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May 20 05:24

Is COVID-19 breaching our online privacy?

Have you ever heard of a saying, "one should never waste a good crisis"? Well, that's exactly what giant tech corporations are doing right now. If you haven't heard already, Google and Apple are supposedly working together to fight and the COVID-19 pandemic.

But is there an ulterior motive behind it?

Based on intuition and all the news I've been consuming lately from credible sources, I think that Google, Apple, and other tech companies are simply building a privacy violation coronavirus tracking app.

Even though it's easy to think that Google and Apple are partnering up for the betterment of humanity, experts speculate that this uncanny partnership might be hiding something dark. After all, who knows what Apple and Google will do with all the personal information that they've collected about us.

Apr 22 00:45

What is a Dedicated IP VPN and why you need one

Whenever you’re comparing VPN services that which VPN is best, more secure, reliable and safe. So, what you do is to compare one VPN provider features with the other one.

There are so many features like Multi hop, multiple devices, Kill switch, and a lot more but what I believe is Dedicated IP is most important one and the game changer in comparison.

What is a Dedicated IP or Static IP?

Most of the people ask this: What is a Dedicated IP VPN?
A dedicated IP is an IP address which is used by only one person. Whenever he/she get connected with the selective VPN service, it found the exact same IP address every time.

With this dedicated IP feature, your provider will assign you a static IP address which is dedicated to you only.