Jun 22 11:32

Eight climate change protesters are arrested outside Ted Cruz's $2million Texas home after they refused to get off his lawn in hour-long standoff with police

Eight people have been arrested for trespassing during a climate change protest outside Ted Cruz's Houston home.

Jun 22 11:30

The Amazon Prime Day deals MailOnline readers are shopping today - from a half-price Shark vacuum to a £4.25 Maybelline mascara

Day one of Amazon Prime Day saw customers rush to get their hands on the best deals - including 50 per cent off Echo Dot smart speakers and £200 off bestselling Shark vacuums.

Jun 22 11:28

Father-of-four, 40, who was filmed by vigilante group as he tried to meet a '13-year-old girl' for sex is jailed for two years

Raymond Carpenter, 40, arranged to meet 'girl' at Manchester Piccadilly station
He was confronted by paedophile hunters who were live streaming on Facebook

Jun 22 11:27

Russian fleet 35 miles off Hawaii practices sinking an AIRCRAFT CARRIER as US Navy strike group moves into the area and F-22 stealth fighters in Pearl Harbor are placed on standby

Russian forces are currently carrying out the largest war games since Cold War
At least 20 Russian warships, submarines, and support vessels, flanked by 20 fighter jets, are taking part in the exercises

Jun 22 11:26

Earliest known supermassive black hole 'storm' with a galactic wind travelling at 1.1 MILLION mph is discovered by scientists

Experts used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile
This allowed them to study massive black holes from 13.1 billion light years away

Jun 22 11:21

True :(Meme)

Jun 22 11:07

Okay, You Will Get It. (Picture)

Jun 22 11:07

Portland Police Association Leader Says Morale Among Officers Is 'As Bad As It's Ever Been' After All 50 Riot Squad Members Resigned And The Riot-Hit City Took Out A Full-Page Ad In NYT Describing Itself As 'Edgy'

The head of a Portland police union warned that morale among officers is 'as bad as it's ever been' one week after all 50 members of the city's riot squad resigned from their voluntary posts following the indictment of one of their colleagues.

Jun 22 11:05

Hideaki Akaiwa (Picture)

Jun 22 11:05

'Corporations win. Celebrities win. Even the Chinese Communist Party wins': Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, 35, slams US big business for going woke 'at the expense of the American people'

The founder of a US biotech firm has argued that corporate America is poisoning society because it capitalizes on wokeness just to make money - and that it is 'quietly wreaking havoc' on democracy.

Jun 22 11:04

DOJ's head of national security division considered resigning over Trump's pressure campaign to investigate election fraud claims

The Justice Department's top national security official said he considered resigning after the agency was pressured by former President Donald Trump to investigate false claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Jun 22 11:02

Democrats brace for DEFEAT in the voting rights bill today: Republicans set to sink law after Biden failed to get Joe Manchin's support and Obama used Capitol Riot to try and inspire support

Democrats' voting rights bill is all but certain to fail in the Senate on Tuesday as Republicans move to block the progressive priority and Joe Biden failed to get centrist Joe Manchin to back the legislation.

Jun 22 10:53

ROLAND WHITE reviews last night's TV: For star fisherman Tristan, there's no better plaice to be than Devon

Devon And Cornwall


Do Black Lives Still Matter?

Jun 22 10:52

Emaciated elephants 'so weak they were held up by chains around their necks' are discovered at Thai animal camp by shocked tourists

Elephants believed to be so weak they were held up by chains around their necks have been found in Thailand
The jumbos were discovered by shocked tourists visiting Chang Puak Camp in Ratchaburi province on June 15

Jun 22 10:49

On The Mean Streets Of America, The Gun Battles Never Seem To End…

Up to this point in 2021, a total of 20,729 Americans have died as a result of gun violence, and by the time most of you read this article that number will inevitably be even higher. -- Ironically, many of the cities that have the strictest gun laws also have some of the highest murder rates. -- Unfortunately, most Americans still do not understand what is happening. Most Americans still assume that things will eventually “return to normal”, but a “return to normal” is simply not in the cards.

Jun 22 10:30

Patriotism? (Picture)

Jun 22 10:28

Fairness Doctrine (Picture)

Jun 22 10:21

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema DEFENDS the filibuster, says eliminating it would 'damage our democracy' and calls out her party for using it in the past in op-ed ahead of voting rights bill vote today

Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema doubled down on her defense of the filibuster under mounting pressure to denounce the legislative practice ahead of a crucial Senate vote on a voting rights bill on Tuesday.

Jun 22 10:19

'You would have a different president right now': Trump says he is STILL 'disappointed' with Mike Pence for certifying Biden's win and criticizes Brett M. Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett for voting to uphold Obamacare

Donald Trump blamed Mike Pence in a Monday evening interview for his 2020 loss and railed against two Supreme Court picks Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett for voting to uphold Obamacare.

Jun 22 10:18

Twice :( (Picture)

Jun 22 10:18

Homeowner who fortified his mailbox with metal and concrete after repeated vandalism is sued by driver who was left paralyzed after crashing into it and flipping his truck in Ohio

A homeowner who heavily fortified his mailbox with metal and concrete after it was repeatedly vandalized is being sued by a driver who was left paralyzed after he crashed his truck into it in Ohio.

Jun 22 10:17

Terry (Picture)

Jun 22 10:16

Biden will back bill ending the disparity between sentences for crack and powder cocaine that was created in legislation HE wrote in 1986

The Biden administration will endorse legislation that would end the sentencing disparity between those caught with crack versus powder cocaine.

Jun 22 10:09

No words (Picture)

Jun 22 09:47

Apply cold water (Video)

Jun 22 09:46

White House will concede US WON'T hit 70% vaccination target by July 4: Biden administration set to announce it will take a 'few extra weeks' to reach goal - but still insist it has 'succeeded beyond its highest expectations'

President Joe Biden's administration will concede Tuesday that it will fall short of its goal of vaccinating 70% of adult Americans by July 4th but officials will still brag about the rate they are getting shots in the arms of Americans.

Jun 22 09:45

Gov. Newsom - who is facing a recall election - declares California will pay off ALL unpaid rent for lower income households accrued during pandemic using $5.2billion 'forgiveness' pot

Gavin Newsom has announced that California will pay off all unpaid rent accrued during the pandemic using a $5.2 billion federal pot 'on a scale never seen before in the US.'

Jun 22 09:41

Washington Post is condemned for video urging Americans to set up 'white accountability groups' and force themselves into 'a period of deep shame' over their skin color

The Washington Post has been branded 'neoracist' and accused of promoting a 'pseudoreligious movement' after the airing of a controversial video declaring people should feel 'shame for being white' and urging readers to form 'white accountability groups'.

Jun 22 09:39

Todays lesson (Picture)

Jun 22 09:39

Moment US Border Patrol agent carries injured migrant on his shoulders through mountains after she got lost and broke her ankle while illegally crossing into California

A US Border Patrol officer was captured on video carrying a migrant on his back after the woman was injured while illegally crossing into the US from Mexico.

Jun 22 09:36

Friend of slain ex-Mississippi rep says she was 'on the verge of uncovering something very bad' about her sister-in-law's death at burnt out trailer before she was killed - as suspect is arrested for arson but NOT murder

A friend of the former Mississippi lawmaker who was shot fatally shot on the same property where her sister-in-law's body was found six months earlier has shared fears that she may have been killed because she was close to finding the truth about what happened to her relative.

Jun 22 09:32

Exclusive — Nellis Air Force Base Hosts First-Ever Drag Queen Show: ‘Essential to the Morale, Readiness’

The Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada recently hosted its first-ever drag queen show at one of its on-base dining and entertainment clubs, according a base spokesperson.

Nellis Air Force Base said in an email statement to Breitbart News:

Nellis Air Force Base and the 99th Air Base Wing hosted its first-ever drag show Thursday, June 17, at the Nellis Club. The event was sponsored by a private organization and provided an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the history and significance of drag performance art within the LGBT+ community.

Ensuring our ranks reflect and are inclusive of the American people is essential to the morale, cohesion, and readiness of the military. Nellis Air Force Base is committed to providing and championing an environment that is characterized by equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

Jun 22 09:21

He'S sUcH a HeRo (Picture)

Jun 22 09:21


Now, here’s a question; have you ever seen a bad driver? Are there numerous accidents (collisions) that take place every day in your state? Are some of those collisions responsible for property damage, injuries, and even fatalities? Of those, how many were licensed drivers who were involved in causing the collision? The vast majority are licensed. So, what good does licensing do?

Jun 22 09:21

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden's close relationship with Blue Star consulting firm under federal investigation for its involvement with Burisma is revealed in emails - despite CEO downplaying role of president's son in sworn testimony

Hunter Biden may have had a far closer relationship with a DC consultancy under federal investigation for alleged illegal lobbying than its CEO implied when she testified under oath, emails reveal.

Jun 22 09:19

Biden set to STOP the expulsion of migrant families by July 31: White House in talks to reverse Trump order that sent border crossers back to Mexico under COVID protocols

The White House is considering ending a border policy signed under Donald Trump that allowed migrant families to be sent back to Mexico after they crossed into the U.S., according to a report on Sunday.

Jun 22 09:17

Uno doesn't know (Picture)

Jun 22 09:17

Violent America: 11 people are killed and dozens are injured including two children and a cop in 50 weekend shootings around the US as crime continues to spiral after COVID

At least 11 people were killed and dozens injured in a spate of 50 shootings nationwide over the weekend as America continues to battle a stunning surge in post-coronavirus crime.

Jun 22 09:15

Yea..about that (Picture)

Jun 22 09:15

Anonymous street artist Banksy is told to reveal his identity amid legal bid to stop his controversial artworks from being copied in Australia

Anonymous street artist Banksy has launched a legal action to stop Australians from reproducing his famous works but might have reveal his identity to be successful.

Jun 22 09:14

They called me Sheep (Picture)

Jun 22 09:13

Parents are arrested after their 1-year-old daughter died weighing just 8 POUNDS and covered in blisters and mother admits she hadn't been able to bond with the little girl

Two parents have been arrested after their malnourished one-year-old girl died weighing just 8lbs and covered in sores.

Jun 22 08:54

Smart (Picture)

Jun 22 08:54

Moment TORTILLAS Are Thrown At Basketball Team From Predominantly Latino High School After They Lost Championship Game

A basketball team from a predominantly Latino high school in San Diego had tortillas thrown at them in an altercation following their loss in a championship game.

Jun 22 08:53

#justice (Picture)

Jun 22 08:52

Five top executives at troubled electric vehicle startup Lordstown Motors sold total of $8m in stock just weeks before fourth quarter results revealed huge losses - including one who dumped 99.3% of his vested stock

Five top executives at the troubled electric vehicle startup Lordstown Motors sold a total of $8million in stock just weeks before its fourth quarter results revealed huge losses.

Jun 22 08:51

PICTURED: Driver, 35, who 'deliberately plowed his pickup truck into cyclists injuring six during Arizona bike race' as it's revealed he's ex-convict who DUI history

Arizona authorities on Monday identified the driver suspected of deliberately plowing his pickup truck into a group of bicyclists taking part in a weekend race, critically injuring six riders, and court records show he has an extensive criminal history of driving while intoxicated.

Jun 22 08:49

Is chewsday geeza (Picture)

Jun 22 08:48

Cases of the flu and other seasonal viruses fell from 4,800 per month in 2019 to just TWELVE each month last year, study finds

Cases of the flu and other seasonal viruses fell by more than 99 percent last year, a new study suggests.

Jun 22 08:32

Oh but respect the flag (Picture)