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I smell a psyop

The weird feeling I keep having is that the US populace is being conditioned to welcome an upcoming Third Reich-type dictatorship as a relief.

What would this require?

1. An economic crisis – check. We definitely got one.

2. A collapse of the justice system – check. Its response to the 2020 election overthrow resulted in many people perceiving the US Justice system as useless to the point of dispensable.

3. A distrust in science – check. After 400 years of trust, science blew it big time with Climate Change and mRNA. It’s not even trying to stop or remedy the mRNA spike protein damage now. The people to whom I talk perceive Pfizer now as a 2021 IG Farben.

4. A ban of political parties – check. Anyone would perceive the disappearance of the Dems and the GOP as a loss? After their enforcing of blood-clotting and gene-damaging vaccines on you, would you see the lining up to a wall and machine-gunning down of the Party leaders as a horrendous Nazi act or as a “phew, these f**ers almost killed me”?

5. A total disarray in towns – check. Looting, burning, violence, we got it. Possibly justified, almost certainly detrimental to the cause, the stage is set for the Paid Demagogue to appear, to declare, “The US is under attack, it’s all because the evil _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the blank) but I will kill them all now and lead you all to a glorious future” for the crowd to reply “Finally!”

I really, really hope I’m wrong about the above. But the stench of engineered psyop is really strong.