Apr 16 09:58

Mike Pompeo: U.S. Doing ‘Full Investigation’ On How Coronavirus ‘Got Out In The World’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Wednesday night that the U.S. is doing a “full investigation” into how the coronavirus “got out into the world” after Fox News reported earlier in the day that U.S. officials believe that the coronavirus leaked out of a lab in Wuhan.

Apr 16 09:58

11 Iranian Military Boats Swarm U.S. Naval Ships; China Might Be Testing Nukes; Russia, North Korea Show Military Aggression, According To Various Reports

America’s top four nation-state enemies in the world have all shown signs of increased military aggression against the United States over the last 24 hours.

Apr 16 09:58

Lawmaker: We Must Choose ‘Loss Of American Lives’ Over ‘Loss Of Our Way Of Life As Americans’

Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (R-IN) says the U.S. will always be forced to choose a “loss of American lives” over a “loss of our way of life as Americans.”

Apr 16 09:54

NYC outdoor pools closed for summer 2020 due to coronavirus pandemic, beaches could be next

This summer is going to be a bummer.
All of New York City’s outdoor public pools will be closed this year because of the coronavirus -- and Mayor de Blasio warned that beaches could be shuttered for the summer too.

Apr 16 09:51

Staten Island father says he ‘just got off the phone’ with only son around the time he was fatally shot

A Staten Island dad, his heart broken and emotions raw, said Wednesday he’d been on the phone with his adored son around the same time the young man was mercilessly shot in the head and killed.

Apr 16 09:43

SNL’s Michael Che says he’ll cover a month’s rent for everyone living in his late grandma’s NYCHA building

“Weekend Update” co-host Michael Che on Wednesday offered to pay one month’s rent to all 160 residents of a NYCHA apartment building where his grandmother lived before she succumbed to COVID-19 earlier this month.

Apr 16 09:43

Trump Releases Brutal Campaign Ad Tying Biden to China at the Worst Possible Time

China is quickly becoming the pariah of the global community, a downfall that started after the country’s botched attempt to suppress news of the novel coronavirus led to a worldwide pandemic.

Apr 16 09:34

As U.S. discouraged mask use for public, White House team raced to secure face coverings from Taiwan for senior staff

In mid-March, a National Security Council team rushed to address what they saw as a threat to the U.S. government’s ability to function amid the advancing pandemic: a lack of masks to protect enough staff on the White House complex.

Apr 16 09:34

China didn't warn public of likely pandemic for 6 key days

In the six days after top Chinese officials secretly determined they likely were facing a pandemic from a new coronavirus, the city of Wuhan at the epicenter of the disease hosted a mass banquet for tens of thousands of people; millions began traveling through for Lunar New Year celebrations.

Apr 16 09:32

'Lock her up!': Anti-Whitmer coronavirus lockdown protestors swarm Michigan Capitol

Thousands of demonstrators descended on the state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, on Wednesday to protest Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's restrictive stay-at-home order, clogging the streets with their cars while scores ignored organizers' pleas to stay inside their vehicles.

The protest — dubbed "Operation Gridlock" — was organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition and the Michigan Freedom Fund, a DeVos family-linked conservative group. Protesters were encouraged to show up and cause traffic jams, honk and bring signs to display from their cars. Organizers wrote on Facebook: "Do not park and walk — stay in your vehicles!"

Apr 16 09:13

SBA Expects Paycheck Protection Program Will Run Out Of Money TODAY As Dems Stall Emergency Funding

The Small Business Administration says that, without an emergency influx of cash, the Paycheck Protection Program, a low-and forgivable-interest loan system designed to help small businesses hurt by coronavirus-related lockdowns, will run out of cash by close of business on Wednesday.

Apr 16 09:09

Three Men Arrested for Gathering at Private Residence

American law enforcement has slapped the cuffs on once again this week in an attempt to enforce social distancing guidelines amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Apr 16 09:08

275 ways to reduce spread of coronavirus after lockdown ends: Scientists suggest everything from elder hours at parks to bracelets that remind you not to touch your face

Officials in the US and across the globe are looking ahead to the end of lockdowns
But experts like CDC Director Dr Robert Redfield have warned that doing so wholesale could lead to a second wave of coronavirus infections

Apr 16 09:07

Zimmer of hope for the world: How WWII hero Captain Tom, 99, become a beacon of light in the planet's darkest days with 10 daily laps around his garden to raise more than £14million for the NHS

It has been a rare piece of good news in a world full of fear at the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed more than 130,000 lives globally.

Apr 16 09:01

A Saudi citizen who refused government orders to give up his home to make way for a new mega-project was killed by security forces, according to Saudi activists

A Saudi citizen who refused government orders to give up his home to make way for a new mega-project was killed by security forces, according to Saudi activists.

Apr 16 09:01

Amazon fined 1M€ per day that it continues to ship unessential products ruled a french court yesterday

Amazon must stop selling “non-essential” items or face a fine of €1m a day until it can come up with a safety plan to protect the health of its employees, a French court has ruled.

Apr 16 08:57

Cuomo Executive Order: New Yorkers Must Wear ‘Mask’ Or Face Covering When Unable To ‘Maintain Social Distancing’

On Wednesday, during New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily COVID-19 press briefing, the governor announced an executive order that would require all New Yorkers to wear masks or other face coverings when in public and unable to maintain proper social distance.

Apr 16 08:48

A gong for Captain Tom? Boris Johnson will 'look at ways to recognise' WWII hero, 99, whose incredible achievment of raising £13m for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden has raised the spirits of the nation

War hero Captain Tom Moore triumphed has completed final ten lengths of his garden on a zimmer frame
99-year-old finished last few steps of his 2,530-yard walk at his home in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire

Apr 16 08:46

Santa Cruz County to reopen beaches

Apr 16 08:37

Chaos over $1,200 stimulus checks: IRS tracking system crashes, thousands complain they haven't got payment - but officials insist website is operating 'smoothly and effectively'

The Internal Revenue Service's online tool that helps Americans track their $1,200 stimulus checks has gone into meltdown just hours after it launched.
Frustrated users took to social media Wednesday to blast the highly-anticipated tracker, reporting that the site is crashing or telling them that it can't find their details.

Apr 16 08:28

Tucker: How long will the lockdowns last?

The arguments for a prolonged national lockdown are starting to sound strained. #FoxNews #Tucker

Apr 16 08:23

Michigan Dem Lawmaker Who Survived COVID-19: ‘We Need To Unite’ Behind The President

Michigan Democratic State Rep. Karen Whitsett, the woman who credits President Trump’s touting of the drug hydroxychloroquine for saving her life, has called upon Americans to “unite” behind the president.

Apr 16 08:19

Don't you DARE ask when the lockdown will end! Matt Hancock loses his cool as he tells radio interviewer that the government won't release exit plan because public can't be TRUSTED with it

President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused other countries of lying about the number of coronavirus deaths after the United States became the country with the most coronavirus deaths in the world.

Apr 16 08:18

Donald Trump claims other countries are COVERING UP deaths as U.S. hits 20 per cent of all global coronavirus fatalities with just four percent of the population

President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused other countries of lying about the number of coronavirus deaths after the United States became the country with the most coronavirus deaths in the world.

Apr 16 08:16

Fox News Reports U.S. Officials Have ‘High Confidence’ Coronavirus Leaked From Lab

Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts said on Wednesday during the Coronavirus Task Force press briefing that U.S. officials have “high confidence” that the coronavirus leaked from a lab in Wuhan.

Apr 16 08:15

Donald Trump claims U.S. has 'passed the peak' of coronavirus cases and doubles down on claim that governors are 'chomping at the bit' to reopen the economy BEFORE May 1

President Trump said Wednesday that the U.S. has 'passed the peak' of new coronavirus cases and claimed that the country's governors are eager to relax social distancing measures and open back up the American economy.

Apr 16 08:14

This Neighborhood's Flash Mob Dance to 'Can't Stop the Feeling' is Spreading Joy All Over the Internet

Quarantine orders have brought out the creative side of many families who are slowly but surely tucking in to a new stay-at-home routine.

Apr 16 08:14

Give Americans $2,000 A Month ‘Until Employment Returns To Pre-COVID-19 Levels,’ House Democrats Say In New Bill

Two House Democrats have introduced legislation – the Emergency Money for the People Act – that would give Americans $2,000 a month throughout the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and “until employment returns to pre-COVID-19 levels.”

Apr 16 08:04

BIG NEWS: New Study Finds 28 Million Americans Likely Infected by Coronavirus — Puts US Mortality Rate at 0.1% Just Like the Seasonal Flu

A new report by Justin Silverman and Alex Washberne on COVID-19 and featured in The Economist finds that the coronvirus is widespread in the US.
The authors argue that 28 million Americans have or have had the coronavirus.

Apr 16 07:51

Mike Pompeo demands truth from Beijing as US investigates if COVID-19 escaped from Wuhan lab during experiments and China covered it up by blaming ‘wet’ food markets

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has demanded that China 'come clean' following reports that coronavirus originated in a Chinese laboratory, not as a bioweapon, but as part of bungling experiments to prove that Chinese scientists were superior to Americans in identifying emerging virus threats.

Apr 16 07:51

Alaska Appreciation Post(34 Pics)

Apr 16 07:49

Bill Gates' Vaccine Crime Record

Indian doctors blame Gates for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian Government dialled back Gates' vaccine regimen and evicted Gates. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously.

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

"Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft's ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy--the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

Gates' obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.

Apr 16 07:19

Crazed Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Says Her Authoritarian Orders Restricting Travel Are Okay Because It’s Snowing (VIDEO)

Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said her unconstitutional order restricting travel between residences and barring golf is okay because it’s snowing.

Apr 16 07:18

Does smoking PROTECT against coronavirus? That was the amazing claim from David Hockney but multiple scientific studies now suggest he might be on to something

When world-famous artist David Hockney wrote a letter saying he believes smoking could protect people against the coronavirus many scoffed.
Mr Hockney wrote: 'Could it not be that smokers have developed an immune system to this virus? With all these figures coming out, it’s beginning to look like that to me.'

Apr 16 07:17

275 ways to reduce spread of coronavirus after lockdown ends: Scientists suggest everything from elder hours at parks to bracelets that remind you not to touch your face

Researchers said they have identified 275 ways to reduce the spread of coronavirus once lockdown measures are lifted.
Phased reopening of schools, businesses and open spaces should be considered alongside a range of practical ways to keep people physically apart, a new study suggests.

Apr 16 07:17

Mayor of California City Resigns After Sick Joke About Trump Supporters and KKK

Elected Democrats, who have a penchant for portraying themselves as virtuous mavericks working toward progress, have a leadership problem that has trickled down from the upper echelons of government to the smallest of communities.

Apr 16 06:41

Anti-Trump “Anonymous” Leaker Victoria Coates Who Wrote Tell-All Book on Trump White House Is Reassigned to Saudi Arabia

In Feruary anti-Trump Army Lt. Col Alexander Vindman was escorted off the White House grounds and dismissed from the National Security Council. His twin brother Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, who served as a lawyer on the NSC was also fired and left with brother Alex.

Apr 16 06:38

'This is Covid-19 not Covid-1 folks!' Kellyanne Conway suggests there were 18 previous viruses at risk of being an epidemic during Fox & Friends appearance

Kellyanne Conway, during an appearance on Fox News Wednesday, suggested there were 18 previous viruses ahead of the coronavirus that could have become pandemics and that the World Health Organization was acting irresponsible when it came to global well-being.

Apr 16 06:38

Nervous Nancy Deletes Video of Herself in Chinatown on February 24 Downplaying Coronavirus – But the Internet is Forever!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deleted a video of herself walking around in Chinatown on February 24 downplaying the Coronavirus.

Apr 16 06:37

Devin Nunes: Latest Declassified Footnotes Show Obama Regime Lied in Their ICA Report – Omitted Critical Information (VIDEO)

Rep. Devin Nunes joined Matt Gaetz on Hannity on Wednesday night to discuss the latest declassified footnotes from IG Horowitz’s Report revealing multiple warnings about Hillary Clinton’s phony Russia dossier used to spy on the Trump Campaign and then the Trump administration.

Apr 16 06:35

NYC Officials Just Artificially Increased Their COVID Death Total by 57%

If a national catastrophe isn’t bad enough, make it worse.
That appears to be the thinking behind a decision by New York City officials this week that sent the number of dead attributed to the coronavirus outbreak in the city soaring to more than 10,000 — a 57 percent increase over the previous count.

Apr 16 06:35

Two Doctors Arrested for Tearing Down Trump Flag as Their Child Begged Them To Stop

Two Florida doctors have been arrested for stealing their neighbor’s “Trump 2020” flag on April 7 after video footage caught them in the act.

Apr 16 06:31

Desperate times (Picture)

Apr 16 06:28

Earth-sized habitable zone planet found hidden in early NASA Kepler data

A team of transatlantic scientists, using reanalyzed data from NASA’s Kepler space telescope, has discovered an Earth-size exoplanet orbiting in its star’s habitable zone, the area around a star where a rocky planet could support liquid water.

Scientists discovered this planet called Kepler-1649c when looking through old observations from Kepler, which the agency retired in 2018. While previous searches with a computer algorithm misidentified it, researchers reviewing Kepler data took a second look at the signature and recognized it as a planet. Out of all the exoplanets found by Kepler, this distant world – located 300 light-years from Earth – is most similar to Earth in size and estimated temperature.

Apr 16 06:24

Police find 17 bodies piled up in NJ Jersey nursing home's tiny morgue after receiving tip off a corpse had been left in a SHED at facility that has seen nearly 10 percent of its 700 residents die during virus pandemic

New Jersey police have found 17 bodies piled in a nursing home's tiny morgue, after an anonymous tip that a body was being stored in a shed outside amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Apr 16 06:24

South Dakota's Republican governor Kristi Noem STILL refuses to order lockdown despite its Chinese-owned Smithfield meatpacking plant becoming the top coronavirus hotspot in America and cases trebling to more than 1,000 in a week

The number of coronavirus infections in South Dakota has increased three-fold in a week to more than 1,000 but the state's Republican Governor Kristi Noem is still refusing to order a lockdown.

Apr 16 06:06

MSNBC Host Wonders If Joe Biden Should Create A ‘Shadow Government’ To Counter Trump (VIDEO)

It’s amazing how much the left has revealed itself during this crisis.
Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC recently wondered aloud on the air if Joe Biden should set up a shadow government to hold TV pressers like Trump is doing with the real government.

Apr 16 06:05

Inmate Released Over Coronavirus Fears Murdered Someone After Release, Police Say

Florida law enforcement officials say that a man who had been arrested in March on drug charges, and subsequently released from prison due to fears over the coronavirus, committed a murder the day after he was released from prison.

Apr 16 06:04

Thousands Descend on Michigan Capitol To Protest Stay-at-Home Order

Thousands of protesters descended on Michigan’s capitol Wednesday to oppose Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s extended stay-at-home order.

Apr 16 05:49

Updated Coronavirus Fatalities Tracker

Apr 16 05:40

Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods shutters two more meat processing plants in Missouri and Wisconsin after massive coronavirus outbreak closed South Dakota factory, threatening the American food supply chain

Chinese-owned meat packing giant Smithfield Foods has closed two additional plants in the U.S. after coronavirus outbreaks, raising concerns about the American food supply chain.
Smithfield announced the closures of packing plants in Cudahy, Wisconsin and Martin City, Missouri on Wednesday, days after its Sioux Falls, South Dakota plant was indefinitely shuttered.

Apr 16 05:34

No human-to-human transmission, no travel bans, but plenty of praise for Beijing: How WHO parroted Chinese lies as coronavirus pandemic unfolded

The World Heath Organisation has found itself with serious questions to answer after President Trump accused the UN agency of 'severely mismanaging' its response to the coronavirus pandemic and withheld $500million in funding.

Apr 16 05:34

Two Democratic congressman propose $2,000-a-month for every American earning less than $130,000 until employment reaches pre-coronavirus levels

Two Democratic congressmen have proposed expanding the coronavirus relief program to give Americans $2,000 a month until the economy recovers.

Apr 16 05:34

Op-Ed: COVID Pandemic Giving Americans a Taste of Authoritarianism

You like East Germany in 2020?
Bernie Sanders has left the presidential political stage, so we may never get to see his cranky blend of Soviet, Venezuelan and Vermonter statism up close. But we may have found the next best thing.

Apr 16 05:33

Black Democratic State Rep Boldly Endorses Trump, Georgia Democrats Immediately Savage Him

Arguably one of the biggest unanswered questions heading into the 2020 election is how much support President Donald Trump has among black voters, and whether that level of support will be substantially higher than it was in 2016.

Apr 16 05:26

China to ban online gaming, chatting with foreigners outside Great Firewall

After blocking a popular Nintendo game "Animal Crossing," the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is taking its political censorship to the extreme by disconnecting Chinese online gamers from their guildmates outside China.

Apr 16 05:25

Dramatic moment historic paper mill in Maine explodes - as investigators are left baffled as to what caused the blast and astonished no one was injured

Video has captured the dramatic moment a Maine paper mill was destroyed by a massive explosion.
The blast rocked the Androscoggin Mill in the town of Jay Wednesday afternoon, shaking the ground and causing plumes of black smoke to shoot up into the air.

Apr 16 05:25

Trump: Data Suggests U.S. 'Passed The Peak' of Coronavirus Outbreak; NY Padding Death Toll

President Trump on Wednesday said data suggests the US has "passed the peak" of the coronavirus outbreak and accused New York of padding its numbers by adding over 3,700 presumed victims to their coronavirus death toll in one day.

Apr 16 05:24

"You'll Go to Jail!" Florida Doctors Arrested For Stealing Trump Flag As Young Son Begs Them to Stop

Florida physician-parents were caught on tape stealing an elderly man's Trump flag as their young son could be heard crying and begging them stop.

Apr 16 04:53

'Miracle Walking': Woman Fighting Coronavirus Gives Birth While in Medically Induced Coma

Women who are currently pregnant are facing new hurdles in health care as COVID-19 concerns change the way medical teams and medical centers operate.

Apr 16 04:53

Surveillance Photos Hint China Knew About Outbreak Full Month Before It Lost Control, Report Says

As COVID-19 continues to affect lives around the world, one new report hints that the disease’s country of origin, China, was secretly fighting an outbreak more than a month before its failed attempt at containment allowed the virus to become a pandemic.

Apr 16 04:50

Heavily pregnant NHS nurse, 28, dies from coronavirus... but her premature baby girl is SAVED by emergency caesarean as hospital chief hails 'a beacon of light in a very dark time'

A heavily pregnant nurse who died with coronavirus after her daughter was born by C-section has been named.
Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong, 28, died on Sunday after undergoing an emergency caesarean to deliver and save her baby daughter.
The little girl is understood to be alive but it is not yet clear if she has tested positive for the disease.

Apr 16 04:50

PIERS MORGAN: Complacent, careless and clueless…. the British government's shameful bungling of this coronavirus crisis has left us trapped in a catastrophically bad situation

'Throughout this crisis,' said Britain's Health Secretary Matt Hancock in a video message to the nation today, 'we've been working incredibly hard to protect people in social care and today we can announce that everybody going from hospital into social care will be tested, and will be isolated while the result of that test comes through, because that helps to protect people who are in social care who are after all some of the most vulnerable people in the country.'

Apr 16 04:49

President Trump Calls Out New York For Padding their Coronavirus Numbers with “Presumed” Deaths and Heart Attacks by Coronavirus (VIDEO)

On Tuesday New York State announced they were going to start padding their coronavirus numbers with “presumed” cases of coronavirus. The state then moved 3,700 new deaths to their state totals. New York and New Jersey now have recorded over half of the coronavirus deaths in the country.

Apr 16 04:49

Declassified Footnotes From IG Report Reveal FBI Was Warned Multiple Times About Hillary’s Phony Dossier – Used it Anyway to Spy on Trump

CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge obtained newly declassified footnotes in IG Horowitz’s report showing multiple warnings to the FBI about Hillary’s phony Russia dossier but they used it anyway to spy on Trump’s campaign and to sabotage his presidency.

Apr 16 04:43

Videos Filmed by Spanish Firm in Ecuadorian Embassy Reveal Extent of Surveilance of Assange

The video cameras and recording devices were reportedly installed by a security firm that reported back to the US, which sought to prosecute the whistleblower over his release of secret Afghan and Iraqi war logs as well as State Department cables.

Sputnik obtained several videos shot by cameras installed in the Ecuadorian embassy in London by the Spanish security firm Undercover Global (UG) during Julian Assange's stay there. The footage shows the scale of the surveillance used against the WikiLeaks' founder, the results of which, according to the accusations filed by the whistleblower's lawyers, were reported by the UG to the US and the Ecuadorian secret service SENAIN.