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Cannibalism could be a viable solution

As I sat here this morning reading a gut-wrenching BBC story entitled Growing slums 'face water crisis' it dawned on me, canniblism may become necessary to adequately address the humanitarian needs that will certainly arise in this snow-balling economic downturn.

Even if it has never been a good idea to eat street vender meat products, no, we're still probably not going to see widespread cannibalism here in the U.S.

Americans would more likely raise pigs on human flesh in order to have a legal product to place into the marketplace.

So, there probably won't be the large quantity of carcasses lying around that would make the obvious home-grown solution inevitable.

So if you find a meatgrinder at a mortuary, don't jump to unwarranted conclusions. The people who sell you ten thousand dollar wooden coffins are generally ethical, even if there are bound to be a few bad apples in every barrel.

Still, in many areas of the world, the increasing population growth and urbanization of those populations has exacerbated the logistical problem of not just where all these people are going to defecate, and, draw their drinking water, but also, in a global economic recession, just what the hell are they all going to eat?

I quote from the BBC article, "Populations in developing nations are set to triple over the next 30 years.

The authors called on the international community to take urgent action to tackle the problem."

The free market in this ripe situation demanding a solution to the problem will find that solution if left to its own devices. And the solution here is going to be obvious, cannibalism.

Let's examine basics.

A man on the street description of the economists' expression supply and demand will provide everyone with a view of what economics in the 21st Century really means.

Supply and demand for the layman means this, when you haven't got the money to buy something, you do not get any.

The price for these commodities will then fall because of a lack of demand at the higher price until a price is found where consumers slightly richer than you are will buy. You will still end up starving to death, or being shot to death for trying to steal something to eat.

This economic reality might fly in the face of contemporary American wisdom where, when you do not have the money to buy something, the government is at hand to bail you out in welfare for the poor and rich alike.

Americans live in a kind of universal welfare economy where no one has to do anything, and they don't, if they really don't want to.

For Americans, the only efficacy that really matters is the efficacy of the Treasury Department's printing presses. So, relax. Have another cup of Jo and enjoy the rest of the article.

The increasing reality is, the logistics behind a world wide depression in 1929 and in 2009, with the latter era suffering a worldwide population nearly five times the population of that of the former, and the latter era also having a far more urbanized population, well...

Now this does seem to raise the question about what might be done with all the carcasses of those that starve first in the world's poorest nations?

The solution as it turns out has been right under our scavenger-noses right along. What we always took to be the smell of rotting meat, is for those fit enough to survive likely going to turn out to be something to eat.

And more importantly for the economic recovery at hand, that something rank we all smell will turn out to be something for a shrewd few to sell to other people looking for something to eat.

Boy, those sausages sure smell good tonight.