Sep 21 11:10

‘People feel very strongly about not having state mandate’: Boris Johnson slams Biden’s vaccine mandates and says he won’t do it because Brits 'love liberty' and tells president to use ‘sweet reason and persuasion’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dismissed the idea of a sweeping vaccine mandate like the one President Joe Biden announced two weeks ago, adding that Britons are 'great lovers of liberty' in an interview on Tuesday.

Sep 21 11:09

NYPD cop caught on camera riding on the back of dirt bike at Brooklyn block party is suspended without pay - days after city crackdown on illegal rides

An NYPD cop was suspended without pay after video surfaced of her on the back of a dirt bike at a Brooklyn block party less than a week after the NYPD announced a crackdown to rid city streets of illegal dirt bikes and ATVs.

Sep 21 11:08

VA to make benefits available to more than 14,000 service members who were discharged under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Military veterans who were discharged under the Clinton-era 'don't ask, don't tell' policy can now qualify for full benefits - 10 years after the derided plan was repealed, the Department of Veteran's Affairs said.

Sep 21 11:08

'It's a power grab': Tucker Carlson rages at military vaccine mandate and says it's an attempt to target 'Christians,' 'men with high testosterone' and 'freethinkers'

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson waded into the controversy over the US military's COVID-19 vaccine mandate on Monday, slamming it as a ruse to identify 'sincere Christians,' 'free thinkers' and 'men with high testosterone levels' in the armed forces.

Sep 21 11:08

Britain's daily Covid cases rise again by nearly a fifth in a week to 31,564 and deaths climb 10% to 203 but hospital admission drop by a quarte

Britain's Covid crisis appears to be growing again as daily cases increased week-on-week for the fourth day running amid fears of a delayed back to school surge.

Department of Health bosses posted 31,564 new coronavirus infections today, up 18.5 per cent on the 26,628 recorded last Tuesday.

Sep 21 11:06

Amazon lobbies the government to federally legalize weed after the tech giant relaxes its drug testing as part of huge recruitment drive

Amazon said on Tuesday that it will continue to lobby the U.S. government in support of federal legislation to legalize marijuana.

Sep 21 11:05

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin orders Air Force IG to probe botched Kabul drone strike that killed seven children and three innocent adults - and gives him 45 days to report findings

The Pentagon named on Tuesday the Air Force inspector general to review the investigation that found the U.S.'s August 29 drone strike killed 10 innocent Afghan civilians, including seven children – and not an Islamic State fighter.

Sep 21 11:05

Boris Johnson admits intelligence DID warn that the Taliban could 'take Kabul very fast' after Biden denied that he received such a warning

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended the US decision to abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban today as he prepared to meet President Joe Biden for talks at the White House.

Sep 21 10:51

Bob Woodward claims that Sec of State Blinken and Defense Sec Austin both warned Biden in March to slow down Afghanistan withdrawal but the president ignored them

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin both tried to warn the president to slow down the Afghanistan withdrawal, but a stubborn Biden insisted on pressing forward, according to Bob Woodward.

Sep 21 10:50

Johnson & Johnson says booster of its one-dose vaccine makes the shot 94% effective against COVID-19

Johnson & Johnson said on Tuesday that a booster shot of its COVID-19 vaccine is highly protective against severe illness.

Sep 21 10:49

The 'I'm not reaching' pouches dividing Minnesota: BLM slams police initiative to reduce traffic stop shooting deaths with transparent document holders for cars

Critics on social media have lashed out at a new plan by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to try to keep drivers safe during traffic stops.

Webmaster addition: California tried something like this a few years back, but it backfired horribly when criminal gangs would send "scouts" to Las Vegas and other tourist destinations and find people who were there. That left the gang free to loot homes knowing they were unoccupied.

Sep 21 10:48

Biden DOUBLES US climate change fund to $11BN a year and commits $10BN to feed poor people across the world as he assures China 'we're not seeking a new Cold War' in major speech to the United Nations

President Joe Biden made his first major address before the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday - announcing new financial commitments as he tried to reestablish the U.S.'s place in the global community.

Sep 21 10:47

'You really need to listen to him': How Trump tried to get Pence to throw out election result with six-point plan dreamed up by professor of law John Eastman, Bob Woodward book reveals

Former President Donald Trump urged Vice President Mike Pence to 'listen' to a conservative lawyer who drew up a 6-point for Pence to overturn the election results, according to Bob Woodward's new book.

Sep 21 10:47

Welcome to the Information Website for the In re: Toll Roads Litigation Settlements

If you drove on the 73, 133, 241 and/or 261 toll roads in Southern California from April 13, 2015 to June 16, 2021, you could get benefits from the TCA and 3M Class Action Settlements.

Two Settlements have been reached in a class action lawsuit about whether TCA, 3M, and BRiC (the “Defendants”) improperly collected and shared with third parties the “Personally Identifiable Information” (“PII”) of operators of motor vehicles that used the 73, 133, 241, and/or 261 Toll Roads in Orange County, California or other individuals whose PII was provided to Defendants.

Both Settlements cover vehicle operators, but one covers a shorter time period. The settlement between Plaintiffs and the TCA and BRiC (“TCA Settlement”) covers the time period from April 13, 2015 to June 16, 2021. The settlement between Plaintiffs and 3M (“3M Settlement”) covers from April 13, 2015 to June 30, 2015.

Sep 21 10:46

BLM holds 'Cancel Carmine's' protest outside famed NYC Italian after three black women claimed Asian hostess questioned their friends' vaccination cards and called them N-word - before they were arrested for starting brawl

Black Lives Matter activists descended on Carmine’s restaurant in New York City and slammed its management as 'racist' after three black women visiting from Texas claimed they were called the N-word before they allegedly assaulted an Asian hostess who asked for proof of vaccination.

Sep 21 10:46

FDA-approved gout drug shows promise in fighting COVID-19 by preventing the virus from multiplying in cells, study finds

A drug used to treat gout could also help combat COVID-19, a new study has found.

Sep 21 10:40

Undercover Trucker: Hauling Half-Ton Of Pot For Feds In Sting

The case provides a window into the murky world of marijuana smuggling from Canada to the U.S. While the illicit trade has been active for years, seizures from commercial vehicles have soared after the border closed to nonessential travel in March 2020. That December marijuana seizure was one of 131 reported by CBP that month. Seizures in the Buffalo area accounted for more than half of that pot by weight.

The truck driver, who was not named, does not appear to have been charged. Court documents do not make any suggestion that he knew about the marijuana in the load or made any agreements with U.S. authorities in exchange for cooperation. Drivers caught with loads of drugs at the border aren’t necessarily charged, typically either due to lack of evidence or investigators or prosecutors concluding they weren’t involved.

Sep 21 10:36

The Wooden Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich

The royal estate of Kolomenskoye runs along the right bank of the Moscow River from Kolomenskaya to Kashirskaya metro stations and is one of the most popular destinations in Moscow outside the city center. Historically, the Kolomenskoye estate was the site of a village founded by refugees from Kolomna fleeing the Mongol-Tatar invasion. During the reign of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich, Kolomenskoye became a royal residence and in the 1660s a wooden palace was built here. It was a grand palace with richly decorated decorations which was constantly admired by the visiting foreigners. The Tsar's contemporaries called it "the eighth wonder of the word".

Sep 21 10:34

Girl power! Female elephants raised with older sisters live longer and reproduce two years earlier than those with brothers, study finds

If you've ever felt held back in life by an older brother, a new study suggests humans aren't the only ones.

Today, scientists report that elephants benefit more from having older sisters than older brothers when they're growing up.

Sep 21 10:32

Should you get a Ham Radio License or Hide from the Government?

In another video this same guy went on to explain and demonstrate his own personal Ham Radio setup complete with a really nice antenna that was suspended from trees and hidden from view with additional comments about how he would not get his Ham license because he didn’t need to be on any government lists and if TSHTF, the first place they would go would be the Ham operators and take them offline.

This got me to thinking a while back and I really debated whether or not I should be like this guy and be a conscientious objector to the whole notion of licensing and just be a rebel with my antenna hanging in a tree. After a lot of thought and some research I decided to pull the trigger and get my Ham license and I want to explain why and discuss why you might want to do the same.

Sep 21 10:27

Cops seize two kilos of cocaine, a gold-plated handgun and nearly $44,000 in cash in searches on homes after routine traffic stop of 'nervous' man in Texas

Texas police officers seized a gold-plated handgun, two kilos of cocaine and about $44,000 in cash after a routine traffic stop.

Sep 21 10:25

Peter Thiel said Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg agreed not to fact-check Trump administration posts in exchange for lenient regulation, new book claims

Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg allegedly agreed not to fact-check political posts by Donald Trump's administration if the former President spared the social media giant 'heavy-handed regulations,' according to a tell-all book about Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel.

Sep 21 10:25

New homeowner who found a rag doll boarded up in a wall with a note saying she killed a family who lived there in the 1960s says he thinks the creepy prank is 'funny' and has kept the toy in place

A homeowner who was shocked to discover a rag doll holding a spine-chilling note inside the wall of his new property has told how he finds the prank 'funny' - but says his friends have urged him to sell up and move out 'quickly.'

Jonathan Lewis, 32, had picked up the keys to his new home in Walton, Liverpool, on Friday when he decided to a examine a hole under the stairs which had been boarded up.

Sep 21 10:24

Welcome to NYC! Unvaccinated Brazil President Bolsonaro is refused indoor dining and forced to eat pizza on sidewalk ahead of UN General Assembly

Upon landing in New York City, Brazil President Jair Bolsonar had his first meal in the U.S. in the middle of the street due to restrictive city-wide restrictions not allowing unvaccinated people to dine indoors.

Sep 21 10:24

A cure for arachnophobia? Scientists create an augmented reality app that places a virtual 3D spider on your HAND - and say it reduces fear of arachnids in real life

If the thought of being near a spider terrifies you, there's good news - scientists have created an augmented reality app that overlays a virtual 3D spider on your hand as a cure for arachnophobia.

Called Phobys, the free app, created at the University of Basel in Switzerland, is available in both Apple's App Store and Google Play for Android.

Sep 21 10:22

WHAT? Obama’s Def Sec Leon Panetta Appears To Admit He Was Involved With Milley’s Secret CCP Calls

Former Obama-Biden administration Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta appeared to admit that he was involved with General Mark Milley’s secret calls to the Chinese Communist military behind President Donald Trump’s back.

Leon Panetta, the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and former Defense Secretary under the Obama-Biden administration appeared to admit that he was involved with General Mark Milley’s secret calls to the CCP military behind the back of President Donald Trump.

Panetta, while confirming that Milley made secret calls, said the first secret call Milley made to the CCP was “pursuant to the approval of [Defense] Secretary [Mark] Esper,” adding that the second secret call to the CCP was made because “President [Trump] was appointing political people to key positions at the Defense Department.”

Sep 21 10:17

Raging builder smashes newly installed bathroom with a sledgehammer claiming homeowner refused to pay £5,500 bill

A FURIOUS builder smashed a newly installed bathroom with a sledgehammer after he claimed the homeowner refused to pay the £5,500 bill.

Footage shows the raging contractor destroying his own work at a property in Colorado Springs.

Sep 21 10:17

Inside this year’s raucous Miss GB finals where drunken wannabes cheat and backstab ‘worse than on Love Island’

IN THE corner of a hotel bar, Miss Great Britain 2020 Jen Atkin’s sparkling crown slipped as she snogged a photographer.

Nearby, a beauty queen was sobbing while others drunkenly spilled out of a lift — their skyscraper heels slipping and sliding on the marbled floor as they tried to stand up.

Sep 21 10:16

Touching moment Reds fan returns Cincinnati rookie's first home run ball - and gets a signed bat from Dodgers star Mookie Betts for his good deed

Cincinnati Reds rookie TJ Friedl got his first Major League hit on Sunday by homering in his second ever at-bat, and the 26-year-old outfielder got to keep the ball as a memento thanks to the kindness of one fan and the quick thinking of Los Angeles Dodgers star Mookie Betts.

Sep 21 10:15

Wait a minute (Picture)

Sep 21 10:15

Allen Weisselberg's lawyers tell judge more 'indictments are coming' in tax-fraud case as former Trump CFO appears in NY court

Trump Organization Chief Financial 0fficer Allen Weisselberg returned to court Monday for a hearing on his tax evasion charges, as his lawyer said there is 'strong reason to believe' more indictments are coming in a New York investigation into the former president's property empire.

Sep 21 10:13

Disturbing impact of gun violence on kids is revealed: Children who live near shootings are TWICE as likely to visit the ER for mental health issues, study finds

America's rising gun violence problem is negatively impacting children's mental health, a new study finds.

Sep 21 10:12

It might work (Picture)

Sep 21 10:12

Refund the police! Woke Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is set to unveil budget that BOOSTS spending on crime-hit city's PD after she slashed $59M from the department last year

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is set to unveil a proposed budget that bolsters funding to the crime-ridden city’s police department as violence and gang activity runs rampant.

Sep 21 09:57

New York governor orders immediate parole and release of nearly 200 Rikers inmates because of staffing shortage

Who knew New York could go from bad to just as bad after the resignation of touchy-feely Andrew Cuomo last month? From all appearances, the state’s new governor may be just as useless as her predecessor.

One of her first actions as governor will be to release 191 detainees from Rikers Island, which has been severely understaffed for months, with some units completely lacking guards, according to

Under her “Less is More Act,” individuals who are subject to “technical parole violations” who would normally be locked back up would no longer be incarcerated. Gov. Kathy Hochul says that this is one of the primary contributors to Rikers being overcrowded.

Sep 21 09:57

More Radical Than Roe: House Abortion Bill Would Repeal Existing Laws, Prohibit Future Pro-Life Laws

In response to pro-life policy victories like the Texas Heartbeat Act and an upcoming Supreme Court case asking the justices to provide a constitutional course correction to America’s arbitrary and unworkable abortion jurisprudence, pro-abortion legislators in Congress are advancing a deceptively named piece of legislation called the Women’s Health Protection Act.

The radical, far-reaching proposal would entrench unfettered access to abortion in federal law.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her congressional allies—as well as the media —have characterized the Women’s Health Protection Act as simply “codifying Roe v. Wade.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 21 09:49

Will Derek Chauvin have up to eight YEARS shaved off his 22.5-year sentence after Minnesota court tossed out similar third-degree murder conviction of fellow cop who shot and killed yoga instructor?

A former Minneapolis police officer - who had his third-degree murder conviction overturned in court after killing an Australian yoga instructor - may lead to a similar charge against Derek Chauvin getting thrown out.

Sep 21 09:48

Democrats propose bill that would prevent a government shutdown and lift the debt ceiling - but Mitch McConnell says Republicans won't give them any votes

The top Democrats in Congress said Monday they would aim to continue funding the government and increase its borrowing authority in a single bill in the coming days - setting up a showdown with Republicans who have vowed not to approve more debt.

Sep 21 09:48

Giant space rock blast 1,000 times stronger than an atomic bomb wiped out city 4,000 years ago

ANCIENT evidence of a catastrophic 'cosmic airburst' is being linked to the Biblical story of the destruction of Sodom in a new study.

Researchers claim to have found 3,600-year-old evidence of a space rock blast that wiped out the ancient city of Tall el-Hammam.

Sep 21 09:47

Beto O'Rourke is set to run against Greg Abbott in 2022 as Texas Governor's approval rating drops to 45% after banning masks and new legislation banning abortions after six weeks

Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke is planning to challenge incumbent Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas' 2022 gubernatorial race.

Sep 21 09:46

Pfizer says its vaccine IS safe and effective in low doses for kids aged 5-11 and could be authorized by Halloween - despite children making up less than 0.1% of all Covid deaths

Pfizer-BioNTech announced on Monday that their COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective among children between ages five and 11.

Sep 21 09:40

VERY generous female diner pays for 60 strangers' lunches at Pennsylvania diner and generously tips the servers - before vanishing without leaving her name

An anonymous woman is being praised for her act of kindness after she paid for 60 strangers' lunches at a newly reopened diner and also generously tipped the servers.

Sep 21 09:39

Researchers find 3,600-year-old evidence that ancient city of Tall el-Hammam was destroyed by 'cosmic airburst,' which may have inspired Bible story of destruction of Sodom

Researchers have discovered 3,600-year-old evidence that the ancient city of Tall el-Hammam was destroyed by a 'cosmic airburst,' which may have inspired the Biblical story of destruction of Sodom, according to a new study.

Sep 21 09:39

Eleventh inmate this year dies at NYC's infamous Rikers Island jail amid horrific conditions and staff shortages

Isaabdul Karim, 42, died of apparent 'natural causes' while in jail on a parole violation, officials said.

Sep 21 09:39

White House slams 'horrific' footage of border patrol agent on horseback WHIPPING Haitian migrants as they cross Rio Grande carrying food for their families

The White House is reacting to disturbing images that surfaced on Sunday of Border Patrol agents appearing to whip Haitian migrants desperately trying to cross the Rio Grande river into the United States.

Sep 21 09:31

Couple convert old DHL van into mini home for just £2k using ping pong tables and climbing walls & it’s now worth £15k

A COUPLE spent just £2,100 renovating an old delivery van - and it's now worth up to £15,000.

Tom Lake and partner Caitlin Green, both 30, bought the van, which was previously used by delivery company DHL, for £2,150 in 2019.

Sep 21 09:30

iPhone 13 review: Apple crushes rivals with ‘see in the dark’ camera, 5G and FREE storage boost

CHRISTMAS is nearly here – so that means it’s time for a new iPhone.

I’ve been trying out Apple’s iPhone 13 ahead of the festive season to see if its up to scratch. Spoilers: It’s fabulous. Hey Siri, FaceTime Santa…

Sep 21 09:06

'America is back. We believe in the United Nations and its values' Biden says in first one-on-one meeting with UN chief - who had warned US's 'completely dysfunctional relationship' with China could start a new Cold War

President Joe Biden met with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in New York Monday night, ahead of his first speech as president before the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday.

Sep 21 09:05

Moment Psaki nemesis Doocy catches her out with question: 'If somebody walks into the country across the river, does somebody ask to see their vaccination card?'

The US announced Monday that foreign nationals would be allowed to travel by air into the country if they are vaccinated, and Fox News' Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki if the same standard would apply to migrants at the southern border.

Sep 21 08:52

It's only $2499 (Picture)

Sep 21 08:52

How desperate Haitians are paying up to $10,000 and traveling thousands of miles by foot, coach, boat to cross into America from Mexico and reach 'safety' in isolated Del Rio

Desperate Haitians are paying up to $10,000 and traveling thousands of miles by foot, coach and boat to reach safety in the isolated town of Del Rio on the Mexico-U.S. border.