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5 Steps to Work from Home Securely during the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s been a really sad beginning to 2020 with Coronavirus being the most dangerous of calamities to befall on mankind. From killing over 119,000 to causing huge economic instability, over 210 countries are currently battling this deadly virus.

To keep things afloat, many countries have ordered lockdowns, while organizations have given work from home (WFH) instructions to employees. And if things were not bad enough, cybercriminals are not taking a backseat to cause more damage.

From deploying malware on Coronavirus maps/websites to impersonating WHO Officials, its almost like a free-for-all in the digital multiverse. So, without dragging things further, here are 5 steps to starting working more securely during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Get a VPN Service for Maximum Protection Online
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts all traffic from your network and gives you different IP address, as to cloak your identity online. As such, it is a great security tool for defense against hackers, spammers, and even copyright hunters. You can easily get one for a good price and even unblock a complete new world of entertainment on US Netflix.

2. Employ 2FA and Use Strong Passwords
Remove saved passwords from your Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers and instead use a service like PassPack to manage all your valuable credentials, both personal and professional. Also, employ two-factor authentication to very yourself before accessing accounts, as to prevent any unauthorized logins affecting your mental sanctity.

3. Do Not Click on Shady Websites/Advertisements
Numerous websites reporting on Coronavirus could be loaded with malware, viruses, ransomware, and other trickeries that could result in significant personal and financial loss. The best protection is to get an ad-blocker tool, use HTTPS everywhere, and just avoid clicking on shady advertisements/websites and tricky emails (if you do not know the sender, do not click it).

4. Install a Antivirus/Malware Software on All Devices
As we get more reliant on the internet, it opens up various avenues to earn money, not all of which may be legal. In the case of cybercriminals, viruses/malware are the perfect ways to spy on you and utilize crucial information. Therefore, make sure to get a premium antivirus and malware software for receiving protection against all online threats!

5. Get BitLocker Installed on Your Laptop/Computer
If you use a Windows PC, install BitLocker, which is an easy-to-use proprietary drive encryption software. It uses cipher block chaining along with a 256-bit encryption key for keeping all your files protected, and blocking unauthorized logins to your data.

Wrapping Things Up
Make sure you follow the abovementioned steps to secure all your activities when working from home during the Coronavirus Pandemic. After all, nothing is more crucial that your private and work-related data, and it would be incredibly stressful, if something were to happen to it.

Also, don't underestimate the importance of a VPN service in times like these, as these tools are crucial for telecommuting. If you think subscribing to one is too expensive, you can easily leverage a free trial from here, minus any hassles!