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Marines making big investments in electromagnetic warfare

Recognizing the importance electromagnetic warfare will play, the Marine Corps plans to make big investments in new systems.

As part of force design updates the Corps announced for 2030, the service is looking to invest around $1 billion in development over the next five years, Col. Dave Burton, program manager for intelligence systems and portfolio manager for command element systems at Marine Corps Systems Command, said April 21 at the virtual C4ISRNET Conference.

The Corps is enhancing systems for its traditional electronic warfare operators for “peer-to-peer EW engagements,” Burton said.

Broadly speaking, the Marine Corps wants to develop future systems in four categories, according to Lt. Col. Brian Ackerson, branch head for Marine Air Ground Task Force electronic warfare.

First, the Corps is looking for systems that are platform agnostic, Ackerson explained during an Association of Old Crows virtual summit April 13. The Corps doesn’t want systems designed for one platform or system, but rather systems that it can spread around to fit multiple airborne or ground systems.