Jan 13 07:33

Deconstructing the Saudi narrative on the war in Yemen

On December 18, Hisham Sharaf, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Ansar-Allah-led government in Sana’a, Yemen, called for U.N.-sponsored negotiations to end the war. Two days later, the Saudi Air Force launched a fresh wave of air raids on Sana’a, targeting the airport and civilian areas. Yet, reports in the U.S. media continue to promote an inaccurate narrative that demonizes Ansar-Allah while portraying the Saudis as seeking peace.

Jan 13 07:13

Pulitzer Prize-winning LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik calls for death of anti-vax deputy DA to be 'MOCKED' along with all unvaccinated who've died from COVID: 'No other way to make sure the lessons of these teachable moments are heard'

A columnist with the Los Angeles Times has declared that it is acceptable to ridicule the unvaccinated Orange County deputy district attorney for dying of COVID-19, writing that 'mockery is not necessarily the wrong reaction'.

Michael Hiltzik, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author, on Monday turned his attention to the death of Kelly Ernby, 46.

Ernby, a rising Republican star, died on January 2 of COVID-19.

Jan 13 07:00

The Associated Press Will No Longer Emphasize Covid Case Count to Help Joe Biden and the Democrats Going Into Midterm Elections

The Associated Press told its editors to no longer run stories solely on Covid case counts.

Anything to help Joe Biden and the Democrats going into the midterm elections.

Jan 13 06:55

Nearly 300 doctors and scientists sign open letter to Spotify calling for it to stop Joe Rogan from spreading 'anti-vax misinformation' after he hosted virologist who called vaccination program a 'mass formation psychosis'

Hundreds of doctors and scientists have signed an open letter to Spotify accusing Joe Rogan of pushing 'anti-vax misinformation' on his podcast - with one branding him a 'menace to public health'.

A total of 270 experts and medical professionals called on the streaming giant to adopt a misinformation policy after the comedian hosted the controversial Dr Robert Malone last month.

During a three-hour and six-minute interview on the now-viral episode #1757 of The Joe Rogan Experience, Malone compared the US to Nazi Germany and said today's society was suffering from a 'mass formation psychosis' over the use of vaccines.

Jan 13 06:55

Dubious Story Of Cartel Bounties On AZ Lawmen Won't Cause MSM Attack On Biden, Unlike Bogus "Russian Bounties" Story Used To Attack Trump

At the start of my career, during morning muster (roll call), our Supervisors would often read out reports that the Cartels were offering bounties on our heads. When first hearing the reports, it was worrisome. The Cartels are truly cutting each other’s heads off over in Mexico. They are no joke. However, after weeks and months, even years, go by without any Agents being gunned down by Cartel gunmen, the reports became a bit of a joke. Perhaps they were an attempt to intimidate us Border Patrol Agents.

As with any office, there were cliques and office politics going on. I can recall after one of the latest reports of a $40,000 bounty on our heads that one of the senior Agents, who had been feuding with another senior Agent, asked the Supervisor who read the report, "Can anybody collect?"

Jan 13 06:29

Ryan Grim: The New Fauci Emails Are Even More Damning Than You Think

Jan 13 06:15

2019 amendment to CDC program may be tip-off of falsified pandemic

An “epidemic intelligence” program of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was amended months before COVID-19 in a way that gave legal cover to covert public health “drills and exercises” – suggesting yet another tip-off of at least a partially falsified COVID pandemic. The same law, enacted in June 2019, also approved the inclusion of “genome editing” and “related technologies” “as a part of preparedness and response activities to advance national health security.”

Jan 13 06:10

Thousands of Miscarriages Following COVID-19 Injections Reported in VAERS Are Being Censored as an Entire Generation Is Being Sterilized

Now that we have a full year of injecting people with an experimental gene altering shot for COVID-19, we can conclusively state that this is most definitely a weapon of mass destruction, as it not only kills and cripples people in the present, but it destroys unborn children in the womb as well, and is most likely making an entire generation of child-bearing aged females infertile.

And the facts that support this statement are found in the government’s own database of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), as incomplete as that data set is.

I have basically employed two methods of analyzing the data in VAERS in my reports for the past year, and that is by comparing what is published by the government for the experimental COVID-19 shots with all the FDA-approved vaccines for the past 32 years, since VAERS began in 1990.

This gives us a true “apples to apples” approach using only the data that they supply.

Jan 12 16:53

Just How Stupid Does The Biden Admin Think Americans Are? Kristi Noem Knows

The Biden administration must think that the average American is stupid - sheep-like and even totally ignorant of what is going on. Last week they blamed the food companies for sky-high inflation, pointing to profits-over-people when it has been clear, the problem lies in the supply chain that is managed by Biden's Transportation secretary.

One brave governor is standing up to Biden - and doing so consistently. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said that the Biden Administration's blaming food companies for higher prices is “an attack on American enterprises and businesses and farmers and ranchers,” while arguing that this lends a hand to China controlling U.S. food markets, creating a national security issue.

Jan 12 15:18

With “peace activists” like these, who needs warmongers?

If she were to look into that "coup attempt" almost a year ago, beyond the shrilling of the media—reading the few journalists who’ve seriously followed up on what went down that day, and watching the many videos taken at the scene—Benjamin would see that that preposterous circus was no "coup attempt," but a made-for-Twitter psy-op managed by the FBI, to give the media, and combustible "progressives" like herself, seeming grounds to fulminate and stamp their feet about the "threat" posed by Trump's "fascist" base—a perfect way to deepen the division between "red" and "blue" throughout the USA, thereby further weakening We the People, and to create a “fascist” bogey to obscure the actual totalitarianism coming down on all of us.

Jan 12 14:59


In a sharply divided country, Americans agree on this: the bigger danger to the United States comes from within. Seventy-six percent say they think political instability within the country is a bigger danger to the United States compared to the 19 percent who think other countries that are adversaries of the United States are the bigger danger, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University national poll of adults released today.

Jan 12 14:46


Inflation jumped at its fastest pace in nearly 40 years last month, a 7% spike from a year earlier that is increasing household expenses, eating into wage gains and heaping pressure on President Joe Biden and the Federal Reserve to address what has become the biggest threat to the U.S. economy. -- Prices rose sharply in 2021 for cars, gas, food and furniture as part of a rapid recovery from the pandemic recession. Vast infusions of government aid and ultra-low interest rates helped spur demand for goods, while vaccinations gave people confidence to dine out and travel.

Jan 12 14:40

“It’s Like A Soviet Store”: Americans Are Absolutely Horrified By Empty Shelves From Coast To Coast

A year ago, we were promised that the Biden regime would be leading us into a new golden era of prosperity. Obviously, that has not happened. Instead, we are dealing with bare store shelves and painfully high prices from coast to coast. Many are comparing this crisis to the Jimmy Carter era of the 1970s, but we didn’t have persistent shortages for months on end back then. At this point, nobody can deny what is happening. Even the Washington Post is admitting that “social media is swamped with pictures of empty grocery shelves”. The Biden administration promised to resolve our supply chain problems, but they just keep getting worse. When Fox News asked one grocery shopper about the empty shelves, he delivered a chilling response that many of us will not forget any time soon: “It’s like a Soviet store during 1981. It’s horrible.”

Jan 12 14:34

Are You A “Terrorist”? Take This 50 Question Quiz And Find Out!

Could you be the kind of person that the government is looking for?  The U.S. Justice Department has just announced that it will be creating a brand new unit “to counter domestic terrorism”, and they are going to need something to show for all of the time, money and energy that they are going to be putting into this new project.  You may be tempted to think that they will be going after the people that have rioted and burned buildings hundreds of times all across this nation over the past couple of years, but that simply is not going to happen.  Instead, they are telling us that this new unit will specifically target “extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies”.  So if you have been critical of the Biden administration, any of our government agencies, or any of our top public health officials, you could be in really big trouble.

Jan 12 14:07

GOP Reps Want Answers on Fauci: What Did He Know About Gain-of-function Grants — and When

Two GOP members of the House Oversight Committee are demanding an interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to discuss his agency’s role in funding out-of-control virus research in China. The research is linked to the release of the SARS-Cov-2 pathogen, which began spreading globally in early 2020.

Representative James Comer Kentucky and Jim Jordan of Oklahoma released heretofore undisclosed e-mails that further confirm what was revealed months ago: U.S. taxpayers subsidized dangerous gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology through an unsupervised grantee. Even worse, Fauci knew and lied about it.

Becerra will not likely respond, and even if he does, he certainly won’t admit that Fauci lied.

Jan 12 11:53

It Turns Out If You Doubted COVID Headlines, You Were Correct

Something peculiar has become clear over the last two years: Leftists seem to enjoy the COVID panic. For them, it started with the camaraderie of lockdowns and morphed in the smug self-righteousness of the masks and vaccinations, all made shiveringly delicious with that soupçon of fear that pairs well with totalitarian mandates. CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky’s appearance on Monday’s Good Morning America, however, may destroy that delightful emotional castle in which leftists have immured themselves. It turns out that most vaccinated people no longer need fear imminent death.

Jan 12 11:38

Renowned Virologist Reacts To Project Veritas’ ‘Expose Fauci’

A renowned virologist commented on the Project Veritas disclosures of the origins of COVID-19. MMR vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone said the first ‘Expose Fauci‘ report by Project Veritas appears to be valid.

During an interview on Tuesday, Dr. Malone said DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) documents suggest COVID-19 is a manmade virus, but Anthony Fauci’s NIH (National Institutes of Health) has apparently attempted to cover-up its involvement.

Jan 12 11:37

Rep. Greene: Rep. Crenshaw, Twitter board member likely behind ban

Jan 12 11:21

MEGA BEX ALERT - Did warm weather force Putin to cancel Ukraine invasion? Mild winter means the ground is too muddy for hundreds of Russian tanks to charge over border, US advisers say

Fears his tanks would get stuck in the mud may have forced Vladimir Putin to postpone Russia's invasion of Ukraine, US officials believe.

Around 100,000 Russian troops, tanks and armoured personnel carriers have been stationed on the border between the two countries for several weeks.

The ground there is usually frozen solid in winter, which is conducive to an advance by heavy vehicles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We have been assured that Russia was going to invade Ukraine. Russia didn't, and now the media is trying to avoid looking like fools with this lame propaganda.

Jan 12 10:55

Totalitarian politicians are making those who reject COVID jabs ‘enemies of the state’

In my teaching, I prepare undergraduate students to become high school history teachers. In one course, teacher candidates prepare and deliver mock lessons. Their peers play the role of high school students, and I observe and give feedback following these practice lessons. Whether coincidence or a reflection of the times, this fall a good number of mock lessons covered the rise of totalitarianism. In one excellent lesson, a teacher candidate had his students examine the contexts that gave rise to totalitarianism. He accompanied this lesson with an excerpt from a world history?textbook listing characteristics of totalitarianism.

Jan 12 10:19

BREAKING: PROJECT VERITAS Obtains Never Before Seen Documents Regarding Origins Of COVID-19, Vaccines and Suppressed Potential Treatments [VIDEO]

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has released startling never-before-seen documents regarding the origins of COVID. The documents contradict testimony by Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding the gain of function research tied to the CCP virus. In addition to contradicting Dr. Fauci’s testimony under oath, the documents also discuss mRNA vaccines and potential treatments or therapeutics like Ivermectin or Hydroxychlorquin for COVID that have been suppressed.

Jan 12 09:58

Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Black People Still Are Where We Were Under the Emancipation Proclamation’

Host Whoopi Goldberg said Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that black people were “where we were under the Emancipation Proclamation” while discussing voting rights with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Goldberg said, “You vowed to call a vote on major voting rights legislation in time for Martin Luther King Day next week. I just want – I want to ask you this because it’s irritating me to the nth degree. Why are we still talking about my right as an American to vote?”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please document one time when you were prevented from voting, Whoopi.

Jan 12 09:52

Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath

Dr. Fauci has repeatedly maintained, under oath, that the NIH and NAIAD have not been involved in gain of function research with the EcoHealth Alliance program. But according to the documents obtained by Project Veritas which outline why EcoHealth Alliance’s proposal was rejected, DARPA certainly classified the research as gain of function.

“The proposal does not mention or assess potential risks of Gain of Function (GoF) research,” a direct quote from the DARPA rejection letter.

Major Murphy’s report goes on to detail great concern over the COVID-19 gain of function program, the concealment of documents, the suppression of potential curatives, like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and the mRNA vaccines.

Jan 12 09:50

Twitter Blacklists Project Veritas ‘ExposeFauci’ Account After Gain of Function Bombshell

Twitter has banned @ExposeFauci, an account set up by Project Veritas to promote the organization’s latest bombshell, a drop of documents regarding U.S. government involvement in gain of function research on bat-borne coronaviruses in China.

Project Veritas’ main account on Twitter was banned in February 2021. Twitter claimed that the journalistic outfit’s attempts to interview Facebook VP Guy Rosen at his home violated the platform’s policies on “posting private information.”

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD - FEBRUARY 28: James OKeefe, an American conservative political activist and founder of Project Veritas, meets with supporters during the Conservative Political Action Conference 2020 (CPAC) hosted by the American Conservative Union on February 28, 2020 in National Harbor, MD.
James OKeefe, an American conservative political activist and founder of Project Veritas (Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Jan 12 09:35

January 6th:A Date That Will Live In Maximum Hyperbole

On January 6, 2021, an estimated 700 American citizens broke into the U.S. Capitol. They didn't carry guns or firebombs or heavy artillery. At the very most, history will call it a spontaneous "riot." One female suffered a gunshot death by a capitol police officer. One officer suffered a heart attack. Several windows and doors shattered.

Mostly, the participants walked around taking pictures of themselves with their cell phones...also known as a "selfie." Several walked into the Senate Chambers to sit at the head of the Senate and the House. Several others walked into Nancy Pelosi's office.

In order to create an entirely different narrative, the main stream media touted the event as an insurrection. In the end, the rioters vacated the Capitol and drove home. Later, over 400 of them faced criminal trespass charges and destruction of property.

Jan 12 09:16

Nuland Says NATO Poses No Threat to Russia Unless Threatened

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said on Tuesday that NATO does not pose a threat to Russia unless the alliance is threatened.

"NATO poses no threat to Russia either unless of course Russia chose to pose a threat to NATO," Nuland said during a news briefing. "NATO is a defensive alliance whose sole purpose is to protect its members."

Nuland added that diplomacy is the best option to restore stability and security for Ukraine, Europe and Russia.

The official also took the opportunity to relay to reporters during the briefing that any financial measures and export restrictions that may be imposed on Moscow by the United States and its allies as a result of an invasion of Ukraine will have a painful impact on Russia.

"We are very confident in the consultations that we’ve been having with our allies and partners. We’ve been working at this for some two and a half months at every level from the President on down," Nuland said.

Jan 12 09:03

Who Is Ray Epps? DoJ Refuses To Say, Jan6 Committee Claims 'Not A Fed'

In October of last year, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) questioned AG Merrick Garland about a mysterious man, Ray Epps, instructing protesters to enter the US Capitol building on January 5, and who later shepherded crowds towards the Capitol on January 6.

The strange story of the mysterious man took some crazy turns, threatening to shatter the entire official narrative of the “Capitol Breach” and expose yet another dimension of proactive federal involvement in the so-called “insurrection” of January 6th; but until last week's remembrance of the events of that day by the Democrats, Epps had faded back to the grey man... until today.

Once again, the mysterious man at the center of so much action during January 6th's events is hitting the headlines as Ken Silva details at The Epoch Times, top federal law enforcement officials have declined to answer numerous questions about Ray Epps, the Arizona resident captured on video encouraging Jan. 6 protestors to breach Capitol Hill.

Jan 12 08:51

'You're Liars': Bannon Calls Out FBI Over Ray Epps

Jan 12 08:49

Bomb incidents and bomb-making surge in U.S., officials warn

Wracked by paranoia, in thrall to various conspiracy theories, Anthony Quinn Warner parked a recreational vehicle in the middle of a tourist district in Nashville, Tennessee, early on Christmas Day 2020 and set off what authorities say was the biggest vehicle bomb explosion in the U.S. in 25 years.

More than 60 buildings were damaged, including a key AT&T cellphone facility, resulting in service cuts across three states. In part because Warner broadcast a warning before the bomb went off at 1:22 a.m., he was the only person who was killed. But it was something of a wake-up call for law enforcement.

Among the alarming elements was that a lone disturbed individual was able to build, test and detonate such a large and sophisticated device using materials he bought in retail stores, much like two anti-government radicals did when they blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The inclusion of the story that two men blew up the Murrah building in Oklahoma City tells us this a propaganda piece, possibly in advance of yet another tiresom false-flag to further erode the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Jan 12 08:34

Cruz Asks Asst. FBI Director: 'How Many FBI Agents Were Confidential Informants' During Jan. 6 Riot?

Jan 12 08:28

Buttigieg Does Supply Chain Crisis Victory Lap as Grocery Shelves Go Empty

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was hailed as the man who “saved Christmas” on Tuesday over his handling of the supply chain crisis as Americans around the country shared photos of empty grocery shelves on social media.

Speaking at a press conference at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Buttigieg said that while the supply chain crisis will continue throughout the pandemic, he celebrated the transportation of goods over Christmas.

“As long as the pandemic persists, as long as we are making up for decades of past disinvestment, we are going to see impacts on shipping times and shipping cost,” Buttigieg said. “When there is an issue affecting ports here, you will feel it as far away as my Indiana hometown.

“Not only is this about the presents under the tree, this is about essential goods like medical goods that are needed in this moment of continued public health challenge,” he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The government is totally disconnected from what is going on out here. I'll bet the stores in DC are well-stocked!

Jan 12 08:21

Backlash Over LA Times Piece Calling to ‘Mock’ Vaccine Opponents’ COVID Deaths — ‘Disgraceful, Disgusting, and Evil’

A recent Los Angeles Times piece claimed mockery is “not necessarily the wrong reaction” to the deaths of those who “publicly mocked anti-COVID measures and encouraged others to follow suit.” The author described pleas for civility as a “fraud” and stated “there may be no other way to make sure that the lessons of these teachable moments are heard” than by mocking such deaths.

The Times essay, titled “Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes — but may be necessary,” was penned by Pulitzer Prize-winning Times columnist Michael Hiltzik and published on Monday.

The essay begins by considering the “profound moral dilemma” the pandemic presents.

“Among all the ways that COVID-19 affects our lives, the pandemic confronts us with a profound moral dilemma: How should we react to the deaths of the unvaccinated?” Hiltzik writes.

Jan 12 08:14

UPDATE: GMA Edited Out Context of CDC Director's Comments On High Rate of Comorbidities in Most Covid Deaths

As Chris Martenson pointed out, only .9% of overall covid deaths had zero comorbidities based on the CDC's own data.

Jan 12 08:13

Can the 'Silver Fox' outwit Vladimir Putin?

Wendy Sherman, one of the world's most powerful diplomats, is known as the Silver Fox because of her snowy white mane and her canny deal-making style. On Wednesday, she is helping to lead the US-Russia talks in Europe.

Ms Sherman - the US Deputy Secretary of State, one of the department's top positions - has been meeting Russian officials this week to discuss Ukraine. The stakes are high.

President Vladimir Putin has deployed around 100,000 Russian troops close to the border with Ukraine, prompting fears of an incursion and warnings from the West.

US officials are hoping to defuse the tense situation through negotiations with the Russians - and Ms Sherman is in her element.

Known in Washington for her spiky manner, she has a history of tackling tough subjects head on.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a pure puff piece to bolster the image of Wendy Sherman ahead of the talks failing.

Jan 12 07:35

MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson Questions Sham 1/6 Committee’s Sudden Acknowledgement and Defense of Ray Epps: “It’s Clear the DOJ Had a Role in Jan 6th”

The left’s charade is falling to pieces.

After an absolutely explosive day of Senate testimony on Capitol Hill, Tucker Carlson came out on his nightly show and delivered a knockout blow to the corrupt DC Swamp, slamming the DOJ for its “clear role” in the January 6th “Fedsurrection” and calling out Pelosi’s sham 1/6 commission for their sudden defense of suspected-Fed and notorious 1/6 catalyst Ray Epps

“It’s been clear for a while now that the department of justice probably had some role in the events of January 6th – it’s obvious. And after hearings on Capitol Hill today it became even clearer.”

During his latest must-watch segment, Carlson highlighted Senator Ted Cruz’s pointed exchange with FBI National Security Branch Executive Assistant Director Jill Sanborn, blasting her for refusing to answer several simple, straightforward questions about the Government’s involvement in 1/6.

Jan 12 07:34

BREAKING REPORT: Officer Mike Byrd Was NEVER EVEN INTERVIEWED by DC Police Before He Was Exonerated for Killing Ashli Babbitt in Cold Blood

On January 6, 2021, US veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot in cold blood by Capitol Police Lt. Mike Byrd in the US Capitol.

In July 2021 The Gateway Pundit was first to confirm that Lt. Mike Byrd was Ashli Babbit’s killer.

Lt. Byrd killed Ashli Babbitt in cold blood on Jan. 6 in the US Capitol.

Another woman and Trump supporter, Rosanne Boyland, was killed by Capitol Police outside the US Capitol.

Ashli Babbitt was gunned down in cold blood inside the US Capitol. She was 98 pounds and posed no threat and had no weapons.

And now we also know that Congress was evacuated on Jan. 6 due to a pipe bomb threat. It was not because of Trump supporters walking the halls.

Jan 12 07:33

Latest Information Shows the FBI Continues to Try to Hide Facts About the Murder of Seth Rich

This year marks the sixth anniversary of the murder of DNC staffer, Seth Rich, by unknown assailants on July 14, 2016. For more than four years the FBI insisted that it was never involved actively in the investigation of Seth Rich’s murder and that it never opened a case. That lie was exposed in December 2020 thanks to the dogged legal work of Ty Clevenger when the FBI conceded:

FBI has completed the initial search identifying approximately 50 cross-reference serials, with attachments totaling over 20,000 pages, in which Seth Rich is mentioned. FBI has also located leads that indicate additional potential records that require further searching. . . .

FBI is also currently working on getting the files from Seth Rich’s personal laptop into a format to be reviewed. As you can imagine, there are thousands of files of many types. The goal right now is to describe, generally, the types of files/personal information contained in this computer.

Jan 11 19:54

Comedy Gold: GMA Edited CDC Director's Comorbidities Comments Completely Out Of Context

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Friday did not admit the truth that the overwhelming majority of covid deaths were among people with multiple comorbidities, GMA just took her comments completely out of context through the magic of garbage editing.

Jan 11 15:50

80-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (January 10, 2022)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference. The 2021 False Flags and Conspiracies Conference is here.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

Jan 11 14:52

CRUZ FED UP WITH FEDS: Watch the Senator Grill the FBI on January 6th Involvement

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) wants answers about the FBI’s involvement in the events of January 6th, but Jill Sanborn, FBI Executive Assistant Director, isn’t giving him much.

According to the Daily Wire, “Jill Sanborn, FBI Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch, refused to answer on Tuesday at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing whether FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January 6, 2021, and whether they committed any crimes of violence or actively encouraged crimes of violence.”

“Sanborn was grilled by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on the matter and repeatedly stated that she could not answer the question because she could not “go into the specifics of sources and methods.”

Jan 11 14:15

Will Justice Sotomayor Be Banned On Twitter? Don't Bet On It

During the oral arguments over the Biden vaccine mandates last week, two largely disconnected views emerged from the right and left of the Supreme Court.

Conservative justices hammered away at the underlying authority of the Biden Administration to issue these mandates, particularly after President Joe Biden’s own Chief of Staff admitted that the agency rules were “workarounds” of his constitutional limitations.

Conversely, the liberal justices used the “equity” aspects of an injunction to raise more emotive, if not apocalyptic, arguments on the dangers of Covid-19. That led Justice Elena Sotomayor to make a claim about children with Covid that even the Washington Post called “absurdly high” and worthy of “four Pinocchios.”

Jan 11 14:07

THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH: Twitter Bans Project Veritas Comms Director for Sharing Fauci Report

Twitter may have a truth problem. Specifically, that they don’t care for it.

According to Project Veritas member Matthew Tyrmand, fellow PV member and communications director Eric Spracklen has been suspended (banned) for distributing the recent report revealing Dr. Anthony Fauci lied to Congress about gain of function research

Jan 11 12:52

Cruz Asks Asst. FBI Director: 'How Many FBI Agents Were Confidential Informants' During Jan. 6 Riot?

Jan 11 11:14

Fourth Turning 2022 – Bad Moon Rising

Every media story must conform to the narrative or provide a caveat to the facts if they are inconvenient to the ruling class. If the truth accidentally slips through, you just edit the story and pretend the original story never existed. It is clear to any critical thinking person the vaxxes do not work as proclaimed by the highly compensated “experts” and their Big Pharma benefactors.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” ? George Orwell, 1984

Jan 11 11:06

President Joe Biden's administration is creating a new unit in the Justice Department to counter domestic terrorism following last year's deadly U.S. Capitol attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump, a senior official said on Tuesday.

President Joe Biden's administration is creating a new unit in the Justice Department to counter domestic terrorism following last year's deadly U.S. Capitol attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump, a senior official said on Tuesday.

Jan 11 10:58

Gun Prohibitionists Hacks Going All-In to Disarm the Legally Innocent ~ VIDEO

Gun owners are spoiling for trouble as evidenced by the millions of rights advocates out there looking for a fight every day and filling the streets with blood. What does Violence Policy Center call us? “Concealed Carry Killers”?

Jan 11 10:34

Political Collapse: Are We Witnessing The Beginning Of The End For “The Divided States Of America”?

If you ask most Republicans to name the number one threat to our country, most of them will tell you that it is the Democrats. -- And if you ask most Democrats to name the number one threat to our country, most of them will tell you that it is the Republicans.  Let me give you just one example.  The following comes from a piece by a very liberal author that attempted to argue that the modern Republican Party represents a fundamental threat to “American democracy”…

Jan 11 09:45

Mark Crispin Miller on How to Identify, Understand and Dissect Propaganda

Jan 11 09:26

Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath

Jan 11 08:28

Twitter suspends conservative blogger Matt Walsh for saying that men are men

The Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh was temporarily suspended from Twitter over the weekend for a pair of tweets that accurately identified the biological sex of several “transgender” public figures, and expressed disrespect of prevailing “gender identity” dogma.

“The greatest female Jeopardy champion of all time is a man,” one of the since-quashed tweets read. “The top female college swimmer is a man. The first female four star admiral in the Public Health Service is a man. Men have dominated female high school track and the female MMA circuit. The patriarchy wins in the end.”

The conservative personality was referring to Jeopardy contestant Amy Schneider, University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, and Assistant Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Rachel Levine, three men with gender dysphoria who have recently enjoyed public accolades for achievements as women despite not actually being women.

Jan 11 08:28

The CDC Just Confirmed Something That's Been Called a Conspiracy Theory for Nearly Two Years

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a debate over the accuracy of the COVID-19 death totals has existed, with the attempt being to delineate who died directly from the virus vs. who died while having an incidental infection.

That debate emerged because there have been numerous examples of people wrongly labeled as dying of the coronavirus when they clearly died by other means and would have done so regardless of infection. Typically, when a limited dive into the data produces such results (such as just looking at Palm Beach County), you can bet there are a lot more examples out there that just haven’t been discovered.

Jan 11 08:26

Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath

Jan 11 08:26

Liberals Try To Stick 'Antisemite' Label On This GOP Lawmaker

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was accused of "anti-Semitism" over the weekend for slamming "upscale liberals who control the media" in a Twitter post disparaging coverage of the January 6 Capitol riot.

The GOP lawmaker's tweet came hours after Vice President Kamala Harris compared the deadly insurrection to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the September 11 terror attacks in a speech marking the day's one-year anniversary.

Jan 11 07:47

JUST IN: New FOIA by US Right to Know Reveals Fauci-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Attempted to Hide Their Role In Developing The Virus

Newly uncovered documents have revealed that EcoHealth Alliance, the Fauci-funded firm that spearheaded the dangerous Gain of Function research in China and helped cover up the lab origins of the COVID-19 virus, has been exposed for pushing to keep relevant Covid-19 sequencing data hidden from the public.

This data was important because it could have helped reveal key data about the origins of Covid by revealing its genetic structure and makeup early on in the pandemic.

Jan 11 07:38

Project Veritas: Never Before Seen Military Documents About Gain-of-Function Research Contradict Dr. Fauci Testimony Under Oath (VIDEO)

Project Veritas on Monday evening released never before seen military documents regarding the origins of Covid-19, gain-of-function research, vaccines, potential treatments and the government’s effort to conceal everything.

The newly released military documents contradict Dr. Fauci’s testimony under oath.

Fauci has repeatedly testified under oath to Congress that the US government was never involved in gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab.

Jan 11 07:34

“They’re Using Jan 6 Really as a Way to Not Talk About the 2020 Election” – Ned Ryun on the Ruling Class, Administrative State

The desperation that surrounded Jan 6, all the hype, the cringe. It really feels like the last stages of a regime and the corporate propagandists as they realize they might be having power slip out of their hands. I think you make a great point though, this is definitely about the ruling class, administrative state governing approach that senses their power might be waning…They’re using Jan 6 really as a way to not talk about the 2020 Election. You dare to bring up, hey we might have questions about it. No January 6th, shut up.

It’s also used as a distraction for the absolute disaster of the first year of the Biden Administration. I mean COVID policy is, was a disaster. Inflation, everything is much higher than a year ago. So let’s use this as a distraction, January 6th…

Jan 11 07:24


After permanently banning mRNA vaccine technology pioneer Dr. Robert Malone from its platform, Twitter is now promoting a “fact-check” that claims “mass formation psychosis,” a phrase Malone used during a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, is “an unfounded theory.”

Malone used the phrase to describe how a “very intelligent, highly-educated population” in 1920s and 1930s Germany went “barking mad” and argued that the same phenomena is playing out amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He suggested that “when you have a society that is de-coupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety and a sense that things don’t make sense,” it can “become hypnotized” by a leader or series of events. Malone added that when a society is gripped with mass formation psychosis, it will follow leaders that promise to fix the problem and attack anyone who questions their narrative, even if the leader has lied.

Jan 11 07:13

There Was an Attempted Coup in Kazakhstan, but It Wasn’t by President Tokayev. Long Planned “Color Revolution”

As can be gathered from recent materials by Asia Times, CNN, and The National Interest, among others, adversarial media forces are claiming that President Tokayev carried out an anti-Chinese coup with Russian military support.

The US-led Western information warfare narrative about the CSTO’s limited peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan that was requested by its internationally recognized government following an unprecedented explosion of urban terrorism there last week is quickly coalescing.

As can be gathered from recent materials by Asia Times, CNN, and The National Interest, among others, adversarial media forces are claiming that President Tokayev carried out an anti-Chinese coup with Russian military support. This warped interpretation is predicated on a superficial explanation of events that dishonestly leaves out some crucial contexts in order to spin a strategically self-serving narrative that checks off all the West’s most politically convenient boxes so to speak.

Jan 11 07:03

JFK Assassination: What’s In The Newest Batch Of Declassified Documents?

Last month, the Biden administration released a batch of classified documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The National Archives and Records Administration published the new 1,491 documents, of which 958 are from the CIA.

That means 9 out of 10 of the total number of documents are still being withheld from declassification.

“It’s very little and very late,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the president’s nephew, told The Epoch Times.

“There’s only 10 percent of the documents that legally have to be released in that data dump. But even those documents are clearly showing that the CIA lied outright to the Warren Commission about its relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Jan 11 06:55

BOOGA BOOGA! How Putin could black out Britain: Top military man warns Russian sabotage could wreck undersea cables that supply our internet and $10 trillion of financial deals a day

Thousands of feet under the ocean lies a global network of internet cables responsible for carrying 97 per cent of international communications.

In a digital age, these physical cables, sheathed in steel and plastic, are central to how we function. If they were to be disabled, it would not just prevent us accessing the web on our phones and laptops — it would disrupt everything from agriculture and healthcare to military logistics and financial transactions, instantly plunging the world into a new depression.

According to experts, this doomsday scenario ranks alongside nuclear war as an existential threat to our way of life.

Jan 11 06:30

Moscow Slams West Calling Russia 'Aggressor' in Situation With Kazakhstan as Nonsense

The West's statements alleging that Russia is an "aggressor" in the situation with Kazakhstan are nonsense, Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Tuesday.

"This operation led to the end of the bloodshed, it stopped it. And right away we [hear] ... from people who have never been either deep analysts or experts in the situation, do not belong to this world at all and are not professionals, we read some kind of nonsense that Russia is an aggressor and so on," Zakharova told the Solovyov Live show on YouTube.

The West's assessments that the peacekeeping forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) are deployed in Kazakhstan illegally are dictated by anger, as it cannot respond to a crisis so effectively, Zakharova said.

Jan 10 15:32

We warned you: Democrat-led “strike forces” preparing to incarcerate unvaccinated Americans as young as 5 years old

Democrats in Washington State have introduced a new bill that will authorize the detainment of residents as young as 5 years old in Covid concentration camps, for failing to comply with the state’s draconian vaccine mandate. -- If passed, WAC 246-100 will allow local health officers at “his other sole discretion” to “issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine.” -- The legislation also allows local health officials to commandeer police officers to assist them in this blatantly unconstitutional act, which is akin to what Democrats did to Japanese-Americans at the start of World War II (despite Democrats today pretending to denounce it).

Jan 10 15:21

AOC tests positive for covid despite being vaccinated and boosted

Despite getting jabbed at least three times for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has tested positive for the Fauci Flu, proving that the injections do not work.

Jan 10 14:48

Narrative Shift: CDC Director Admits OVER 75% Of Covid Deaths Were Among People With 'At Least Four Comorbidities'

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted on Friday that over 75% of covid deaths were among people "who had at least four comorbidities" and were "unwell to begin with."

"The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities," Walensky told GMA on Friday. "So really these are people who were unwell to begin with."

Jan 10 14:40

We Can Never Stop Speaking Out: Only the Truth Will Set Us Free

In order for something of this magnitude to take place, it is evident that the human population has regressed substantially considering intellectual growth, responsibility, confidence in self, and a belief in the individual nature of man. They have instead been conditioned, and accepted their indoctrination voluntarily, only for reliance on a false sense of comfort and safety of the crowd, and dependency on others instead of self. Although people are social creatures, what has sustained humanity has been individual effort, tenacity, courage, and a strong driving force to be free. Those traits now only exist with a small minority, and if that minority is eliminated or driven out, the downfall of man will be the result.

Jan 10 14:31

What Role Did the FBI Play in January 6?

Investigating—or Planning—the Plot? -- But the Justice Department’s description failed to match reality as court documents and testimony would show. Far from the FBI thwarting the operation, the FBI itself enlisted participants, organized and funded training and surveillance trips, and used paid informants working with FBI agents to lure unsuspecting “militia” members into attempting to execute the plot. 

Jan 10 14:20

As suspected, Biden, Harris, Democrats want to use Jan. 6 Capitol riot as excuse to federalize (rigged) elections

Now that Democrats are on the cusp of a congressional blowout in the 2022 midterm elections, they are laying the groundwork to claim those victories will be illegitimate too, and further ‘proof’ of why we need to federalize elections. -- Democrats cannot win consistently in enough places around the country to keep power, so they have to cheat, as the last election cycle proved.

Jan 10 14:11

LUNACY: Employer demands all employees wear masks during ZOOM meetings because “unmasked faces” make other employees nervous

“I work from home and today my boss sent an email saying that the whole team needs to wear masks during our Zoom meetings because one of the employees has a ‘fear of unmasked people,'” the man states.

Jan 10 14:05

BREAKDOWN: Basic Services And Supply Chains Are Rapidly Breaking Down All Over The Globe

Of course our politicians seem to think that they can treat all of us like we are in the military these days. -- They just keep imposing more rules, more restrictions and more mandates. -- And the more they clamp down, the more our society is going to break down. -- 2022 is certainly off to an inauspicious start, and the weeks ahead certainly do not look very promising at all.

Jan 10 14:00

United States Shall Survive as a Free Republic if the American People Remain Armed

Under no situation or circumstance is the Government permitted lawfully to constrain, restrain, abrogate or suspend the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This is a core Truth, and the forces that seek this Nation’s destruction know this.

Jan 10 13:54

Georgia Counties Say They Have Deleted Election Evidence as Ballot Harvesting Probe Begins

But now, Just the News reported separately that thanks to actions taken by the state ahead of the Nov. 3, 2020, election, valuable video evidence needed to bust the case wide open is gone:

Since 1960, federal civil rights law has required state and local election officials to “retain and preserve” records relating to elections involving federal officeholders for 22 months after ballots are cast.

That would seem to be a good thing as Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger embarks on an investigation into whether third-party liberal activists in 2020 illegally gathered and delivered absentee ballots for voters — a practice known as harvesting that is outlawed in the Peach State.

But some of Georgia’s largest counties tell Just the News that they no longer possess evidence that could be helpful to probing the harvesting allegations: video camera surveillance footage that monitored the drop boxes installed around Georgia to help voters cast ballots during the pandemic.

Jan 10 12:43

EXCLUSIVE: The First Jan 6 Insurrection Began with Obama and Comey Setting Up President-Elect Trump that Night in 2017

The propaganda media for the Deep State Democrats is attempting to make Jan 6 a national day of remembrance due to the suspicious events surrounding the Capital riot of 2021.

But the real Jan 6 insurrection was planned out by the Obama gang and was put into motion on Jan 6, 2017, when fired and disgraced FBI Director James Comey met with President Trump.

We know that Obama and a group of his top advisors met in the White House on January 5th, 2017. We know this because Susan Rice memorialized this meeting in a bizarre personal email to herself discussing this meeting on the day of President Trump’s Inauguration.

Jan 10 12:30

Biden, Pelosi Include April Murder of Capitol Police Officer by a Black Nationalist in Fictional Capitol Riot ‘Death Toll’

In reality, there was only one death that day related to the actual violence: 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran and Trump supporter who was killed by Capitol Police officer Lt. Michael Byrd as she tried to climb through a glass-paneled door after parts of it had been shattered by an alleged rioter identified as Zachary Jordan Alam.

The three other deaths that day were Trump supporters Kevin Greeson, 55, and Benjamin Phillips, 50, who per the D.C. medical examiner died from natural causes (heart attacks). Roseanne Boyland, 34, died from a drug overdose. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died the next day, and per the medical examiner, Sicknick “suffered two strokes and died of natural causes.”

In the days and months after the Capitol breach, four police officers committed suicide. That’s how AOC and other Democrats, as well as members of the mainstream media, have come up with their “Capitol riot death toll.”

Jan 10 12:28

Federal Agents Plotting Another False

Jan 10 12:04

Must See: Biden Literally Celebrating One Of The Worst Economic Reports In History

Social media users on Friday mocked a graphic the White House posted online that claimed President Biden has created far more jobs than any other commander-in-chief.

"Ever," the post bragged.

The statistic– which has been posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – was posted just hours after a disappointing jobs report showed hiring had fallen far below expectations in December.

Jan 10 11:56

Russia slams US statements as ‘baby babble’

US officials don't understand what's happening in Kazakhstan, so instead they resort to platitudes and cliches when discussing the crisis-hit Central Asian country, the Russian Foreign Ministry claimed on Sunday.

American statements on the crisis, which has seen the country gripped by violent protests since the New Year, exhibit “desperation and [a] lack of arguments; or desperation due to lack of arguments,” spokesman Maria Zakharova insisted during her appearance on the ‘Soloviev Live’ channel on YouTube on Saturday.

White House officials become “baffled” when they’re being asked by journalists about the situation in the Central Asian country, she added. “They don’t know what to say. Just look at this baby babble and nonsense that they’re uttering,” Zakharova pointed out.

Jan 10 11:55

Videos and Text: Blinken, Stoltenberg Unleash Unprecedented Diktat, Ultimatum at Russia Following NATO Foreign Policy Meeting

Below are videos of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at their respective press briefings following the virtual meeting of NATO’s thirty foreign policy chiefs on January 7, preceded by the transcript of Blinken’s comments. They provide a clear indication of what to expect from the upcoming NATO-Russia Council and Biden-Putin discussions.

The upshot of both Blinken’s and Stoltenberg’s statements are that Russia has the choice of capitulating to NATO’s terms and demands regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine (and implicitly the return of Crimea) and NATO’s absorption of any former Soviet republics not already in the bloc or NATO will revert to its role as the military alliance it has been for 73 years: it will employ the military expedient against Russia. As it has not hesitated to do in Europe, Asia and Africa in the past twenty-three years.

Jan 10 11:50

Unjustly smeared as “anti-Semitic” (whatever that means)?

Stuart Littlewood highlights Israel's and its Zionist terror networks' abuse of the term "anti-Semitism", and recalls former Israeli Director of Military Intelligence Yehoshafat Harkabi's warning that "Israelis must be aware that the price of their misconduct is paid not only by them but also Jews throughout the world".>>

Jan 10 11:45

Must See: Blaming Trump For January 6 Is Attempt To Distract America From The Real Issue

President Biden on Thursday accused former President Trump for prompting insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and dispersing a "web of lies" in order to "prevent" the peaceful transfer of power during certification of the 2020 presidential election, blasting him as an individual who "sees his own interest as more important than America's."

During statements from Statuary Hall in the Capitol Building on Thursday, Biden talked about the deadly attack, saying that "the will of the people was under assault."

"Our Constitution faced the gravest of threats," Biden said. "Outnumbered in the face of a brutal attack, the Capitol Police, the D.C. Metropolitan Police, the National Guard and brave law enforcement officials saved the rule of law."

Jan 10 11:24


After presidential historian Douglas Brinkley compared documentation of last year’s Capitol protests to footage of the Nazi Holocaust, Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) head Morton Klein expressed outrage over the historian’s “breathtaking insensitivity,” while demanding a “profuse apology” on his part for having “minimize[d] and diminish[ed] the monstrous Holocaust.”

In response to Rice University professor and liberal CNN historian Douglas Brinkley’s likening aspects of the January 6 riot to the Nazi Holocaust on Thursday, the nation’s oldest pro-Israel organization released an exclusive statement to Breitbart News that called out the “deranged partisan lunacy” of any comparison of the two events.

Jan 10 11:22

'I'm Ready To Rip The Whole Thing Wide Open': MTG On Alleged Federal Involvement In Jan. 6

Jan 10 11:10

Youtube CENSORS More Criticism Of Biden

A famous popular music video that used images of Taliban violence and denounced President Biden's departure from Afghanistan was removed by YouTube.

Grammy-nominated singer John Ondrasik, whose "Blood on My Hands" garnered more than 250,000 views, claimed the removal of the clip was an attack on free speech.

"I have just received notification that @YouTube has taken down the Blood on My Hands – White House Docu-Music video," he said, while also sharing a longer statement about the incident.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

YouTube has put the video back up, saying it was removed by error. Suuuuure.

Jan 10 11:07

How does that humble pie taste? ‘Triple-jabbed’ Geraldo Rivera shocked he has COVID, trips SPECTACULARLY over his HATEFUL tweets about the unvaccinated

Geraldo Rivera is ‘astounded’ he has COVID since he is triply jabbed. Not only fully vaccinated BUT he has the booster.

Still caught it.

Remember when Biden was telling Americans the vaccine would keep people from catching COVID? Good times.

Shocked and embarrassed.

Looking at these tweets, he should be.

Jan 10 10:59

VAERS Blocking Details Of What’s In Deadly Covid Vaccinations

Jan 10 10:12

What Has Changed A Year After Trump Was CANCELED By Big Tech?

One year ago, today, President Donald Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter. In the ensuing turmoil, it is easy to forget why. Any self-declared politico around Washington, D.C., will predictably relay an unsure and uncertain allusion to the Capitol riot.

Notably, it is important to understand their reasons to understand what’s in store for the rest of our country.

Jan 10 09:17

NYT Reporter Can’t Handle The Truth About Media Imbalance In Covering J6 And Shoot-Up Of Republican Baseball Game

One of the examples conservatives frequently—and rightly—use when discussing bias in media coverage is the Congressional baseball shootings that took place June 14, 2017, in Alexandria, Virginia during a practice game.

Four people were shot, including Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), who was nearly killed by deranged Bernie Sanders supporter and Trump hater James T. Hodgkinson, who specifically targeted Republicans (many GOP lawmakers were on the field that day) for assassination. Hodgkinson, 66, later died from injuries he sustained from a shootout with Capitol Police and Alexandria Police officers.

We all remember how the story largely disappeared from view after about the first 48 hours or so, primarily because the shooting could not be linked to “right-wing extremism.”

Jan 10 09:16

Mass Formation Psychosis. The Madness of Crowds. And The End Of Progressive America.

Until a few days ago, I had never heard the term “Mass Formation Psychosis.” There’s a phenomenon when something gets hot that all sorts of experts announce themselves on Twitter, when their expertise is about 24 hours old and an inch deep.

I’m not going to do that. I’ll just play you what the now Twitter-banned Robert W. Malone said on Joe Rogan that swept the internet for close to an entire news cycle:

Jan 10 09:12

Jan 6 Political Prisoner Troy Smocks Is a Black Man Originally from the KC Housing Projects – Today He Speaks Out from the DC Gulag and Refutes the Narrative That He is Housed with White Supremacists

Troy Smocks is a 49-year-old black man from Texas being held in the DC “Gitmo” with other defendants for the events that unfolded at the Capitol on January 6.

He is incarcerated with a diverse group of Trump supporters who are white, black, Hispanic, Arab, Christian, Jewish, straight, and transgender.

Smocks’ race has not stopped the Left from accusing him of being a white supremacist.

Jan 10 09:00

EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Suggests Yesterday’s Khaki-Clad Patriot Front Parade in Chicago Included ‘Tradecraft’ Indicating Federal Government Involvement

There is evidence of ‘tradecraft’ in yesterday’s ‘rally’ in Chicago by the Patriot Front in Chicago.

The khaki-clad Patriot Front marchers attended the Chicago Right to Life rally and then marched off by themselves towards the Field Museum for some reason.

The mysterious khaki-clad marchers then jumped into cars with covered license plates and sped away from downtown Chicago.

Jan 10 08:40

How US state media rebrands Nazi collaborators as freedom fighters

The Ukrainian language channel of US state-run broadcaster RFERL is making a concerted effort to rehabilitate the life and legacy of WWII-era Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, widely held by historians to have been a war criminal.

A video posted by the broadcaster, registered as a "foreign agent" in Russia, earlier this month argued that Ukrainians are deeply divided about whether the wartime leader was a hero or a villain – while leaning heavily in favour of the hero narrative. RFE/RL is part of the US Agency for Global Media, a government controlled organisation, with an annual budget of over $800 million, which is charter bound to promote the "foreign policy objectives of the United States."

Jan 10 08:40

US believes Putin wants to restore Soviet Union – Blinken

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that Russia is eyeing restoration of the Soviet Union, which is, in his opinion, “unacceptable” and should be addressed. He offered no evidence to support his assertion.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that Russia is eyeing restoration of the Soviet Union, which is, in his opinion, “unacceptable” and should be addressed. In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Blinken was asked if he agreed with former secretary of defense Leon Panetta, who once said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was driven by a desire to restore the old USSR.

“I think that’s right, I think that’s one of President Putin’s objectives, and it is to re-exert a sphere of influence over countries that previously were part of the Soviet Union,” Blinken replied.

Jan 10 08:33

You Know Global Elites Are Triggered When The Propaganda Institutions Collaborate To Refute "Mass Formation Psychosis"

Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit... if this ain’t the biggest revealing tell in years.

Apparently Big Tech and big propaganda media, Reuters and the Associated Press, have joined together to refute the concept of “Mass Formation Psychosis”, and pushed their collective narrative into the narrative engineering system:

The Associated Press – SEE HERE and Reuters – SEE HERE, quickly rush to the “fact check” typeset to stop people from recognizing what is most likely the cause of their own psychosis. In a world where things are no longer shocking, this is, well, a little shocking, in a weird and seemingly Orwellian kind of way.

Yes Alice, the same “experts” and media who are credibly accused of creating/enabling the mass formation psychosis would like to assure us that no such reality exists. This is almost too funny.

Jan 10 07:34

John Bolton’s nightmare: 2,500 CSTO troops in Kazakhstan lead to restoration of Russian Empire, Soviet Union rising from its ashes

The Wall Street Journal’s Sunday edition of January 9 features an opinion piece by John Bolton, the former U.S. national security advisor and ambassador to the United Nations (under the Donald Trump and George W. Bush administrations, respectively) with the characteristically less-than-nuanced title of Is the Crisis in Kazakhstan the Rebirth of the Soviet Union? As though the bluntness (and absurdity) of the title weren’t enough, and to match prescription to diagnosis, the subtitle The West needs to be firm as Putin seeks to expand Moscow’s control over neighboring states was appended.

Jan 10 07:21

Secretary Of State Believes Russia Will Use 'False Flag' To Justify Ukraine War

The Russian President Vladimir Putin might approve a false flag operation against Ukraine to create a pretext for a military conflict, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

“No one should be surprised if Russia instigates a provocation or incident, then tries to use it to justify military intervention, hoping that by the time the world realizes the ruse, it’ll be too late,” Blinken told reporters. “The idea that Ukraine is the aggressor in this situation is absurd.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Blinken is projecting again.