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Palin's Deadly Wolf Program

I feel strongly that a person's character can be judged by the way he or she treats animals. Sarah Palin is on record for actively promoting the aerial gunning of Alaska's wild wolves and bears. The wolves and bears are chased by plane to exhaustion and then blasted to death by cowards with shotguns. When Palin learned that not enough wolves were killed this way she tried to offer a bounty for every severed foreleg brought in.

This is one of the most hideous and brutal "sports" I've ever seen and Palin's overt enthusiasm in promoting it shows what a pathologically sick person she really is. She is in league with Bush and his delight in blowing up live frogs with firecrackers.

Think about it. Is this the kind of mentality that is appropriate on the world platform? Where we desperately need balance, diplomacy, humility and thoughtfulness towards others? From all that I've read on her thus far, Palin is the exemplification of the lowest common denominators. It's no wonder many people, as well as myself, find her so disturbing and scary.

I support the worthy organization, Defenders of Wildlife, in their efforts to help the wolves of Alaska and other animals.

They have a brief video on aerial gunning here with more detailed information on Palin:

Please help me spread the word on Palin's brutality and also, I urge you to help Defenders of Wildlife in any way you can.

Thank you.