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Sep 13 10:24

General Smedley Butler

Major General Smedley Butler retired from the Marine Corps in 1931 at the age of 48. He had faced gunfire 120 times and the famed columnist Will Rogers wrote of Butler, "He is what I would call a natural born warrior. He will fight anybody, any time....He carries every medal we ever gave out. He has two Congressional Medals of Honor....You give him another war and he will get him another one....I do admire him."

Sep 09 10:39

You Ca'nt Fight a Lie With a Hoax

The phony interview Charlie Sheen did with Obama and Alex Jone's hyping it as the greatest most important story he has ever covered seems to have blown up in his face!
Comments at Infowars are still closed down. Unfriendly blogs are using the hoax as a hammer to beat 911 truth. It would appear that this was a dvd promotion and nothing else.
The first posting of the interview contained no disclaimer.Hundreds of posters believed Charlie Sheen actually interviewed Obama. When posters started getting wise to the hoax,comments at Infowars were shut down and as I type this they are still shut down.

Sep 07 18:26

Richard Gage, AIA LIVE STREAMED from Commonwealth Club of California, Tuesday, Sept 8 @ 5:45PM Pacific

StingRay: I Received the following announcement by email from this evening, Sept 7, 2009:.

1. An important event for the 9/11 truth movement will occur on Tuesday night in San Francisco when Richard Gage, AIA, speaks at the oldest public forum in the nation, The Commonwealth Club of California. Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth will webcast this event live on the Internet from our website

We follow in the footsteps of the great David Ray Griffin, who first broke the 9/11 Truth barrier at the Commonwealth Club last year. In just under 40 minutes we will present the scientific evidence for the explosive controlled destruction of the 3 World Trade Center high-rises on 9/11. We will examine the behavior of these buildings as well as the explosive evidence found in the debris. More evidence may be found on our website and DVD.

A screening of this historic moment will be presented in New York City at 56 Walker Street. Also, everyone is encouraged to tune in on youy own computer as Mr. Gage explains why the official conspiracy theory put forth by NIST is not supported by the evidence, and that explosive controlled demolition is, very unfortunately, the only viable explanation for the WTC destruction in New York City on September 11, 2001.

Pre-register! If you are local and coming please make sure to get your tickets today as it might be sold out.

We’ll see you live at 5:45!

Edited to add -
This appears to be the link for the live stream:

Sep 06 14:28

The Chop Shop.. (Is that kidney kosher ?)... blues.

The Chop Shop.. talkin' blues

I went to see my Rabbi, I’d been felling kind of sick.. Does he know a doctor who might cure me real quick?.. I met the good Doctor the very next day, He said my kidneys were shot, so how much could I pay?. I said plenty because, I’m selling ecstasy , So he told me of a place that would be just right for me.

The clinic door was open, this place must be Blessed.. I walked right in and sat on down in the chair next to the desk.

They had row of lungs, and corneas on ice, the donors wouldn’t need them in paradise.
I saw rows of freezer chests and cases; one of freezers was for transplanting faces.

Sep 06 13:20

The Gaza Freedom March

The Gaza Freedom March campaign plans to bring internationals to Gaza on January 1, 2010 to join Palestinians in a nonviolent demonstration that breaches the illegal blockade. Thousands of peaceful protesters will march to Erez garnering international attention and calling for an end to the siege. The march draws inspiration from the history of international volunteerism in support of Palestine, from the American civil rights movement, from Mahatma Gandhi, and from decades of non-violent Palestinian resistance!

Details of the Campaign March are kept up to date on the Campaign Website (, but are roughly as follows:
- Prior to Sunday, December 27, people make their own way to Cairo
- Sunday, December 27 Orientation meeting in Cairo at 7pm

Sep 02 09:39

All Fall Down

The basis for the depopulation agenda is a standard all elitists hold dear. This standard is called the Hegelian Dialect that uses the strategy of Problem-Reaction-Solution (PRS). By creating the problem (false global warming for example), they acknowledged said problem (Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth =reaction) then they create the solution (carbon credits, depopulation). 9/11 as another example with the same PRS being used also works across many different situations encompassing all ecological standards and many other less obvious but as equally sinister agendas. Simply put, the power brokers want up to a 95% reduction in population and yesterday was too late.

Sep 01 06:29


in reference to

... i thought i had deleted my post; i did not realized it remained publicly posted.

i did not and do not consider it to have been well enough researched.

my condolences to those who knew cedric may.

i am grateful to be alive to learn from my mistakes.

thank you all; this has been my second post, anywhere, ever.

Aug 31 09:31

An email request from Brasscheck TV to spread the word

Got the text below in an email from today. I thought I would pass it on to WRH readers who might not be familiar with Brasscheck TV to check them out and spread the word to others if they can see the value in the service they provide.

The idea for Brasscheck TV first popped up three years ago.

Thanks to advances in Internet technology, it suddenly
became fast, easy and inexpensive to share video with the
world - and we had a lot of video to share!

Brasscheck TV started with five subscribers.

Today, we are now, as of this mailing, 50,351
strong. Every single member was generated by

We've never spent a nickel on advertising.

Though we didn't start counting until 2007, we do know that
since that time we've served up 14,468,329 videos - all for free.

Why do we do it?

To give you the other side of the story, the side
the US news media relentlessly waters down,
distorts, and even outright censors.

Our hope is that the videos we share help you:

1. Become mentally independent from the herd
which the corporate-government-media complex is
working overtime to mislead, rip off and exploit
at every turn.

2. Suggest ideas for evasive action so
that you can avoid becoming a victim of
the corporate-government-media's
endless scamming.

3. Provide you with resources to educate yourself
and the people in your circle about the nature of
the forces that are aligned against normal

We believe that the more you know about what's
really going on - in government, in "health" care,
in the financial industry, etc. - the easier it will
be for you to make decisions that benefit YOU
and not the corporate-government-media scam

Here's our message today:

First, we want to thank you for all your support
to date.

Second, we want to ask you to keep sharing
the videos.

Please make it a point to let friends, family
and colleagues know about

It's a growing library of over 650 videos on a wide
variety of topics available free 24/7, indexed and

Three, check out some of the projects that have
been inspired by Brasscheck TV like Jazz on the Tube
and The Real Food Channel.

* Jazz on the Tube (
is a free video library of hundreds of videos featuring
creative, uplifting, intelligent music (the kind of
music you NEVER hear about in the mass media.)

* The Real Food Channel (
is a free video library with information about the most
revolutionary act any human being can make:

To stop eating the garbage that the corporate-government-media
complex pushes as "food" and support real farmers, real
communities and real health.

We may not be able to quickly reform the government,
the Pentagon, the "health care" industry, or the energy
industry, but we can completely control what we put
in our mouths right now.

Every bite you take is either a vote for the bad guys
(and against your own health and the health of the
country) or a vote for the good guys. It really is
that clear cut.

And if you think Pentagon/CIA propaganda is thick,
the "food" industry makes their dissembling and
manipulation seem like amateur hour.

No one lies better or manipulates more than the "food"
industry - and they're even bigger in dollars and cents
than the oil industry!

The Real Food Channel (,
a brand new venture started in June, is designed to give you
the "why" and "how" info you need to join the battle against
this truly devilish enterprise.

When we kick out the food "leg" of the corporate-government-media
complex, we will be doing the whole corrupt structure some serious
damage - and, at the same time, doing ourselves and the people we
love a whole lot of good.

If you like what we're doing, let people know.

If you don't, Fox News is on 24/7 and I'm sure they and their
advertisers would love the extra business.

You can check out the Real Food Channel here:


- Brasscheck

P.S. Please share Brasscheck TV e-mails and
videos with friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.


And of course it's only sensible when viewing the videos from their site to bear in mind that, as they state on their home page, they do not necessarily endorse the views presented in any particular video, they are basically providing a means of publicizing videos that would not get by the usual censorship mechanisms you would find in mainstream media sources. /Sting Ray

Aug 26 13:17

Mammon Nightmare

For the love of money is the root of all evil and the quest of fitly lucre has spawned a monster so hideous that the history books of human depravity will have to be rewritten. A beast yet in its infancy with the ugliness trumping Medusa forcing the weak of heart too cast away vision for fear of ones very livelihood. The knowledge of this menace has the potential to spawn nightmares so for the weak of heart stop now, but for the bravest of the keyboard warriors I invite you to join me as we descend into Satan's realm.

Aug 21 16:06

The hatred comes from the iron fist.

It is the iron fist of Zion in our faces. Get rid of all dual citizens in the U.S. government. We don't need or want foreign traitors at the highest levers of U.S. Power.

We need to have all of our public servants renew their sworn oaths to America and our Constitution. They should be forced to relinquish and denounce any other foreign national citizenship, quit government service, or be relieved of their U.S. citizenship.

We don't like foreign enemies within our government. and the only way to prevent that is to ban anybody with dual citizenship from politics or government jobs.

If you hold dual Swedish-American citizenship, you would have to denounce and get rid of your Swedish citizenship.

Aug 17 16:44



By Joe Bodolai © 2009, All rights reserved

After 200 Days of McCain & Palin, What Could Have Been Different?

In the wee hours of election night last year, the promise of change did indeed seem possible until Senator John McCain’s stunning last-minute surprise upset. While some were rightfully suspicious of the results, the McCain camp explained their triumph as ”the unpolled Americans came out in force and expressed their preference in the privacy of the poll booth rather than risk being called ‘racist’.“
After President McCain’s first 200 days, filled with angst, turmoil, and more of the same, I have decided to speculate on what America would be like today had Senator Obama won the election which so many assumed he would.

Aug 11 12:01

The Rat Hole

Why is it that the race that is a religion is always getting strung up like so many sides of beef by countless countries throughout recorded history? Why is it that these countries can’t see the light and accept these hooked nosed scull capped ringlet sporting bearded circumcisers into the fold? Now this is indeed a great question so without further ado, let us have ole Mr Morphed shine a bit of light on these poor souls that are so innocent and pure that to hate them will most likely be a death sentence soon.

Aug 06 05:49

Want to live forever ? (Part two: Cancer)

Only people like the Rothschild's, Cheney, Bush, Al Gore, Obama.....
will get these breakthroughs! Why do u think Dick can have 5 (Possibly more) heart-attacks and still walk around starting wars, and shooting people in the face? While the average person is lucky if they don't die on their second (Assuming they live through their first which with our health care is assuming a lot)Almost NO average person lives through 3, Dick has had 5 and still going strong!

OOPS sorry for the rant this is ABOUT Cancer !

New Technology Filters Cancer Cells From Healthy Ones

Researchers Use Nanoparticles, Nanotubes to Treat Cancer:

1) Nanoparticles cross blood-brain barrier to enable 'brain tumor painting'

Aug 06 05:11

Want to live forever ? (Part one: Life Span)

Do Note eat your self to death
**There was a study maybe ten years ago where they gave mice on enough calories to sustain life and no more. the mice had double lifespans
i could not find that story maybe because it's so old..

**Here is a newer one
Low-cal diet slows aging in monkeys


This medicine may also help you on your quest for eternal life

Rapamycin Extends Lifespan of Mice

Researchers have found that administering a natural compound called rapamycin resulted in a significant lifespan extension in mice.

Aug 03 21:19


We attended an AE911 meeting recently. Compelling presentation. Pretty clear to most of us one or
two hundred in the room (allied despite age, color,
socioecopolitical differences) what had happened on

One guy, though, started yelling in the back. He
wasn't disagreeing. He was fed up. Frustrated. He
wasn't crazy or unbalanced, either. Just fed up.
He was asked to pipe down, but couldn't and he
left. On the way out the door he shouted: "It's
a spiritual battle." And so it is. A spiritual

The author of another blog somewhere in the InterTubes,
an exceedingly well-done little blog on 4th and
"5th" generation warfare asked his readers, his
readers who were demanding another 9/11 commission,
or an explanation, he asked them (paraphrasing):

Aug 03 09:23


One has to wonder why people never learn from the lessons of history. Why is it that the rulers and enforcers of laws turn a blind eye to the atrociousness and retributions leveled upon them from days past, justified by the brutality of power madness currently sweeping the landscape? Do they think they are going to continue along this destructive path and not suffer the consequences when history repeatedly proves otherwise? Are they that stupid to believe they can treat people like herds of stock and not get gored?

Jul 29 22:25

Microscam Vista is garbage

Listening to Mike talk about Microsoft(c)Vista... Mike, erase the hard drive and install XP, or better (if the particular PC hasn't been "fixed" to disallow it) install an open-source operating system. I find myself servicing PCs with Vista, and what you describe is highly common. Personally, I buy from a local Chinese PC dealer and wouldn't trust anyone else; I buy cheap used computers from them installed with XP and stick them on my LAN to use the hard-drive capacity. As for HP printers: they're to sell, not to use. I'll never buy another HP printer in my life. I use to rehabilitate older ones and never had a problem with HP printers, but these days they're fit for the landfill shortly after you buy them.

Jul 29 22:23

Microscam Vista is garbage

Listening to Mike talk about Microsoft(c)Vista... Mike, erase the hard drive and install XP, or better (if the particular PC hasn't been "fixed" to disallow it) install an open-source operating system. I find myself servicing PCs with Vista, and what you describe is highly common. Personally, I buy from a local Chinese PC dealer and wouldn't trust anyone else; I buy cheap used computers from them installed with XP and stick them on my LAN to use the hard-drive capacity. As for HP printers: they're to sell, not to use. I'll never buy another HP printer in my life. I use to rehabilitate older ones and never had a problem with HP printers, but these days they're fit for the landfill shortly after you buy them.

Jul 29 14:37

Edge of Chaos

Surfing through the blogosphere (haven't heard that term for awhile), it should seem obvious to the open minded that the world is teetering on the brink of disaster. While the likes of William Cooper, Alex Jones, and Mike Rivero have been warning us for decades about the looming death and destruction, the governments of the world keep stumbling along through the sewage and wreckage just barely keeping our heads above the effluent enabling the naysayers to squeak, "where is this big crash in which you crazies speak?"

Jul 29 10:28

Lead Fever

When they finally cross the line and declare martial law for what ever myriad of reasons that may or may not be orchestrated by "them," will we have descended to the final stage that brings us to shooting the bastards? Each person alive has to deal with the line in the sand that states "enough."

Jul 28 14:19

The Perfect Shitstorm

The wind from the West sucks like a tornado.. Obama is an usurper the evidence is devastating, Obama is not an American citizen, all laws he has signed are Poop.

The wind from the North blows, and declares a swine flue pandemic.. A disease created in test tubes, but the main reason for the vaccine is to destroy the immune systems of the World’s population.. The WHO likes the idea of reducing the population by plagues created by themselves.. In order the satisfy the Club of Rome.

The wind from the East is howling about war with Iran, and Russia/China. This wind is created by Zionists hiding in “our press”, and “our government”. They pretend to represent us.

Jul 25 07:25

another Smoking Lie (blog comments to article)

Comments to my article found here:

This IS total Bull People ! Do your own study and become a "Researcher" ! Follow these steps... Kill your reincarnated in the years of 1950 to 1970 (seemed to me everyone was smoking then) and then come back to the present and tell me how brain damaged you are! HELLO Knock Knock Any non brain damaged people out there listening ? Another test you "Researchers" can do is take up smoking and get a pet (Dog's and Cat's will do just nicely) and watch them die in the masses ! Plus think about it smokers would be brain dead after 2 smokes because they breath "First" AND "Second" hand smoke !!!!!!

Jul 20 16:10


Ok some of u think this may be way out there BUT........

there are a lot of other stories and stuff going on that circumstantially support my hypothesis, But I'll leave it here 3 was enough

what if the powers that be AND the Uber Rich (same people)
actually believe in end times and/or 2012

what would they do ? what would the economy look like ?

i think things would be exactly as they are right now...
stock pile all the stuff u can before heading in the caves with your riches !!!!!!!!

where would they live ? what other preparations might they make ?

Work begins on world's deepest underground lab
WHO is going to live here ? probably not a lab at all BUT a shelter for the Uber Rich lab is just the cover story. cant have the surfs panic before it's time

Jul 18 10:11

Did You Miss It ?

i think you did
in Poorrichard's post

Max Keiser takes offense to Goldman Sachs oligarchy
By: poorrichard
Link to post:
Link to Video:

AT 7:36 into the video they reveal that on 911 world trade center building 7, held important bank files that were conveniently lost with the building. "THAT EXPLODED" (Note they don't disagree with him NOR do they say collapsed do to fire but "EXPLODED"

here is a transcript as best as i can make it.
"This is not only about the FED, this is about the bank of England, European Central bank. Where you got the assets, that have gone up, not through sound instruments, but through the files, that banks can not recover anymore."

Jul 15 02:16

To Shelly Roche

I want to Personally thank you Shelly Rocha for helping with this site and fixing the content creation pages!

I went to your site ((actually i go to your site a lot LOL) ) and did not see an email address to send you a Thank You message. so I'll use my Blog here on WRH to thank you!



Jul 14 22:53

Arnold sound board

Thought Mike could do an interview with Arnold using one of many soundboards on the net. Just to lighten things up. Look at the entries on the right on this one: "The most important thing is money" (probably taken out of context, granted.)

Jul 08 14:47

All In

The fear on the street is palpable to anyone who is paying attention. Ever since the election of Barack Obama as President of these United States in November 2008, coupled with the election of a democrat party majority in both the U.S. House and Senate, concern for the United States and personal safety has ignited like a fire in dry grass.

Busted World

Jul 08 11:50

HP decides its easier not to have to bother honoring product warranties in the Caribbean?

Mr. Mark Hurd
Chairman of the Board, CEO & President of Hewlett-Packard

Dear Sir,

Jul 06 13:46

The Crooks Get Cash While the Poor Get Screwed

Tearyan Brown became a father when he was 16. He did what a lot of inner-city kids desperate to make money do. He sold drugs. He was arrested and sent to jail three years later for dealing marijuana and PCP on the streets of Trenton, N.J., mostly to white kids driving in from the suburbs. It was a job which saw him robbed at gunpoint and stabbed in the chest. But it made him about $1,400 a week.

Jul 03 22:00

The New American Slavery

This appeared in April, 2005: "...this nation's economy is about to crash like a freight train, and when it does, everything you've worked for will vanish."

Unlike this nation's wealth, anything written by Jolly Roger is the property of the American people, and the author hereby grants permission to anyone who so desires to post, copy, forward or distribute this letter as they see fit, and in fact, the author encourages you to do so.

Jun 30 08:19

911 Truck bombs

this might be old news for some i asked they said they did not know about truck bombs being found on 911

there are 2 separate incidents of these truck bombs

1) truck bomb MAY have exploded on king street between 6th and 7th
this truck also had a picture on it's side showing a plane flying into NY and blowing up (dose not say rather or not it was one of the twin towers)
2) second truck bomb (also in the video) near the George Washington bridge (Filled with explosives)

the reason these 2 incidents are not covered by the main stream
media (Except for the short clip (Before the government could tell them to stop reporting it))
is the same reason WTC 7 was NOT a controlled demolition

Jun 29 12:52

Michael Jackson”s Alternate Version of “Man in the Mirror” is Surprising Truthful

Michael Jackson's Self-Revelatory Version of "Man in the Mirror” is surprising truthful.

Jun 08 11:24

Video-- BUY A GUN! by The Gitmos

We're all set to riot
Buy a gun
Before you lose your Second Amendment
Buy a gun

They'll burn you out like in Waco
They'll stick your ass in a camp
Jack-booted cops in riot-gear gonna
Kick your ass and laugh
A Revolution is on it's way
Better lock and load your AK

Buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun
Before you wish you bought a gun
Buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun
Before you wish you bought a gun

We're all set to riot
Buy a gun
Before you lose your Second Amendment
Buy a gun

They gave your money to the banksters
They stole your pension funds
It's time that we took to the streets
It's time we had our turn
A Revolution is on it's way

Jun 06 15:02

Arrest Warrant This is True


today i got a letter saying i have a warrant out for my arrest for riding my bicycle LOL

the exact charge is allot funnier :-)

"Ride OR use a Bicycle without a permit"

next i'll have to register my TV to watch it
and my keyboard before i type
"Typing without a permit"

this ticket thing is a hoot
but they are serious i can now be locked up for this

I have other things going on right now as some of you know, so really do not need to be arrested and thrown in jail right now!
Maybe tomorrow would be a good day
I’ll have to check my schedule for the next available time slot, to be locked up for riding my bicycle

Jun 05 15:54

The Disastrous Effect of "Safety" Regs on Small Toy Makers (& what this means for Small Farms)

Congress is at it again, with a new draft food safety bill expected to go to legislative hearing June 3rd. While the details have yet to be worked out, it's looking very similar to HR 759 and HR 875, which suffered from the usual one-size fits all approach coupled with overly broad language.

Why is this a big deal? Find out:

Jun 02 10:55

NOT NEWS from Rick H

OK just wanted to let everyone who cares know
i Lost my internet because i could not pay the bill
i may not be able to pay it for a while
4 or more months :-(

im using the library right now to type this message

I am SO sad i can not hear mike on the internet :-(

I still have not moved yet
but it is the reason i lost my internet
first month $600
deposit $600
Pet deposit $ 400 (300 one pet 50 for each additional pet)

if anyone wants to chat or anything my email is
[email protected]

i will not see it everyday only everyday i come to the library
Or u can leave a short public message in this blog

Take care all
I miss u all
and miss mike and his show

Rick H

May 31 18:54

Killing as a Playoff Sport and Recruiting Tool

I happened to be clicking around the channels (god help me) and came across a channel I didn't know I had: Testosterone TV, which they call “Spike”. I saw a promo for “IRA vs. Taliban” on a show called “Deadliest Warriors”. Today they had a “marathon” of this series.

May 20 18:06

The AWESOME beauty you can only get from nature

The AWESOME beauty you can only get from nature
this is a must see

one of the more interesting thing aside from the shear beauty of the pictures is the GREEN lightning

May 18 07:22

FREE .. To WRH Members only

OK not only free to WRH members BUT ....

anyway i have know about this for a long time but some of u may have not

at smallbusiness officelive dot com

you can get your very own
Free website, Free domain and Free web hosting
and no u do NOT have to be a business
i believe the web hosting is free for life AND the free domain lasts 1 year, renewable at $14.95 per year after that

and if after that your u want someone else to host your domain name (in example you can transfer it
so after that year you do NOT have to stay with office live if you do not want to
there are NO AD's or anything placed on your site it is Just simply free.

with the free domain name you can stuff like

May 14 13:33

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free

well do YOU live in a FREE country ?

go here to find what the ratio is
of free men (woman)
to thoughs under correctional control
IE: prison, parole, probation etc.

AND how much your state spends to keep them there

Here in my state of Kansas
1 in 53 adults
is under correctional control

Percent behind bars:
at year end 2007, 44 percent
of the correctional population was in prison or
(national rank: 9);
the figure for 1982 was 23 percent
(national rank: 38)

percent increase in 25 years 21 percent

$341 million is spent on corrections

some other figures

May 14 11:22

What Mike Rivero will not tell you and why

Learn the truth
this is what Mike Rivero and his elite group of political conspirators do not want you to know
visit the link below and let the truth be revealed

PS if u do not see the truth at first look at it for 2 to 3 seconds, and it will come to you

May 04 08:51

3.4 Trillion! Gawd!

Do you know how much freaking money that is!? Three point four TRILLION dollars for the 2010 budget. The numbers boggle the mind. As stated in my earlier posts..OK my first shot at this blogging, was ranting about the problem with my non linear mind grasping the staggering amount of a trillion. But now it is Three point Four t r i l l i o n dollars.

May 02 07:37

Lights Out

The United States electricity grid is old, creaky, and getting more vulnerable by the day. Most people won't think twice about the dynamics involved that work in tandem to supply the "juice" to the outlet. Take this away, either by natural disaster or planned attack, and life would become very interesting indeed.

Apr 29 12:34

Blood Lust

War. The ultimate game. An addiction to death and the rush it brings. Even tho war is hell, many players cannot fathom doing anything else..ever. I know such a man. A man trying to leave the "theater" behind but cant because as he puts it, "it is what I am good at." But there is a more sinister underlying reason people such as these return for tour after tour and make the military their life's careers. The true warrior is of a different breed than the ones repulsed by death and destruction but live by the creed, "I like killing things." Blood lust. Pleasure derived in death.

Apr 25 12:53

Economics for Dummies

Think it is bad now? Wondering why the unemployment rate is high and seems to go higher each day, while the stock market reflects the opposite of reality? Ever consider why behemoths like Chrysler are filing bankruptcy and retail chains are increasingly closing their doors? Want to know why the banks can no way in hell sell the millions of foreclosed homes they are holding and instead just let them rot. Well children, let ole Mr Morphed shine some light on the confusing world of the global economy.

Apr 25 08:47

How The Bank Frauds Happened - William K. Black
The financial industry brought the economy to its knees, but how did they get away with it?

Apr 25 06:21

A danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust

Niels Harrit and 8 other scientists found nano-thermite in the dust from the World Trade Center. He is interviewed on danish TV2 News.

Apr 23 09:18

Doom and Gloom

There are over four hundred dead zones in the oceans where nothing lives, nothing. Nada, zip, zilch. Totally without oxygen, these areas are as dead as the surface of the moon, some predict as large as 45,000 square miles. The Gulf of Mexico dead zone is one of the larger in the world covering up to 8,000 square miles.

Apr 21 06:08

Don't Like it? Leave

While discussing the illegality of the Income Tax with a coworker one afternoon, the inevitable asshole of the moment over hears our conversation and pipes in " I hear Switzerland is nice."

Apr 20 11:04

The One Day Revolution: 535 Citizen Arrests on July 4th

Now, to be clear, we are not calling for violence. We are calling for The People to voice themselves, for The Angry Mob that is sure to be present at each and every 4th of July speech by our "Representatives", to speak loud and clear about how they feel about our current Congress.

It might start with the crowd booing during the Critter's speech.  (roflmao video! Perhaps next time instead of a beach ball, someone will bring a basket of rotten tomatoes ; o ))

It might start when one member of the crowd yells out, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!" (video) And then another yells out, and another....

Or maybe it will be the impassioned speech of one individual that will galvanize the crowd (video) into the realization at just how badly they've been screwed, and the realization that we outnumber them!

Apr 15 22:20

Jerome Hauer and Jack Bauer

I have often thought how fortunate for the creator of the hit Fox action TV show "24" that they picked November of 200l to air the first show. Think of it! This was a TV show that mirrored the times so perfectly. Jack Bauer belonged to an illusive counter-terrorist unit that went out and did things that most elected officials wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. He got to torture Muslim terrorist, for example. He knew the enemies: Muslims, Chinese, and Russians. Jerome Hauer also worked for a kind of counter-terrorist unit, Kroll Associates. Now Jerome is working for Homeland Security and he is worried about a bioterrorist attack. Jack Bauer is worried about a bioterrorist attack too. Does anyone think that Jack Bauer might be the action hero side of Jerome Hauer.

Apr 14 11:29

NiN - We are letting you get away with it : Download Free Album

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails demonstrates what all socially conscious artists ought to do. He's released an album with meaninful lyrics, and is giving it away for free. Not only that, he encourages You to remix it and post it on your blog, podcast it, and basically give it away however you see fit, under a Creative Commons license.

I jut downloaded The Slip and was listening to the song Letting You. I didn't catch all the lyrics so I looked them up, and was impressed enough to want to post this...

The sky is painted black
The smoke pours out the stack
One hand upon your heart
One hand behind your back
You train us how to act
You keep the fear intact
The imminent attack
Everything is right on track

And we are letting you get away
We are letting you get away with it

Apr 13 18:53

American Twilight Zone

I think we in the USA are living in an old episode of “The Twilight Zone”. Watch this never-before seen clip. It is so creepy, scary, and unbelievable that it just might be true! Have we been fooled again?

Look! It may already be too late!

Apr 13 01:27

The Blueshift Hypothesis (2009-04-13)

The Big Bang Theory rests on the assumption that since the more distant galaxies are "red-shifted" (or displaying more red colors than blue colors on the visible light spectrum), they must be moving away from us, and moving away at a faster pace than nearby galaxies... What if the opposite is true?

Apr 11 07:18

Are you a writer? Do you have a blog?

I would like to send a copy of my book The New Epistemology of Morality and Truth at my expense to a few writers who will consider publishing a book review online on their blog. This is about marketing.

The title might appear daunting to some, but don't be misled. This is a 212 page paperback. The book is philosophy, but written for a general readership. I am not an academic. This is not some dreary and foolish academic philosophy book.

This book tells a story, the story of the meaning of a new secular morality arising in the world that has solutions for the future. It is not a god-book. There are some humorous passages, as well as come insightful commentary on life made by an old guy well-past his physical prime.

Apr 07 09:34

Video - The ultimate jam session.

"Stand by Me" with worlwide particpation:

Apr 05 21:01

A song to keep you going #1

First in a series of songs that inspire "us."

This one by Phil Collins hit me like a ton of bricks - I distinctly remember where I was and what grocery store I was in and what aisle where I really "heard" it playing over the grocery store speakers. I don't want to suggest Collins is some sort of fellow traveler of ours, but geez, these lyrics make you wonder a bit.

"they don't tell me nothing - so I find out what I can"

"there's a fire burning right outside my door."

"seems so long I've been waiting - still don't know what for."

"cause I've been a prisoner all my life..."

"mine's an ordinary life"


Apr 02 20:55

One Way to Save America

We have 40 million Americans facing retirement age. Why don't we give each one of them one million dollars with the stipulation that they buy an American car? 40 million cars sold in the USA. And a condo or house in the USA, not overseas? 40 million real estate buys.

This is just 40 million productive dollars (they'd pay “health insurance” and not need Medicare) instead of 160 million AIG “bonus” dollars which pay for... nothing. Oh, wait, private jets!

I wish this were my idea.... I am so down with it.

Apr 02 20:43

Bailing Out Retirees Would Save America

This is an idea I heard but I wish I would have thought of it. Someone please find the original source!

The USA has, let's say, 40 million people entering retirement age. So for a fraction of the bank bailout, let's say we give each one of those retirees a million dollars. You're 65? Here you go, thank you. Their financial security is ensured. Then, we just stipulate they buy one American car. Okay. 40 million new American cars sold! Then we ask them to buy a condo. Okay, say, a nice comfy quarter of a million ocean view somewhere. They will live, the autoworkers will be called back to work and real estate might be viable for people other than Candy Spelling. Oh, and they will be able to pay the outlandish health insurance premiums they cannot today.

Mar 26 20:57

Obama's Pick for Pentagon Weapons Buyer: A Resume

Obama's picks all have quite the connections,

the FDA head is a Monsanto Exec,
the Treas guy with Goldman Sachs ties,
the Defense guy - Raytheon Exec,
the CFTC Head - Goldmans Sachs Exec
now the weapons czar.. Ashton Carter

Carter, a Harvard University professor of international relations, majored in medieval history and physics at Yale. He first worked for the Pentagon from 1981-1982 on nuclear weapons systems and strategic defense issues under then-Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. He was Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy in the first Clinton administration.

Mar 22 18:58

The YouTube Creators Bailout

Google owns YouTube. Who owns Google? YouTube makes money, the people (like me!) who post videos for free DON'T.

Okay, there is a limit to when hoping for exposure to desperately find a job doing what I do becomes just another page of ad hits for YouTube and Sergey and his boys.

I made this video just to point out that I have had four million people see my comedy on YouTube and, of course, it means I am not benefiting other than my ego, the odd professional contact that goes nowhere, etc. YouTube, however, makes money with ads thanks to my work.

Vote people: Am I just the next American Idiot?

Mar 11 00:42

The blog of Stephen M. Walt

Recommended reading:

Stephen M. Walt is Professor of International Relations at Harvard University and the co-auther of "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy".

this post:
"Have they not a shred of decency?"
Sat, 02/28/2009 - 10:36pm
discusses the smear campaign against Charles Freeman’s appointment as chairman of the National Intelligence Council.

Mar 09 20:55

Can God Make Something Heavier Than He Can Lift?

Can God Make Something Heavier Than He Can Lift?
By Joe Bodolai © All rights reserved.

Mar 04 23:14

Woman superglues teeth - can't afford dentist

Typically I don't go for these stories but this one seems pretty genuine. I would love to see Mike put this in the context of the greedy elites and what they have acquired at others expense.

I don't think the video embedding will work for this source, so I will just post a link.

Mar 01 14:13

Oh, no! Secret blueprints found on computer in Iran! Mossad server? Remember Libya?

Let's see, secret plans of Marine One found "in Iran." Already pre-selling the idea of [fill in the blank] happening?

Remember Mossad's framing of Libya using transmitters planted there (story from Victor Ostrovsky)?

Feb 28 22:05

Holder's appeal for gun control for MEXICO'S sake

Have you noticed how often the proponents of more government control rarely cite their real intentions and instead make some emotional appeal about helping some victim class? Holder's claims that we should crack down on guns in the US because it helps MEXICO infuriates me.

This morning I hear David Shorr (who is pretty hard to listen to in the best of circumstances) repeating the Obama/Holder propaganda that the guns in Mexico come mostly from the US. The archive isn't up yet and I will add it when I can. But until then, consider the retort below (I have not verified it, fwiw)

It was written in response to a similar news story in the Wall Street Journal (see )


Feb 26 21:00

Chat Room

I would like to throw out an idea of all of us coming together and having an all out throw down session once a week!I think there are some really brilliant minds here who we do not see in their entirety. If anyone thinks this is a good idea then let the rest of us know and we can make it happen.

This is just an idea but it really sounds great to me!



Feb 22 17:21

Be veeeeeeewy quiet. I'm hunting neocons......

....on message boards....

Posted: "What if the Muslims declared war on the US and worked within the US to destroy it"?

Answers of "kill them" in various responses.

Retort: "Oh, I was just curious since Jews declared war on Germany in 1933....."


Posted: "If Israel, while enforcing its blockade of Gaza, were to sink a boat carrying Americans as well as munitions going to Gaza, should the US declare war on Israel"?

Various answers siding with Israel.

Retort: "Oh, I was just curious since the RMS Lusitania was running the German blockade carrying munitions, etc...."

You get the idea.

Feb 07 11:48

Gates, mosquitoes, and terrorism

How do Gates' actions not qualify as terrorism? Seems to me he was using terror to advance an agenda. Seems to be the working definition. And the first 5 letters of "mosque" is in the word "mosquito" - probably the connection would have been made half-jokingly by Malkin or Rush had the actor been a Middle Eastern man instead of the poster boy for corporate America - Gates.

Gates' statement prior to the release hangs him - 'Not only poor people should experience this.' Sic semper Bourgeoisie? Clearly his intent was to create terror - yet the MSM seems to laugh it off. What if that hypothetical Middle Eastern man had released powerdered sugar and claimed it was Anthrax spores only to say "just kidding"?

Feb 05 09:51

Flashback: Blitzer vs. Finkelstein '89

Blitzer is sickening. Finkelstein calls him on it.

Jan 29 05:15

The RealNews Network Malware attack.

I logged on to that site and my Security software alerted me to the following.

11:47:27 Firefox Denied: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer


Firefox Denied:

An Exploit is software or code that targets security vulnerabilities, usually in the operating system or browser, but may also target vulnerabilities in other programs. Exploits are typically used to install malicious software on the victim's computer without the victim's knowledge or consent. An Exploit may be used to install malware that gives the attacker complete access to and control of the affected computer from a remote location.

update.More here on that threat.
Sun Java JDK / JRE Multiple Vulnerabilities

Jan 26 08:03

"Science" pays a dividend for O'Bomber - Farmed and aborted foetuses to yield up their rich stores for pharma to plunder.

Obama Executive Orders Will Force Abortion, Embryonic Stem Cell Funding - by Steven Ertelt Editor November 9, 2008 asked financial experts to name their top stock pick if Obama won the election. Oct 7th 2008

"If Barack Obama wins the presidency, one under-the-radar play would be embryonic stem cell research; Geron (NASDAQ: GERN) is the current leader in embryonic stem cell research among publicly traded companies."

Jan 25 18:34

"Asymmetric warfare" and "terrorism"

A thought crossed my mind. Why is it "asymmetric warfare" when the poorly-funded and less-equipped side attacks the larger enemy, but not the other way around? Is it "asymmetric warfare" to fire missiles from drones onto targets in Pakistan or for Israel to drop WP on civilians EVEN IF they are deemed "combattants."

All war is terrorism, symmetrical or not.

These word games are used as red-herring to lead people from the question of whether the war is "just."

Jan 25 15:28

Israel's new flag

Jan 24 13:15

(video/audio)Noam Chomsky: Obama’s Stance on Gaza Crisis “Approximately the Bush Position”

In a visit to the State Department Thursday, President Obama made his first substantive comments on the Middle East conflict since Israel’s attack on Gaza. Obama first mentioned his commitment to Israel’s security, without affirming his commitment to Palestinian security.

Jan 22 12:18

Buy a Gun!

My band, The Gitmos, have unleashed our anthem for the 2nd Amendment: "Buy a Gun!". You can hear it at and become our friend. Or this should work without having to really go to Myspace:
Feedback appreciated. Here are the lyrics:

We're all set to riot
Buy a gun
Before you lose your Second Amendment
Buy a gun

Or they'll burn you out like in Waco
They'll stick your ass in a camp
Jack-booted cops in riot-gear
Gonna kick your ass and laugh
A Revolution is on it's way
Better lock and load your AK

Buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun
Before you wish you bought a gun

Jan 15 08:00

READER: READER: Were the Jews doing this kind of stuff to the German government in 1930?

Thursday, January 15, 2009
If so I can understand why the Germans were so angry at them.

One of the last Chancellors of the Weimar Republic, Dr Heinrich Bruning, said in a 1937 letter to Winston Churchill that;

"I did not and do not even today, for understandable reasons, wish to reveal that from October 1928 the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith, and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany."

Upon Mr Hitler's accession to power 30 January 1933 something happened between then and 24 March 1933 when the `glorious` headline - Judea Declares War on Germany - appeared in London's Daily Express newspaper.

I suspect that the Zionist bankers promptly turned up on his doorstep and asked him to deliver on their having so lavishly funded his Party the previous 4 years and 3 months.

Jan 13 20:22

FKN News - great approach

Creative and thought provoking while being entertaining.

Jan 13 20:16

Kucinich offers Resolution for Cease-Fire in Gaza, unimpeded aid to Gaza

I know, I know, our entire Congress is blackmailed and/or bribed and the idea that they will do anything against Israel's demands or outside of AIPAC's direction is willfully ignorant wishful thinking but I thought I would post this anyway...

Please take action to get support for this important resolution to soon be formally introduced by Dennis Kucinich. It comes after last weeks disgusting House/Senate vote to unconditionally support Israeli aggression in Gaza that now has killed nearly a thousand people, mostly unarmed people, including hundreds of children. The death toll, staggering as it may be, really says little of the suffering of the 1.4 million people of Gaza.

It is in the best interest of the people of the United States, of Palestinians, of Israelis, of the world, for the United States to do all it can to press for a cease-fire, for aid to the people of Gaza.

This resolution, to be offered by Dennis Kucinich, is not yet numbered.

Jan 13 18:29

Speaking of Jon Stewart - his take on the candidates and AIPAC

Link with video - who else could get away with this? Thank you, Jon.

edit: forgot the link.

Jan 12 09:29

War News for Monday, January 12, 2009

War News for Monday, January 12, 2009

#1: The violence began when two vehicles parked about 50 yards (meters) apart exploded in quick succession just after 7 a.m. as a police patrol passed by a bakery in a mainly Shiite area. The road, which runs through a commercial district, is frequently used by police and army convoys in the eastern New Baghdad neighborhood, residents said. Police and hospital officials said four people, including a policeman who died at the hospital, were killed and nine others wounded. The U.S. military said the Iraqi police were hit when explosives planted on a truck detonated as they were responded to the initial car bomb. The U.S. military gave a lower casualty toll, saying one Iraqi policeman was killed and two civilians were wounded.

Jan 11 09:46

Ukraine-Russia gas spat: some background and context

Ukraine-Russia gas spat: some background and context
As we enter yet another episode of worried or sanctimonious articles about the gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it's worth remembering a few simple facts:

1) The conflict started in 1992, not in 2006;

2) Russia cannot win a gas war against Ukraine and knows it;

3) the real underlying stakes are not about Russia or Ukraine.

Jan 10 02:32

Iraq Today

War News for Friday, January 09, 2009

"This is a farewell kiss, you dog. This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq." Muntazer al-Zaidi 12-14-08

The NY Times is reporting the deaths of three U.S. ISAF soldiers from a roadside bombing in Zabul Province, near the border of neighboring Kandahar Province on Friday, January 9th. Here's the ISAF release.

The Tri-city Herald is reporting the death of a civilian contractor, Paula Loyd, at the Brooke Army Medical Center on Wednesday, January 7th, from wounds she received from being doused with fuel and set on fire in Maywand, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008.

Jan. 6 airpower summary:

U.S. says Iraqis may still be held without charge: (Here we's only been ten days and we're rewriting the agreement.)

Wounded, but still battling:

Cheney slams irresponsible Iraq pullout: (Eleven days and counting)

Jan 09 14:00

US Army Engineers in Rafah / Gaza / part of the testing for US lethal weapons technology

US Army Engineers in Rafah / Gaza / part of the testing for US lethal weapons technology
Ynet news reports : US officers deployed along Egypt-Rafah border

London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi reported on Wednesday 7th january that American Engineering Corps' officers have been stationed at Egypt's border with Strip in order to unearth smugglers' tunnels in area

Jan 09 00:31

Palestine Red Crescent Society Blog

The enormity of the deaths hit me. After 12 days of killing and psychological warfare, I’d become…less shocked at the sight of pieces of bodies, a little numb…like a doctor might, or a person subjected to this time and again. I was and am horrified at the on-going slaughter, at the images of children’s bodies being pulled from the rubble astonished it could continue…but adapted to the fact that there would be bodies, maimed, lives ruined. Standing among sandy makeshift graves, watching men digging with their hands, others carrying corpses on any plank long enough –corrugated tin, scraps of wood, stretchers –to be hastily buried –the drones still fly overhead and tank shelling can be heard 100s of metres beyond, it all become too much again. I wept for all the dead and the wounded psyches of a people who know their blood flows freely and will continue to do so.

Jan 06 12:49

" In order to save the village we had to destroy it"

" In order to save the village we had to destroy it"

The BBC are reporting that, "at least 40 people have been killed in an Israeli air strike on the United Nations-run al-Fakhura girls school in the Gaza Strip". BBC video (timed 4.35 GMT) Israeli captain on school attack - Captain Elie Isaacson of the Israeli Defence Force said that they had had "major operational successes" in Gaza. He told the BBC's Ben Brown that the Israeli army wants to "get this thing finished as soon as possible" .. but wouldn't comment on the school massacre as they didn't have "accurate information".

Jan 05 14:02

Gaza - Warsaw Redux and a good time to remind Obama of his silence on the genocide of the Palestinians

from April 19th to May 16th , 1943 a Nazi campaign, led by SS General Jürgen Stroop with over 2000 soldiers, mostly Waffen SS, SS Ordnungspolizei, and SS Sicherheitsdienst troops began a short brutal campaign to end the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

The Nazis had walled off and sealed the ghetto in November 1940 and refused to allow in enough food to support life.

Dec 15 16:25

My Christmas Wish


Now that the spark has hit the fuel by that brave Iraqi reporter, wouldn't it be nice if ALL Iraqis just started throwing shoes at the occupation forces everywhere in their country?

They can call it the Shoe-ntifada!

Dec 07 22:18

Reason enough for blind-rage rampages to become very common.

The events of the past weeks beginning with the massive bailouts of Wall Street banks by the Treasury Department are beginning to wear a raw hole in the psyche of the American public.

And it is not now going too far to say the hubris of the government is reason enough to justify a rash of violent, blind-rage, outbreaks, attacks upon all bodies of authority in this country.

Dec 01 19:18

The Problem with Pragmatism

President-Elect Obama's national security team is being called, "pragmatic".

As expected Hillary Clinton was named the next Secretary of State.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates will be kept on in his current post.

Susan Rice, an apparently quite competent Obama staffer, was named as nominated to be United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Marine General James Jones will be nominated as Barack Obama's National Security Adviser.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano will be nominated as the new Homeland Security Director.

Nov 30 07:10

Is Congress Too Big to Fail?

It's increasingly up in the air whether or not Congress itself is too big to fail.

In this age of knee-slapping Treasury Department swindles like Honest Hank Paulson's bandwagon of fiscal hilarity, one has to take a look around this vast coterie of a country and determine just who isn't too big too fail?

Oh, it's clear someone does have to fail. The average American has been failing in increasing numbers for a long enough period of time no one seems to remember a time when it wasn't the case that there's no success like failure.

Nov 28 09:59

From Within Our Own Government Powerful Forces Confront Obama.

I make no pretense of my outspokenness. I make no contentions, as I neither voted for Barack Obama or John McCain. I protested the process with a clear-conscience vote for Mark Twain, exactly as I said I would.

I have only slowly grown to value the opportunities the Obama Presidency present. He will have a chance to grab at the brass ring.

I make no bones about the prissy yes-men Obama has thus far recruited for his cabinet. Not one of them is legitimate. Not one of them, other than Paul Volcker, impresses me.

Nov 28 07:33

Commodities to fall, Oil into the teens, and Gold to $250

In the current climate it is easy to look around and find dire predictions. That's why you are reading this post. It is all part of depression era market psychology. Nothing surprises us any more.

So, I am serious about these predictions?

You bet I am. The worldwide financial systems are wrecked to the up side.

We are now peering over the edge of the abyss.

And just because the fed has sloshed around more than few trillion dollars at the bottom of a their leaky bucket, it is all going into efforts that do nothing to increase demand.

No one has any money.

Nov 27 13:08


I've always been a bully, since as long as I can remember.

Bullying gets a lot of bad press in our world of late.

It wasn't always so, but these humanitarian schmucks have the floor and the gavel with so much wrong in the world, and so many complaining about it all the time.

But no one knows what to do about anything anymore.

And the number of people screaming to be bullied is skyrocketing.

It's too bad. Because a lot of what is wrong in the world could be very quickly cured with just a little well-placed bullying.