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What Has Happened?

To Mike. Haven't listened in quite awhile due to work,divorce and Epstein/Barr virus contracted from X-wife.
Mike sounds really weak. I hope he is going to get better. Been here for about 20 years now. He sounds really bad and in recent pics doesn't look too good. Was shocked looking at the pics of him and hadn't heard his voice in ages.
Get better Mike.

PS! This website is dying! No posts period for 2 days. None of the posters are getting much up when things are posted. I promised Mike that as long as I am working I would send $50/month. $600 a year. Don't know how much others are paying,but if 200 people would donate on the average that much, that amounts to $120,000/year which ought to be enough for Mike and his wife to live on and keep the site up,
Don't know how sick Mike is but he looks and sounds terrible. Don't know how much the site brings in because there has never been any transparency. Same with what is going on now. Posters here could help with the site and with the finances.
WRH is or was one of the most important alternative news sites on the Planet.It seems to be in the process of destruction!
I have been here 20 years through thick and through thin. Would really be disturbed and depressed to see it go under!

We need to do something to keep this site up and going.


20 years?


damn, Been here since 911 too.

the man is a stubborn old goat, not allowing a reliable member to help admin here. I send money in on behalf 12160, but personally I haven't gotten over the number of times Mike implied I was an agent. fu pal!