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Home Invasion Blues

This is a blog post I wrote about a home invasion a few days ago. It's not exactly something you would expect to see on WRH, which is why I am putting it under a blog post. (I don't have a good category for it, either, hence the current affairs header.)

I live in Nicaragua, so a lot of people will think this is to be expected. However, it is a result of not only sadism and envy, but of deteriorating economic conditions. A few weeks ago, I told my husband we needed to leave the country because as business owners, we would be a target of the have-nots. I am posting this here because many WRH readers have taken the time to prepare for the events that are about to unfold and those who chose not to prepare out of ignorance or laziness will steal from those who have prepared.

Even if my husband and I both had guns in belt holsters at that particular moment, there is no way we would have survived. One of us would have been killed.

A few have suggested that we need more lights and fencing and yada yada yada, but we live (as renters) in a solar house off the grid in the middle of the jungle. Giant motion detector lights and electric fences are not feasible.

I want to warn people to not let their guard down as the situation in the US and abroad grows worse each day. I wanted to believe that because I give back to the community and try to live a good and honest life, I would be safe. I take a lot of safety precautions, far more than the average American, and yet I was a victim. There is no such thing as karma. We need to protect ourselves, and that includes not letting our guard down.

The home invaders were watching me for two days, waiting for one opportunity - an open door.

Here is the link to my blog post.