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Nov 24 04:50

Georgian Delegation hires 80 prostitutes at NATO summit - and blames Russia!!

LMFAO - Georgia shoots itself in the foot then has the audacity to blame Russia for pulling the trigger.

MP Wants Probe into Reported 'Lisbon Hotel Prostitute Party'

A lawmaker from parliamentary minority called on November 24 for a probe into a report by the Portuguese press, according to which the Georgian delegation, visiting Lisbon for NATO summit, hired dozens of prostitutes for a party in a hotel where the delegation was staying.

Sep 06 00:10

You can’t eat money (or gold)

How long do these ingredients last?

Some people may find the above link useful. If/when the shit hits the fan remember that all your investments and money will be wiped out - even if you think you're covered by compensation schemes if your bank goes bust you'll probably be looking at a minimum of SIX MONTHS before that compensation comes through - that's six months during which time you'll have no access to your money, for what it's worth.

Maybe you've got gold? Better, but what you'll really need is a roof over your head, food, and water. These are the important things.

Aug 19 15:47

The Truth Business - Truth, for fun & profit

I've been thinking about this quite a lot lately, and the number of web sites which seem to have sprung up around the same time the oil started springing up in the gulf has only heightened my suspicions that there are a great number of people out there who appear to "spread the word" but who, in reality, are just out to either make a name for themselves on the back of other people's hard work, or they are in it to make money out of it. There's gold in them thar conspiracy hills.

Aug 17 03:13

Abkhazia, Georgia, and the Crisis of August 2008: Roots and Lessons

This is an absolute eye-opening MUST READ for anyone who professes to know what this issue is all about. It's quite long, but well worth a few minutes of your time.

The author, George Hewitt, is Professor of Caucasian Languages at London University and has been a Fellow of the British Academy since 1997. Since 1989 he has written widely about the Georgian–Abkhazian conflict.

May 25 07:08

Georgians feel betrayed, hoodwinked and used

The long awaited and much discussed local elections are nearly here. The countdown is already underway. The 30th of May 2010 is a long anticipated day. Recriminations, finger-pointing and mud-slinging are already essential components of the pre-election campaign. Voters can expect more to come. However, in spite of all the good old fun and hoopla, commotion and double-speak, there can be little doubt about who will be the eventual winner, regardless of the continued boycotting of IRI, NDI and others for hired pollsters. It is already a done deal and part of a pony show of what is to come.

May 18 23:47

Google guilty of currency rate fixing???

Google's currency converter can't be trusted. I just checked the British Pound to the greenback and while Google says you get about 1.47 dollars to the pound, all the reputable sites say 1.43.

I'm glad someone spotted it and pointed it out to me before it got me into serious trouble.

It seems this is not an isolated case either.

Read the comments at the link above but DO NOT - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES trust this gadget. It will likely appear on many sites which are run by Google's unwitting accomplices.

I suppose it would be pushing it a bit that Google's rates are deliberately fixed to dupe people to spend more money than they can afford to?

Apr 29 06:41

Deepwater Horizon

I received this by e-mail - there was no copyright notice so i guess it's ok to post it here. It's quite interesting as it gives you a better appreciation of the kind of technology they use to suck the blood out of the earth, and the problem they face here. With the US Department of Defense joining efforts to tackle the Gulf of Mexico oil slick, which is now 5 times worse than they thought it was, one wonders just how they are going to stop turning into the mother of all oil-related eco-disasters.

Apr 23 17:25

Trouble is brewing in Georgia

Relations between Russia and Georgia have turned even more frosty than they already were, over the past few months.