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Television Propaganda and You

There is a very excellent show on CBS called 'Criminal Minds'. Well written and engaging, I enjoy watching the show very much. But I've noticed many cases of propaganda in the show. There was a CM Marathon on yesterday and while I've seen other instances of propaganda in the show, one that springs to mind is the use of CCTV surveillance cameras. They showed someone watching the monitors admitting that they aren't there to stop crime, but to catch perpetrators after the fact. In truth, even this is rare. It showed them using the cameras to witness a murder, then follow the 'perp' up out of the subway and onto the street. Unlikely, but it sure makes those cameras look useful, doesn't it?

There was another episode where they threatened a news reporter with incarceration under the Patriot Act, practically telling him that he has no rights under the act if they choose to call a crime 'terrorism'. Lets face it, most people are terrified by most any violent crime, so almost anything can be called terrorism. Once it's classified as such, all rights are gone. And remember, these are the good guys!

I like the show and urge people to watch it for it's entertainment value, but also to recognize the propaganda in it and see how that propaganda and shows like CM are used to inoculate us to our loss of rights and privacy.