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What is a Dedicated IP VPN and why you need one

Whenever you’re comparing VPN services that which VPN is best, more secure, reliable and safe. So, what you do is to compare one VPN provider features with the other one.

There are so many features like Multi hop, multiple devices, Kill switch, and a lot more but what I believe is Dedicated IP is most important one and the game changer in comparison.

What is a Dedicated IP or Static IP?

Most of the people ask this: What is a Dedicated IP VPN?
A dedicated IP is an IP address which is used by only one person. Whenever he/she get connected with the selective VPN service, it found the exact same IP address every time.

With this dedicated IP feature, your provider will assign you a static IP address which is dedicated to you only.

In the cyber-security world it is surely recommended to use a Dedicated IP. The only drawback of this feature is mostly this is not a built in feature when you bought a VPN service. You need to pay extra to avail this feature.

Benefits of using Dedicated IP VPN

There are various benefits while using this VPN feature for your privacy and security perspective.

• Avoid getting banned through communities because you’re connecting every time with the Static IP address.

• Avoid dealing with the frustrated captcha verification issues. When you’re using the same IP address every time, it will not ask about verification.

• Easily access to the business servers even, work from home as well.

• Can easily by-pass geo-blocked content and won’t be blocked by streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more.

• You can deal securely while banking without getting blocked.

• Emails will deliver directly to Inbox and not in junk or spam.

• Easily access and unblock websites without verification of two factor authentication.

• Easily play games without geo-blockage issue.


Dedicated IP is one of the most important VPN feature which will not only secure your online streaming but will allow you to minimize the chances of been ban from communities and for safe and secure transactions online.

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If you still feel anything unclear regarding Dedicated IP or Static IP feel free to comment below.