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Top 3 Most Dangerous Browser Hijackers For Mac

Browser hijacking is when a software modifies browser settings, especially homepage, extensions, extensions, and default search engines without taking your consent. The explanation may not seem that dangerous but in actual, these hijackers can also steal your personal information while redirecting you to some unwanted platforms. Recent forms of this adware like Search Baron are extremely persistent.

Browser hijackers are basically some kind of unwanted applications in the cybersecurity world. No one wants to install those programs on their Mac systems, but they are still present without getting noticed. Hackers also use them to distribute malware, keyloggers, adware, and spyware, etc. In the worst cases, they can even steal your banking information, such as passwords and usernames as well.

Top 3 most dangerous browser hijackers for Mac

Chrome is believed to be one of the most secure browsers in the market; it can help you stay safe from hacker attacks. However, few potential hijackers can still cause trouble on your machine. Below we have listed the three most dangerous browser hijackers for Mac to boost your knowledge base:

  1. Babylon Toolbar

This software was launched in the year 2011 and within very little time, many CNET-owned websites started bundling it with their downloads. Babylon Toolbar was being downloaded to millions of systems without user consent and after installation, it used to change the default search engine to It also affected other browsers present on the Mac system

The toolbar was basically a kind of adware that used to display loads of ads on the search results. Their main goal was to collect huge amounts of money from various sponsored links. This hijacker also collects user data and transfer it to an advertiser to boost their profits.

  1. Conduit

Conduit is one of the most dangerous browser hijackers in the market. Although this software comes with a simple surface, it is capable enough to change the default search engine, other browser settings, and new tab pages as well.

This software is usually bundled with a few other free downloads. Soon it alters the browser settings while locking them from administrator end. It is a nasty combination of spyware and adware that can collect your confidential and personal data. At the same time, it keeps on displaying some in-text advertisements and pop-ups on almost every webpage. People say that it is one of the hardest malware in the cyber world.

  1. IncrediBar Search

Here is another quiet but very powerful browser hijacker that can cause several dangerous issues in your system. Same as many other hijackers, it is also a spyware and adware combo, but at the same time, it works like a worm and virus.

IncrediBar makes use of toolbar to redirect users to MyStart Search website, especially to With this action, your browser may become a little slower. It can further consume most of the resources of your computer while making some potential changes in the registry. The level of destruction it can cause usually depends upon the type of OS version on your Mac system.