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The Air Force Is (Almost) Ready to Unveil Its Secret New Space Weapon

The U.S. Air Force has a top-secret space weapon and is preparing to show it to the world.

For months, the service has been preparing to declassify the "black" weapon, but wants to get the timing right, according to a Breaking Defense exclusive. For that to occur, Air Force leadership and President Joe Biden must sign off first. Key details of the unnamed weapon system remain unknown at this time.

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According to Breaking Defense:

The system in question has long been cloaked in the blackest of black secrecy veils — developed as a so-called Special Access Program known only to a very few, very senior US government leaders. While exactly what capability could be unveiled is unclear, insiders say the reveal is likely to include a real-world demonstration of an active defense capability to degrade or destroy a target satellite and/or spacecraft.

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I guess we know what the X-37B has been up too all this time!