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Jul 14 22:53

Arnold sound board

Thought Mike could do an interview with Arnold using one of many soundboards on the net. Just to lighten things up. Look at the entries on the right on this one: "The most important thing is money" (probably taken out of context, granted.)

Apr 05 21:01

A song to keep you going #1

First in a series of songs that inspire "us."

This one by Phil Collins hit me like a ton of bricks - I distinctly remember where I was and what grocery store I was in and what aisle where I really "heard" it playing over the grocery store speakers. I don't want to suggest Collins is some sort of fellow traveler of ours, but geez, these lyrics make you wonder a bit.

"they don't tell me nothing - so I find out what I can"

"there's a fire burning right outside my door."

"seems so long I've been waiting - still don't know what for."

"cause I've been a prisoner all my life..."

"mine's an ordinary life"


Mar 04 23:14

Woman superglues teeth - can't afford dentist

Typically I don't go for these stories but this one seems pretty genuine. I would love to see Mike put this in the context of the greedy elites and what they have acquired at others expense.

I don't think the video embedding will work for this source, so I will just post a link.

Mar 01 14:13

Oh, no! Secret blueprints found on computer in Iran! Mossad server? Remember Libya?

Let's see, secret plans of Marine One found "in Iran." Already pre-selling the idea of [fill in the blank] happening?

Remember Mossad's framing of Libya using transmitters planted there (story from Victor Ostrovsky)?

Feb 28 22:05

Holder's appeal for gun control for MEXICO'S sake

Have you noticed how often the proponents of more government control rarely cite their real intentions and instead make some emotional appeal about helping some victim class? Holder's claims that we should crack down on guns in the US because it helps MEXICO infuriates me.

This morning I hear David Shorr (who is pretty hard to listen to in the best of circumstances) repeating the Obama/Holder propaganda that the guns in Mexico come mostly from the US. The archive isn't up yet and I will add it when I can. But until then, consider the retort below (I have not verified it, fwiw)

It was written in response to a similar news story in the Wall Street Journal (see )


Feb 22 17:21

Be veeeeeeewy quiet. I'm hunting neocons......

....on message boards....

Posted: "What if the Muslims declared war on the US and worked within the US to destroy it"?

Answers of "kill them" in various responses.

Retort: "Oh, I was just curious since Jews declared war on Germany in 1933....."


Posted: "If Israel, while enforcing its blockade of Gaza, were to sink a boat carrying Americans as well as munitions going to Gaza, should the US declare war on Israel"?

Various answers siding with Israel.

Retort: "Oh, I was just curious since the RMS Lusitania was running the German blockade carrying munitions, etc...."

You get the idea.

Feb 07 11:48

Gates, mosquitoes, and terrorism

How do Gates' actions not qualify as terrorism? Seems to me he was using terror to advance an agenda. Seems to be the working definition. And the first 5 letters of "mosque" is in the word "mosquito" - probably the connection would have been made half-jokingly by Malkin or Rush had the actor been a Middle Eastern man instead of the poster boy for corporate America - Gates.

Gates' statement prior to the release hangs him - 'Not only poor people should experience this.' Sic semper Bourgeoisie? Clearly his intent was to create terror - yet the MSM seems to laugh it off. What if that hypothetical Middle Eastern man had released powerdered sugar and claimed it was Anthrax spores only to say "just kidding"?

Feb 05 09:51

Flashback: Blitzer vs. Finkelstein '89

Blitzer is sickening. Finkelstein calls him on it.

Jan 25 18:34

"Asymmetric warfare" and "terrorism"

A thought crossed my mind. Why is it "asymmetric warfare" when the poorly-funded and less-equipped side attacks the larger enemy, but not the other way around? Is it "asymmetric warfare" to fire missiles from drones onto targets in Pakistan or for Israel to drop WP on civilians EVEN IF they are deemed "combattants."

All war is terrorism, symmetrical or not.

These word games are used as red-herring to lead people from the question of whether the war is "just."

Jan 25 15:28

Israel's new flag

Jan 13 20:22

FKN News - great approach

Creative and thought provoking while being entertaining.

Jan 13 18:29

Speaking of Jon Stewart - his take on the candidates and AIPAC

Link with video - who else could get away with this? Thank you, Jon.

edit: forgot the link.