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Jan 13 20:16

Kucinich offers Resolution for Cease-Fire in Gaza, unimpeded aid to Gaza

I know, I know, our entire Congress is blackmailed and/or bribed and the idea that they will do anything against Israel's demands or outside of AIPAC's direction is willfully ignorant wishful thinking but I thought I would post this anyway...

Please take action to get support for this important resolution to soon be formally introduced by Dennis Kucinich. It comes after last weeks disgusting House/Senate vote to unconditionally support Israeli aggression in Gaza that now has killed nearly a thousand people, mostly unarmed people, including hundreds of children. The death toll, staggering as it may be, really says little of the suffering of the 1.4 million people of Gaza.

It is in the best interest of the people of the United States, of Palestinians, of Israelis, of the world, for the United States to do all it can to press for a cease-fire, for aid to the people of Gaza.

This resolution, to be offered by Dennis Kucinich, is not yet numbered.

Oct 12 23:21

The Straight Talk Express Just Drove Off That Bridge to Nowhere

(This 82 year old lady's blog is so hilarious I had to post it )

Did any of you watch the news shows this weekend? And I am not talkng about Troopergate because everyone saw that coming. I’m talking about the video from the McCain rallies. Clearly we now have proof postive that you shouldn’t sleep with your cousin.

Sep 29 17:57

Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque

According to fire dispatch communications, a child reported seeing two men with a white can spraying something into a window. That child was brought to the supervising firefighter at the scene.

The 300 or so inside were celebrating the last 10 days of Ramadan with dinner and a prayer session, but the prayer session was interrupted so those suffering from tearing, coughing and shortness of breath could receive treatment.

Sep 25 11:42

Treasury Pulled $700 billion price tag out of Thin Air

From GoergeWashingtonblogspot

Treasury Pulled the Number Out of Thin Air

You know the $700 billion price tag of the proposed bailout? Treasury pulled that number out of thin air.

As Forbes writes:

In fact, some of the most basic details, including the $700 billion figure Treasury would use to buy up bad debt, are fuzzy.

"It's not based on any particular data point," a Treasury spokeswoman told Tuesday. "We just wanted to choose a really large number."