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False flag operation

With the Vienna nuclear talks between Iran and the West hitting a deadlock, things seem to be deteriorating to a dangerous escalation by the West against Iran, which refused to bow to U.S. extravagant demands during six rounds of talks.

Since Tuesday afternoon, the Persian Gulf region has been abuzz with dubious, unconfirmed reports of unspecified incidents allegedly involving several vessels off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf of Oman. Till now, there are no solid reports explaining what happened on the ground, with the countries directly involved in the issue are either silent or questioning the account of the Western press regarding the situation in the Gulf of Oman.

The UAE, where incidents are reported to have happened off its coast, has been dead silent and has refrained from commenting on the issue. On the other side, Iran, which has been accused of playing a role in the drama, said there have been no incidents taking place in the Gulf of Oman and that all Western press reports are a fuss about nothing.

While Western media outlets were busy publishing weird stories about possible scenarios such as hijack, attack, and kidnap, Iran said nothing unusual took place on its doorstep in the Gulf of Oman. Instead, Iran accused the West of staging a propaganda war with the purpose of extracting concessions from it ahead of a possible resumption of nuclear talks in Vienna.

The Iranian embassy in the UK even warned of an unfair game intended to mislead the public. “According to our direct links in the Persian Gulf region, no information on new incidents for any merchant ship in the region is confirmed so far. Misleading the public all around the world for diplomatic gain in New York is not fair game,” the embassy said on Twitter.