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Demonstration at the Israeli Consulate this Monday 3/15

Just got this email. Thought to share the info:

Join us this Monday March 15 to mark the one year anniversary of our friend Tristan
Anderson being critically injured by the Israeli military (IDF). We demand
Israel care for Tristan as long as he needs it, as well as a thorough
independent criminal investigation bringing the people involved in his near death injury to
justice. We also remember Rachel Corrie, who was run over and killed by an
Israeli bulldozer seven years ago on March 16, 2003.

Meet outside the Israeli Consulate - 330 Biscayne Blvd - in downtown Miami
from 11am to 1pm Monday March 15th. Wear white to show your support.

In Solidarity,
South Florida Friends of Tristan Anderson

One year ago this week, US activist Tristan Anderson was shot in the head
with a high velocity tear gas canister by US-backed Israeli Defense Forces
while at a demonstration protesting the border wall being built in the
West Bank. Tristan was there in solidarity with the village of Ni’lin in
their attempts to hold on to their land and to stand as an international
witness to the violence of Israeli troops against the people of Palestine.
Tristan sustained critical head injuries resulting in permanent brain
damage the extent of which is still unknown, and so far, a one-year stay
in a hospital in Israel.

Israel began construction of the border wall in 2002, cutting off
Palestinians from much of their agricultural land and means of economic
self-sufficiency, limiting access to fresh water sources and medical care,
destroying countless homes and displacing families. Despite widespread
local and international protest of the wall and the International Court of
Justice and the UN calling the Wall illegal in 2004 and calling for all
parts of it to be removed, Israel continues construction.

On March 16th, 2003, another US activist Rachel Corrie was killed in Gaza
during her attempt to stop the bulldozing of a Palestinian family’s home
during construction of a similar wall in Gaza. This week, seven years
after her death, a trial has begun in the Haifa District Court in which
Corrie’s family is suing Israel for the death of their daughter.

Both Anderson and Corrie’s families are calling for Israel to take
responsibility for the critical injury and death of their children, for
those involved to be brought to justice, and for help caring for Tristan,
who will likely require assistance for the remainder of his life. It is
not only two US citizens who have been injured by the Israeli Defense
Force. Thousands of Palestinians have died in protest of the Wall,
demolition of their homes, and their ongoing struggle for sovereignty over
their land.

We are calling for Israel to stop construction of the Wall and assume
responsibility for the destruction and deaths they have caused in
Palestine, and for the US to stop all funding and support of Israel which
makes it possible for this destruction to continue.