Jun 22 06:18

How Can We Blame This on White People?: 114 Shell Casings Found at Another Black on Black Mass Shooting at Aurora Juneteenth Celebration

One person is dead and four others hurt after multiple shooters opened fire in a strip mall parking lot in Aurora early Sunday morning.

The phone began ringing off the hook at Aurora’s Public Safety Dispatch Center just after 4:15 a.m. on reports of gunshots and a possible active shooter.

“The Public Safety Dispatch Center received at least 50 calls for service,” the Aurora Police Department said.

There was a huge crowd in the mall parking lot when officers pulled up. Police were able to find one shooting victim on the ground suffering serious injuries and performed CPR until medical arrived. He later died at an area hospital.

Four others, three men and a woman, were also shot but transported themselves to hospitals before police arrived. All are expected to survive.

Jun 22 06:17

Trans Female BMX Athlete Representing the US Threatens to Burn American Flag on Podium if She Wins at Olympics This Summer

BMX Freestyle rider Chelsea Wolfe, who qualified as an alternate to represent the U.S. at this year’s summer Olympics in Tokyo, said last year that her goal was to win an Olympic medal “so I can burn a US flag on the podium.”

“My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a US flag on the podium. This is what they focus on during a pandemic. Hurting trans children,” Wolfe wrote on Facebook on March 25, 2020, along with a link to a PinkNews story about the Trump administration’s stance on transgender girls in female athletics.

Jun 22 06:16

Colorado Mayor Bans Pledge Of Allegiance At Board Meetings — Gets Triggered After Members Recite It Anyway, Threatens To Remove Them (VIDEO)

Silverton, Colorado Mayor Shane Fuhrman unilaterally suspended the practice of saying the Pledge of Allegiance during board meetings last week. Fuhrman made the decision without a vote by the board members. Town Trustee Molly Barela questioned his power to make that change during the public meeting that was livestreamed on the internet.

Fuhrman told the board members and attendees, “Due to direct and indirect threats, inappropriate comments in and out of public meetings, and the general divisiveness this is creating in our community, we will not be doing the Pledge of Allegiance during town of Silverton board of trustee meetings.”

The mayor did not provide any specific information about the alleged threats and comments. That was just likely his excuse to be an authoritarian.

Jun 22 06:14

Updating Lamm’s Plan to Destroy America: End Home Ownership, Immiserate Americans, Incite Anti-White Hate

Veteran immigration patriots will recall Governor Richard Lamm [D-CO] and his famous 2003 speech “I Have a Plan to Destroy America” .He outlined nightmarish proposals that have now become unchallengeable public policy: making America a bilingual country; encouraging multiculturalism instead of assimilation to the Historic American Nation; promotion of divided loyalties; and, perhaps most presciently, getting “the big foundations and big business to give these efforts a lot of money” in the cause of “Victimology.” From the perspective of even just 15 years ago, America looks conquered and the Regime Media wants to finish the job of dispossession [The Washington Post: Treat America Like a Conquered Nation, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 11, 2021]. I’d like to update Governor Lamm’s speech with what’s going on today.

Jun 22 06:13

Critical Race Theory as a Jewish Intellectual Weapon

Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed — not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.
Noel Ignatiev in his journal Race Traitor

The open pursuance of ‘Whiteness Studies’ must be perceived as nothing less than an act of extreme, even violent, aggression against the White race.
Andrew Joyce on Whiteness Studies

To be effective, social engineering cannot be perceived.
Michael Jones in Logos Rising

Jun 22 05:55

WE'Re a fAmILy (Picture)

Jun 22 05:55

Former sports reporter Kat O'Brien reveals she was raped by an unnamed MLB player who forced himself on her during an interview in Texas hotel room in 2002

A former sports reporter has revealed that she was raped by an unnamed Major League Baseball player in 2002.

Jun 22 05:54

We don't deserve Jupiter.... (Video)

Jun 22 05:54

Pictured: Truck driver, 77, who slammed into Fort Lauderdale Pride parade and fellow member of gay men's chorus group he unintentionally killed as he apologizes for 'horrible accident'

A member of the gay men's choir who crashed into fellow chorists, killing a 75-year-old at the start of the Pride parade in South Florida, has claimed it was all 'a horrible accident.'

Jun 22 05:52

Trump Organization sues City of NYC for axing its contract to run Bronx golf club in wake of January 6 riots and claims Mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to do so was 'politically motivated'

The Trump Organization sued New York City on Monday for cancelling its contract to run a golf course in the Bronx earlier this year, a move it said was politically motivated by Mayor Bill de Blasio's disdain for the former president.

Jun 22 05:49

'I regret any harm:' Short seller compensates real estate firm after he wiped 40% off its value by publishing a report falsely claiming it was at risk of insolvency, tanking the firm's shares by $115 million

A short seller must pay a real estate investment trust a 'multiple' of its profits after causing its value to plummet by $115 million after falsely claiming it was at risk of insolvency.

Jun 22 05:46

The Hungarian Uprising Against the Woke West

I have been going to football games all my life. But this was the most intense and uplifting experience I have ever had at a game.

The game is in Budapest. It is Hungary vs France. But it is more than just another Euro 2020 match. As I arrive at the fans’ zone, I see a bunch of guys holding a banner challenging the gesture of taking the knee. The banner has an image of someone taking the knee with a cross through it — a clear statement of rejection of this practice of abasement.

I talk to Gergely and Sanyi, two of the guys milling around the banner. They tell me why they think it’s right to take a stand against the Anglo-American gesture of taking the knee. Sanyi tells me, ‘We are not like them, we are a proud people who refuse to bend ourselves to anyone’. Standing near us is Orsolya, who says the ritual of taking the knee has nothing to do with being against racism. ‘It is a new form of piety. It makes us sick.’

Jun 22 05:45

England stars Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell are forced to isolate for TEN DAYS and could miss TWO GAMES after being confirmed as contacts of Covid-positive Scot Billy Gilmour

Scotland's Billy Gilmour tested positive for Covid-19 and will miss Croatia clash on Tuesday evening
England's Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell were filmed with their Chelsea team-mate after Friday's game

Jun 22 05:44

Woke Ideology Mimics Precursors to Totalitarian Slaughter, Experts Say

Some of the core tenets of the “woke” ideology spreading around the country mimic ideas used to justify many of the most horrendous atrocities of the past century, according to several experts.

A recently released documentary exploring the topic, called “Better Left Unsaid,” concludes that the self-identified “radical left” endorses four fundamental “truths” that they “hold to be self-evident,” noting that these tenets have also been used to justify and incite many of the worst massacres of the 20th century.

The first of the four claims is that “the world is best viewed through a group oppression narrative lens.”

The “woke” ideology is based on a set of quasi-Marxist theories that divide society into “oppressors” and the “oppressed” based on characteristics such as race, sex, class, or sexual proclivities. “Woke” is sometimes used interchangeably with Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is one of the more prominent ideologies that operate within this framework.

Jun 22 05:39

'Anything can happen, we like it that way': Portland tourism bosses are slammed for taking out full-page ad in New York Times admitting the riot-hit city has an 'edge' - but claiming locals still love it

Tourism bosses in Portland have taken out a full-page advert in the New York Times admitting the riot-hit city has an 'edge' - but urging visitors to come anyway.

Jun 22 05:37

Minnesota girl, 9, slams school board for violating its own ban on political posters by displaying BLM posters and photo of young poet at Biden's inauguration on walls of her school

A nine year old girl in Minnesota has gone viral after she berated her school board for banning political posters from campuses, yet displaying Black Lives Matter images on the wall.

Jun 22 05:36

Amazon Prime Day continues! FEMAIL reveals the best deals on day two of the shopping extravaganza - with savings on everything from tech to beauty

Amazon has slashed the prices across hundreds of items to offer limited edition deals to Prime members

Jun 22 05:35

'What is this symbol of hate doing in Don Lemon's kitchen?': Tucker Carlson asks what black-face cookie jar is doing in rival's home after millionaire CNN host called America divided and racist

Tucker Carlson mocked his CNN rival Don Lemon for having a black face cookie jar in his $4.3 million Hamptons home.

Jun 22 05:33

One Amazon warehouse destroys 130,000 items per week, including MacBooks, COVID-19 masks, and TVs, some of them new and unused, a report says

An Amazon warehouse in Scotland destroys millions of unsold products every year, an investigation from the British news outlet ITV found.

Jun 22 05:24

Former Obama Task Force Member Says Rise In Crime Is ‘Fault Of The Police’

MSNBC contributor Brittany Packnett Cunningham on Monday claimed the police are to blame for the rise of crime in New York City.

Jun 22 05:24

Like A Boss (Picture)

Jun 22 05:23

Justin Bieber Wears SNEAKERS And A Suit While Wife Hailey Flashes Her Abs In A VERY Revealing Dress As They Meet French President Emmanuel Macron In Paris To Discuss 'Youth Issues'

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber were both received at the Élysée Palace by French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron on Monday in Paris.

Jun 22 05:21

Chuck Schumer slams ex-president for 'poisoning our democracy' with his fraud 'big lie' ahead of vote to debate voting rights legislation

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tore into former President Donald Trump on the Senate floor Monday, calling him 'despicable' for 'poisoning our democracy,' in advance of the Senate voting to debate voting rights legislation.

Jun 22 05:19

Will you miss earth? (Video)

Jun 22 05:19

Eric Adams remains front-runner in NYC mayoral primary with Maya Wiley and Kathryn Garcia battling for second in last-minute poll as New Yorkers prepare to vote TODAY

Former NYPD cop Eric Adams is leading the race to win the New York City mayoral primary as Maya Wiley and Kathryn Garcia battle for second according to a last-minute poll released hours before today's vote.

Jun 22 05:16

Alabama mom faces felony for filling doctor’s prescription while pregnant

An Alabama mom battling chronic back pain faces felony charges for refilling her prescription while pregnant – in a case her attorneys say tests the limits of legal protections for women receiving medical care.

Jun 22 05:11

Dumb (Picture)

Jun 22 05:11

Donald Trump's former BODYGUARD-turned-his-top executive is being investigated in NYC criminal probe amid claims employees illegally 'received tax-free perks such as apartments and car leases'

New York prosecutors are investigating whether Donald Trump's former bodyguard received tax-free benefits as part of their criminal probe into whether the Trump Organization illegally avoided paying taxes on perks, according to a report Monday.

Jun 22 05:09

Former Obama Task Force Member Says Rise In Crime Is ‘Fault Of The Police’

MSNBC contributor Brittany Packnett Cunningham on Monday claimed the police are to blame for the rise of crime in New York City.

Jun 22 05:04

U.S., U.K., E.U., Canada Impose Sanctions On Belarus Over Forced Plane Landing

We are united in calling for the regime to end its repressive practices against its own people. We are disappointed the regime has opted to walk

Jun 22 05:00

Jen Psaki dodges question on whether Biden thinks a '15-week-old unborn baby' is a person as Catholic bishops push for pro-choice president to be denied communion

White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodged a reporter's question on Monday whether President Joe Biden believes a 15-week-old unborn baby is a living person.

Jun 22 05:00

‘Checking Out My New AR!’: McCloskeys Buy New Rifle After Authorities Confiscate Guns Involved In Standoff With Rioters

Mark McCloskey posted a photo Saturday on Twitter depicting himself and his wife purchasing an AR-15 along with the caption: “Checking out my new AR!” The McCloskeys were forced to turn over at least two firearms to the police last week after they pleaded guilty to charges relating to their standoff with Black Lives Matter rioters last year.

Jun 22 04:59

WATCH: U.S. Navy Detonates Massive Underwater Explosives Around New Aircraft Carrier

The U.S. Navy conducted underwater explosive tests to ensure that the USS Gerald Ford was battle-hardened for the conditions that it will face on the 21st century battlefield.

Jun 22 04:58

Just to clarify (Picture)

Jun 22 04:58

Washington Post is condemned for video urging Americans to set up 'white accountability groups' and force themselves into 'a period of deep shame' over their skin color

The Washington Post has been branded 'neoracist,' and as promoting a 'pseudoreligious movement' for the latest episode of its podcast series urging readers to hold 'white accountability groups' and feel 'deep shame' over their race.

Jun 22 04:58

Nina Simone's granddaughter says Kamala Harris 'bullied' her mother into near suicide and left her estate in 'SHAMBLES'

The granddaughter of the legendary singer and activist Nina Simone took to social media to lob some very damaging accusations against Vice President Kamala Harris.ReAnna Simone Kelly said that Harris "bullied" her mother, Lisa Simone Kelly, into near suicide and left her family bereft of any benefit from the singer's estate during Harris' time as California's state attorney general. Nina Simone died in 2003.

Jun 22 04:57

Carl Nassib of the Las Vegas Raiders becomes first active NFL player to come out as gay

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement praising Nassib for "courageously sharing his truth."

Jun 22 04:57

Trump beats BLM: Judge throws out case accusing former president of having protesters moved so he could walk to DC church for photo

Donald Trump was cleared of violating Black Lives Matter protesters' First Amendment right to demonstrate after they were forcefully moved so he could walk to a church for a photo opportunity.

Jun 22 04:55

Oregon rancher who led a standoff against the federal gov't is running for governor of Idaho

Ammon Bundy, the Oregon rancher famous for leading an armed occupation of a federal refuge in 2016, said that he's running for governor of Idao.

Jun 22 04:49

No touching! (Picture)

Jun 22 04:49

Bumble gives ALL staff a paid week off: Dating app closes offices worldwide to allow 700 'burnt out' workers time to de-stress and 'focus on themselves'

Bumble has closed its offices for a week-long 'much-needed break' to give 'burnt out' staff some offline time to de-stress and 'focus on themselves'.

Jun 22 04:47

Back to work (Cartoon)

Jun 22 04:47

One-year-old boy dies after becoming wedged between a bed and a wall after he was left at home with only his six-year-old sibling to watch him as their mother is charged with manslaughter

A one-year-old boy has died after becoming wedged between a bed and a wall after he was left at home with only his sibling to look after him.

Jun 22 04:46

Waitress abducted, beaten, tossed from vehicle after confronting diners who left restaurant without paying $70 bill

A waitress was abducted, beaten, and tossed from a vehicle after she confronted a group of diners who left a New Jersey "family restaurant" without paying their $70 bill Saturday night, WPVI-TV reported.

What are the details?

Jun 22 04:46

Seattle Pride to make white people pay $50 reparations fee: City's human rights officials shame LGBT activists for complaining charge is 'reverse racism' and reveal their phone number in public response

A pair of LGBT pride organizers were publicly shamed by Seattle officials after complaining that an event seeking to charge white people $50 'reparations' to attend was reverse racism.

Jun 22 04:45

IRS rejects Christian nonprofit's tax-exempt request because 'Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican Party

Under federal law, to receive tax-exempt status as a religious organization, an organization must operate exclusively for charitable or educational purposes and must "not attempt to influence legislation" or "participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates."

Jun 22 04:44

Damn you, Russians (Picture)

Jun 22 04:44

Biden announces families will get $300 per child a month from July 15 if they earn under $150,000 as he hikes child credits by 80% - but critics say government shouldn't 'pay people to have children'

President Biden has unveiled his reformed child tax credits which will see American families paid up to $3,600 to help raise each of their children.

Jun 22 04:43

Justice Kavanaugh nukes NCAA in concurring opinion to landmark decision ruling student athletes should get benefits

In an unanimous decision handed down Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that the NCAA is violating U.S. antitrust law by restricting the benefits colleges can make available to student athletes.Justice Neil Gorsuch delivered the court's opinion, which said the NCAA unlawfully harmed college athletes by limiting schools from competing for top talent by offering

Jun 21 23:48

Tucker: 'White Supremacists' Are Not Carrying Out The Violence In Our Streets

Tucker Carlson called out the Biden regime's lie that "white supremacy" is our nation's "most lethal threat" during his monologue on Monday night and highlighted the widespread violence that took place over the weekend during Juneteenth celebrations all over the country.

"Just in 2020, last year, more than 750 people were murdered in the city of Chicago," Tucker said. "And we can say with some confidence that the overwhelming majority of those suspects in the city of Chicago were not members of Q-Anon or white supremacists."

Jun 21 21:38

Poynter: Media Should End Local Crime Beat to Avoid Connecting 'Black and Brown Communities' to Crime

Poynter, the head of the International Fact-Checking Network which operates Politifact, is calling on local news outlets to stop covering local crime stories to avoid connecting "Black and brown communities" to crime.

Jun 21 21:13

WATCH: Washington Post Video Explains Why You Should Feel ‘Shame’ For Being White

The “anti-racist” movement in the United States is gaining traction, thanks to a new explainer video from the Washington Post, which suggests that white people should feel ashamed of their skin color and that they should join “white accountability groups” to better understand their inner “white supremacy”:

Jun 21 20:08

Austin American-Statesman Shares 'Fact Check' Claiming It's 'False' They Omitted Suspect's Description 'Because He's Black'

The Austin American-Statesman on Monday published a Politifact "fact check" declaring it "false" that they omitted a shooting suspect's description "because he's Black."

The "fact check" was used to censor criticism of their paper on Instagram and Facebook.

Jun 21 18:49


This is horrendous.

Jun 21 18:24

Nigel Farage Weighs in on Joe Biden’s G7 Performance: “He Spent Most of the Conference Grinning Inanely… I’m Not Sure He Even Knew He Was in the UK” (Video)

Nigel Farage joined Greg Kelly on Monday night to discuss Boris Johnson and Joe Biden’s pathetic displays at the G7 meetings in the UK last week.

Jun 21 18:24

“It’s a Long Tradition in Rhode Island” – Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Defends Belonging to a “Whites-Only” Beach Club (VIDEO)

Imagine if a Republican said this.

Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse defended belonging to a whites-only beach club when confronted by a reporter on Sunday.

Jun 21 13:56

Man uses $1 bill to rob NYC store

NEW YORK - Police in New York were on the hunt for a man who robbed a store with a $1 bill.

The NYPD says it happened just after 8:30 p.m. on Saturday in Queens.

Police say the man went into a gas station on Queens Blvd. in Long Island City and passed the clerk a $1 bill that had a hand-written not on it demanding cash.

They say the man also threatened violence. The clerk complied and handed over a bag with $250 inside of it. The robber took the cash and his own $1 bill.

There were no injuries.

Jun 21 13:12

Air Force's THOR Microwave Weapon Instantly Ends Enemy Drone Attack in New Video

In a frightening video scenario, dozens of enemy drones descend on an unnamed military base, taking out critical infrastructure such as runways, equipment and buildings housing U.S. troops with kamikaze-style attacks. The U.S. Air Force plans to thwart such a potential threat with its new counter-drone Tactical High-power Operational Responder.

The service published a video this month showing how its THOR directed-energy system uses powerful microwaves to take out incoming drones at long range by disrupting their electronics.

"A target is identified, the silent weapon discharges in less than a second, and the impact is instantaneous," according to the video narration.

Jun 21 13:09

Thousands Without Power In South Suburbs After Tornado Confirmed Overnight

Sunday night’s tornado and surrounding storm took out power throughout the south suburbs.

As of 8 a.m., 20,000 ComEd customers are experiencing power outages. Crews are working to restore outages.

Crews have been working throughout the night. At one point during the storm, more than 33,000 people were impacted by outages.

Downed lines can be dangerous and a line was seen on fire a road in Woodridge.

Jun 21 12:47

Sanctions against Israel, anyone? Hell no. UK Parliament prefers rewarding evil and dismisses the only likely solution to the Holy Land crisis

Stuart Littlewood highlights the ignorance, hypocrisy and thinly-veiled racism voiced by Israel stooges – members of the Zionist lobbies within the ruling Conservative and "opposition" Labour parties – during a recent parliamentary debate about Palestine and Israel.>>

Jun 21 12:17

First 'Juneteenth National Independence Day' Marked By Mob Violence, Mass Shootings, Public Executions & Attacks On Police

America's first "National Independence Day" was marked by widespread violence and chaos breaking out at Juneteenth celebrations in California, Illinois, South Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana and Colorado.

Jun 21 11:53

Honestly (Picture)

Jun 21 11:51

Supreme Court decisions expose Democrats as half-baked hysterics

Two recent Supreme Court decisions prove that the fears Democrats had about a lopsided court were unfounded.
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
When President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court last fall, hysterical Democrats declared millions of Americans would lose health coverage with her vote against ObamaCare — and immediately started talking about packing a court they called hopelessly divided.

Two big Supreme Court decisions last week proved reality turned out to be nothing like Dems’ fever dreams.

Jun 21 11:38

REVEALED: Residents of more than 20 cities in US are receiving $500 a month universal basic income payments as popularity of Andrew Yang's proposal grows

Residents in cities across the country are receiving $500 per month payments as part of a no-strings-attached experimental universal basic income program.

Jun 21 11:36

American politics (simplified)

Jun 21 11:36

Pakistan PM Imran Khan sparks fury by blaming 'temptation' for sexual violence against women, saying: 'If a woman wears very few clothes.. it's common sense'

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has sparked fury by blaming 'temptation' for sexual violence against women.

Jun 21 11:26

Trump supporter sues town for $25M: ‘They’re trying to silence me’

Michael Wasserman wants to let his freedom fly — but his town of Long Beach, LI, isn’t having it.

“I believe the city is trying to silence me because I’m pro-Trump,” he told The Post.

The 62-year-old entrepreneur has become known in the area for plastering his home — along with his Porsche and Jeep — with a rotating variety of political flags and stickers.
Now he has filed a $25 million federal suit — against the City of Long Beach, the chief of police, the city manager and specific police officers — after officials forced him to remove the flags on his cars.

The town claims they are a violation of an ordinance stating that “[No] sign shall be erected, affixed or maintained within the perimeter of any … public street or public property.” Wasserman parks his car on a public street outside his home.

Jun 21 11:25

Radical Ilhan Omar Denies Schools Are Teaching Critical Race Theory

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) denied Saturday that schools are teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT).

“Republicans love to create outrage over things that aren’t actually happening. People should be asking them, what elementary, middle and high school is teaching Critical Race Theory and why they are spinning false narratives,” she tweeted.

Jun 21 11:24

Downtown Chicago emerges from pandemic -- hobbled by crime wave

Businesses in downtown Chicago that survived the pandemic-related economic slump and two spasms of looting last summer should be ecstatic with Monday's reopening of America's third-largest city.

Yet, many are batting a new hardship -- a surge in crime that is keeping customers, and their money, away.

"I've never felt more unsafe than I do now," said Steve Burrows, a 48-year-old attorney who has called Chicago home his entire life. "I work downtown so I'm here every day during the day but I won't come down here at night or on the weekend."

If people like Burrows, suburbanites and the millions of tourists who normally visit the lakefront city stay away, Chicago businesses will feel the impact as many are still trying to emerge from the tumult of the last 16 months.

Jun 21 11:22

Proud Parents (Picture)

Jun 21 11:22

Georgia Nursing Student Wakes Up To Find The $20 He Invested In Rocket Bunny Cryptocurrency Exploded In Value To $1,189,313,417,915.16 Overnight After Coinbase Glitch

A nursing student in Georgia woke up to find the $20 he invested in the cryptocurrency Rocket Bunny exploded in value to over $1trillion due to a glitch in the Coinbase app - but sadly he won't be able to cash in.

Jun 21 11:19

Gov SUS (Picture)

Jun 21 11:19

Moment baton-wielding cops are surrounded by an angry mob screaming 'racists' after they pinned down a black man 'who assaulted an officer' in Canada

This is the moment baton-wielding cops were surrounded by an angry mob and accused of being 'racists' after they tackled a young black man to the ground in Vancouver.

Jun 21 11:17

Every frickin time (Cartoon)

Jun 21 11:16

Biden set to STOP the expulsion of migrant families by July 31: White House in talks to reverse Trump order that sent border crossers back to Mexico under COVID protocols

The White House is considering ending a border policy signed under Donald Trump that allowed migrant families to be sent back to Mexico after they crossed into the U.S., according to a report on Sunday.

Jun 21 11:15

*speaks in hillbilly* (Video)