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International flight in the swine flue era.

I took off from Toulouse France thinking I would get busted for my sniffle..I was in deadly fear that they would quarantine me.. and maybe the entire plane, to some kind of Paris medical nightmare... But, No Problems At All..

De Gaul airport was a bitch in Paris, They checked my passport three times before I boarded to Seattle.. I was sniffling and snorting and yet nothing happened..

At SEATAC in Seattle the TSA was invisible, and the immigration/passport people were polite and friendly.

(Out of the tens of thousands of people I saw, only two of them had breathing protecting masques.. and they were incoming from China at SEATAC)

There Were No Hassles At All...

Six days later making the return trip to France.. I accidentally left my netbook on the plane on the Seattle to Paris leg of the return journey.. No Problem.. Air France will mail it to me.

My experience tells me that as long as you take off your shoes, and put all metal in the tray before the X-ray belt.. and make sure your Lady has no wire in her Bra at the walk thru.. You will have no hassles.

'err.. perhaps because we are senior citizens and white, we have an advantage here... and I agree it is not fair...But..'

Both me and my Lady coughed and sniffed our way thru 10,000 air miles (round trip) with no problems at all.

P.S. (The reason they sniff laptops is because they think the battery might be made of C-4).. not because of illegal content.

Just an observation.