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Why Is Using Kodi Without a Vpn the Last Thing You Want Do

If Kodi is your only streaming option for watching Movies and TV Shows, then its time you pay attention. Kodi is a media platform that helps to stream a variety of content. It is perfectly legal under the international laws. But what makes it a threat to Kodi users is its ability to install unofficial third-party add-ons.

Kodi is an open-source platform, just like Google Play Store that has tons of official and third party apps. Unfortunately, using a third-party add-on can be risky and may get you into trouble. That is why using a best VPN for Kodi should be your ultimate choice.

What is Kodi and How Does it Work?

Kodi is a free media player app that was first developed for Xbox and was named as Xbox Media Player (XBMC). It is currently available in 5 Million UK homes and is equally popular in other European countries, and also in US, and in Canada.

But what makes it different from other media players and why would you ever need to protect your online privacy while streaming? The reason why Kodi is popular in most countries is its ability to stream illegal\copyrighted media content for free.

Once you download and install Kodi, you wouldn’t be able to stream anything unless you have installed Kodi add-ons.

There are two types of add-ons through which you can stream video content. One is called ‘Official Kodi add-ons’, while the second are ‘Third-Party Kodi add-ons’. Official add-ons are built-in inside Kodi app in a Kodi official repository.

Third-party Kodi add-on or illegal Kodi add-ons have been breaking the Internet since Kodi has stepped its foot as an open-source app. These are developed by independent developers and scrapes video content from torrent and other websites.

What are the Security Risks with Kodi?

Since unofficial add-ons are created by third-party developers that are neither trustable nor reliable, they lead to different security risks.

It is important to know that any malicious add-on that you download on Kodi, it directly affects your system. Here are some of the security risks associated with Kodi:

Security Risk 1: Malicious Kodi Add-ons

When you install third-party add-on, you’re installing a zip file created by a developer that contains the source through which you stream Movies and TV Shows. Who knows what lies inside the zip file?

There has been similar incidents where Kodi add-ons have been accused of injecting malware in their repository. Some of these examples include GAIA, Bubbles, and even ransomware viruses. According to the reports by ZDNet, XvBMC repository was found to have running a cryptocurrency mining malware.

As discussed earlier, you need a VPN to keep those malware at bay. Even though you have installed these add-ons, a VPN will help protect your system against its harm by encrypting your web traffic.

Security Risks 2: Exposing Online Identity to ISPs

If you’ve been living in Europe, US, or any other country, you would probably know that your Internet Service Provider (ISPs) keeps a close eye on what you’re doing online.

Whenever they see you attempt to access free videos on the internet, they would throttle your Internet speed or deny access to that website. In severe cases, copyright holders can force ISPs to send you legal notice that could get you into trouble. The court can order 6 months sentence in jail, hefty fines, or both.

What would you do to keep using unofficial Kodi add-ons but stay out of trouble with the law enforcement? Get a VPN. The same answer that I keep telling my readers across the internet.

ISP’s track your online activity using your original IP address. But what does a VPN do, it hides your original IP address and assigns you a new IP that would be from another country. This keeps your online activity private and anything you do over the Internet remains hidden. After that, access Kodi or any streaming app you want to use.

The Wrap Up

Kodi is a perfect streaming platform for anyone who wants to access to free video content. However, I have mentioned the downside of using unofficial Kodi add-ons that could get you in trouble. Most importantly the two security risk that trouble users with the law enforcement. Therefore, never forget to use a VPN when streaming with Kodi.