Jan 20 13:32

YOUNGKIN’S CRT CRACKDOWN: VA Gov. Appoints CRT Opponent, Fires Former Admin Staff

Governor Glenn Youngkin is keeping busy delivering on his promise of a new Virginia. Youngkin banned critical race theory on his first day in office —but his commitment to rid the state of the controversial theory doesn’t stop there.

According to Fox News, “Virginia’s newly sworn-in Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin is cleaning house at the commonwealth’s diversity and inclusion department and has appointed an opponent of Critical Race Theory to lead the office where changes in “equity” messaging are already being made.”

Jan 20 13:02

Fact check: Biden & Harris’ lies about elections, voting rights, filibuster

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris repeated numerous falsehoods about the election process and the filibuster Tuesday while pushing their anti-voter agenda in Georgia. These comments come as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer prepares to cast aside decades of Senate precedent and force changes to the filibuster in order to pass two unpopular and dangerous election bills, both of which failed to gain majority support in the Senate last year.

Jan 20 12:54

Perilous Times

The government should prosecute only crimes that have caused harm, not words and ideas that it hates, for they are protected by the First Amendment that the government has sworn to uphold. Whose words and ideas will the feds prosecute next?

Jan 20 12:41

Destroying the Supply Chain One Mandate at a Time

Only 55% of US truck drivers are currently vaccinated; 9% plan to take the vaccine, but 36% refuse. The Supreme Court’s ruling to end Biden’s vaccine mandate for private corporations did not expand to border laws. The US Department of Homeland Security is already warning travelers to expect border crossing delays once this mandate goes into effect. This will have a negative chain reaction — driver shortages will lead to supply shortages, which will lead to higher prices for both businesses and consumers. If these mandates continue, expect the supply chain crisis to continue as well.

Jan 20 12:27

Don't Look Down (Cartoon)

Jan 20 12:23

Simpsons did it again (Picture)

Jan 20 12:14

We need a Batman

Jan 20 12:07

Maxwell Defense Files Motion for New Trial Over Sex Trafficking Charges

Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense team filed a motion in federal court on Dec. 19 requesting a new trial for the British socialite.

On Dec. 29 Maxwell was found guilty of five out of six sex-trafficking charges on behalf of the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Accompanying exhibits for the new trial request are under seal.

At the center of the motion is Juror No. 50, who had recently stated publicly he was a victim of childhood sexual abuse and made this known to his fellow jurors during deliberations.

The prosecution had previously requested there be an inquiry into the juror and the defense had previously requested a new trial.

On Jan. 5, Judge Alison Nathan set a briefing schedule with Jan. 19 as the date the defense could officially file a motion for a new trial. The prosecution could respond on Feb. 2 and the defense could reply to that on Feb. 9.

Jan 20 12:02

‘We like abortion’: Women’s ‘health’ group tweets that killing the unborn is ‘good’

An American abortion business expressed its support for killing unborn babies by tweeting, “Abortion is good. We like abortion.”

“‘Nobody likes abortion.’ Wrong. We do. We’ve provided countless abortions to patients who went on to live their best lives. Abortion is safe and it gives people control of their futures. Abortion is good. We like abortion,” posted abortion provider Whole Woman’s Health, which performs abortion in six states.

Jan 20 11:53

Current Chicago crime statistics

Jan 20 11:49

This is very hard to watch....

Jan 20 11:47

America is Very Unstable – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Jan 20 11:41

The SAF raises the alarm on Biden-Harris

One thing we can’t ignore, and honestly gun owners and Second Amendment advocates have been great about being engaged on this, is the fact that the Biden-Harris administration is no friend to civil liberties. From a party that talks such a big game about the rights of the people, they sure do love to completely stfile and infringe upon American’s right to keep and bear arms. With the influx of millions of brand new gun owners the Second Amendment Foundation has stepped up to the plate on trying to keep them informed.

Jan 20 11:31

Totalitarian Paranoia Run Amok: Pandemics, Lockdowns & Martial Law

What has unfolded over the past few years has been a test to see how well “we the people” have assimilated the government’s lessons in compliance, fear and police state tactics; a test to see how quickly “we the people” will march in lockstep with the government’s dictates, no questions asked; and a test to see how little resistance “we the people” will offer up to the government’s power grabs when made in the name of national security. -- Most critically of all, this has been a test to see whether the Constitution—and our commitment to the principles enshrined in the Bill of Rights—could survive a national crisis and true state of emergency. -- We have failed the test abysmally.

Jan 20 11:14

This is 'cruel' and 'evil': Victor Davis Hanson

The senior fellow at the Hoover Institution lambasts the left's ideology amid eroding confidence in America's institutions on 'Fox News Primetime.'

Jan 20 11:13

Tucker: We’re watching civilization collapse in real time

Jan 20 10:58

What East Germany Can Teach Americans about the Current Supply Chain Crisis

By Walter Block

What is happening with our supply chains? They seem very rusty, if not altogether broken. There are numerous ships at several California ports waiting patiently to be unloaded. We are talking thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of gigantic railroad car sized containers, all just sitting there; well, floating there. Meanwhile, our supermarket shelves are sometimes as much as half empty. Grocers are all too often out of the foodstuffs and other things we used to take for granted.

Jan 20 10:40

If There Was Any Debate On What Dems Think Of School Parents, It Just Ended

Michigan Democrats were grilled over the weekend for disclosing to parents that they are not "clients" of public schools and that public education teaches kids what society "needs them to know."

On Saturday, a Facebook post conveyed by the state's Democrats on their official page slammed the idea that parents should be affected by what public school teaches their children. The post was taken down on Monday morning following heavy disapproval.

Jan 20 10:37

James Rosen twists the knife…

Jan 20 10:37

America's Future Under Anti-White CRT: 19-Year-Old Light-Skinned Hispanic Murdered by Jamaican National in NYC, the Latter Demanding Reparations for "400 Years of Slavery"

We already know Critical Race Theory is just a racist, anti-white ideology.

We also know the teaching of this theory to those who lack impulse control is a recipe for societal chaos, disorder, and mayhem. [Jamaican National Accused of Murdering 19yo Cashier in NYC Demands ‘Reparations’ For ‘400 Years of Slavery’,, January 15, 2022]:

The 30-year-old Jamaican national accused of murdering 19-year-old cashier Kristal Bayron-Nieves while robbing a Burger King in East Harlem demanded “reparations” for “400 years of f***ing slavery” after being arrested.