Aug 24 06:06

Protesters armed with rifles face off against police APC in Kenosha after latest police shooting

In the wake of the latest police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, protesters armed to the teeth with semi-automatic rifles have faced down an armored personnel carrier, amid widespread rioting, looting and violence.

In a disturbing escalation of tensions, several heavily armed and armored protesters surrounded the police BearCat vehicle in the early hours of Monday morning. At one point, an officer is seen opening the hatch on the roof and throwing a tear gas grenade to disperse the crowd.

Aug 24 06:06

'She Has No Right To Wreck Our History': Former NYT Reporter In Xenophobic Twitter Meltdown At 'Foreigner' Melania's New White House Garden - But Then Claims His 'Complex Point' Has Been 'Misunderstood'

Former New York Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald slammed Melania Trump for renovating the White House Rose Garden on Saturday, saying he is furious because the first lady is a 'foreigner' who has 'no right to wreck our history'.

Aug 24 06:06

Black Lives Matter Activist: ‘World Is Going To End If We Do Not’ Stop Israel From Going Into Palestine, Get Green New Deal

A Black Lives Matter activist said at a protest in Chicago on Saturday that the world was going to end if society does not get socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) “Green New Deal” and if Israel is not stopped from going into “Palestine.”

Aug 24 06:06

Riots & looting in Kenosha, Wisconsin as police reportedly shoot black man in the back SEVEN TIMES

People attacked a courthouse and threw Molotov cocktails at officers in Wisconsin after a viral video of yet another police shooting of a black man sparked heated protests.

Rioters broke into the local courthouse and started a fire on the ground floor, as looting was reported in the area.

Aug 24 06:05

Extremists Destroy Family-Owned Business During Denver Riot: ‘Never Seen Anything Like This’

Violent rioters dressed in black and carrying an assortment of blunt weapons attacked numerous businesses and started fires in Denver on Saturday night, causing an extensive amount of damage.

Aug 24 06:03

Left-Wing Activists Intimidate People Eating At Restaurant In Charlotte: ‘White Silence Equals Violence!’

Rowdy protesters intimidated people eating at a restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday night as they made a mess in the streets.

Aug 24 06:03

Leftists Storm Suburb With Guillotine, Burn American Flags: ‘Get In The F***ing Streets!’

Violent rioters attacked police in Portland on Saturday after marching through a suburb area carrying a guillotine and other weapons.

Aug 24 06:00

Massachusetts Democrat Party Allegedly Helped College Democrats Falsely Accuse Congressional Candidate Of Sexual Misconduct

The Massachusetts state Democratic Party claimed it couldn’t comment on vague sexual misconduct allegations against congressional candidate and Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse.

Aug 24 05:51

Super neat sisters turn their passion for tidying into a decluttering business charging £240 a day to straighten up strangers' homes

A pair of sisters who love cleaning and Mrs Hinch have been dubbed the UK's answer to Marie Kondo after setting up their own decluttering company.
Beth Carlyle, 33, and Meg Morton, 30, are known amongst family and friends for their spotless homes and meticulous organisational skills, and are now making a tidy sum by charging £240 a day to help people clean up their houses and get rid of junk.

Aug 24 05:49

'Please guys be safe while doing the WAP': Cardi B tells fans to twerk safely to her hit song after TikTok users injure themselves with one fan taken to hospital on a stretcher

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's song has sparked a dance frenzy
On TikTok one user shows his followers how to do a demanding series of moves
One follower of Brian Esperon's ended up in hospital after attempting the dance
Others complained in comments about injuring their backs and knees

Aug 24 05:34

Moment Furious Black Motorist Accuses White Female Cyclist Of Racial Profiling When She 'Accuses Him Of Being A Thief After Spotting Him Sorting Through His OWN Glovebox'

A woman has been accused of racial profiling after she asked a black man sitting in the passenger seat of his car and looking in his glovebox if he had stolen the vehicle.

Aug 24 05:33

First-Grade Florida Teachers Transform Their Children's Desks Into Socially Distanced JEEPS To Make Returning To School Less Intimidating

Two first-grade teachers in Florida have sought to ease their student’s anxieties about returning to school this month amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic by transforming their school desks into little colorful Jeeps.

Aug 24 05:32

Rioters calling themselves heroes take to Portland's streets with 'bloody' guillotine, flaming American flags: 'Get in the f***ing streets!'

Rioters converged on the streets of Portland, Oregon, on Saturday night pushing a guillotine and burning American flags.

Aug 24 05:29

Tennessee puts violent protesters on notice with new law that significantly increases criminal punishments

Violent protests in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago have made headlines for months. In those Democrat-controlled cities, far-left protesters riot, loot, and cause widespread destruction that costs the city and businesses millions of dollars.

Aug 24 05:19

Gulf of Mexico has never had two hurricanes at same time; history could be made as storms threaten Louisiana and Texas

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted that the 2020 hurricane season would be busy with the potential for "extreme activity." But there was no way they could forecast the possibility of double hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time because there have never been two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time in documented history. There are currently two storms marching towards the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Aug 24 05:18

Shocking moment a man pokes and squeezes a Beluga whale's head to 'show how soft it is' at a Chinese aquarium

Footage of young man poking a young Beluga whale's head has emerged online
The man is filmed poking and squeezing the whale's head in a Chinese aquarium
The man said he was showing people how soft a Beluga whale's head was

Aug 24 05:17

Nine teenagers are arrested for 'gang-raping a 16-year-old girl at a hotel in Israel' bringing total of suspects to 11 as hotel's manager is also detained for obstructing police

Eleven people have now been arrested over alleged gang-rape of a girl in Israel
They are accused of taking it in turns to attack her in a hotel in Eilat on August 12
Hotel manager also arrested for obstructing police and failing to prevent a crime
Woman, 19, also questioned for encouraging people to share footage of attack

Aug 24 05:14

Democrats Predict Forced Citizen Disarmament will be a Winner This Time Around

If nothing else, this shows the goalposts are continuously being moved to the left. If the “centrists” of the party are all in for eviscerating a keystone right and ignoring the crystal clear mandate of “shall not be infringed,” you know what those pulling sentiment in that direction intend to end up with. That also allows those previously considered “moderate” to now be smeared as “extremists,” with accusations of being haters not far behind.

Aug 24 05:12

Officials In Iran Say Black Box From Downed Ukrainian Passenger Plane With 176 On Board Reveals Jet Was Hit By TWO Missiles 25 Seconds Apart - And Some Passengers Were Alive After First Blast

Analysis of a black box from inside a downed Ukrainian passenger plane has revealed the jet was hit by two missiles 25 seconds apart, Iran said today.

Aug 24 05:12

Dozens Of Protesters Are Arrested And One Officer Is Hurt After Swarm Of 'Armed Anarchists' Wielding Axes And Guns Descend On Denver Police HQ And 'Shoot Fireworks At Cops And Set Trees On Fire'

Dozens of armed 'anarchists' descended on the Denver Police Headquarters late Saturday and damaged buildings, set fires and injured an officer, city officials said Sunday.

Aug 24 05:08

Shocking moment a man pokes and squeezes a Beluga whale's head to 'show how soft it is' at a Chinese aquarium

Shocking footage has emerged of a man poking a three-year-old Beluga whale at an aquarium.
In the video, filmed in Shenzhen, south China, on August 12, the man is seen poking and squeezing the whale's head to show nearby children how soft it is.

Aug 24 05:08

Toil and trouble: Earl of Cawdor loses battle with his duchess stepmother over new visitor's centre for 15th-century 'Macbeth's' castle - 27 years after the pair fell out when his father left her the property instead of him

An aristocrat has lost a battle with his stepmother over plans to build a visitor attraction at the castle linked to Shakespeare's Macbeth.
Colin Campbell, the seventh Earl of Cawdor, was enraged after his Czech stepmother, the dowager duchess Lady Angelika Cawdor, applied to build an events, exhibition and banqueting venue in the garden of Cawdor Castle near Nairn.

Aug 24 05:06

TikTok users 'attempting to educate' by pretending to be HOLOCAUST victims and wearing the Star of David, striped 'uniforms' and fake bruises are accused of 'dishonoring the lives of millions of Jews' - in tone deaf trend branded 'trauma porn'

Footage shows people wearing the Star of David, striped clothing and make up to look like bruises and cuts and talking to the camera as if they are dead
In others, the user's background is the Auschwitz concentration camp

Aug 24 04:54

The lost sacristy of Westminster Abbey: 13th century room where sacred items were kept is unearthed at site - along with the skeletons of 'hundreds' of monks

The Great Sacristy would have been on the Abbey's North Green where monks kept sacred items used in mass
Abbey authorities want to fully understand grounds' medieval footprint before building new visitor facilities
The sacristy was only added during construction of the present church built in the 1250s by Henry III

Aug 24 04:49

Incredible moment a Russian YouTuber attempts to set off the 'biggest Coca-Cola chemical eruption ever' using 10,000 litres of pop and a huge pile of baking soda

YouTuber Maxim posted a video documenting the experiment in Russia
Involved dropping baking soda into a vat filled with 10,000 of Coke
Believed the whole experiment cost approximately 700,000 rubles (£7,000)

Aug 24 04:38

Dead girl, 12, ‘wakes up’ while family clean her body for burial in Indonesia, before ‘dying again’ an hour later in front of doctors

Siti Masfufah Wardah opened her eyes, re-gained a heartbeat and moved
The 12-year-old's body had been taken for burial from a hospital in East Java
After doctors rushed to her home to give her oxygen she died an hour later

Aug 24 04:34

BREAKING NEWS: Former PM John Howard undergoes an emergency operation after being rushed to hospital with appendicitis

Former statesman undergoes emergency surgery after suffering appendicitis
Rushed to Sydney's Royal North Shore Private Hospital after GP visit on Monday
Former PM John Howard is 'recovering well' and there are no health concerns

Aug 24 04:28

100 nudists test positive for Covid-19 after 'very worrying' outbreak at French naturist resort - despite wearing face masks

At least 95 nudists have tested positive at the French resort of Cap d'Agde
Another 50 have reported falling sick after returning home from the village
Health officials called outbreak 'very worrying', as cases soar nationwide
Nudists told to comply with social distancing, including wearing masks

Aug 24 03:51

More than 90,000 jobs in travel sector have been lost or at risk because of Covid crisis, industry chiefs warn as they urge government for help

More than 90,000 travel sector jobs have been lost or placed at risk since the coronavirus crisis started, the association of travel agents and tour operators has said.

Aug 24 03:51

ANDREW PIERCE: Schools head dunce is proud of his new title

After the Department for Education’s shambolic handling of this year’s A-levels results, there are growing question marks over the future of Jonathan Slater, the DfE’s most senior civil servant.

Aug 24 03:37

Cancelling our past does not help our future: INAYA FOLARIN IMAN argues that move to axe Proms favourites Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory serves no purpose

How grimly ironic that hope and freedom should be among the potential latest victims of ‘cancel culture’, the drive to eradicate anything and anyone that sins against the ideology of political correctness.

Aug 24 03:33

The eye surgeons who've seen the future of dieting (and, shhh, you can still eat a juicy burger): After years treating the side-effects of obesity, two British doctors sought the root of the problem. Their solution? The radical ‘whisper plan’ that could c

Most Saturday nights, former eye surgeons Dr Paul Barrington Chell and Dr Monique Hope-Ross sit down to a full curry banquet with poppadoms, onion bhajis and naan bread.
The feast at the kitchen table in their timber-framed Warwickshire house will be washed down with a bottle of fine red wine.

Aug 24 03:31

Kenosha Riot Livestreamer Urges Violent Arsonists and Looters to ‘Go Raid Some White Owned Businesses’

A livestreamer filming the violence and destruction in Kenosha, Wisconsin, urged the arsonists and looters to "go raid some white businesses."

The streamer was upset that they were burning a car dealership, not because they were destroying a business, but because the business had a Black Lives Matter sign nearby.

Aug 24 03:30

'You killed your own humanity': Grieving mother tells Christchurch mosque gunman who slaughtered 51 Muslims 'the world will not forgive you' as he faces survivors in court ahead of sentencing

White supremacist gunman Brenton Tarrant was in court today on first day of his four-day sentencing hearing
Bereaved mother Maysoon Salama, whose son Atta Elayyan was killed, told the terrorist 'I can't forgive you'

Aug 24 03:21

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