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Ruthlessly dedicated to the preservation of whatever.

IN this age where terrorism, false flags, the end of the financial system, and trillions of dollars all can come up within a single article without shocking a single reader, one has to wonder, by what measure might we see life jump back out of the fast lane before, or after, the bloody, fatal crash everyone seems to be predicting, coming from one source or another, as it most assuredly is?

We are in an era where literally everyone who has the podium seems to be ruthlessly dedicated to the preservation of whatever, for reasons unknown, but also in too many cases seeming rather obvious.

On the one hand, it is like being in a building that has collapsed, and everyone in the building is screaming for help all at once.

On the other hand, it is like being one of thousands floating in the deep, blue sea at the scene of a massive shipwreck, surrounded apparently by a multitude of sharks no one can see, but which must surely be there, because survivor after survivor keep being dragged screaming blow the water line.

The financial markets are roiling with false flag operatives who must have come in, and out of the cold of the political arena where there seems now to be nothing but false flag operations.

Yes I know Mumbai was hit today, but who did it, I do not know. Whoever it was, these people were again ruthlessly dedicated to the preservation of whatever it was they were trying to accomplish.

And, I think that is it. This notion of being ruthlessly dedicated to the preservation of anything has to become the new standard by which we measure credibility.

Certainly Hank "Just gimmie the money, quick." Paulson and his gang of thieves have helped bring us to this final resting place where we now know exactly what to look for in credibility.

Paulson is the consummate terrorist operative purportedly ruthlessly dedicated to the preservation of the financial system, as he alone perceives it.

His extortionist booty from having let loose with both cannons, or at least from both sides of his mouth, on Congress with his terror-filled proclamations have realized for his old pals some small gains, if only temporarily lifting the economy by some miniscule and protractedly corrupted measure.

After all, what good is it to save banks and insurance companies that for all intents and purposes are run in a clearly criminal manner?

Honest Hank with his pirate success has flushed out a number of other crooks that now worry Congress for billions more. They likely will get it too.

But, they likely won't get it next time around, because the country is finally coming to grips with this notion of those that are ruthlessly dedicated to the preservation of whatever.

These boys are just crying wolf.

The financial system is breaking down, and it is breaking down for all of us equally.

So, calm down with all the tall tales of urgency.

After all, it cannot be urgent just for those who have the close ear of the federal government.