Mar 05 08:40

'I'm the Majority': 4-Minute Clip from Pro-Gun Candidate in NC Should Be Seen by Every American

Lost in all the Super Tuesday coverage this week was a significant political victory for the Second Amendment, courtesy of a non-politician outsider in North Carolina who has gained national prominence in recent years for his passionate defense of our right to keep and bear arms.

Mar 05 08:40

Study: Children Are Experiencing Nightmares, Anxiety Amid Climate Hysteria

It’s all about the children.
Climate change activists are determined to save the planet for the next generation, even if they have to traumatize that generation in the process.

Mar 05 08:39

Chief Justice Roberts Blasts Schumer's 'Threatening Statements' Against Gorsuch and Kavanaugh

Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court on Wednesday slammed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York for threatening two members of the court’s conservative wing who were appointed by President Donald Trump.

Mar 05 08:35

Rashida Tlaib at Supreme Court Abortion Rally: “Maybe You Shouldn’t Even Want to Have Sex With Me!” (Video)

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) spoke at a pro-choice rally held in front of the Supreme Court Wednesday morning where she spoke about the intersectionality of the abortion movement. This was the same rally where Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) threatened Supreme Court justices.

Mar 05 08:35

Comey’s Crossfire Hurricane Team Inserted Blank Pieces of Paper Into FBI File Used to Document Support For FISA Warrants on Carter Page

Comey’s Crossfire Hurricane team inserted blank pieces of paper into an FBI file used to document support for the FISA warrants on Carter Page which was cited in a barely-noticed footnote in Horowitz’s report.

Mar 05 08:28

IT’S OFFICIAL: Chinese Scientists Find Genetic Explanation for Coronavirus Discriminating By Race

A study by a Chinese research group has emerged that offers concrete proof of race differences in susceptibility to Corona virus are very real.

The study—a preprint that has not yet been peer-reviewed—is entitled Single-cell RNA expression profiling of ACE2, the putative receptor of Wuhan 2019-nCov, By Yu Zhao et al., bioRxiv, 2020] and is authored by a group of medical scientists based at Tongji University in Shanghai

The authors explain that “2019-nCov was reported to share the same receptor, Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2)” as the SARS disease, an outbreak of which in 2003 seemed almost exclusively to kill Northeast Asians.

Mar 05 08:07

BOOM! Trump SLAMS Traitor Jeff Sessions After He Finishes Second to Coach Tommy Tuberville in AL Senate Race — Runoff Is Set for March 31

Former Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville won the most votes in the Alabama Republican primary for US Senate on Tuesday night.

Mar 05 08:07

George HW's Grandson Becomes First Bush To Lose in Texas in 40 Years After Pro-Trump Candidates Beat Him

Republican Pierce Bush had legacy on his side, but it was not enough to win in a Houston-area congressional primary contest on Tuesday.

Mar 05 08:06

Bitter Mitt Romney Won’t Say if He Voted for President Trump in the Utah Primary

Bitter Mitt Romney told CNN today that he voted for a Republican in the Utah presidential primary.

Mar 05 08:06

Schumer Spokesman Issues Statement on Supreme Court Threat, Says It Is a “Warning” on How Justices Decide Abortion Case

Justin Goodman, spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), issued a statement Wednesday afternoon regarding Schumer’s threatening comments about Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh made at a pro-choice rally in front of the Court as inside the justices heard arguments on a Louisiana abortion law case, June Medical Services LLC v. Russo.

Mar 05 07:11

HERE WE GO… Michelle Obama Schedules Voter Advocacy Rally in Detroit in Late March

Joe Biden had a HUGE night last night on Super Tuesday winning Virginia, Alabama, Minnesota, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Tennessee.

Mar 05 07:10

Lindsey Graham Calls for Clean Renewal of FISA Spying Tools — After Repeatedly Lying About Investigating the Corrupt FISA System (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Wednesday called on the US Senate and President Trump to pass a clean renewal of the FISA spying tools.

Mar 05 07:10

'Unplanned' Actress Sets Off Firestorm with Claim Hallmark Snubbed the Pro-Life Film

Hallmark’s appeasement of the radical left appears to have taken another turn after claims it snubbed the pro-life hit “Unplanned,” but one call revealed the network isn’t to blame at all.

Mar 05 07:09

Man Stuck in Crane Recorded Destructive Tornado Carving a Path Across Nashville

A destructive tornado carved an early-morning path across Nashville, Tennessee, catching thousands off guard.

Mar 05 06:47

PARTY OF SATAN: Pro-Abortion Leader Takes Over Microphone After Schumer Threatens Gorsuch and Kavanaugh – Cheers Abortions (VIDEO)

A pro-abortion leader took over the microphone after Dem Sen. Chuck Schumer threatened conservative justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh and whipped up the crowd into cheering for murdering unborn babies.

Mar 05 06:47

“She’s a Hell of a Doctor” – Whoopi Goldberg Wants Dr. Jill Biden to be the Next Surgeon General – Jill Biden Has her Doctorate in Education

After Joe Biden’s shocking victories on Super Tuesday the ladies of The View are already finding jobs for Joe’s family members in government.

Mar 05 06:43

It's Not Just Warren: Dems Are Creating a Fake Indian Tribe in NC & the Cherokee Aren't Happy

The presidential campaign of Elizabeth Warren, the U.S. senator who has a “plan” for everything, continued to receive incoming flak after recently receiving a public letter of condemnation and demand from a coalition of over 200 Native Americans.

Mar 05 06:43

Ocasio-Cortez Suffers Rough Super Tuesday as Her Candidates Struggle Against Establishment

For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, election disappointment in the spring could mean she’s in for a crushing fall.

Mar 05 06:31

‘This is a Direct Threat – Serious Action MUST be Taken NOW!’ – President Trump Demands Schumer be Punished For Threatening Gorsuch and Kavanaugh

President Trump on Wednesday evening demanded “serious action” be taken in response to Schumer’s threats to two conservative Supreme Court Justices earlier in the day.

Mar 05 06:24

Chief Justice John Roberts Condemns Schumer’s Threat: ‘Inappropriate’ and ‘Dangerous’

“Justices know that criticism comes with the territory, but threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous,” Roberts said in a rare statement. “All Members of the Court will continue to do their job, without fear or favor, from whatever quarter.”
Earlier Wednesday, Schumer warned in a speech outside the Supreme Court that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will “pay the price” if they vote against pro-choice advocates in a major abortion case.

Mar 05 06:11

HomeWorld News‘You met Al-Qaeda’s medical staff’: US envoy to UN takes heat after proudly greeting notorious White Helmets

Colorful images of Ambassador Kelly Craft enthusiastically shaking hands with ‘White Helmets’ members made rounds online, with users reminding the diplomat of their connections to a jihadi group the US once fought against.
Craft, who serves as the US Ambassador to the United Nations, showed up at the Turkey-Syrian border, posing with members of the self-described “civil defense group.” She didn’t come empty-handed, though, promising a hefty $108-million “humanitarian support package” intended for the people of northern Syria.

“Grateful to shake the hands of the brave men and women of the #whitehelmets,” Kelly tweeted, hailing them as “ordinary people doing extraordinary things to save the lives of Syrian victims of Assad’s brutality.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think I'm about to get just a little ill over this; to truly not know what the facts are, is one thing.

But to know, absolutely ,what the facts are, and yet continue to lie to the American people and the world?!?

This is one of the highest, and most intense, forms of treason imaginable.

Mar 05 06:03

HomeWorld NewsHuman shield tactics again? ‘Israeli jets’ striking Syria force TWO civilian planes to change course

Two civilian airplanes bound for Qatar were reportedly used as cover by Israeli jets launching missiles from Lebanese airspace against targets near the Syrian cities of Homs and Quneitra.
READ MORE: Syrian air defenses engage ‘hostile targets’ over Homs & Quneitra

Syrian air defenses engaged incoming missiles shortly after midnight local time on Thursday, both near Homs in central Syria and Quneitra in the south, on the armistice line with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Following the attack, reports appeared that at least two flights – one passenger, one cargo – had to change course to avoid getting struck by air defense missiles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Putting civilian lives on the line has never been a moral, or ethical issue for either the IDF, or the Israeli government.

Mar 05 05:56


As Americans scramble to prepare themselves for the possibility that the coronavirus outbreak becomes a pandemic, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is also preparing. FEMA is “aware of the gravity of the situation” and ready to assist in a coronavirus response.

FEMA officials are preparing for an “infectious disease emergency declaration” by the president that would allow the agency to provide disaster relief funding to state and local governments, as well as federal assistance to support the coronavirus response, according to agency planning documents reviewed by NBC News.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is an accompanying story to which you also need to pay attention, by Mac Slavo, from; you need to read:


Mar 05 05:54

Erdogan's Gamble Backfires As EU Gives Iron-Willed Greeks $780M to Secure Their Border

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan thought that by sending tens of thousands of "crying refugees" to invade Greece it would cause Europeans to cave and throw open their borders as happened in 2015 -- instead he ran into the army of Sparta.

Mar 05 05:50


(Support Free Thought) -

Los Angeles, CA — All too often in this country, police are called out to check on the health of an individual who may be physically or mentally troubled. And, all too often, instead of providing that person with help, police show up and hurt, arrest, or even kill them. This process is known as a welfare check and a former actress from the hit show “ER” became one of many victims to receive this ‘help’ in 2018. Video from the incident was held for nearly two years and was only released this week.

Vanessa Marquez, 49, hadn’t harmed anyone when police showed up at her South apartment on that foreboding day back in August 2018. The landlord had simply become concerned that she may have fallen ill and wasn’t taking care of herself, so he called police for help. Sadly, this help came in the form of government issued bullets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am an extraordinarily lucky person; I have never, this lifetime, had a run-in with police that could have ever become dangerous. There were a couple of speeding tickets on Oahu, which I earned, and for which I did pay, but that was about it.

That being said, what about the ability to "talk someone down" before a police confrontation went south, and someone got horrifically hurt, or killed?!? How has that seemingly gotten lost in 21st century policing, because someone with this skill set, could most probably have prevented this "wellness check" from becoming lethal?

It sounds to me as though, in the 21st century, police in this country are in desperate need "psychological responders" to defuse situations before they result in someone's death; either that of an officer, or a person who may well not be of sound mind.

Mar 05 05:45

Hospital For Harvey Instead Of Prison: The New UHNW Math Of Medical Parole

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly getting bored in the hospital but it’s a lot better than jail, a full week after a guilty verdict exposes him to up to 29 years in jail.

A previously undisclosed heart condition triggered chest pains right after the jury convicted him of two sexual felonies. The mogul went straight to Bellevue instead of Rikers ahead of his sentencing on March 11.

Conditions in the hospital aren’t bad. He’s doing a lot of recreational reading, seeing friends and has a private room.

If his handlers haven’t been deliberately staging his medical drama to wring a better outcome out of the circumstances, now is a great time to start. Anything else amounts to professional malpractice.

Mar 05 05:40


“If, as it seems, we are in the process of becoming a totalitarian society in which the state apparatus is all-powerful, the ethics most important for the survival of the true, free, human individual would be: cheat, lie, evade, fake it, be elsewhere, forge documents, build improved electronic gadgets in your garage that’ll outwit the gadgets used by the authorities.”—Philip K. Dick

Emboldened by the citizenry’s inattention and willingness to tolerate its abuses, the government has weaponized one national crisis after another in order to expands its powers.

The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on illegal immigration, asset forfeiture schemes, road safety schemes, school safety schemes, eminent domain: all of these programs started out as legitimate responses to pressing concerns and have since become weapons of compliance and control in the police state’s hands.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Much of what happens in China's future, depends on its military; how loyal it will continue to be to a centralized government, which continues to abuse its people and act with an incredible degree of hubris, , or develop a new-found loyalty to the Chinese people themselves, suffering under the boot-heel of oppression.; and right now, that issue is up for grabs.

Mar 05 05:32


Once confidence and certainty are lost, the willingness to expand debt and leverage collapses.

Even though the first-order effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are still impossible to predict, it’s already possible to ask: did the pandemic pop all the global financial bubbles? The reason we can ask this question is the entire bull mania of the 21st century has been based on a permanently high rate of expansion of leverage and debt.

The lesson of the 2008-09 Global Financial meltdown was clear: any decline in the rate of debt/leverage expansion is enough to threaten financial bubbles, and any absolute decline in debt and leverage will unleash a cascade that collapses all the speculative bubbles in stocks, real estate, collectibles, etc.

Mar 05 05:26

“It’s Because You’re White and I Hate White People": White Woman Randomly Assaulted in Portland by Black Woman

We all know the deal by now.

Just a few details of this story flipped, we are witnessing a story the corporate media wouldn’t stop covering for at least a month.

Maybe two.

As it is, enjoy the sound of anti-white silence, with few people ever reading the details of what happened to Nimo Jire Kalinle.

Mar 05 04:58

James Carville Praises James Clyburn For “Saving The Democratic Party” By Endorsing Joe Biden And Stalling Bernie’s Socialist Revolution (VIDEO)

James Carville praised James Clyburn on Wednesday morning for “saving the Democratic Party” by endorsing Joe Biden last week in South Carolina.

Mar 05 04:58

Republican Senators Ramp Up Probe Into Joe And Hunter Biden’s Ties To Burisma

Senator Ron Johnson told reporters on Wednesday that Senate Republicans are entering a new phase of their investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden and their ties to a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma.

Mar 05 04:56

FIGURES. Trump Camp’s Libel Suit Against WaPo Assigned to Radical Obama Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

The Trump campaign’s libel lawsuit against the Washington Post was assigned to radical Obama judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Mar 05 04:54

“You Are Disqualified, Sir!… You Will Never Be President” – EPIC! Veteran Confronts Warmonger Joe Biden in Oakland (VIDEO)

Two veterans confronted Democrat Joe Biden for supporting the Iraq War during his stop on Tuesday in Oakland.

Mar 05 04:54

SHOCKING PHOTOS Show Coronavirus Impact on Ayatollah Khamenei’s Cabinet in Iran – First Vice President Infected

Iran has confirmed 2,922 cases of the coronavirus and 92 deaths although there are skeptics who believe the regime is fudging its numbers on the impact of the disease.

Mar 05 04:50

Health Concerns Take Center Stage As Septuagenarians Battle For Democratic Nomination

It was touted as “the most diverse field of Democratic presidential candidates ever.”
Now there are three old white guys and an old white women atop the heap.

Mar 05 04:50

Supreme Court Rules Illegal Aliens CAN Be Prosecuted For Identity Theft

In a 5-4 decision, a divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled that foreigners who are in America illegally can be prosecuted for the crime of identity theft.

Mar 05 04:47

After Years of Indoctrination Democrat Voters Now Favor Socialism Over Capitalism

After years of indoctrination and ignorance Democrat voters now favor the failed practice of socialism over capitalism.

Mar 05 04:46

Lindsey Graham Says He is Holding “Closed Door” Interviews on FISA Court Abuse

Lindsey Graham has still refused to hold a single public hearing on how the Mueller probe started.

Mar 04 22:21

Greek army deployed at Turkish border

Huge numbers of migrants and refugees have been heading to Turkey's European borders since Thursday, after announcements by Turkish officials that they would no longer try to prevent migrants and refugees from reaching Europe.

Mar 04 22:05

Coronavirus: High Recovery Rates in China. Most Recent Figures

Western media hype: Fear and panic, disruption of the global economy, that makes the headlines.

But not a word is mentioned that the COVID-19 in China is under control, people are being treated in hospitals and they are recovering.

On February 28, China reported 36,157 out of a total of 78,961 reported cases as having recovered.

China has reported (March 1st) a 52.1 percent recovery rate, which signifies that more than half of the patients (confirmed cases) have been discharged from the hospitals. And the Chinese hospitals (which are very strict) will not release them if they are still infected or could transmit the COVID-19 coronavirus.

What this means is that the number of “reported infected cases” in China (80 304) (WHO data, March 3, 2020) has fallen to less than 40,000. But that does not make the headlines.

Mar 04 22:01

China’s Coronavirus: A Shocking Update. Did The Virus Originate in the US?

The Western media quickly took the stage and laid out the official narrative for the outbreak of the new coronavirus which appeared to have begun in China, claiming it to have originated with animals at a wet market in Wuhan.

In fact the origin was for a long time unknown but it appears likely now, according to Chinese and Japanese reports, that the virus originated elsewhere, from multiple locations, but began to spread widely only after being introduced to the market.

More to the point, it appears that the virus did not originate in China and, according to reports in Japanese and other media, may have originated in the US.

Chinese Researchers Conclude the Virus Originated Outside of China

Mar 04 21:40

WATCH: Fistfight breaks out in Turkish parliament after lawmaker lashes out at Erdogan over Idlib soldier deaths

Turkey’s parliament descended into a chaotic fistfight after an opposition lawmaker accused President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an of disrespecting Turkish soldiers killed recently in Idlib, Syria.

During a closed session about the country’s operations in Idlib, opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) member Engin Ozkoc said Erdogan disrespected the dead troops and had also acted irresponsibly by sending them into conflict without air cover.

Mar 04 21:36

Erdogan or Erdo-gone in Turkey?

Date: March 4, 2020 Author: Tom Luongo

“Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad”
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow “Prometheus”

It looks like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is headed for the political gallows a lot quicker than I ever thought.

His offensive in Idlib has bogged down. And a day before he’s scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow Erdogan Turkish parliament degrades quickly as opposition speaks out against his Syria campaign.

This prompted a fistfight.

Mar 04 21:31

MAJOR: Turkish Forces attack Russian Positions in Idlib

Right before Erdogan sees Putin.

SYRIA – Late on March 3rd were confirmed attacks by the Turkish army in the area where the Russian military was located in the city of Sarakib in the east of Idlib province.

In the wee early hours of March 4th, these attacks continued on as Turkish artillery launched a further series of attacks on Sarakib, where Russian military police units were deployed on March 2nd.

Mar 04 21:28

Schumer Spokesman Issues Statement On Supreme Court Threat, Says It Is A “Warning” On How Justices Decide Abortion Case

Justin Goodman, spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), issued a statement Wednesday afternoon regarding Schumer’s threatening comments about Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh made at a pro-choice rally in front of the Court as inside the justices heard arguments on a Louisiana abortion law case, June Medical Services LLC v. Russo.

Mar 04 20:17

Joe Biden Is Coming for Your Legal Weed

No one person created America's war on drugs. No individual is responsible for the accompanying manufactured crises of mass incarceration and impoverishment of working class communities of color. But in the same shamed strata as Richard Nixon and Nancy Reagan, in the view of many, you can find Joe Biden, the wobbly 2020 frontrunner and former vice president.

In his 40 years in the Senate, as is now well known, Biden was a key architect of harsh criminal penalties for nonviolent drug users.

Mar 04 18:34

Reddit Partners With Crisis Hot Line After Bernie Sanders' Weak Super Tuesday Performance

In the wake of Bernie Sanders' weak performance in the Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday, Reddit announced a new partnership with a mental health crisis hot line to aid redditors feeling "depressed" or "suicidal."

Mar 04 18:31

PARTY OF SATAN: Pro-Abortion Leader Takes Over Microphone After Schumer Threatens Gorsuch and Kavanaugh – Cheers Abortions (VIDEO)

A pro-abortion leader took over the microphone after Dem Sen. Chuck Schumer threatened conservative justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh and whipped up the crowd into cheering for murdering unborn babies.

Mar 04 18:31

BREAKING: Chief Justice Roberts Condemns Chuck Schumer For Threatening Gorsuch and Kavanaugh

Chief Justice John Roberts condemned Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in a rare statement on Wednesday after the Senator threatened conservative justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

Mar 04 15:34

The Bush Administration’s Secret Biowarfare Agenda

A Brief Modern History of Biowarfare

— the Hague Convention of 1907 bans chemical weapons;

— WW I use of poison gas causes 100,000 deaths and 900,000 injuries;

— Britain uses poison gas against Iraqis in the 1920s; as Secretary of State for War in 1919, Winston Churchill advocates it in a secret memo stating: “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes;”

— the 1928 Geneva Protocol prohibits gas and bacteriological warfare;

— in 1931, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads infects human subjects with cancer cells – under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations; Rhoads later conducts radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients;

— in 1932, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study begins on 200 black men; they’re not told of their illness, are denied treatment, and are used as human guinea pigs to follow their disease symptoms and progression; they all subsequently die.......

Mar 04 15:28

The US Used Biological Warfare Against Mainland China in the 1950s

The US amnestied Japanese war criminals and told them to develop biological weapons for its use. It then used those weapons widely in the Korean War, but vehemently denied doing so, blaming any reports on “Communist propaganda” which it continues to this day. ‘Fortunately’ the Chinese and Korean familiarity with Japanese bioweapons meant they were able to limit the fallout and render the US biological warfare campaign ineffective.

Mar 04 15:21

Oregon Indian casino closes after employee gets coronavirus

SALEM, Ore. (AP) – Leaders of an Indian reservation in Oregon shut down its casino and several other facilities after an employee contracted the coronavirus.

Mar 04 15:19

Coronavirus could hit Oregon homeless population particularly hard

By Molly Harbarger | The Oregonian/OregonLive

Experts say that the coronavirus could be deadly for homeless people in Oregon and along the West Coast who already face higher health risks and have fewer ways to protect themselves from infection or to recuperate if infected.

Mar 04 15:14

Children can carry coronavirus but don’t seem to get really sick; it’s elderly adults who are most likely to die

By Aimee Green | The Oregonian/OregonLive

If the new coronavirus takes a foothold in Oregon, children are almost certainly not the ones you need to worry about. It’s elderly adults. Or people with conditions such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart disease or lung disease.

Meanwhile.......New Oregon cave rules would ban glitter, music, dog poop from caves.....

Mar 04 13:14

Biden: 'I Am The Only Candidate Who Can Beat Ronald Reagan'

HOUSTON, TX—Fresh off his afternoon nap, presidential candidate Joe Biden gave a fiery, high-energy speech in Houston today, claiming to be the only candidate who could beat incumbent Ronald Reagan.

"I am the only candidate who can unite the party to defeat Reagan," he said to scattered applause. "When Super Thursday hits here in a few weeks, we can rally the 150 million Democrats here in the great country of Texas to vote for me so we can get Reagan and his crony Dick Cheney off the Iron Throne there in the Imperial Senate. Go Hoosiers!"

Mar 04 12:33

'I'LL NEVER FORGET' D-Day veteran, 94, who was one of first soldiers on Gold Beach dedicates his MBE to 22,442 comrades who died at Normandy

A D-DAY veteran who was one of the first soldiers to storm the Gold Beach has dedicated his MBE to his 22,442 comrades who died at Normandy.

Former Royal Engineer Horace "Harry" Billinge, 94, was given his MBE from the Queen for raising more than £50,000 for veterans.

Mar 04 12:17

WHO Urges People To Go Cashless Because “Dirty Banknotes Can Spread The Virus”

Are you people starting to figure this out yet? Can you see where this is going?

By Tyler Durden

It looks like the Chinese started something…

Following reports that Beijing had “quarantined” dirty cash, the WHO warned on Monday that the virus could survive on banknotes, potentially spreading Covid-19 within communities, and across the world. To reduce the risk of being infected by money, the NGO advised citizens in countries struggling with outbreaks to favor digital payments when possible, the Daily Telegraph reported.

That the WHO is telling the public to avoid cash is hardly a surprise: research has found that coronaviruses have been found to live on surfaces for as long as 9 days.

Mar 04 11:47

Bloomberg’s Own Campaign Manager Suggested He Drop Out, Report Says

After Joe Biden’s comeback in the South Carolina Democratic primary, campaign advisors to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg were pressuring the candidate to consider dropping out of the race and endorse the former vice president ahead of Super Tuesday.

Mar 04 11:46

‘Hitler Never Took A Salary’: Liberals Attack Trump For Donating Salary To Combat Coronavirus

As reported by The Daily Wire on Tuesday, President Donald Trump donated his entire quarterly salary to help combat the coronavirus, directing the $100,000 to the the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Mar 04 10:59

Two 10 Year Old Boys Arrested On Felonies For Playing With Toy Guns in Colorado

A couple of 10 year old boys were doing what 10 year old boys do, playing battle with some toy guns. Then someone called the police on them, and next thing the boys knew, they were being tossed into the back of police cars in handcuffs.

Mar 04 10:58

BOOM! Trump SLAMS Traitor Jeff Sessions After He Finishes Second to Coach Tommy Tuberville in AL Senate Race — Runoff Is Set for March 31

Former Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville won the most votes in the Alabama Republican primary for US Senate on Tuesday night.

Mar 04 10:58

Biden Declared Winner Of Virginia Primary Immediately After Polls Close

It wasn’t really surprising that former Vice President Joe Biden won the 2020 Democratic primary in Virginia, but it was a little surprising that he was declared the winner immediately after the polls closed.

Mar 04 10:58

WATCH: Judge Judy Blasts Sanders: ‘A Joke To Think That You Can Fool The American Public’

On Tuesday, Judy Sheindlin, aka TV’s Judge Judy, ripped senator and current Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, asserting, “It’s really a joke to think that you can fool the American public when you’ve been in Congress for as many years as Bernie Sanders has.”

Mar 04 10:58

Billy Porter Pledges To Play Fairy Godmother As ‘Genderless’ In ‘Cinderella’ Remake

Broadway performer Billy Porter has pledged to play the Fairy Godmother as “genderless” in the upcoming remake of “Cinderella,” hailing the project as a “a classic fairytale for a new generation.”

Mar 04 10:31

How to Fake a Pandemic for a World Wide Police State

Many aren't old enough to remember, but in the Swine Flu panic in (1976), the US Congress approved the money to vaccinate every person in the US. After they had inoculated about 25% of the population, and more people had died from the vaccine than did the Swine Flu, they discontinued the program. By the way, ONE person in the US died from the Swine Flu, THIRTEEN were hospitalized, and an estimated THIRTY-TWO died from the vaccine. "Never let a good crisis go to waste." - Rahm Emanuel Thanks Max!

Mar 04 10:25

Covid19, 5G and the Digitalized "V"irus

Every few years they pull this crap and people fall for it over and over.SARS,MERS,Avian Flu ect.