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Apr 11 07:18

Are you a writer? Do you have a blog?

I would like to send a copy of my book The New Epistemology of Morality and Truth at my expense to a few writers who will consider publishing a book review online on their blog. This is about marketing.

The title might appear daunting to some, but don't be misled. This is a 212 page paperback. The book is philosophy, but written for a general readership. I am not an academic. This is not some dreary and foolish academic philosophy book.

This book tells a story, the story of the meaning of a new secular morality arising in the world that has solutions for the future. It is not a god-book. There are some humorous passages, as well as come insightful commentary on life made by an old guy well-past his physical prime.

Dec 07 22:18

Reason enough for blind-rage rampages to become very common.

The events of the past weeks beginning with the massive bailouts of Wall Street banks by the Treasury Department are beginning to wear a raw hole in the psyche of the American public.

And it is not now going too far to say the hubris of the government is reason enough to justify a rash of violent, blind-rage, outbreaks, attacks upon all bodies of authority in this country.

Dec 01 19:18

The Problem with Pragmatism

President-Elect Obama's national security team is being called, "pragmatic".

As expected Hillary Clinton was named the next Secretary of State.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates will be kept on in his current post.

Susan Rice, an apparently quite competent Obama staffer, was named as nominated to be United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Marine General James Jones will be nominated as Barack Obama's National Security Adviser.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano will be nominated as the new Homeland Security Director.

Nov 30 07:10

Is Congress Too Big to Fail?

It's increasingly up in the air whether or not Congress itself is too big to fail.

In this age of knee-slapping Treasury Department swindles like Honest Hank Paulson's bandwagon of fiscal hilarity, one has to take a look around this vast coterie of a country and determine just who isn't too big too fail?

Oh, it's clear someone does have to fail. The average American has been failing in increasing numbers for a long enough period of time no one seems to remember a time when it wasn't the case that there's no success like failure.

Nov 28 09:59

From Within Our Own Government Powerful Forces Confront Obama.

I make no pretense of my outspokenness. I make no contentions, as I neither voted for Barack Obama or John McCain. I protested the process with a clear-conscience vote for Mark Twain, exactly as I said I would.

I have only slowly grown to value the opportunities the Obama Presidency present. He will have a chance to grab at the brass ring.

I make no bones about the prissy yes-men Obama has thus far recruited for his cabinet. Not one of them is legitimate. Not one of them, other than Paul Volcker, impresses me.

Nov 28 07:33

Commodities to fall, Oil into the teens, and Gold to $250

In the current climate it is easy to look around and find dire predictions. That's why you are reading this post. It is all part of depression era market psychology. Nothing surprises us any more.

So, I am serious about these predictions?

You bet I am. The worldwide financial systems are wrecked to the up side.

We are now peering over the edge of the abyss.

And just because the fed has sloshed around more than few trillion dollars at the bottom of a their leaky bucket, it is all going into efforts that do nothing to increase demand.

No one has any money.

Nov 27 13:08


I've always been a bully, since as long as I can remember.

Bullying gets a lot of bad press in our world of late.

It wasn't always so, but these humanitarian schmucks have the floor and the gavel with so much wrong in the world, and so many complaining about it all the time.

But no one knows what to do about anything anymore.

And the number of people screaming to be bullied is skyrocketing.

It's too bad. Because a lot of what is wrong in the world could be very quickly cured with just a little well-placed bullying.

Nov 26 19:34

Ruthlessly dedicated to the preservation of whatever.

IN this age where terrorism, false flags, the end of the financial system, and trillions of dollars all can come up within a single article without shocking a single reader, one has to wonder, by what measure might we see life jump back out of the fast lane before, or after, the bloody, fatal crash everyone seems to be predicting, coming from one source or another, as it most assuredly is?

Nov 26 10:10

WRH Thought for the day

I just noted today's WRH Thought For The Day.

In order for an act to be a crime, libertarians say, someone must be harmed [and?] there must be a victim. Anything that's peaceful, voluntary, and honest should be tolerated regardless of whether we agree with it. Part of the price of our own freedom is allowing others to be free. - Scott Banister,

I do not know Scott Banister the woeful grammarian.

But this little aphorist whirligig is typical Libertarian tripe that fails at even the most rudimentary of logical levels.

Nov 26 09:08

It ain't gonna be so easy.

Reading this morning everyone's impressions about the next shoe we wake up every morning now to watch drop; Rogers is saying it's devaluation of the dollar; others that the cost of the bailout will be $8.5 trillion and counting; some are roiled that the festering rat hole AIG is getting another $40 billion; and common instinct is almost universally reacting against socialism at any level and sounding the alarm about socialism's horrid ineffeciencies and even worse its literally starving inequalities; Nader is re-stating that Obama will choose Wall Street over Main Street by n

Nov 24 06:28

The Bailout's Hubris to Nowhere

I awoke this morning with a question in my mind that seemed important. I noted it.

I then read about the $20bn overnight bailout of Citigroup Bank.

My overnight question nagged me more for an answer.

Nov 17 16:50

FREE Garikoitz Aspiazu !

Garikoitz Aspiazu, aka "Txeroki", is a fighter in the movement for an independent Basque nation.

Out of expediency Garikoitz Aspiazu is being treated as a civil prisoner when he is clearly a political prisoner.

The slimeball Sarkozy is bragging he caught him.

Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero, doesn't care who caught Garikoitz Aspiazu. He just wants to cut his balls off and stuff them in his mouth.

Face it. You've got to either put up, or shut up in this world.

Nov 13 20:12

Bald Boomers, and The Hubris of the American Oligarch in the Age of Obama

This site has a plethora of Libertarian posters that serve up libations to the reading public. Where are they?

They have failed to point out that two bald Boomers have seized control of everyone’s economic prospects.

The Age of the American Entrepreneur has been eclipsed by The Age of the Bailouts.

What does this mean for the makeup of American society and the future of everyone’s children who will inherit it?

Nov 08 07:20

A look at Hell on earth for the uninitiated.

First thing this morning I am confronted with a suffocating story about despair.

Most people suffer passing bouts with depression.

But when we strive to understand depression, and especially its non-clinical causes, its causes rooted in the modern reality we all suffer, we are finally addressing the needs of the world, if by "needs" we are talking about a universal wish to make the world a better place.

Making the world a better place, is no easy task. But, it is clearly the only moral task.

Nov 07 09:05

Monetary Dikes Created to Dam Fiscal Floods

This morning as I read an article concerning GM junk bonds on Bloomberg, I followed my now dormant investor's instinct to a rotting pile of putrid economic mistakes and policy decisions, gasoline soaked rags, cans filled with gasoline and diesel fuel awaiting ignition by yet another pilfering group of greedy arsonists.

Nov 06 09:05

Cannibalism could be a viable solution

As I sat here this morning reading a gut-wrenching BBC story entitled Growing slums 'face water crisis' it dawned on me, canniblism may become necessary to adequately address the humanitarian needs that will certainly arise in this snow-balling economic downturn.

Even if it has never been a good idea to eat street vender meat products, no, we're still probably not going to see widespread cannibalism here in the U.S.

Nov 05 04:48

Re-Legitimizing America?

Many millions of Americans, and literally billions of human beings outside the United States, are right now hoping the election of Barack Obama, the first American of significant color to be elected to be President of the United States, will somehow re-legitimize the promise of the ethic of the America experience.

Black Americans of every shade are waking up this morning pinching themselves, wondering what it all will mean.

Many youthful Americans of every color too are stirring from their slumber, and saying to themselves, Yes! Yes! Yes!

Nov 03 19:02

Our Wheel of Fortune America.

Watching a Barack Obama television ad just now, an ad aired just before Wheel of Fortune, I was quite suddenly inspired by the half-black, Harvard graduate from Illinois.

No, I'm not inspired by any controversy incurred by the campaign of this polite, half-black, candidate. Barack Obama brought an incidental controversy to this election season, a reverse sort of race-baiting that seems to be enticing plenty of supporters to a candidacy that is otherwise ill-defined.

Nov 01 06:44

Anger about banking network security.

I'm interested in network security for online banking sites. It's a huge problem that seems to be being summarily ignored, and shirked for the responsibility it represents.

And there is a huge, gaping hole in the response for what could be done.

Here's the problem: we're all under attack 24/7. Anyone who has an online banking account is at risk.

Banks have done some things, and sometimes they change for improvement.