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Top 7 Ways To Use A VPN

Due to increased cyber crimes, VPNs, virtual private networks have contributed a lot in ensuring internet security. VPNs provide a high level of security and privacy to the internet and computer users. The VPN software provides protection by creating a digital tunnel during the user's internet connection and thus not allowing spies to access it. To achieve this, a VPN user's internet connection is routed via remote servers, hiding user’s IP address, and offering them high security features such as encryption which makes it impossible for third parties to identify data content. VPNs are most common in business enterprises that allows remote users to enjoy using private network without the fear of getting hacked.

However, there are still other cool ways that VPN can be very helpful with even if you not using it for remote network access. You can try Surfshark VPN trial and find it yourself. Below we list other VPN benefits.

VPN prevents your ISP from slowing down your Internet

Internet service providers may try to slow your internet connection especially when playing games online and not using an unlimited data plan. Moreover, we may add to this problem BitTorrent issues. BitTorrent is an internet service that allows sharing large amounts of data from peer-to-peer. BitTorrent uses a lot of bandwidth and it's also recognized for infringement of copyright materials. Most of the time, the Internet provider's try to block services like Bit Torrent due to their high bandwidth consumption. So, using VPN while playing games online prevents your internet service provider from slowing down your experience.

VPN allows to watch Netflix and other streaming services

Currently, YouTube and Netflix are the leading consumers of internet bandwidth. A report in 2015 declared that Netflix was consuming internet traffic amounting to 37% and the number is expected to go higher in coming years. This online streaming service consumes too much bandwidth which leads to ISPs reducing your internet speed to cut back your internet consumption. Moreover, this issue has become very serious leading to Netflix coming up with their ISP speed index that is very helpful in tracking ISP connections speeds in all parts of the world. For individuals who prefer watching YouTube and Netflix without various disruptions such as buffers, and annoying outages then a good VPN will help you achieve this.

Enjoy Free Streaming TV's in other Regions

Netflix has played a major role in how we watch TV and due to these, other broadcasting organizations have decided to upload and allow free streaming of their programs on their websites. This means that you have the chance to watch various programs from channels such as BBC, Discovery Channel and ABC on your laptop. However, the only hindrance is that to watch these programs for free, you must be from the country of origin. Indeed, this can be achieved by using a VPN which changes the IP address to the country of your choice. Therefore, if you choose to watch BBC, then you can set your VPN location in the UK, and for Discovery Channel lovers, they can set their VPN location in the U.S. If you are able to find a VPN that has servers in different locations, then you will be able to enjoy this free streaming services.

Avoid Internet Spies

It's very easy for another person or third party internet user to spy on you using your connection. However, this scenario is not easy while using a private network, for example, home and office, but while operating in a public network such as those found in restaurants and airports, then being eavesdropped is quite easy. The problem with public connections is that they are not encrypted, and moreover they do not require passwords for users to access them, and therefore making your internet privacy easily compromised by malicious people. If you do not think eavesdropping is very easy, then you should check on hundreds of apps used to spy on employee's, kids activities and also tracking spouses. Therefore, if you looking forward to protecting yourself from hackers especially when using public internet, then it's advisable to install an effective VPN.

Avoid Detection Especially While Conducting Competitors Research

Indeed, sometimes anonymity contributes a lot to being successful. For example, while researching on the internet, each time you click on a website, a log is updated for your visit. After doing this, then the site's owner can use various tools such as Google Analytics to follow your digital trails and later determine who and what your interests were while visiting the site. Therefore, if you are browsing a competitor's website and you do not wish them to know your identity, then a good VPN can help do this. The reason behind this is that the VPN will reroute your IP address and thus you will be logged in as an unknown user.

Hide Your Location

There are also at times when you might be away from home and wishing not to show the real location you are in. Experiences like this occur when maybe you decide to travel and don't want other individuals such as employers, co-workers, and even thieves to know your exact position. This event mostly occurs when you are out for vacation and don't want your exact location identified. Therefore, to achieve this you can install a VPN and hide your real location.

Save Money while Trying to Book Airline Tickets and Car Rentals

The first method while trying to save money booking airline tickets and car rentals is comparing different prices offered on the internet. However, one major challenge with travel websites is that they use geolocation, cookies and other data collection methods to know their customers. Therefore, if you look very much interested in their service they may charge you more, not forgetting that these fares vary from country to country. Therefore, using VPN's will help you become anonymous and also change your location to countries that may be cheaply charged. These are just a few advantages of VPNs.


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