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Is Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Commercial Possibly Based on a Lie?

Pam Tebow Claims She Was Counseled by a Doctor to Have an Abortion – in a Country Where Abortion Was, and Is Illegal

By Joe Bodolai © 2010, All rights reserved

The militant fundamentalist lobby group with the tawdry manipulate-the-stupid name of “Focus on the Family” has successfully recruited Tim Tebow and his mother for another of their anti-choice, anti-abortion ads, which will air during this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The message is based on Pam Tebow’s public speaking set piece story about how she was “counseled by doctors” while pregnant with Tim in the Philippines to have an abortion, even though abortion was, and still is, illegal in that country, even if raped or if the pregnancy jeopardized the health of the mother.

Mrs. Tebow has, to my knowledge, never actually identified the name of the doctor who supposedly risked his career and prison for this advice. Presumably, these records exist and this doctor may be still alive, but no mainstream journalist has seemed to look this up. Perhaps Tim’s birth certificate might help? Again, why is she so vague about the details?

Would a doctor in the Philippines be willing to risk the loss of his license to practice if he or she performed an abortion? Not to mention other serious penalties. Why can we find no corroborating witnesses? Perhaps the attending physician could provide records concerning the pregnancy and birth?

It makes a great story in the life of St. Timothy of Tebow, and we can read his messages on the eye black under his helmet listing Bible passages each week, sort of like that Rainbow-haired guy in the 70s or the “John 3:10” people who fouled sports cutaways some years ago.

It is also the alliance of a major television network and a superstar athlete (well until the NFL draft) with a hate group. CBS also has rejected an ad for a gay dating site.

Lawyer Gloria Allred (who is not the issue here) has said, along with others, that she will bring action against CBS for false advertising if the facts in this ad cannot be proven. Shouldn’t CBS have standards in place to ensure their broadcast messages are accurate? Oh, wait, Focus on the Family is paying near $3 million. Maybe some of that could fund CBS News to actually find the truth, but apparently that is not what they do.

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