Jul 28 05:43

A Failing Empire With a Flailing Military

It was all so long ago, in a world seemingly without challengers. Do you even remember when we Americans lived on a planet with a recumbent Russia, a barely rising China, and no obvious foes except what later came to be known as an “axis of evil,” three countries then incapable of endangering this one? Oh, and, as it turned out, a rich young Saudi former ally, Osama bin Laden, and 19 hijackers, mostly of them also Saudis, from a tiny group called al-Qaeda that briefly possessed an “air force” of four commercial jets. No wonder this country was then touted as the greatest force, the superest superpower ever, sporting a military that left all others in the dust.

Jul 28 05:41

DoD dragged its feet on toxic chemical exposure prevention and clean-up, IG finds

Back in 2011, the Defense Department’s Emerging Chemical Program issued a “risk alert” detailing the hazards of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known collectively as PFAS, found in aqueous film-forming foam used to fight vehicle and aircraft fires. Then nothing happened.

Due to a tricky bit of bureaucracy, that risk alert had no muscle behind it, because it wasn’t endorsed by the Pentagon’s Emerging Chemicals of Concern Governance Council, according to an inspector general report released Friday. In short, they could put out the alert, but there was no accompanying instruction to allow them to do anything about it.

“Therefore, DoD officials were not required to plan, program, and budget for any actions in response to the 2011 risk alert,” according to the IG report. “EC Program officials did not require proactive risk management actions for PFAS?containing AFFF until 2016.”

Jul 28 05:30

Russia Producing Two New 'Doomsday Planes' As Mobile Command Centers In Event Of Nuclear War

Meet Russia's state of the art, currently in development, 'Doomsday plane', which is intended to transport the country's senior political and military leadership in any future instance of a nuclear attack:

The Russian Air Force and Space Forces will receive two airborne commanding posts based on the Il-96-400M plane, according to Russian government news agency RIA Novosti, citing a source in the country’s defense sector.

The Il-96-400M is the modernized version of the Il-96 long-haul, wide-body civilian jetliner. An Il-96 variant currently operates as President Vladimir Putin’s primary means of travel by air, similar to that of the United States’ Air Force One.

Jul 27 13:37

Researchers find 110 more secret Chinese nuclear missile silos under construction

New satellite images analyzed by nuclear arms researchers revealed that China is preparing a second field for up to 110 new missile silos capable of housing nuclear-capable weapons. The discovery adds to another 119 silos discovered earlier this year, and form what researchers described this week as “the most significant expansion of the Chinese nuclear arsenal ever.”

Matt Korda and Hans Kristensen, researchers with the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), wrote in a paper published Monday that recent satellite images show China is in the early stages of constructing a new missile silo field about 60 miles southwest of the Chinese city of Hami, in the Xinjiang Province of western China.

Jul 27 09:28

US ‘failed miserably’ in wargame reportedly against China attack on Taiwan

The U.S. military “failed miserably” in an October wargame scenario reportedly involving a battle for Taiwan, and now military leaders are looking at how to change the U.S. joint warfighting strategy, a top U.S. general revealed for the first time this week.

During a Monday speech before the National Defense Industrial Association’s (NDIA) newly-formed Emerging Technologies Institute (ETI), Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chairman and U.S. Air Force Gen. John Hyten said, the U.S. tested out its joint warfighting strategy in a wargame scenario in October of last year.

Jul 27 05:49

Warmongers should be treated like serial killers and child rapists

California Representative Ro Khanna announced on Monday that he’d just hung out with Iraq war architect Bill Kristol and had a wonderful exchange of ideas, fully discrediting the myth of the progressive Democrat with a single tweet.

“Bill Kristol is one of the most thoughtful voices in defending liberalism and democratic institutions in our country,” Khanna tweeted. “Learned a lot in our conversation about shaping also an inclusive narrative around American patriotism.”

When Khanna’s Twitter followers began reacting with shock and disgust at a congressman who is generally regarded as one of the most progressive elected officials on Capitol Hill saying sweet things about a murderous arch-neocon, he added:

“I was a strong and early critic of the war in Iraq, and Kristol and I have very different worldviews on foreign policy. But to have a discussion about strengthening liberalism and liberal institutions with people you disagree is in my view needed in a pluralistic democracy.”

Jul 27 05:17

Twitter wars: US Army general mocked after accusing critic of being ‘shill for Putin’ in ‘embarrassing’ outburst

A US Army major general is facing backlash after accusing one of his fellow countrymen of being a “shill” for Russian President Vladimir Putin upon being asked on social media how many wars he had won.

Major General Patrick Donahoe found himself embroiled in a Twitter argument on Friday after warning young people that their “youth” would not protect them from Covid-19 in an attempt to convince young people to get vaccinated “right now.”

Conservative writer Josiah Lippincott pointed out to Donahoe that there have only been 26 Covid-19 deaths in the US Department of Defense overall – far less than the number of DoD suicides in just the fourth quarter of 2020 – and suggested lockdown and “liberty restrictions” were doing more damage than the virus.

At that point the major general began to lash out at critics on Twitter.

Jul 27 05:04

America deserves better than its current military leadership.

On July 22, Major General Patrick Donahoe, the Commanding General of Fort Benning, reported from his official Twitter account that he was seeing a “surge” in ICU visits among young soldiers due to Covid. He reported that he would mandate the vaccine if he had the power to do so.

I replied, pointing out that the DOD has lost a total of 26 out of over 2 million personnel in the last year and a half to the virus. In the fourth quarter of 2020, there was a 25 percent surge in suicides across all services. In those three months alone, 26 additional servicemembers took their lives compared to the prior year.

Jul 27 04:48

‘One Loss by Suicide is Too Many’: Pentagon Concerned Over Rise in Cases Among Active-Duty US Troops

Last year, stressors typically challenging military personnel were augmented by the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, said the US Defense Department, adding it necessitated some changes in the mental health services offered.

The US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, has voiced concern regarding the surge in suicides among US troops.

"I'm deeply concerned about the suicide rates, not only here but across the force. One loss by suicide is too many. While we're working hard on this problem, we have a lot more to do," he said during a press conference at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska.

Jul 27 04:29

Biden Promised Diplomacy, But He’s Overseeing Military Buildup Against China

Shortly after Joe Biden took office, the president delivered a speech at the U.S. Department of State, declaring, “I want the world to hear today: America is back…. Diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy…. By leading with diplomacy, we must also mean engaging our adversaries and our competitors diplomatically, where it’s in our interest, and advance the security of the American people.”

Instead of de-escalation with China, we are witnessing an enormous U.S. military buildup through massive military exercises in the Pacific.

Jul 26 19:41

China Escalates Global Threats, Saying It Will “Nuke Japan” If The Nation Interferes With Taiwan; Gets Flooding In Return

By Aaron Kesel

China has been very active lately against other nations but it may have recently crossed the line, and in doing so was gifted with flooding in a modern 21st-century Operation Popeye...

Jul 26 11:27

Militaries Plunder Science Fiction for Technology Ideas, But Turn a Blind Eye to the Genre’s Social Commentary

By Will Slocombe, University of Liverpool

Military planning is a complicated endeavour, calling upon experts in logistics and infrastructure to predict resource availability and technological advancements. Long-range military planning, deciding what to invest in now to prepare armed forces for the world in thirty years’ time, is even more difficult.

One of the most interesting tools for thinking about future defence technology isn’t big data forecasting and the use of synthetic training environments, but narrative and imagination. And we get this from science fiction.

Jul 26 10:17

E-4B “Doomsday Plane” Just Made A Highly Unusual Visit To Secretive Tonopah Test Range Airport (Updated)

In a highly unusual move, one of the U.S. Air Force’s E-4B Nightwatch aircraft, also known as National Airborne Operations Centers, or NAOCs, touched down today at Tonopah Test Range Airport (TTR), one of the most famous secretive aircraft operating locations in the United States, only surpassed by nearby Area 51. What might have triggered this highly unusual visit is puzzling, to say the least, but it seems it could (me must stress could)have been related to a possible visit to the facility by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III.

Confirmation of the E-4B’s arrival into TTR was provided using data available from open-source flight data website ADS-B Exchange, with the jet, serial number 74-0787, using the TITAN25 callsign usually assigned when the Secretary of Defense is onboard.

Jul 26 09:56

Visualizing Asia's Slide Into A Dangerous New Ballistic Missile Race

The last couple years of military build-up and standoff between China and the United States in the South China Sea has resulted in fears of a new dangerous arms race, as smaller nations in the region rapidly bolster their defenses in order to avoid being "caught in the middle" which would result in having to be overly dependent on one side of the tensions.

A new Reuters report chronicling the growth in regional missile stockpiles says China is "mass producing its DF-26, a multipurpose weapon with a range of up to 4,000 kilometres, while the United States is developing new weapons aimed at countering Beijing in the Pacific."

Jul 26 09:40

China Panic: US First Time Fires Patriot Missile in the South China Sea as a form threat to China

Jul 26 09:25

US military carries out SECOND AIRSTRIKE in Somalia this week

Jul 26 09:25

A Bunch of F-35s Are Just Sitting Around Without Their Engines

The U.S. Air Force is down dozens of flyable F-35s due to a maintenance and spare parts crunch. An official in charge of the F-35 program says nearly one in seven of the Air Force’s F-35s can’t fly at all, with some planes awaiting engines that need to be refurbished sooner than anticipated.

Air Force Lt. Gen Eric Fick, the head of the F-35 program office, says 46 F-35s worldwide are in “Mission Impaired Capability Awaiting Parts” (MICAP) status, meaning they’re unable to fly missions until fixed. The breakdown, according to Military.com, includes 41 U.S. Air Force F-35As, one Navy F-35C, and one Marine Corps F-35. Three more aircraft belonging to international F-35 customers are MICAP.

Jul 26 07:33

The ‘Harm Reduction’ President Keeps Killing People: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Boy this US-led world order sure is working out great. This was definitely worth killing millions of people in imperialist wars for.


The “harm reduction” president just bombed Afghanistan and Somalia and added further sanctions to Cuba.


As total mass media blackouts on important news stories become more common, the challenge increasingly is not just obtaining newsworthy information about the powerful via whistleblowing, investigative journalism etc, but also finding ways to get that information seen by people. Which is awful, but it also means people like you now play a much more important role in the media, because you don’t need to be an investigative journalist or whistleblower to find fun and creative ways to get important critical information in front of people’s eyes.

Jul 26 06:59

Russian Su-57 fighter jet FREEZES mid-flight during incredible MAKS 2021 Air Show stunt (VIDEO)

A Russian Su-57 supersonic stealth fighter jet has performed a mind-blowing stunt by climbing high in the air and remaining nearly motionless for several seconds.

Pilot Sergey Bogdan showed off his incredible flight skills during the MAKS 2021 Air Show in Zhukovsky, near Moscow. He performed the ‘Bell’ stunt, one of the most spectacular and dangerous aerobatic maneuvers.

The jet began by doing a 90-degree vertical climb, then used its thrust vectoring technology to stay in one place as long as it could.

The stunt ended with the aircraft dropping its nose down and imitating the movement of the tongue of a bell.

Jul 26 06:22

Russian fleet & aircraft showcase country's military might with annual Navy Day parade in St. Petersburg (VIDEO)

Russia is holding its annual Navy Day parade in St. Petersburg on Sunday, The event involves dozens of warships and aircraft.

A total of 54 vessels of different types and more than 4,000 servicemen are slated to participate in the main event. For the first time, the parade in St. Petersburg will features three nuclear-powered submarines.

A naval parade was held earlier in Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East, while similar events are planned in Sevastopol, Crimea, and Baltiysk, a city in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, between Poland and Lithuania.

Jul 26 05:27

Russia inks deals worth over $3.5 BILLION during MAKS 2021 Air Show

Agreements worth around 265 billion rubles ($3.59 billion) were signed during Russia’s biennial MAKS 2021 international air show, which ended Sunday, exceeding the results of the previous MAKS 2019.

Major domestic aviation deals included the sale of Sukhoi Superjet 100 and IL-114-300 aircraft, as well as Mil helicopters. Other agreements included deliveries of unmanned aerial vehicles, engines, aviation electronics, radars, aircraft munitions, and armored and motor vehicles.

Russia’s state defense conglomerate, Rostec, announced agreements worth over $3 billion for the delivery of 161 aircraft, both military and civilian. State arms exporter Rosoboronexport alone signed 13 contracts totaling $1.2 billion during the event.

Jul 25 07:02

The Assassination of Martin Luther King. Racism and the Growing Cancer Blighting U.S. Foreign Policy

If the death of Bobby Kennedy marked the end of the dream of the sixties (see the Robert F. Kennedy chapter of this series), the death two months previously signaled the beginning of the end.

On the early evening of April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King was standing on the second-floor balcony of the Lorraine hotel in Memphis, Tennessee when a single bullet plowed through the breeze and struck the man of peace and compassion with devastating effects. Rushed to the hospital, he was pronounced dead an hour later. [2]

In the ten days following news of King’s death, 200 cities across the nation saw looting, arson, and sniper fire. Peter Levy wrote in The Great Uprising: Race Riots in Urban America during the 1960s that followed that the United States experienced its greatest wave of social unrest since the Civil War.” Fully 3,500 people were injured, 43 were killed and 27,000 were arrested. [3]

Jul 25 06:29

The Politics of Aggression in the Black Sea

As the American public continues to be distracted by a wild divergence of worries and panic, ranging from never-ending Covid related restrictions to on-going massive censorship to protecting innocent school children from mandatory vaccinations and masks; almost all in some way threaten what remains of a Constitutional republic that has for more than two hundred years provided a bulwark of personal and political protections and freedom for every American citizen. Clearly, all that is now up for grabs. And yet, not to minimize any of those valid domestic problems, there is a global crisis that is slipping through the cracks that would, at any other time, warrant alarming headlines and mobilize public opinion.

The Black Sea

Jul 25 06:24

Conservatives riled up over registering women for draft

Conservatives are expressing outrage about a pending Senate National Defense Authorization Act that would require women to register for the draft, and two defense hawks opposed the Pentagon bill in the Armed Services Committee over the issue.

The Senate’s NDAA, which the committee approved on July 21, contains an amendment by the panel's chairman, Jack Reed of Rhode Island, that would require women to sign up with Selective Service, just as men do between the ages of 18 and 25. If enacted, women could be drafted into military service in the event of a national emergency, though there is no prospect of that on the horizon, and no American has been drafted in nearly half a century.

If the bill became law in its present form, women would have to start registering one year after enactment of the NDAA, a knowledgeable Senate aide told CQ Roll Call.

Jul 23 14:33

In Pre-Sentencing Letter, Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Says Crisis of Conscience Motivated Leak

By Brett Wilkins

Attorneys for drone whistleblower Daniel Hale—who faces sentencing next week after pleading guilty earlier this year to violating the Espionage Act—on Thursday submitted a letter to Judge Liam O’Grady in which the former Air Force intelligence analyst says a crisis of conscience drove him to leak classified information about the U.S. targeted assassination program.

The 11-page handwritten letter begins with a quote from U.S. Admiral Gene La Rocque, who said in 1995 that “we now kill people without ever seeing them. Now you push a button thousands of miles away… Since it’s all done by remote control, there’s no remorse.”...

Jul 23 07:01

Lukashenko: European politicians are taking the world closer to WWIII

By creating a hotbed of tension around Belarus, European politicians are setting off World War III, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said in an interview with the Arab-speaking TV channel Sky News Arabia on 19 July, BelTA has learned.

“By creating here, in the center of Europe, a hotbed of monstrous tension, by launching a hybrid war against us and against Russia and China, the Europeans are creating not just a hotbed of tension in the very center of Europe. They are all taking us closer to World War III,” the Belarusian leader is convinced. According to him, this is already obvious not only for experts, but also for ordinary citizens.

Jul 23 06:05

Russia and US Schedule Arms Control Talks in the Nick of Time as Missiles Continue To Be Deployed

Russian newspaper Kommersant reported on Tuesday that Kremlin and White House officials have scheduled arms control talks in Geneva for the 28th of July.

Putin and Biden agreed to discuss the nuclear buildup going on across the world during their first summit together last month, which by all accounts, public and private, was an amicable one. Despite Biden telling Putin face to face that he didn’t believe he had a soul, and saying to reporters earlier this year that he was a “killer,” spokesmen from the White House said the meeting went well.

Putin himself commented later that Biden “doesn’t’ miss anything, I can assure you,” referring to what he described as an inaccurate portrayal by “our press, and even the American press” that Biden is perhaps suffering dementia of a sort.

Jul 23 05:39

Fort Leonard Wood reports highest number of basic trainee suicide attempts

A new entry in the Pentagon’s most recent suicide event report data shows the instances of suicides, suicide attempts and suicidal ideations among new troops during their first six months of service, broken down by where they went to initial entry training.

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, the Army’s home of military police, chemical engineer basic training, showed by far the most risk in 2019: 26 suicide attempts and 212 reports of suicidal ideations, with roughly 15,000 basic trainees every year. The data does not delineate whether the events occurred during basic training itself, or after those soldiers got to their first units.

By contrast, the Army’s biggest training post is Fort Jackson, South Carolina, which reported two attempts and 253 reports of suicidal ideations in 2019, out of roughly 48,000 total trainees every year.

Jul 23 05:37

Senate panel votes to make women register for draft

The Senate Armed Services Committee has approved language in its annual defense policy bill that would require women to register for the draft.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) approved by the committee behind closed doors Wednesday “amends the Military Selective Service Act to require the registration of women for Selective Service,” according to a summary released Thursday.

The United States has not instituted a draft since the Vietnam War, and Pentagon officials have repeatedly said they intend to keep the force all-volunteer.

Jul 22 12:09

Vidhya Ramalingam – The Lady Who Decides What You Get to See Online

A number of press outlets have reported recently that the Pentagon is working with a private contractor to monitor the internet searches of Department of Defense personnel. Certain searches are apparently now considered signs of domestic violent extremism. Surprisingly – even seemingly innocuous searches such as “the truth about black lives matter” can now be considered indicators of white supremacism and result in your designation as a threat to the republic.

All this is true. It is a matter of record. The Pentagon is employing this private contractor to monitor “extremism” in its ranks. It is also, as usual, not the “half of it.” The private company in question is called Moonshot. It is run by a lady named Vidhya Ramalingam, and she and her company don’t just monitor what you do online. They control what you see and what you are told.

What is Moonshot?

Jul 22 10:04

US Deploys Group of B-52 Bombers to Indo-Pacific to Defend Its Allies in the South China Sea

Jul 22 06:25

Senate Republicans Want to Increase Biden’s 2022 Military Budget by $25 Billion

The Senate Armed Services Committee is debating military spending for 2022 this week, and some lawmakers want to massively increase the budget that President Biden has requested.

For the 2022 fiscal year, Biden requested about $753 billion for national security spending, including about $715 billion that will be the base budget for the Pentagon. According to a report from Military Times, one amendment being pushed by Republicans on the committee would increase the Defense Department’s budget by a whopping $25 billion.

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), the ranking member of the committee, said he believes the $25 billion increase might have bipartisan support. “I feel very confident about getting support, from Democrats too,” he said.

Jul 22 05:40

The F-35 Continues to Amaze and Astound in Its Ability to Be Everything Except a Functioning Airplane

It’s been a while since we checked in on our old friend, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a.k.a. The Flying Swiss Army knife, a.k.a. The Money Pit in the Sky. This undying tribute to what Barney Frank used to call “military Keynesianism” continues to amaze and astound in its ability to do everything except be a proper airplane.

From Air Force Magazine:
Speaking before the House Armed Services subcommittee on tactical air and land forces, acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Darlene Costello said 41 of the fifth-generation fighters don’t have an engine due to maintenance issues, while 56 F135 power modules are currently being repaired at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla. ...

Jul 22 05:11

Chris Hedges: Bless our American traitors

Intelligence analyst Daniel Hale exposed the indiscriminate murder of noncombatants in the global US drone war. For his heroism, he faces 10 years in prison while those who oversee these war crimes continue their killing spree.

Jul 21 09:35

Unlikely Senate alliance aims to claw back Congress’ foreign policy powers ‘before it’s too late’

A bipartisan group of senators is pushing to grant Congress an unprecedented role in crafting U.S. foreign policy and drastically expand lawmakers’ ability to roll back key presidential national-security decisions.

A newly unveiled bill effectively recalibrates the balance of power, putting Congress on near-equal footing with the commander-in-chief as the driver of Washington’s posture toward the world. It aims to reverse the decades-long erosion of the House and Senate’s authority to shape American foreign policy.

Jul 21 06:54

How the US military got rich from Afghanistan

The departure of American troops from Afghanistan is being lamented (or hailed — see the Chinese press, passim) as a defeat. But this is a shortsighted attitude, at least from the point of view of the US military and the multitude of interested parties who feed at its trough. For them, the whole adventure has been a thumping success, as measured in the trillions of taxpayer dollars that have flowed through their budgets and profits over the two decades in which they successfully maintained the operation.

The truth of this was forcefully brought home to me once by a friend of mine who, as a mid-level staffer, attended a conclave of senior generals discussing Donald Trump’s Afghan mini-surge back in 2018. As he related the conversation, they were unanimous that the move would make absolutely no difference to the war, ‘but,’ they happily agreed, ‘it will do us good at budget time’.

Jul 21 06:45

UK RAF Considers Reviving Cold War Drills to Tackle Alleged Russian Missile Threat

Earlier this year, the UK's new foreign policy review called Russia the "most acute threat" to Britain's security in the Euro-Atlantic region. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded by stressing that Russia "has never been anyone's enemy, and it does not pose a threat to anyone".

Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF) plans to reinstate Cold War-era drills due to the threat over a potential deployment of cruise missiles in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, Air Chief Marshal (ACM) Mike Wigston told The Telegraph.

"We'll be re-learning how to disperse", he said, adding that if "the arsenal [of advanced cruise missiles Russian President Vladimir] Putin has been bragging about" was moved to Kaliningrad "we'd be in range".

Jul 21 06:45

Photos: Meet ‘Checkmate’, Sukhoi’s Sleek New Fifth-Gen Fighter Jet for Half the Cost of an F-35

On Tuesday, Russia’s Sukhoi aircraft design bureau unveiled a sleek new fighter jet intended to rival Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Based on technology from its Su-57 fighter, Sukhoi has dubbed the new fighter “Checkmate.”

A prototype of the Checkmate fighter was the opening act for the MAKS-2021 air show at Zhukovsky Airport southeast of Moscow, which runs from July 20-25 and of which Sputnik is the official media partner. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the exhibit on its opening day.

The Checkmate is intended for export, and the promotional video released a day before the expo included interested figures from the United Arab Emirates, India, Vietnam, and Argentina.

Jul 21 05:30

NATO conducts 14-nation naval war games in Black Sea

NATO conducts 14-nation naval war games in Black Sea

Two days after completing the two-week, 32-nation Sea Breeze 2021 war games in the Black Sea, on July 12 the U.S. and its NATO allies launched the similarly-named Breeze 2021 exercise in the Black Sea, hosted by Bulgaria.

This year’s iteration of the regular military exercise included over 2,000 military personnel and 30 ships from 14 NATO nations and NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partners: Albania, Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the U.S..

Jul 21 05:25

UK To Permanently Deploy 2 Warships To Asian Waters In Counter-China Mission

London has of late joined Washington in deepening its security ties with Japan, now on Tuesday announcing it plans to permanently deploy a pair of warships in southeast Asian waters off Japan at a moment tensions with China over Taiwan and other contested islands are at their highest in years.

The permanent deployment is to be launched after the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and its strike group sail to Japan in September. This after it joins other allies including the US and Australia in conducting a series of multinational exercises in the Philippine Sea this August, according to a defense ministry statement this week.

Jul 20 13:15

GOP Lawmakers Introduce Narrow Bill to Fund the National Guard as It Nears Total Shutdown

Two Republicans on Friday introduced a bill that would reimburse the National Guard the $521 million in costs it accrued while defending lawmakers after the pro-Trump Capitol assault in January, but does not include funding for other security measures that have appeared in previous legislation sponsored by Democrats.

The National Guard is less than two weeks from a virtual shutdown. If the force isn't reimbursed by Aug. 1, training events, schools and drills will be canceled until Oct. 1, the start of the new fiscal year.

National Guard chief Gen. Daniel Hokanson on Thursday penned a memo obtained by Military.com to the directors of the Army and Air National Guard ordering them to pull back all unspent funds from all states, territories and the District of Columbia in an effort to keep the most critical parts of the force running.

Jul 20 10:54

US Air Force To Launch Operation Pacific Iron 2021 In July, Including Large Fleet Of F-22 Raptors

Operation Pacific Iron 2021 is scheduled to take place within the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s area of responsibility in July to showcase the U.S. air force’s strategic flexibility, according to Pacific Air Forces.

The announcement comes as U.S.-China tensions continue to simmer over the issues of Taiwan and the South China Sea.

The exercise involves more than 35 aircraft and approximately 800 Airmen from Pacific Air Forces and Air Combat Command, Pacific Air Forces reported on July 13. Notably, 25 F-22 raptors—a seemingly unprecedented number of its kind to deploy to the West Pacific—will join the drill from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.

Jul 20 10:53

The Strategic Bomber Race Is On: U.S. B-21 Raider VS Russian PAK DA

Jul 20 06:26

US carrier Ford conducts second shock trial, after technical failure halted earlier attempt

U.S. Navy aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford completed its second in-water shock trial on July 16, after an attempt earlier in the month failed due to technical issues.

Ford is undergoing a three-part test series to ensure the first-in-class carrier is properly battle-hardened. The service will set off three blasts in the water, each successively closer to the ship – and after each blast, the crew tests all major ship systems to ensure they weren’t harmed and inspects the hull for any signs of damage.

Jul 20 06:14

U.S. military prioritizing 'woke' training over combat instruction

America's military is going so "woke," it's making that type of social-behavior training a higher priority than actually training to fight enemies, according to a member of Congress.

U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, reacted in a Fox News report recently to word of an investigation into the U.S. Navy and its "culture."

A study, directed by multiple members of Congress, found that 94% of the nation's sailors who were interviewed say the military branch is facing a leadership and culture crisis.

"We've known military leaders are prioritizing woke training over actual war fighting," Crenshaw confirmed. "It’s what we constantly hear from service members. It doesn’t make this any less concerning. It’s a threat to national security."

Jul 20 05:45

American women to be forced to register for military DRAFT, according to revision planned by Senate Democrats – media

US Senate Democrats are reportedly preparing to overhaul the nation’s military Selective Service System to require that all Americans, including women, be required to register for the draft.

Senator Jack Reed (D-Rhode Island), chairman of the Armed Services Committee, has authored legislation expanding the registration requirement to include women, Politico reported on Monday, citing a copy of the bill. The current registration mandate applies only to males, when they reach 18, and carries potential fines or imprisonment for violators.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A lesson for all those women demanding to be treated exactly like men; be careful what you wish for!

Jul 20 05:42

Most Americans Don’t Realize That Each New Day Brings Us A Little Bit Closer To War

The good news is that at least we aren’t shooting at one another yet, but that could change.  China has repeatedly threatened to invade Taiwan if independence is declared, and if that happens the U.S. military would get involved. -- Many Americans can’t even find Taiwan on a blank map of the world, but the truth is that it could easily spark a major military conflict.  If you don’t want to take my word for it, just consider what some national security experts are saying…

Jul 20 05:17

US planning to build ‘space’ spy base in UK to counter Russia and China

The US is reportedly considering building a spy base on British soil with a view to probing “deep space” and safeguarding US and UK space assets from potential attacks by adversaries.

A US Space Force officer told Sky News (July 17), that the plan revolves around building three radar bases around the world, including one potentially in Scotland or alternatively in southern England.

The space-focused spy base in the UK could be fully operational as early as 2025.

Appropriately called the Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability (DARC), the proposed spy base will utilize radar technology which can potentially identify an object the size of a football up to 36,000 kilometers away.

In trying to justify the development of this capability, Lieutenant Colonel Jack Walker of the US Space Force, said: “It [the spy base] is necessary because we want to keep the chain-of-custody of targets that could threaten our systems that are in geosynchronous orbit”.

Jul 20 04:59

Russia shows off new high-tech S-500 rocket system designed to take down enemy SPACE WEAPONS high above planet Earth

A cutting-edge anti-aircraft system capable of taking out high-speed fighter and bomber jets has been tested by Russian forces ahead of its deployment to units protecting the country’s airspace, defense chiefs said on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Defense in Moscow released a video of the launch, saying that “after completing all the assessments, there are plans to deliver the first of the S-500 systems to air defense-missile brigades near Moscow.” It added that the test was a success, with the rocket striking a high-speed projectile as it moved through the skies.

Earlier this month, Chief Commander of the Aerospace Forces Sergei Surovikin said the S-500 will be capable of destroying enemy warplanes and even hypersonic weapons in near-Earth space, hundreds of kilometers away. Therefore, he said, it is the first generation of anti-space defense weapons, and no other such systems exist.

Jul 19 08:47

NATO Deploys F-35 Combat Aircraft to Baltic Sea for First Time

Buried in a routine report on Italy’s contribution to NATO’s Air Policing for the past 59 years is mention of Italian F-35s currently deployed to the Ämari Air Base in Estonia. That base as well as the Šiauliai Air Base in Lithuania and now the Malbork Air Base in Poland are used for around-the-clock air patrols by NATO warplanes.

As far back as 2004 with the Lithuanian base, fighter jets from Belgium, Britain, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey and the U.S. have flown a variety of advanced multirole combat aircraft near Russia’s borders; Latvia, Lithuania and Poland all border both Russian territory and Belarus.

NATO fighter jets used in the past include the Eurofighter Typhoon, F-15, F-16, Gripen, Mirage, Panavia Tornado, Phantom II, Rafale and other combat aircraft. But in late April F-35s were deployed for the NATO Baltic patrols for the first time.

Jul 19 08:45

A Fifth Of The Air Force's Combat-Coded F-22 Stealth Fighters Are Headed For Guam

The U.S. Air Force says it is planning on sending roughly one-fifth of its combat-coded F-22 Raptor stealth fighters to the Western Pacific later this month as part of a major airpower exercise. The service says that the goal is to demonstrate its "strategic flexibility" in deploying significant numbers of combat aircraft to conduct operations from forward locations in the region. This is how it would expect to respond, at least in part, to any major contingency in this part of the world in the future, such as potential crises or conflict with China.

Jul 19 07:21

The War Lobby Believes Washington Should Represent Everyone Except Americans

David Brooks, a onetime conservative editor at Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, long ago joined the Pretorian Guard for American progressive internationalism and backed its advance around the globe through war. "For most of the past century, human dignity had a friend – the United States of America," he argued last week.

In his view, the U.S. selflessly promoted peace, prosperity, and democracy throughout the world. But tragically, he related, "then came Iraq and Afghanistan, and America lost faith in itself and its global role – like a pitcher who has been shelled and no longer has confidence in his own stuff." Apparently, it was nothing that Washington did. A little miscue or two, a few snide comments from critics, a tragic loss of self-confidence, and the US gave up its divine mission to move humankind ever forward to nirvana.

Jul 19 07:17

In wake of ship collisions, Navy revamps surface officer training in San Diego

In the four years since two deadly ship collisions rocked the U.S. Navy, the service has been looking for ways to address problems in the fleet that its own investigators said contributed to the deaths of 17 sailors.

Former senior Navy officials have said their warnings about poor maintenance, shoddy technology and a relentless pace of ship deployments went unheeded for years before the 2017 collisions of the guided-missile destroyers Fitzgerald and McCain with container ships, just weeks apart.

Now the Navy is trying to address some of those issues with a new 130,000 square-foot surface ship training center on Naval Base San Diego. The center, the first of two that are planned, is preparing to graduate its first class of surface warfare officers. The $40 million Mariner Skills Training Center Pacific will be fully up and running by the end of the year, according to the center’s commanding officer.

Jul 19 07:17

National Guard Two Weeks from Collapse — Stalling Promotions, Gutting Training, Canceling Drills, Leaders Warn

National Guard operations are about two weeks from grinding to a halt as a $520 million tab to reimburse the force for protecting lawmakers during its months-long Capitol Hill mission remains in limbo amid partisan bickering.

If Congress fails to act quickly, the National Guard will shut down most training through Oct. 1, the start of fiscal 2022, Gen. Daniel Hokanson, the head of the National Guard warned Congress in May.

That would include August and September drills, annual training events and critical pre-deployment training. It would also affect 2,000 Guard-run schools, including noncommissioned officer development courses, such as the Basic Leader Course, needed for promotion, a National Guard spokesperson said.

Jul 19 06:15

Gen. Milley Told Trump He'd Be 'Held Criminally Negligible' If He Didn't Assassinate Soleimani

President Donald Trump assassinated top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani after reportedly being threatened by General Mark Milley and a group of Israel First GOP Senators who could have had him impeached.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley reportedly pressured Trump to sign off on the assassination by telling him "you will be held criminally negligible for the rest of your life if you don't do this," according to the new book "I Alone Can Fix It" by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig.

Jul 19 05:58

Pentagon’s Top General Warns of ‘Great Power War’ as NATO Launches New Anti-Russia Atlantic Command

Biden's administration has continued his predecessors’ strategy of pushing Russia and China closer together via a hostile US sanctions policy and military manoeuvres near the two countries’ borders.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley has warned of the dangers of a new global conflagration between the great powers while touting the Western alliance’s ability to stop such a scenario from becoming a reality.

Speaking at the inauguration of the new NATO Joint Force Command Norfolk, a joint operational command tasked with tackling a ‘Resurgent Russia’ in the Atlantic, on Thursday, Milley warned that JFC-NF’s mission in the event of war would be to “fight the Battle of the Atlantic.”

Jul 17 07:01

FLASHBACK - Yes, the United States Used Biological Weapons on North Korea

Opinion — It’s sort of silly that it matters. The United States bombed North Korea flat with ordinary, non-bioweapons bombs. It ran out of standing structures to bomb. People lived in caves, if they lived. Millions died, most of them from regular old non-scandalous but mass-murderous bombs (including, of course, Napalm which melts people but doesn’t give them exotic diseases). North Koreans to this day live in such terror of a repetition of history that their behavior is sometimes inexplicable and bewildering to Americans whose knowledge of history comes from watching game shows.

Jul 17 07:00

US biowarfare against China, Iran and Italy

By now, the world already knows the US regime is desperately covering up its biological attack against China, Iran, and Italy.

I will summarize the main points underlying this case. First, what motivates US aggression against these three states [and many others]? Enter, the Wolfowitz doctrine, namely the US' official but unstated foreign policy is to crush all potential rivals to uphold us economic and military tyranny on earth.

America's political and military mission in the post-cold-war era will be to insure that no rival superpower is allowed to emerge

The events were kick started with US aggression
1. US starts trade War against China
2. US pulls out of the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran and places crippling sanctions on Iran to topple its government
3. US threatens Europeans vassals to avoid China's OBOR/BRI project
4. US tries to crush Huawei through unscrupulous lawfare, sanctions, and a global smear campaign

Jul 17 06:47

Battle of the Atlantic: Citing Nazi Germany as Model, US Military Chief Hails New NATO Command

General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was in Norfolk, Virginia on July 15 to mark the second NATO command in America achieving full operational capability. NATO’s Joint Force Command – Norfolk (JFC-Norfolk) joined NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in the same city as the only NATO commands outside Europe.

ACT, whose website is titled Allied Command Transformation: NATO’s Warfare Development Command, was inaugurated in 2003.

The new command was initially launched shortly after NATO’s Joint Support and Enabling Command was in Ulm, Germany in late 2019. Both commands at that time achieved initial operational capability (or initial operating capability). Joint Force Command – Norfolk is designed to expedite the deployment of troops and armor across the Atlantic; Joint Support and Enabling Command’s mission is to “speed up, coordinate and safeguard the movement of allied armor and infantry across European borders.” The two are thus integrally connected.

Jul 16 06:33

Bomber Joe Biden Strikes Iraq and Syria: Retaliation Breeds More Incidents

In less than six months in office President Joe Biden has already developed a national security policy that appears to lean strongly towards proactive use of military force in questionable circumstances, as if war is the answer to every problem. Biden should nevertheless be applauded for his persistence in withdrawing from Afghanistan after twenty years of ill-considered nation building, but even the departure from that country appears to be characterized by a lack of coordination, rather reminiscent of helicopters taking off from the embassy roof in Saigon in 1975.

Jul 16 05:41

CCP Vows to Nuke Japan Continuously Until It Surrenders Unconditionally for the Second Time

Jul 15 06:58

NATO reassigns Luftwaffe’s Red Baron to Eastern Front

NATO reassigns Luftwaffe’s Red Baron to Eastern Front

Russia can’t make a move without the West drawing disparaging historical parallels. Everything from planning a natural gas pipeline to holding a routine military exercises conjures up allusions to Joseph Stalin or Ivan the Terrible.

Not so with NATO actions, however. German warplanes can regularly fly over the Baltic Sea region off the coast of Russian territory as part of permanent NATO air patrols and no analogy to their predecessors doing so 80 years ago are made. The German army can command NATO’s battle group in Lithuania, on Russia’s border, and no mention of the Wehrmacht is mentioned. Germany can participate in an air war against Yugoslavia again after a 50-some-odd-year hiatus and no hint of Hitler is breathed.

Jul 15 06:57

Biden-Putin meeting: no to nuclear war, yes to wars that can lead to nuclear war

The Russian delegation hoped that “the United States does not intend to engage in a conflict with Russia using conventional weapons”

Russia intended to declare [the] inadmissibility of any war with the US, not just a nuclear one, in a statement following the Putin-Biden summit in Geneva. This position was expressed by the Russian side at a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Council of Foreign Ministers in Dushanbe on Wednesday, according to sources in the Russian delegation.

[T]he Russian delegation said that Moscow wanted “to state the inadmissibility of any war with the US, not only a nuclear one, considering the risks of it descending into a nuclear conflict between Russia and the US,” but the parties “so far agreed that it is precisely a nuclear war that was inadmissible.”

Jul 15 06:57

NATO’s activities near border pose nuclear threat to Russia – official

NATO’s activities near border pose nuclear threat to Russia – official

“All that shows that the West has actually set a course for military, strategic, political and psychological pressure on the Russian Federation, as well as the deliberate escalation of military tensions near the borders with Russia, which does not contribute to strategic stability.”

The Russian government news agency TASS reported on July 14 on stern warnings issued by the deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council, Mikhail Popov, in regard to NATO’s threat to his country. In an interview with the daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta, he said that recent Western activities demonstrate that the U.S. and its NATO allies have launched a campaign of military, political and psychological pressure against Russia and are escalating a dangerous military buildup on and near its borders.

Jul 15 06:52

Diversity Sunk My Battleship: Report Commissioned by Congress Shows Naval Warfare Forces More Focused on "Diversity" Than Basic Readiness Skills

Diversity sunk my battleship. From victory at Midway to disaster due to multiculturalism.

How would you even try to explain this insanity to those men who defeated the Japanese in the Pacific Theater? [‘Every officer is up to speed on diversity training. Not so much ship handling’: Scathing official report finds US Navy is too woke for war because of risk averse, politically correct, control-freak top brass, Daily Mail, July 12, 2021]

Jul 15 06:35

US would show no mercy to Assange if he’s extradited, but Bush & Blair will never face justice for their crimes

US assurances that Julian Assange will, or rather may, not be imprisoned under harsh conditions if he’s extradited from the UK cannot be taken seriously because the entire case is built on fabrications and is rife with foul play.

A key witness in the US prosecution against Assange has admitted to having fabricated his testimony. Icelandic newspaper Stundin revealed that Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson, nicknamed “Siggi the Hacker,” had lied in his witness testimony against Assange. This came a few days before the UK granted the US limited permission to appeal.

Jul 15 06:08

Two types of foreign policy

Foreign policy aims at preventing conflicts with neighbors and developing their peaceful relations. However, Westerners have abandoned this objective to adopt the promotion of their collective interests to the detriment of other actors.

Jul 15 05:57

Fifteen Percent Of U.S. Air Force F-35s Don’t Have Working Engines

Atotal of 46 F-35 stealth fighters are currently without functioning engines due to an ongoing problem with the heat-protective coating on their turbine rotor blades becoming worn out faster than was expected. With the engine maintenance center now facing a backlog on repair work, frontline F-35 fleets have been hit, with the U.S. Air Force’s fleet facing the most significant availability shortfall.

At a hearing before the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services’ Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces yesterday, Air Force Lieutenant General Eric T. Fick, director of the F-35 Joint Program Office, confirmed that 41 U.S. Air Force F-35s, as well as one Joint Strike Fighter belonging to the U.S. Marine Corps, another from the U.S. Navy, and three that had been delivered to foreign air forces were grounded without engines. Those figures were as of July 8.

Jul 15 05:56

First Improved W88 Nuclear Warhead For Navy's Trident Missiles Rolls Off The Assembly Line

The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration has announced the completion of the first production example of the improved W88 Alteration 370 warhead, or W88 Alt 370, after 11 years of work, and a major, costly delay that was first revealed more than a year ago. This modernization program is aimed at mitigating issues relating to the age of the existing stockpile of W88s and maintaining the readiness of these warheads, which are among multiple types presently available for loading into the U.S. Navy's Trident D5 submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

Jul 14 14:32

Republicans To Prevent The National Guard From Bankruptcy

Senate Appropriations Committee Vice Chairman Richard Shelby presented an emergency funding bill Monday that would reimburse the National Guard for their Capital deployment in response to the Jan. 6 attack.

The House passed a $1.9 billion emergency spending bill in May that involved over $520 million in funds to pay the National Guard for their deployment and other measures directed at developing security at the Capitol complex. Though the bill has stalled in the Senate.

Jul 14 08:47

Veterans Are Being Treated Like Cr#p By The Government

House Republicans are addressing a major records backlog at a government archives agency that has suggested thousands of veterans and their families are expecting months, and in some cases years, for documents that are required to earn benefits.

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are asking for a congressional hearing on the backlog of 500,000 history requests in the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). The huge impediment in obtaining records, including military DD-214 separation forms needed to obtain veterans' benefits, aggravated during the coronavirus pandemic when federal workers were sent home and powerless to physically process the requests for records in a modern fashion.

Jul 14 08:06

A Deranged Cult and Our Warped Foreign Policy

Every year the notorious cult and "former" terrorist group Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) holds a political conference to promote its propaganda and call for regime change in Iran, and every year many current and former American, Canadian, and European officials and elected representatives line up to pay homage to the group and their leader, Maryam Rajavi. Members of both major parties in the U.S. have either traveled to the group’s compound in Albania or spoken remotely through video messages in exchange for hefty speaking fees for the last ten years. The annual parade of prominent officeholders and policymakers that offer up effusive praise to such a wretched group is an ongoing disgrace for the United States and its allies, and it is a symptom of deeper problems with our foreign policy.

Jul 14 08:06

An All-American Path to War?

The single scariest night of my life may have been on October 22, 1962, when I thought that all the duck-and-cover moments of my childhood were coming home to roost. President John F. Kennedy appeared on national television (and radio) to warn us all to duck and cover. The Soviet Union, it seemed, had managed to emplace medium-range nuclear missiles in Cuba that could reach major East coast cities. He was ordering a naval “quarantine” of the island. As he put it, “We will not prematurely or unnecessarily risk the costs of worldwide nuclear war in which even the fruits of victory would be ashes in our mouth, but neither will we shrink from the risk at any time it must be faced.”

Jul 14 08:01

The F-35 Fighter Jet Program Must be Grounded to Protect Pilots and Tax Dollars

The biggest boondoggle in the history of the world will get even more expensive for U.S. taxpayers unless members of Congress finally decide enough is enough.

When the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program launched in 2001, it was hailed as a “high-performance, low-cost stealth aircraft.” Now, $1.2 trillion later, it has proven to be anything but.

Despite being the most expensive military program by any country ever, F-35 fighter jets have proven defective, dangerous and largely a useless waste of Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars. And Congress’ nonpartisan watchdog agency agrees.

Last week, the Government Accountability Office released a recommendation to Congress urging lawmakers to massively cut back expenses related to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program.

Jul 14 07:27

Germany Becomes Latest NATO Ally to Establish Military Space Command

During the Cold War, the US tested a slew of anti-satellite weapons, including detonating a nuclear weapon in space, which damaged a Soviet satellite. However, only recently has Washington worried that space was becoming militarized - now that other nations are developing similar capabilities.

On Tuesday, Germany became the latest NATO power to inaugurate a separate space command, following the United States’ delimitation of space as a warfighting domain in need of a separate branch of the armed forces dedicated to preserving US supremacy in it.

In a speech at the German Space Situational Awareness Centre in Uedem, Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said "space has become a critical infrastructure that we need to secure.”

Jul 13 09:39

As Women Continue to Fail, Air Force Removes Running and Pushups From Mandatory Training

The Air Force has announced that running and pushups will be removed from mandatory training, as women continue to fail to live up to the standards that have been required for men.

Airmen will now have the option of walking instead of running during a “choose your own adventure” testing, which may as well have been a Babylon Bee parody story from three years ago but is now our actual reality under President-imposed Joe Biden.

“Say you’re not a long-distance runner but you wanted to run fast back and forth, we have a shuttle run back and forth about 25 meters apart,” Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass said.

They will also allow airmen to avoid doing real push-ups and opt for easier modified push-ups instead. The “woke” military, which now cares more about promoting feminism, transgenderism and hatred of whites than winning wars, is lowering the bar because women can’t keep up.

Jul 13 08:30

Refreshing Exception: Resistance Prevented Obama From Starting Another Presidential War

In 2013, the American people came perilously close to being dragged into a full-scale war in Syria. True, Barack Obama’s administration had been meddling in that country’s civil strife for more than a year in an effort to help insurgents oust President Bashar al-Assad, and once ISIS made a bid to establish its "caliphate," Washington would deploy U.S. Special Forces in Syria – a presence that still continues under a different, vague pretext. However, Obama had a much larger military initiative in mind, and if he had succeeded, America’s Syria entanglement might have rivaled the Iraq War in both size and disastrous consequences. The convergence of various, somewhat unusual, factors prevented that ugly outcome.

Jul 13 07:31

European Union Launches Military Mission in Mozambique

The European Union on Monday formally established a military mission for Mozambique to help train its armed forces battling jihadists in the north of the country.

A deadly insurgency by militants linked to the Islamic State group has ravaged the gas-rich Cabo Delgado province since late 2017, claiming some 3,000 lives and displacing 800,000 people.

Former colonial master Portugal is already providing training for Mozambican troops.

Lisbon’s military instructors on the ground are expected to make up some half of the new EU mission, which will be headed by a Portuguese commander.

“The aim of the mission is to train and support the Mozambican armed forces in protecting the civilian population and restoring safety and security in the Cabo Delgado province,” an EU statement said, without giving details on the overall size of the deployment.

Jul 12 12:34

War Games In California And Florida Linked To Test Massive "Kill Web"

AU.S. Air Force’s latest large force test event has once again pushed the boundaries of modern aerial warfare, leveraging long-range “kill web” technology and integration of an autonomous drone. A test pilot at the center of the work told The War Zone how ranges in the east and west of the United States came together to prove-out data link fusion, while the Air Force’s Skyborg program gave an early, but important, demonstration of how it can operate safely and effectively in complex aerial battlespace.

“This was another test event as part of a series that is focused on kill web integration, event survivability and — new for this iteration — two new focus areas: autonomy integration and very long range kill chain integration in that we actually linked up the respective four-hour Orange and Emerald Flag VULs [Vulnerability Periods] for about an hour via a system under test,” Major Brandon “Siphon” Burfeind, the Orange Flag Director, told The War Zone during an exclusive interview.

Jul 12 10:10

Black Sea Drills: US, 31 Partners Back Ukraine ‘On Front Lines of Russian Aggression’

The two-week, multinational Sea Breeze war games concluded on July 10. This year’s iteration included a record number of participating nations, 32, including for the first time military partners outside of Europe and North America. Military personnel and equipment from countries on all six inhabited continents were involved. What those 32 nations were practicing for will be disclosed below.

New participants included:

Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia
Asia-Pacific: Australia, Japan, Pakistan and South Korea
Middle East: Israel and the United Arab Emirates
South America: Brazil
U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa reported that warships from eight countries conducted joint exercises in the sea where every littoral state but Russia is a NATO member or an Enhanced Opportunities Partner.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, "Russian" aggression. Right.

Jul 12 09:46

Poland in Talks to Purchase 250 US-Made Abrams Tanks

Poland’s Defence Ministry is reportedly preparing to buy about 250 M1 Abrams tanks from the United States, two months after it announced plans to buy 24 Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones.

Two sources close to the deal told Polish news site Gazeta.pl that the ministry is negotiating the potential contract terms.

“It has been rumored that something like this [acquisition] is possible. Now it’s more than just that. Details are being worked out, although a final decision has not yet been taken,” one of the sources said.

Asked about the potential tank acquisition and its status, a spokesperson for the Polish Defence Ministry told Defense News that “as part of the ongoing analyses related to the operational needs, we have identified the necessity to provide [Polish] armored military units with modern tanks that would comply with the requirements of the modern battlefield.”

Jul 12 09:15

Widow, 90, faces economic hardship amid massive backlog of veteran records

Ninety-year-old Susana Mallinson has been waiting over a year for her husband Frank's military service records from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis.

She is among the roughly 500,000 military family members affected by the massive backlog of record requests at the NPRC, an agency of the National Archives.

Mallinson's husband served in Japan in the U.S. Army during World War II as a radio engineer and died in 2000. She is barely making ends meet, surviving on just over $1,000 a month while waiting for her husband's records to apply for spousal benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In the meantime, Mallinson is forced to live below the poverty line.

"It's very stressful. At times I cannot sleep, thinking 'why is it so hard? Something that belongs to me, something that is there,'" Mallinson said.

Jul 12 08:29

Was It Just? America and Her Suicidal Combat Veterans

Thirty thousand dead from suicide in 20 years among American service-members and veterans. Brown University’s Costs of War Project, utilizing data from the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), calculates that four times as many men and women who have served in the US military since 9/11 have died by suicide than were killed in the post-9/11 wars. The vast majority of those killed by suicide have been veterans, meaning men and women not still in uniform. While the rate of suicide among active-duty service-members is alarmingly high, the rate among veterans is even more so, and, in particular, it appears highest among combat veterans.

Jul 12 08:26

Soldiers from Senegal and North Macedonia to train in Vermont

Vermont Business Magazine North Macedonian and Senegalese Soldiers will join Vermont National Guard members for training starting next week.

North Macedonia and Senegal are both partnered with Vermont through the National Guard State Partnership Program.

Soldiers from the Senegalese Fire Brigade will spend a week with various Vermont National Guard, State and local disaster response organizations participating in multiple demonstrations and training events. The Fire Brigade is a unique asset for Senegal that focuses on various aspects of disaster response.

Meanwhile, a team of soldiers from North Macedonia will be participating from Camp Johnson in Cyber Shield 2021, a 14-day resident course designed to provide students hands-on Defense Cyberspace Operations Element training.

Jul 09 08:10

China is developing underwater robots that can attack WITHOUT humans

China is developing underwater AI robots that can hide in the sea and attack enemy vessels with torpedoes without human guidance.

The unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) were developed in experiments over a decade ago and successfully managed to use artificial intelligence to find a dummy submarine and attack it with a torpedo.

The experiments, conducted in the Taiwan Strait, saw the UUV deployed on a fixed course 30ft below the surface.

diagram: (© Provided by Daily Mail (
It was able to identify the location of the submarine, change course, circle the target, and then fire at the dummy with an unarmed torpedo.

The UUV used sonar and onboard sensors to fetch data, which were analysed by the computer, to help it make complete the task.

Jul 09 08:09

China spells out wartime conscription plans for first time

Retired Chinese military personnel would be a top priority for conscription in wartime, according to draft regulatory changes released by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs on the weekend.

The proposed changes to the country’s conscription regulations spell out for the first time how authorities would enlist veterans and other conscripts while the country was on a war footing.

Under the regulations, the State Council or the Central Military Commission would issue mobilisation orders and hand responsibility for drafting soldiers to government and military agencies at various levels.

Jul 09 08:01

Pentagon Document Warns of ‘Increased Potential’ for Nuclear War

The Pentagon warned of an “increased potential” for a nuclear conflict in a document that was released to the public on Tuesday. The document is a manual on the Pentagon’s nuclear strategy originally published in April 2020. It was posted online this week after being obtained by the Federation of American Scientists through the Freedom of Information Act.

Jul 09 05:48

Here is the Navy’s new maternity flight suit prototype

The Navy now has a maternity flight suit prototype available for expecting aircrew.

That means pregnant aircrew won’t be subjected to maternity khaki uniforms, or larger flight suits that could jeopardize their safety given the longer sleeves and hemlines if not properly altered.

Instead, the maternity flight suit prototype is designed to accommodate pregnant aircrew as they progress in their pregnancy by adding expandable panels to standard flight suits. As a result, aircrew only need one flight suit for the duration of their pregnancy.

“Upon examination, it was discovered that prototype expandable panels could be sewn into existing flight suits and would be easily customized to fit using the existing tab on the side of a regular flight suit,” Amie Blade, a spokesperson for Naval Air Systems Command, told Navy Times.

Jul 08 13:36

Russian bomber jets practice taking out targets with cruise missiles in Arctic, just weeks after warning US to steer clear (VIDEO)

The Ministry of Defense in Moscow confirmed on Thursday that two of its bomber jets had conducted a series of staged drills in the Arctic region of the country, practicing firing off rockets and unleashing volleys from their guns.

The two long-range warplanes, a Tupolev Tu-160 hypersonic jet and a Tu-95ms missile platform, took off from an airfield near the central Russian city of Saratov, flying 4,000 kilometers north for the exercises.

Jul 08 07:13

Video: Army vet Sean Parnell: Critical race theory is ‘way to destroy US military from inside out’

In a Friday interview with Fox host Tucker Carlson, former U.S. Army Capt. Sean Parnell criticized the teaching of critical race theory in the military and said Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley should “consider resigning” for his comments in support of controversial and racially charged training.

Parnell, who is a recipient of the Purple Heart and a two-time recipient of the Bronze Star including once with a “V” device for valor, said, “If you are looking for a way to destroy the United States military from the inside out without firing a shot, talk about what he’s talking about and implement Critical Race Theory.”

Jul 08 06:53

China's military prepares for war, while America's military goes 'woke'

President Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) centenary speech conveyed his regime’s resolve in many ways.

Those who attempt to drive a wedge between the party and the Chinese nation, he stated, will encounter “a great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people.” He pledged to reinforce central control over the party, warning those who oppose its mission that they will be purged “like viruses.” He praised the party’s “courage to fight and fortitude to win,” making the CCP “invincible.” He committed to expanding and modernizing the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to defend Chinese “sovereignty, security, and development interests.” He implied that Taiwan is a part of Chinese sovereign territory — and any efforts toward “Taiwan independence,” therefore, will be met with force.

These sound like the pronouncements of a leader preparing his country for conflict.

Jul 07 12:33

VA may start confronting ‘extremism’ among vets nationwide

Lawmakers in the House Appropriations Committee want the Department of Veterans Affairs to develop a plan for countering extremist recruiting efforts within the veteran community.

In its $270 billion budget proposal for the department, the Appropriations Committee wrote in a June 30 summary, “The Committee is concerned by foreign and domestic actions to exploit veterans through the use of online misinformation and manipulation. These efforts to spread extremist views and conspiracy theories among the veteran community have severely damaging effects, such as spreading conspiracies that may have motivated participation in the Capitol insurrection on January 6, 2021.”

Jul 07 10:26

After 15 years and $500m, the US Navy decides it doesn't need shipboard railguns after all

After more than 15 years of R&D, and half a billion dollars of funding, the United States Navy has decided to give up on the prospect of mounting enormous railguns on its ships. For the moment, at least.

The project was intended to produce a mighty weapon which could fire projectiles at Mach 7 at targets over 100 miles (161km) away, using electromagnets rather than chemical reactions to propel them. But fresh from deliberately creating a 3.9-magnitude earthquake 100 miles (161km) off the coast of Florida to rattle the windows on its latest aircraft carrier, the Navy has decided it can no longer spare the money for continued research.

"Given fiscal constraints, combat system integration challenges and the prospective technology maturation of other weapon concepts, the Navy decided to pause research and development of the Electromagnetic Railgun [EMRG] at the end of 2021," it said.

Jul 06 13:38

Pentagon Cancels $10 Billion JEDI Cloud Deal Awarded To Microsoft

The Department of Defense on Tuesday announced the cancellation of a $10 billion 'JEDI' cloud services contract awarded to Microsoft in 2019, instead of Amazon - which thought it was a shoe-in before the Trump administration told Bezos and crew to pound sand.

According to the Pentagon, "due to evolving requirements, increased cloud conversancy, and industry advances, the JEDI Cloud contract no longer meets its needs."

Jul 06 07:28

Is Foreign Meddling in Ethiopia Actually a Proxy War Against China?

Africa’s second most populous country of Ethiopia has recently experienced a surge in foreign meddling over the past year. This former kingdom, which was among the world’s oldest prior to its 1974 revolution, has always proudly defended its independence. Emperor Menelik II defeated the Italians in 1896 and secured his compatriots’ independence during the height of European colonialism. One of his successors, Emperor Haile Selassie, promoted the Ethiopian cause at the League of Nations after Italy’s fascist invasion in the run-up to World War II. His efforts generated global sympathy for Ethiopia and etched its struggle in the minds of many.

Jul 06 06:58


Jul 06 05:30


Pentagon whistleblower Franz Gayl has been part of the United States Marine Corps for over four decades. He spent the last months trying to warn U.S. government officials and the public of the threat of becoming entangled in a war with China over Taiwan.

Yet instead of seriously considering his perspective, Gayl faces a counterintelligence investigation into articles he wrote and early retirement.

He published an open letter to President Joe Biden on LinkedIn on June 22 in a last-ditch effort to reach the White House and communicate his concerns over the increased potential for an “ill-advised foreign war.”

Gayl warned, “Taiwan’s own watershed ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ event is only a matter of time, probably through an accident or miscalculation. Sensing the urgency, I submitted numerous op-eds to U.S. newspaper and electronic media outlets, but each was rejected.”