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Mark Milley and the Rogue Military Brass: Dress Rehearsal for a Coup?

Leaks to the news media from a new book, Peril, by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa on the last weeks of the Trump administration are generating a firestorm of controversy, especially regarding the conduct of Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. One issue, Milley’s apparently secret communications with Gen. Li Zuocheng (the head of the People’s Liberation Army) to assure Beijing that U.S. military leaders would not let the president do anything rash, has received the most attention and adverse comment. Another revelation – that Milley obtained an agreement from other top military commanders affirming that they would not execute orders from the White House unless Milley explicitly confirmed those orders – has not received the attention it deserves. Both actions have major, troubling implications for civilian control of the military, but the latter allegation actually may be the more worrisome of the two.

A common feature of both reports is Milley’s utter certainty, bordering on paranoia, that Trump was not merely an unworthy but a truly dangerous president. That belief, in turn, supposedly justified a refusal by Milley and like-minded members of the military hierarchy to respect Trump’s constitutional role as commander-in-chief.