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Bald Boomers, and The Hubris of the American Oligarch in the Age of Obama

This site has a plethora of Libertarian posters that serve up libations to the reading public. Where are they?

They have failed to point out that two bald Boomers have seized control of everyone’s economic prospects.

The Age of the American Entrepreneur has been eclipsed by The Age of the Bailouts.

What does this mean for the makeup of American society and the future of everyone’s children who will inherit it?

These two usurpers of the country’s economic future have apparently decided on the structure of the social caste system that will be reinforced repeatedly by granting de facto monopoly status to bailout-companies controlled by kindred Boomers.

These white-boy, Boomer-run finance companies are deemed worthy American companies, and anything else that might replace them will have no chance to compete because the government is providing these Boomer-run companies with billions in federal funding.

The full weight of the federal dollar has been given to companies like Bank of America and AIG, American International Group, but why?

It is not because these companies have an air like necessity. These bailouts continue because these companies are the heart and soul of the Boomer-run economy.

It is as if their infallible sovereignty as corporations is what our involuntary tithes are going to be given to regardless rhyme or reason.

The country these oligarchs are forming by destroying the country that once existed apparently will remain in the hands of Boomers long after all the Boomers have all died.

The country being created is apparently to be run by proxy. It is being handed over right now to the rich, lightly pedigreed, and only barely educated children of some NYC financial center Boomers.

No. They were not elected. They were deemed infallible because they represent constituents too large to fail, or so we are being told by these rapacious liars.

Hank Paulson is a salesman. And the Congress, being made up of Boomers bought, hook, line and sinker.

The American Oligarchs are right now setting up a caste system based upon key segments of the American economy, (the finaince industry), where they are employed and their children will find a ready sinecure.

The economic rescue plan, colloquially and more truthfully known as the bailouts, is petrifying upward social mobility, while greasing the downward slide into debt slavery for the greatest segment of our social and economic structure.

There will be a place for the educated children of some rich white folks that live in NYC or some other urban financial center where common theft and usury are the newest gods of the wealthy.

But for most of us, our kids will be working little more than minimum wage jobs equating to wage slavery for the rest of their lives in order to support the American Oligarchy.

But wait a second! What happened?

When we were kids, twenty or so and still young enough to be entrepreneurial, there was social mobility, and upward social mobility.

The multi-millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs that got their start in the 1960s never even got their college degrees. The country’s economic future wasn’t tied to bailouts. The country’s economic future was tied to high technology and entrepreneurial aspiration.

In this bailout environment, how will Barack Obama make a difference for anyone?

Barack Obama was quite literally born of and invented by white Boomers. Barack Obama is the poster boy for enslavement of almost everyone in the age of credit only.

Barack Obama is quite literally the valuable property of a few white Wall Street Boomers who put him where he is today, and who would no doubt have his hide hung up and tanned if and when he steps out of line.

Thus, Barack Obama seems to talk like a parrot trained to say, "The bailout, AND, UHHHH… The economic rescue plan was necessary, and more will have to be done."

If more is done, it will only further ossify upward social mobility.

Face it, we are not seeing deregulation of any occupations.

Occupations are more and more being exclusive controlled by corporations through licensing barriers and requirements concerning expensive and hard-to-come-by educational certifications.

We are however seeing deregulation so that these Boomer-controlled bailout-companies can continue to expand their economic plundering.

"You wanna be a bank FEDEX? No problem! We're calling everything a bank today so everyone that counts can get in under the new Obama bailout Administration."

We are encouraging every American to go out and get a big, expensive mortgage loan, and a dozen credit cards, and an expensive college education and an MBA. But don't ask us about a job! You've got to be fucking genius like Hank Paulson to make $23,000,000 a year at Goldman Sachs!

The bailout is only helping to entrench the American Oligarchy the Black Panthers railed against.

And now the American Oligarchy has indoctrinated and vetted an American black man to help shove even more people, black and white into economic wage slavery.

You must have a ridiculously expensive education, a ridiculously expensive car, a ridiculously expensive house, and a ridiculously expensive health insurance policy.

There’s nothing that will make you or your new company competitive in this sort of economic environment.

These two bald Boomers want you to believe the bailout is in your best interest.

But nothing could be further from the truth. To see it all come down, and the price of everything plummet is in your best interest.

You don't own anything. The bank owns that house you live in, the car you drive and the kids you are trying to educate.

Face it. You haven’t gotten a raise in more than twenty years.

It’s about time the price of everything came down.

Start saving your money and forget about paying the mortgage. You're going to need that money in the coming months and years. Depression is spelled with a capital "D".

So fuck the finance companies. Fuck 'em, them two lying bald Boomer bailout bastards too.