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VPN vs Proxy - which is more secure?

VPN and Proxy both help its users to access the content and stuff which are geo-restricted. Its allows the users to virtually be appeared anywhere in the world. However, there is still a little difference in between both of them, one protects the privacy of the users and one does not.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a privacy tool uses to hides the user identity. VPN reroutes the traffic through isolated server and hides the original IP of the users. That means the ISPs of the users monitoring the activity and collecting the data no longer can see what the user are doing online. The encryption also protects users from surveillance, tracking and hacking if anyone tries to get into your system. VPN offers ultimate online privacy and security.

Advantages of Using VPN

1. VPN uses different protocols to encrypt your network traffic to keep the data safe and secure.
2. VPN hides the users actual IP and enable its users to virtually appeared anywhere in the world.
3. Users can access to geo-restricted content by using VPN.
4. Good VPN provides unlimited bandwidth.

Disadvantages of Using VPN

1. Most of the times Free VPN providers sell their users data to the third party.
2. Slow down internet speed.

What is a Proxy Server?

Users who using proxy is not masked. By the means proxies do not encrypt user’s data. So if anyone knows and tracking you they will get you knows everything you are up to.

There are different types of proxies.

Public Proxy

It is the most common type of Proxy. Main characteristics are:

1. Free for everyone.
2. Anyone can connect/use this proxy anytime but due to this its speed get slow, have stability issues and frequent outrages.
3. Operator of the proxy server is unknown to the user which is very serious matter because your data can be hacked anytime by whoever is behind or controlling that proxy server.

Web Proxy

Main characteristics are:

1. Bypass the restrictions and connect to any website.
2. Can hide the actual location.
3. In some cases, can also access to geo-restricted content.

Web proxy is same like public proxy open and free to use. But one downside of this type is, its unable to handles the websites that us JavaScript.

Socks Proxy

It is most versatile and flexible proxy in all. Allows connecting any sort of the website and easily handles both type of the website static & dynamic. It also does not interpret internet traffic. It simply routes the traffic making it possible to torrent.

Advantages of Using Proxy

1. Hides users actual IP address and uses proxy server IP address.
2. Able to connect geo-restricted content and bypass censorship and firewalls.
3. Hide user from its ISP.

Disadvantages of Using Proxy

1. Do not encrypt data.
2. Proxy servers are free to use and because of that it faces issues of slow connection and instability issues.
3. Show lot of ads.
4. Proxy operator can track everything a user does, so they are potentially at risk every time of getting tracked.


Based on the above details for a secure and safe web surfing users should use a quality VPN because it offers a complete privacy to the user. Some top VPN providers of the industry: NordVPN, SurfShark, ExpressVPN, Cyberghost and so on.