 24 06:53

Russian Military Reportedly Creates ‘Dead Zones’ for Enemy Drones and Cruise Missiles

The significance of cruise missiles and drone warfare has become all too apparent in the 21st century, with the United States and its allies in the Middle East regularly using state of the art weapons to launch attacks across Africa, the Middle East and West Asia over the past two decades, mostly against nations without developed air defences.

The Russian military is training to create ‘dead zones’ completely inaccessible to enemy drones, cruise missiles and other precision weapons, Russian media reports, citing military sources.

Sources indicate that the dead zone concept has already been worked out and adopted, and that Electronic Warfare Troops units in several military districts have been practising the concept’s employment through drills. Large-scale exercises at the national level are expected to begin next year.

Apr 24 06:48

WATCH US military helicopter DESTROY landing pad during drill at UK hospital, forcing facility to divert emergency air lifts

A hospital helipad in the English city of Cambridge was knocked out of commission by a US Air Force helicopter during an exercise, blowing the pad to pieces and compelling a diversion of emergency flights elsewhere.

An American CV22 Osprey tiltrotor military craft was captured on film as it attempted to take off from Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge on Wednesday, with the downward blast of air from its propellers destroying the pad and sending parts flying across the hospital grounds.

Apr 24 06:23

Biden nomination would be Pentagon's most senior openly transgender official

President Biden will nominate a transgender retired Navy commander to oversee readiness at the Pentagon, the White House said Friday.

If confirmed as assistant secretary of Defense for readiness, Shawn Skelly would be the highest ever ranking openly transgender defense official.

Skelly, a former Navy aviator, most recently served on Biden’s Pentagon transition team.

She is also the co-founder and vice president of Out in National Security, which advocates for increased representation of LGBT people in the national security workforce.

Her nomination comes after Biden reversed the Trump administration’s ban on most transgender service members. Late last month, the Pentagon released its new rules allowing open service by transgender troops, essentially reverting to the Obama administration’s open service policy.

Apr 23 13:14

The Chinese advanced radars taking on stealth aircraft

China has put the spotlight on its advanced radars, highlighting improvements in its ability to track US stealth aircraft at an industry expo, according to state media.

The hardware on display at the three-day World Radar Expo in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing included the long-range SLC-7, JY-26 and LC-8E systems, state-run Global Times reported on Friday.

Each of these systems can identify and track stealth aircraft, which are designed to avoid detection and carry out precision strikes against key military assets.

Song Zhongping, a Hong Kong-based military commentator and a former People’s Liberation Army instructor, said China was putting more attention on radars as China seeks to improve its ability to identify enemy targets amid various military threats.

“China is developing even more advanced systems such as metric wave, quantum and laser radars to further improve Chinese military’s tracking capabilities,” Song said.

Apr 23 08:39

CRAZE! Russian HYPERSONIC PRS-1M Is UNSTOPPABLE! It Reaches Mach 15 During Test Launch!

Apr 23 07:42

All B-1B Bombers Have Been Grounded (Updated)

On April 8, B-1B Lancer serial number 86-0104 experienced a ground emergency relating to an augmenter fuel pump filter housing, after landing at Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota. Air Force Global Strike Command's public affairs office has now confirmed that subsequent precautionary one-time inspections carried out on all B-1B aircraft as a result of the discrepancy produced concerning enough results that more invasive inspections were ordered, along with a fleet-wide grounding earlier this week.

The inspections will be performed under the guidance of a Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO), and each jet will be returned to service individually upon completion. There is no timeline presently for when the B-1Bs are expected to be flying again. Air Force Global Strike Command's (AFGSC) public affairs office told us that other bombers — B-52 and B-2 aircraft — will continue to support combatant commands across the globe.

Apr 23 07:39

‘Don’t expect more money’ for additional F-35s in FY22, lawmakers tell an embattled Lockheed

Two influential Democrat lawmakers warned on Thursday that they will not support boosting the number of Lockheed Martin-made F-35 joint strike fighters in the upcoming fiscal 2022 budget unless the program makes headway in addressing a laundry list of problems.

“If this program continues to fail to significantly control and reduce actual and projected sustainment costs, we may need to invest in other, more affordable programs and backfill an operational shortfall of potentially over 800 tactical fighters,” said Rep. Donald Norcross, D-N.J., who chairs the House Armed Services Committee’s tactical air and land subcommittee.

“Given the overall affordability concerns that exist within the program, I would not support any requests for additional aircraft beyond what is contained in this year’s president’s budget request,” he said during a hearing on the F-35.

Apr 23 06:30

The US Military is EVERYWHERE

Apr 22 15:05

As America Focuses On Internal Strife, A War Between Israel And Iran Could Literally Start At Any MomentAs America Focuses On Internal Strife, A War Between Israel And Iran Could Literally Start At Any Moment

I don’t know why the warmongers in the Biden administration have decided that it is a good idea to provoke Russia and China simultaneously.  They are not intimidated by us, and they are not going to back down as a result of our threats. -- Foreign policy takes a great deal of finesse, but unfortunately the guy in the White House is a hothead in an advanced state of cognitive decline, and he is surrounded by an all-star team of warmongers.

Apr 22 13:38

The Endless War With Russia

Of course, there is the madness of it all. Why is the American empire trying to start a war with Russia? One reason is money, of course. The usual suspects would like to raid Russia for natural resources. The parasitic financial system of the West is running out of domestic capital to burn, so Russia is seen as a new opportunity for plunder. There is also the grudge they have with Putin, who put an end to the looting. No one holds a grudge like the people running the American financial system.

Apr 22 11:16

Doug Casey On The Shocking 2025 “Deagel” Forecast: War, Population Reduction, & The Collapse Of The West

Op-Ed by Doug Casey, International Man

International Man: Deagel is a private online source for the military capabilities of the world’s nation-states. It recently released a shocking five-year forecast.

The report analyzes countries by projected population size, GDP, defense budget, and more.

In it, they predict a 70% reduction in the size of the United States population...

A look at the Deagel website, which is quite sophisticated, makes it clear we’re not dealing with some blogger concocting outrageous clickbait. It seems to be well-connected with defense contractors and government agencies like the CIA...