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India’s Waging a State-on-Citizen Hybrid War to Build Modi’s Hindu Rashtra

The Modi Mob Might Be Planning A Massive Anti-Muslim Massacre

The capital of the self-professed “world’s largest democracy” is in such a state of dystopia at the moment that a so-called “prohibitory order” has just been imposed by the police. According to Sputnik, “Carrying weapons or any incendiary material is prohibited. Printing, circulation or dissemination of communally sensitive, provocative material even on social media is prohibited. Assembly of more than four persons and any kind of demonstration without any permission of competent authority is prohibited.” Upping the ante to unprecedentedly dangerous levels, the police have been ordered to shoot on sight in one of New Delhi’s districts, with the city’s Chief Minister calling for a military intervention and a citywide curfew. For all intents and purposes, that would amount to martial law and the possible imposition of the feared “Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act” (AFSPA) that’s been abused to carry out arbitrary detentions and even extrajudicial killings for over the past half-century. The state might predictably “justify” this move on the basis of its unproven claims that “the violence in some parts of Delhi appears to be orchestrated so that those involved in it get wide publicity” during Trump’s visit, something that new RT contributor and senior Indian journalist Ashish Shukla speculatively claimed beyond all reason is proof of a “time-tested Western modus operandi” in spite of India nowadays being one of the US’ main military-strategic (“junior”) partners anywhere in the world whose stability is central to achieving America’s grand strategic objectives in the New Cold War.

Tricky Infowar Tactics

The narrative that the Indian government, its Mainstream & Alternative Media supporters like Shukla, and the Modi Mob are propagating is heavy with innuendo that the latest events might part of a “terrorist conspiracy” that might have even been “plotted in Pakistan” (given their propensity to paint their neighboring rival as the bogeyman anytime anything whatsoever at all goes wrong inside their country), hoping that this will earn them the “international community’s” sympathy which could then be exploited as a “carte blanche’ for carrying out a massive anti-Muslim massacre.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That vague, but persistently awful, and chronic, sound you are hearing, is that of Mahatma Gandhi, not thumping from the grave, as he was cremated after his assassination, but thumping from heaven itself, and screaming to the Indian government, "What the hell do you think you are doing to my India, which should have been a place where people of all faiths should be able to live together, peacefully and responsibly"?!?!?