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Oct 20 00:21

US Presidential Elections

Only in USA (regarding election)

1. People start voting even before the first Presidential Debate starts

2. You don't need an id to vote but need one to buy beer.

3. They don't even know how many ballot boxes are there. (They keep finding more and more boxes until desired result)

4. People spend billions to campaign for posts that pay millions (How this makes any economic sense is beyond me).

5. They want to send election observers to other countries but will arrest any election observer coming to theirs.

6. The lesser the qualification of the candidate more chances of winning.

7. They campaign on the small issues and fight tooth and nail about it. The BIG issues are not even raised.

8. (Presidential) Elections are decided not by the ballot box but by the Supreme Court.

9. Presidential Debates are organised by a self appointed "Commission".