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Saudi Arabia Breaks Silence, Tentatively Embraces Israel-UAE Peace Deal

As the steward of the two Muslim holy cities (Mecca & Medina) - cities where no non-Muslims are allowed - Saudi Arabia has an image to maintain as an ally in the regional struggle to support the Palestinians in their struggle against Israel. But in another sign of just how significant Jared Kushner's accomplishment actually was, it appears the desert petro-kingdom is finally ready to make an important step toward publicly accepting Israel as a neighbor and friend.

One of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's greatest accomplishments during his record-setting tenure at the helm of the young Jewish state has been to parlay a mutual friendship with the US into a closet alliance with Saudi and the Saudi-aligned gulf puppet states (chief among them the UAE) in their eternal struggle to contain Iran, Israel's sworn mortal foe. That accomplishment was finally crystalized with the Israeli-UAE peace deal, wherein Israel makes some critical concessions that could attract more support from its neighbors. If the trend continues, the Palestinians might be forced to the table, and a deal to end all sectarian hostilities might finally be reached, ending the blockade that's suffocating the Gaza Strip.

Though Saudi Arabia stopped short of full-blown acceptance, the kingdom's Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, cautiously welcomed the agreement in a statement released Wednesday, ending the kingdom's conspicuous silence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it quite clear, that his annexation will continue to move forward; just perhaps at a slower pace than the speed at which he originally wanted this accomplished.

I am as of yet unsure that this move will find Palestinians "forced to the table" for other concessions.