Feb 25 08:07

Health Secretary Matt Hancock and NHS Sued Over £23.5 Mln Contract With US Data Firm Linked to CIA

Palantir was set up in 2003 by German-born tech billionaire Peter Thiel and four business associates. It specialises in storing big data and allowing corporations and governments to visualise it to solve problems.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock is being sued over a £23.5 million contract with Silicon Valley data firm Palantir.

In March 2020 the NHS hired Palantir to store massive amounts of health data which were accruing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feb 24 14:55

UK government reports over 240 deaths shortly after coronavirus vaccination

The U.K. government reported that more than 240 people have died shortly after getting the Wuhan coronavirus vaccines. British citizens who died after vaccination reportedly obtained either the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or the AstraZeneca jab. These vaccine candidates were approved by the British regulator and subsequently used in mass vaccination efforts. Despite this, the U.K. government said it does not believe that the inoculations are to blame for the deaths.

"They were on the verge of death when we gave them the vaccine, honest."

Feb 24 09:17

British royals met with autocratic Arab monarchs 'over 200 times' since 2011

Members of Britain’s royal family have met with autocratic Middle East monarchies over 200 times since the suppression of the Arab Spring began a decade ago, a report has revealed.

New research by the website Declassified UK shows that there have been almost one encounter a fortnight over the last 10 years.

The Bahraini royal family has had the greatest number of meetings, according to the news website, followed by the House of Saud.

All official meetings are undertaken at the request of the British government, and often overlap with ministerial engagements.

Feb 24 09:04

British MP calls lockdowns ‘extended exercise in almost … deliberate cruelty’

U.K. Conservative MP Sir Charles Walker derided the government for its continued lockdown, calling it “an extended exercise in almost studied and deliberate cruelty.”

Walker, once the chairman of the anti-lockdown 1922 committee of Conservative backbenchers, made his comments following government guidance not to book summer holidays. The government argued it cannot guarantee that restrictions will be lifted by the time summer comes.

“It is just not acceptable behavior,” Walker lamented on the BBC’s Radio 4 program. “People need to see their children, they need to see their parents, the people that they love, they need to have something to look forward to.”

“[We] are conducting a massive experiment in creating high levels of anxiety in a population and it’s just not acceptable.”

Feb 23 08:50

UK Political Risk: "The Mood Is Changing"

The mood is changing. There is a great line from John Authers in his Bloomberg note this morning: “while the UK shot itself in the foot with Brexit, it didn’t shoot itself in the head.” A few weeks ago I wrote it’s time to start buying the UK as confidence returns, “Buying Boots On” the pace of vaccinations accelerates, and the realisation our economy can be kickstarted returns. Its likely our numbers are not as bad as we think. The assumption is the UK will shortly be back on track.

Feb 22 09:23

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia prolonging war in Yemen, says Oxfam

Global charity Oxfam has accused the UK government of prolonging the war in Yemen by permitting the sale of air-to-air refuelling equipment to the Saudi state, thus allowing air assets to bomb Yemeni targets for longer.

“As the US has called for an end to the conflict in Yemen, the UK is heading in the opposite direction, ramping up its support for the brutal Saudi-led war by increasing arms sales and refuelling equipment that facilitate airstrikes,” Sam Nadel, head of policy and advocacy at Oxfam, said on Monday.

Nadel was referring to the British government’s decision to licence the sale of air-to-air refuelling equipment, as well as £1.4bn ($1.96bn) of other exports, to the Saudi government last summer.

Feb 22 08:46

Supermarket Calls Cops On Disabled Man For Not Wearing Mask, Tries to Make Him Wear Yellow Sticker

British supermarket Morrisons called the police on a disabled man who was medically exempt from wearing a face mask after attempting to make him wear a yellow sticker.

Yes, really.

The clip shows the man involved in a confrontation with a security guard and staff as they try to make him wear the sticker.

The man calls them out by asking how a sticker could stop the spread of coronavirus.

When he refuses to wear the sticker, he is asked to leave the store as staff claim they are just doing their job.

Feb 22 08:38

Food bank queues growing as pandemic exacerbates UK hunger crisis

The onslaught of the pandemic and the ensuing national lock-downs has lifted the lid off an ugly truth about the UK: 14 million Britons, a third of them children, now live below the breadline: a poverty crisis that is tarnishing the image of one of the most powerful economies on the planet.

This winter has seen food bank queues snaking around corners in the UK. Those down on their luck waiting up to five hours in the freezing cold, not knowing if there will be anything left for them. In places where poverty and hunger were already rife – it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Jaywick, a seaside village in southeast England, is named the country’s most deprived area for the past decade. Over the years local authorities have been grilled over worsening conditions here, to no avail.

Feb 22 08:10

REVEALED: UK Lockdown Policy Has Forced 70,000 Households Into Homelessness

As the UK approaches its one year anniversary of the government’s disastrous lockdown experiment, data from numerous reports is now filtering in, and the numbers paint a harrowing picture.

While Boris Johnson’s government and its loyal media cohort attempt to blame all of the economic and social catastrophes on “the virus,” the fact remains that it is the government’s unprecedented reaction to fears of a ‘global pandemic’ – its radical interventionist policy – which has destroyed the economy and society, doing far more damage than the supposed ‘novel coronavirus’ could ever do on its own.

The results are now clear to see: lockdown policies have failed the people of Britain on every level.

Feb 22 07:30

Court invalidates Balfour Declaration, holds UK responsible for Palestinian plight

A Palestinian court has declared as invalid the Balfour Declaration, a document issued by the British government in 1917 that paved the way for the creation of Israel, as it violates the rules of international law.

The Court of First Instance in the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank on Sunday also held Britain legally responsible for the consequences of the Balfour Declaration, demanding an apology to the Palestinians.

The Balfour Declaration came in the form of a letter from Britain’s then-foreign secretary, Arthur Balfour, addressed to Lionel Walter Rothschild, a figurehead of the British Jewish community. It was published on November 2, 1917.

The declaration was made during World War I (1914-1918), and included in the terms of the British Mandate for Palestine after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

Feb 20 14:16

UK Government Shocking Report: Experimental MRNA Injections Caused 1716 Cases Of Eye Disorders And Left 22 People Blind

The government of the United Kingdom has been collecting critical safety data on the Pfizer/ BioNTech and Oxford/ AstraZeneca “vaccines,” and the latest report doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

outbreak of the coronavirus disease (covid 19), in sao paulo
Image source: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli

The first dose of the experimental Pfizer/ BioNTech “vaccine” has been introduced into the arms of 5.4 million citizens, with 500,000 of these people receiving a second dose.

Up until January 24, there have been nearly 50,000 reports of vaccine injury for this specific vaccine, including the sudden death of seven UK citizens:

Feb 19 10:23

‘No Jab, No Job’ – UK Firms Set to Make Vaccines Mandatory

Companies in Britain have been tasking law firms to craft “no jab, no job” contracts that would bar prospective employees from being hired unless they have been vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus.

While the government has publicly claimed that it has no intentions of requiring domestic vaccine passports, ministers have admitted that private businesses may take up the mantle of imposing it on the British public.

Speaking to the Financial Times, law firms said that they have already been contacted by companies, including care homes and multinational corporations, which are looking to draw up contracts that would require employees to be inoculated against the virus.

Feb 19 09:32

Wilfried Zaha urges fellow black footballers to 'stand tall now' and stop taking the knee before games because it is 'degrading' and may be making them a 'target' for racist abuse as they continue to be attacked on social media

Wilfried Zaha has vowed to stop taking the knee before matches and urged fellow black footballers to do the same because he believes the gesture has lost its meaning, is not working and may even be making them a 'target' for racial abuse.

The Crystal Palace forward, 28, believes taking the knee to show support for racial equality — as players, official and staff in the Premier League and EFL have done since Project Restart — is becoming ‘something we just do now’.

Several clubs, including Brentford last weekend, have stopped making the gesture. Brentford said in a statement that players decided to stop taking a knee as they 'no longer feel that it is making an impact'.

Feb 19 08:32

Leaked papers allege massive UK govt effort to co-opt Russian-language anti-Kremlin media & influencers to ‘weaken Russian state’

For all its alarmism about Russian ‘propaganda’ and ‘misinformation’, the UK government appears to be behind a multi-million-pound push to boost negative coverage of the Russian state, both in Russia and neighbouring countries.

At a European Union summit in November 2017, then-UK prime minister Theresa May announced plans to designate Russia a “hostile” state, and pledged to spend in excess of £100 million over the next five years on tackling the alleged threat of Kremlin “disinformation” internationally.

Now, hacktivist collective Anonymous has released what appear to be internal UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) files that shed significant light on how vast and ominous these efforts can be.

Feb 19 08:02

Ministers Still Pressuring Boris Johnson to Introduce "Domestic Passports" To Enter Cinemas, Live Events

Ministers are still pressuring Prime Minister Boris Johnson to introduce ‘domestic passports’ that would only allow those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine to enter venues such as cinemas, sports stadiums and even pubs and restaurants.

As we highlighted earlier this week, the British government denied for months that it was planning vaccine passports for international travel, but then did a 180 and indicated they were all but inevitable.

Authorities then also suggested that domestic passports could also be mandated that would prevent people who haven’t taken the coronavirus jab from entering cinemas, bars, restaurants and even shops.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson quickly tried to dismiss the idea of a domestic vaccine passport on Monday, but in the same breath said that businesses would adopt an identical system anyway.

Feb 19 07:02

No Lockdown Sweden Sees COVID Deaths Plummet Quicker Than UK

While the media in the UK is asserting lockdown measures caused COVID-19 deaths and cases to plummet, Sweden saw an even greater drop off in deaths despite enforcing comparatively minor restrictions.

This morning, UK broadcaster Sky News declared “Lockdown is working! COVID-19 infection rate plummets in England.”

“One of the largest and most authoritative coronavirus surveys has found that infections are quickly falling in England, confirming that lockdown is working to suppress the virus,” states the report.

The report claims that vaccines aren’t a factor in the reduction in deaths and cases because they are observed across all age groups.

Feb 18 14:05

BBC names as new chair ex-Goldman Sachs banker who advised Boris Johnson and gave £400k to UK's ruling party

A former Goldman Sachs investment banker who donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the UK’s ruling Conservative Party has been officially named as the BBC’s new chairman, the government said on Wednesday.

The BBC board chair is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the government and comes with a £160,000 ($221,000) annual salary for three to four days work per week.

Richard Sharp, who was offered the role last month, will serve a four-year term, during which he will be responsible for safeguarding the state-run broadcaster’s independence.

Feb 18 14:03

‘Cruel and unnecessary’: UK government will ask parents to test their kids twice a week for Covid at home – reports

The Department of Education did not confirm or deny the report, which came ahead of a meeting between department heads and teachers’ union bosses on Thursday. Talks between the department and the union are expected to focus on how to implement a testing regime. The unions have pushed for at-home testing, and according to the Telegraph they called on-site testing “inoperable” and “ridiculous.”

However, commenters online immediately shot down the idea of at-home testing. One pointed out that the lateral flow tests that would be used have a false positive rate of 0.32 percent, which would generate 6,400 false positives per week, assuming one million secondary school students are being tested. If every one of England's 3.4 million secondary school students are tested, more than 20,000 false cases could be reported every week.

Feb 17 10:32

‘Stressed’ hotel quarantine guests leave notes in windows begging to be allowed to go home on third day locked in their rooms as travellers are tested for coronavirus for the first time since 10-day stay started

Passengers shut in hotel quarantine after arriving from the UK are reaching desperate levels, posting notes at their windows begging to leave their accommodation.

All arrivals in England from 33 banned countries must book government-approved accommodation at an initial cost of £1,750 under a scheme that came into force on Monday.

But the strain of being stuck inside seemed to be taking its toll on some of the enforced hotel residents.

One held aloft a handwritten note at his window, bemoaning: 'I am stressed here, no mobile phone, no access to my bank details to sort bills, my Covid-10 results. Why can't quarantine at home?'

Another woman held up her boxed up meal at the glass, with a thoroughly disgusted look on her face.

Feb 17 08:48

EU Craves New 'Clearing House' Body to 'De-Escalate' Brexit Tensions Over Northern Ireland

The Democratic Unionist party is planning to get rid of the Northern Ireland Protocol, part of the Brexit withdrawal agreement, as it believes the clause undermines the country’s position within the United Kingdom with custom checks and border controls in the Irish Sea.

Tensions in Northern Ireland have been on the rise since the end of the Brexit transition period, so the European commission has decided to establish a new committee, dubbed a “clearing house”, to evaluate solutions to issues arising from the implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol, the EC’s Vice-President Maroš Šef?ovi? told MPs in Ireland’s lower chamber.

Speaking in front of lawmakers at Dáil’s European affairs committee, the official noted that the protocol’s introduction has been “administratively extremely challenging” but said that many of the arising issues were anticipated by UK and EU partners.

Feb 17 08:35

UK government has decided to introduce Covid ghettos. What next, Covid camps?

It has been announced that a further 1.7 million people have been added to the Covid shielding list in England – and, of course, it is the poorest among us who must keep out of sight and out of mind.

The list was expanded after scientists at Oxford University developed an algorithm to assess people’s risk of severe disease or death based on their ethnicity, BMI, postcode, and their levels of deprivation.

As a social scientist that has researched, lived, and known working-class communities I can look at this list and say with confidence that the new shielders are the working class, because these are exactly the same factors I would look at when studying a community’s weak relationship to power and the damaging consequences of structured and structuring institutional inequalities.

Feb 17 08:35

Proposed UK law allowing deplatformed speakers to sue universities is turning free speech from universal right to legal privilege

Plans unveiled by UK education secretary Gavin Williamson that no-platformed speakers could get compensation from universities should be opposed by anyone seriously in favour of defending free speech.

If you were a visitor from Mars arriving in the UK today, you could be excused for believing that there was something progressive about the UK government legislating to enable no-platformed academics, students or visiting speakers to sue universities for compensation where they feel they have suffered because of free speech infringements.

If, however, you aren’t from Mars, you have no excuse.

Feb 17 08:30

Prince Philip admitted to hospital, expected to remain in care several days – Buckingham Palace

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband to reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II, has been admitted to hospital, Buckingham Palace said in a statement. The 99-year-old will remain in hospital for observation.

Philip began feeling unwell on Tuesday, and was admitted to London’s King Edward VII hospital that evening, the palace said in a statement to media on Wednesday.

“The Duke’s admission is a precautionary measure, on the advice of His Royal Highness’s Doctor, after feeling unwell. The Duke is expected to remain in hospital for a few days of observation and rest,” the statement read.

No further details of the prince’s symptoms or illness were provided.

Feb 17 07:18

Bosses begin drafting 'no jab, no job' contracts to force staff to get vaccine despite lawyers warning they will likely be challenged in court - as ministers urge PM to bring in certificates to help open cinemas, theatres and clubs

Companies have begun drafting 'no jab, no job' contracts to force staff to get Covid-19 vaccinations - despite lawyers warning they likely to be challenged in court - while ministers push for a certificate scheme to reopen cinemas and clubs.

Bosses in the care home sector as well as large international groups including an energy firm are making 'risky' arrangements by insisting staff must be jabbed , top lawyers warned.

The move could mean both prospective and current employees would need to have the coronavirus vaccine to work at an organisation.

Feb 17 06:32

Surveillance State: British Police Deploying Drones to Monitor Protests

British police have begun employing drones to monitor political protests throughout the country, as campaigners warn that the increasingly heavy-handed tactics employed by the police may be used to “silence dissent”.

A freedom of information request from the UK Drone Watch campaign group found that police across the country have begun using drones to surveil protests.

Police forces in Surrey, Cleveland, Staffordshire, Gloucestershire and West Midlands, as well as the Devon and Cornwall and Avon and Somerset forces, were all found to have used drones during protests, The Guardian reported.

Protesters monitored by the police with drones included anti-lockdown, Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion activists as well as one so-called ‘extreme-right protest’.

Chris Cole of UK Drone Watch said: “Police are adopting this new surveillance technology with little oversight or consent from the public.”

Feb 16 10:00


People with learning disabilities have been given do not resuscitate orders during the second wave of the pandemic, in spite of widespread condemnation of the practice last year and an urgent investigation by the care watchdog.

Mencap said it had received reports in January from people with learning disabilities that they had been told they would not be resuscitated if they were taken ill with Covid-19.

The Care Quality Commission said in December that inappropriate Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) notices had caused potentially avoidable deaths last year.

DNACPRs are usually made for people who are too frail to benefit from CPR, but Mencap said some seem to have been issued for people simply because they had a learning disability. The CQC is due to publish a report on the practice within weeks.

Feb 15 11:21

Judge Blocks Deportation of Migrant Double Rapist Because of Poor Healthcare in Somalia

A British has blocked efforts by Priti Patel’s Home Office to deport a double rapist from Somalia on grounds that he would not receive proper mental healthcare in his native country.

The 49-year-old migrant claimed asylum in Britain after arriving in the country in 2004, however, the Home Office sought to deport the man after he was convicted of eight criminal offences over the course of six years, including the rape of two women.

The Somali national was sentenced to a meagre seven years in prison for rape at knifepoint before being put in immigration detention.

According to the Daily Mail, an immigration tribunal judgment heard: “While at HMP Stafford he was not able always to behave appropriately. On several occasions after January 2017 he was placed in segregation, his attitude and behaviour being aggressive and unacceptable.”

Feb 15 11:19

Coronavirus Patients with Learning Disabilities Given ‘Do Not Resuscitate Orders’ in Britain

Britain’s socialised healthcare system has reportedly been issuing do not resuscitate orders for people with learning disabilities during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

The Royal Mencap Society, a top charity for people with learning disabilities, claimed that it had received reports in January from people with mental handicaps who said that they were told if they contracted the coronavirus, they would not be resuscitated.

Mencap’s chief executive, Edel Harris, told The Guardian: “Throughout the pandemic many people with a learning disability have faced shocking discrimination and obstacles to accessing healthcare, with inappropriate Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) notices put on their files and cuts made to their social care support.

Feb 14 08:14

British Lawmakers Call to Ban China From Buying 'Financially Fragile' UK Defence Companies

British lawmakers underlined that foreign investments in the UK defence supply chain should be restricted to companies from NATO countries or London's allies outside the North Atlantic Alliance.

Beijing may snap up more UK aerospace companies in order to obtain access to their technology and increase its military buildup, the UK House of Commons Defence Committee has warned in a report.

According to the study released on Sunday, venture capital funds "represent an avenue for hostile foreign investors to gain entry into the UK defence supply chain".

Feb 13 08:32

UK Army Target Could Lose 10,000 Troops in Defence Review, Media Claims

The upcoming integrated review on UK defence and foreign policy has been described by the British Cabinet as the most serious re-evaluation of the nation's place in the world since the days of the Cold War

The British army is facing a massive reduction to meet the target number of 72,500 as part of the Cabinet's defence review that will be published next month, The Times reported, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, the chief of the general staff, told ministers that he could reduce the target size of the service by 10,000 personnel, so that the Army would be able to spend more money on technology. This means that some battalions could be disbanded to boost the remaining ones.

Feb 13 08:07

Top Tory: Authorities Going Mad with ‘Unlimited Power’ After Children Ordered from Play Park

Senior Conservative MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith has condemned as police going mad with “unlimited power”, after reports that a police officer told two young children playing in a park to go home and play in their gardens, even though they lived in an apartment.

Media reported this week that a police officer approached brothers Wren, eight, and six-year-old Bo late last month as they were taking pictures of their freshly-made snowman in a London park, telling the youngsters to go home and play there.

Campaign group Play Outside said that this was an oft-repeated scenario, exasperated by the guidelines in England that said that while adults may meet in pairs for exercise, children must not play with each other if they are not part of their family, reported the i newspaper.

Feb 13 07:39

More Than Five Million EU Migrants Have Applied to Stay in UK

More than five million migrants from the European Union have applied to live permanently in Britain under the EU settlement scheme, with applications still open until June 2021.

Of those, nearly 2.5 million (2,497,600) have already been granted permanent leave to remain, and more than two million (2,039,800) have been granted pre-settled status, meaning that they can apply in five years for full legal residency.

Another 38,900 had their applications refused, 50,600 were deemed invalid, and 51,400 were withdrawn or void, according to provisional Home Office figures reported by The Telegraph on Thursday.

Feb 11 16:17

Mercury plunges to minus 22.9C on coldest UK night in more than 25 years

Temperatures plunged to below minus 22C overnight, the lowest in the UK in more than two decades, following an “extreme freeze”.

The mercury dropped to minus 22.9C (minus 9.2F) in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, the coldest temperature recorded in the UK since 1995, the Met Office said.

Forecasters said the last time a temperature below minus 20C was recorded in the UK was December 23 2010.

Feb 11 10:41

UK COVID Police State: Travelers Must Quarantine In Hotel, Have 3 Tests, Face 10 Years Jail For Avoiding "The Law"

Anyone traveling to Britain from a country on the government’s ‘red list’ must quarantine in a hotel (which they will have to pay for), and have THREE COVID tests, under draconian new laws being implemented by the government.

The unprecedented and sweeping new rules were announced by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who said that he makes ‘no apologies’ for such severe measures.

From Monday anyone entering the country will have to pass three PCR tests in order to be allowed any freedom inside the country after they have completed a ten day quarantine at a government selected hotel, at a cost of almost two thousand pounds.

Security guards will be stationed throughout the hotels, with police on standby if those inside try to leave before their release date.

Hancock said that anyone caught breaking their quarantine could be fined ten thousand pounds, while anyone caught lying about coming from a COVID ‘hotspot’ could be jailed for up to a decade.

Feb 11 10:40

London Mayor Appoints Woke Activist Brigade To "Review" Statues For "Diversity"

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan has appointed a rogues gallery of woke partisans as a ‘task force’ to review whether statues and other landmarks in the city are ‘diverse enough’.

The selection is chocked full of people who have previously declared their disdain for Britain’s history, prompting warnings that unelected activists with an axe to grind are being placed in charge of erasing history.

The Daily Mail reports that one panel task force member previously suggested that every instance of white supremacy throughout history can be traced back to Britain.

Another member of the task force, officially called the Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm, previously attempted to confront the Queen and demand an apology for Britain’s ‘historical injustices’.

Feb 11 09:18

UK's ‘colonial' stance over Chagos Islands could derail court bid

The UK’s “colonial approach” to the Chagos Islands may yet damage hopes that a British QC will be appointed chief prosecutor at the international criminal court in succession to Fatou Bensouda.

Karim Khan is the current favourite for the position. But the UK’s refusal to recognise two adverse international court judgments on the ownership of the Chagos Islands, a British claimed territory in the Indian Ocean, has stymied plans for consensus to build around Khan for the post.

Members of the UN’s Assembly of State Parties, the management oversight body of the ICC, have now agreed to hold a secret ballot in which Khan and two other candidates, from Ireland and Spain, are nominated.

The Mauritius ambassador to the UN, Jagdish Koonjul, wrote on Monday to all the relevant UN delegations expressing his alarm at the UK’s approach to international law.

Feb 11 08:21

Why, in 2021, do we Britons allow one incredibly wealthy and unaccountable family to fix the law for their own financial gain?

It’s been revealed that the Queen and Prince Charles have the power to secretly veto or alter legislation they don’t like. Never mind about returning power from Brussels to Westminster, let's get it back from Buckingham Palace.

Important news about the royal family has been revealed this week. No, not the fact that Princess Eugenie has given birth to a baby boy. Although, if you get all your news from the BBC, you can be forgiven for thinking this is the only royal story currently worth noting.

I’m sure the Queen is delighted with the arrival of her ninth great grandchild. But before we coo over the eleventh in line to the throne, we need to ask just how much power this ever-expanding family has over the rest of us.

Feb 10 10:15

Teenagers with cancer face terminal diagnoses alone due to NHS visitor bans preventing family members from supporting them in hospital

NHS visitor bans mean teenagers with cancer are going alone to appointments where doctors tell them their illness is terminal, campaigners warn.

The Teenage Cancer Trust and CLIC Sargent have written a letter to health ministers across the UK asking them to pledge that young cancer patients will not have to face the devastating news or go through gruelling treatment on their own.

Feb 10 10:10

Matt Hancock faces fury from justice chiefs and Cabinet rift over 'inhumane' threat of 10 YEARS in jail for 'red list' travellers who lie on forms - as it emerges the law ALREADY exists

Former Supreme Court justice Lord Sumption branded the mooted maximum prison term 'inhumane' - pointing out it is longer than for some sex offences.

And ex-Attorney General Dominic Grieve said courts would never impose the 'draconian' 10-year sentence.

Feb 09 13:33

UK could experience lockdowns for 'SEVERAL YEARS' despite vaccination program, SAGE member warns

Professor Sir Ian Boyd, who teaches at the University of St Andrews' School of Biology, warned this week against the frequent lifting of lockdowns because "it simply fuels a new wave of disease" that can cause the virus to replicate more and mutate into new strains.

"There are a lot of reasons for taking pain now in order to create conditions for controlled release from [restrictions] a lot easier," he argued, adding, "Otherwise we risk just passing through phases of various levels of lockdown and release."

Boyd said that lockdowns "could go on for a long time," despite the UK's mass vaccination program. "My suspicion is that we will experience a damped oscillation of control-release for a long time to come — perhaps several years."

Brits reacted negatively to the prospect of lockdowns still being used in several years, calling it "madness."

Feb 09 12:06

"Houston, We Have A Problem" - 85% Of Silver In London Already Held By ETFs

With the ongoing #SilverSqueeze and huge associated dollar inflows into silver-backed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), it is now time to look at which of these ETFs store their silver in the LBMA vaults in London, England, and to calculate how much physical silver these combined funds store in those London vaults.

These LBMA London vaults are run by seven vault operators which comprise three bullion banks JP Morgan, HSBC and ICBC Standard Bank – and four security firms – Brinks, Malca-Amit, Loomis and G4S.

Feb 09 09:57

UK Government Considering Knocking On Doors Of Vaccine Refusniks, Report

The UK government is considering a plan to despatch council staff to knock on the doors of those who have refused to take a coronavirus vaccine, in an effort to coerce refusniks into taking the shot, according to a report.

The London Metro reports that Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi told MPs he wanted to identify ‘at an individual level’ those who have been offered the vaccine but turned it down.

The report states that the plan is being hatched amid fears that a sizeable amount of the population are ‘sceptical’ of the vaccine.

Zahawi said that the role of the council staffers would be to determine why people are refusing the vaccine and then “see what might convince them” to change their minds.

Feb 09 09:10

Covid quarantine: People caught lying about ‘red list’ country visits could face 10 years in prison

People will face up to ten years in jail if they lie on a passenger form to hide that they have come to the UK from a “red list” country.

“We are coming down hard on people who provide false information on the passenger locator form,” Matt Hancock told MPs.

“Anyone who lies on the passenger locator form and tries to conceal that they have been in a country on the ‘red list’ in the ten days before arrival here, will face a prison sentence of up to ten years.”

The Health Secretary outlined a series of “tough fines” for people who breach the new Covid travel rules which aim to mutant variants of the virus getting into the UK.

Feb 09 08:46

Elderly woman 'collapses with hypothermia' in vaccine queue after hundreds of pensioners were forced to wait for HOURS in snow and ice due to overbooking blunder - before many were sent home and told to RE-BOOK

NHS Fife has apologised after five centres saw delays on Monday, leaving over 70s, including some in wheelchairs and others using walking sticks, standing outside as Storm Darcy hit eastern parts of the country.

Feb 09 08:38

Travellers who lie about whether they have been to mutant Covid hotspots face up to TEN YEARS in prison as Hancock unveils brutal border curbs with all arrivals needing to take THREE tests - and thousands of hotel rooms ready for quarantine from Monday

Mr Hancock also declared that 4,600 rooms have now been secured by the government from 16 hotels so the 'quarantine hotel' system can get up and running as planned on Monday, although the Department of Health refused to name them.

All incomers from 'red list' countries must stay in the rooms for 10 days, costing £1,750 each.

Arrivals from dozens of high-risk countries on the 'red list' will have to test negative 72 hours before travelling, and then be screened again twice, on day two and day eight.

Failure to stick to the hotel quarantine will be punishable with a fine of up to £10,000, Mr Hancock said.

Feb 09 08:35

UK Government Considering Knocking On Doors Of Vaccine Refusniks, Report

The UK government is considering a plan to despatch council staff to knock on the doors of those who have refused to take a coronavirus vaccine, in an effort to coerce refusniks into taking the shot, according to a report.

The London Metro reports that Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi told MPs he wanted to identify ‘at an individual level’ those who have been offered the vaccine but turned it down.

The report states that the plan is being hatched amid fears that a sizeable amount of the population are ‘sceptical’ of the vaccine.

Zahawi said that the role of the council staffers would be to determine why people are refusing the vaccine and then “see what might convince them” to change their minds.

Zahawi refused to confirm how the Government will know who has not taken the vaccine, but did admit during a radio appearance on the BBC that everyone who has taken the shot has been registered in a national immunisation vaccination system.

Feb 09 07:24

UK Refuses to Follow US in Suspending Saudi Arms Sales Over Yemen War

The UK is not following the US in suspending arms sales to Saudi Arabia for offensive use in the war in Yemen, where the US and UK-backed Saudi-led coalition regularly bombs civilian targets.

“The decisions the US takes on matters of arms sales are decisions for the US,” said James Cleverly, a British minister for the Middle East and North Africa. “The UK takes its own arms export responsibilities very seriously, and we continue to assess all arms export licenses in accordance with strict licensing criteria.”

The UK resumed arms sales to Saudi Arabia that could be used in Yemen in July 2020, after over a year pause due to a court ruling that found Saudi arms sales unlawful. The court said UK ministers had not properly assessed the risk of civilian casualties.

Feb 08 14:26

British Academics Reject UK Government’s ‘Working Definition of Antisemitism’

The following is the full text of a letter published and co-signed by over five dozen British academics, rejecting the UK government’s adoption of the IHRA’s ‘working definition of antisemitism’.

The British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES), Britain’s leading academic organisation for the study of the Middle East and North Africa, also expressed concern about the pressure applied on universities by the UK government to adopt the IHRA definition. According to BRISMES, the government’s reliance on “what many in the academic community consider a faulty definition of antisemitism – will have a chilling effect on academic freedom and the university sector in Middle East Studies and beyond”. Read the full statement by BRIMES here.

Feb 08 07:01

The UK-EU Clash Over Northern Ireland Will Have Grave Consequences

"Get your retaliation in first,” is a cynical old saying in Northern Irish politics that means you hit your opponent whenever you can without waiting for a provocation. It neatly captures the violent traditions of the province and explains why the political temperature there is always close to boiling over.

Imagine then the pleasure of those unionists who had always opposed the Northern Ireland Protocol, which places the new EU/UK commercial frontier between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain, to find that they had been genuinely provoked by the European Commission. In a classic cock-up, but one with grave and lasting consequences, Brussels had briefly called for a “hard border” between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, something it had repeatedly told Britain was an anathema because it would endanger the Good Friday Agreement and open the road to communal violence.

Feb 07 07:51

Fury at Gove as exports to EU slashed by 68% since Brexit

The volume of exports going through British ports to the EU fell by a staggering 68% last month compared with January last year, mostly as a result of problems caused by Brexit, the Observer can reveal.

The dramatic drop in the volume of traffic carried on ferries and through the Channel tunnel has been reported to Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove by the Road Haulage Association after a survey of its international members. In a letter to Gove dated 1 February, the RHA’s chief executive, Richard Burnett, also told the minister he and his officials had repeatedly warned over several months of problems and called for measures to lessen difficulties – but had been largely ignored.

Feb 07 07:32

Why are our universities so desperate to work for China's dictators? MI6 fears over UK colleges links to Beijing as at least a dozen institutions are probed by spooks

More than a dozen British universities are under investigation over commercial relationships with the Chinese government that might break laws designed to protect national security and human rights, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The institutions – which include some of the most prestigious universities in the country – could be hit by ‘enforcement notices’ imposed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs over alleged breaches of export controls in their dealings with Beijing.

It is understood the security services fear some academics have been sharing pioneering British technology with China that could be facilitating the dictatorial Communist government’s repression of minorities and dissidents.

Feb 07 07:27

Covid 'is a gift that keeps on giving': Labour shadow attorney general is caught on tape saying pandemic is GOOD for rich City lawyers - leaving Keir Starmer facing furious backlash

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is facing a backlash after one of his most senior frontbenchers described the Covid pandemic as a 'gift that keeps on giving' for lawyers.

Lord Falconer, the Shadow Attorney General, used the phrase during a briefing for a top City firm staffed by millionaire lawyers.

The peer insists that he was referring to changes in the law triggered by the crisis, but a source close to the Labour grandee said that he regretted his choice of words.

Feb 06 09:59

Fury as two teenage girls who tortured and murdered vulnerable woman while posing for Snapchat selfies will NEVER be named as MP slams judge's 'shocking' ruling and demands identities are revealed for 'public safety

  • Hartlepool's Mike Hill blasted Mrs Justice Tipples's 'shocking' ruling on Thursday
  • The teenage girls were 13 and 14 when they killed 39-year-old Angela Wrightson
  • The put the vulnerable woman through a five-hour ordeal at her Hartlepool home
  • They got life sentences in 2016 and told they must serve a minimum of 15 years
  • A judge today gave them permanent injunctions - preventing them being named

Two teenage killers who murdered a vulnerable alcoholic in her own home have won a High Court bid to keep their identities secret for life.

The girls were aged 13 and 14 when they put 39-year-old Angela Wrightson through a five-hour ordeal at her Hartlepool home while posing for Snapchat selfies.

They were handed life sentences at Leeds Crown Court in 2016 and told they must serve a minimum of 15 years behind bars.

Feb 06 06:10

Soon we won't be able to function in a future war, warns COLONEL RICHARD KEMP

We already knew Britain’s strength had plummeted to a historic low, with the Army able to muster fewer soldiers than at any time since the Napoleonic Wars.

But the confidential figures starkly reveal the full sickening reality: barely more than 11,000 infantry troops are ready for the battlefield, leaving Britain faced with an existential question over our future international standing.

While the 21st century will be more and more about new technologies, we also need adequate troop numbers to maintain combat effectiveness and credibility.

What the figures reveal is that we are now very close to the point of being barely able to function in a conflict or major operation despite the unrivalled fighting spirit of our troops and their commanders.

Feb 05 06:23

Is the Boris regime a government or a Death Cult?

The crimes of the UK government on the matter of Covid are many and vicious.

In my book one of the worst has been the suppression of several known, highly effective and safe cures.

Covid 19 is in fact a very curable disease, as doctors working with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine will tell you.

There are doubtless others but the doctors using these two remedies found that they considerably ameliorated the severity and duration of the illness and reduced fatalities by 80 or more percent.

Yet these front line doctors were ignored and the cures were quickly suppressed and kept our of view of the public and the withholding of them enabled the “big scary pandemic” psyop to proceed and in turn “justify” the lockdown.

After all, a bug can’t strike terror into the hearts of the citizenry and render them suggestible if it gets around that it is easily cured.

Feb 04 06:29

Must see: Explosive video exposes MI6 links to Alexei Navalny

RT’s Murad Gazdiev reports on new evidence of links between MI6 and Russian opposition figure and activist Alexei Navalny. Then author and professor of international human rights Dan Kovalik joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the role of the US and UK in fomenting political discord in Russia and other countries.

Feb 03 08:33


Keeping the Syrian border safe and secure is certainly not a British priority. Let’s not forget that it was Britain which hired various companies, led by 'former' British intelligence officers, who then organized and ran the propaganda campaigns for the Jihadi onslaught on Syria.

The same companies were hired to secretly create 'civil society’ groups in Lebanon that were then used to demonstrate for 'regime change’ and to pressure the Lebanese government. It was also Her Majesties Government which hired such intelligence cutouts to embed into and undermine Lebanon’s justice and security services.

Lebanon’s army was another target of British intelligence efforts to gain control over Lebanon’s policies.

Feb 02 11:01

Coldest January in 10 years as wintry weather causes disruption

Last month was the coldest January across the UK in 10 years, with more wintry weather expected to cause disruption this week.

Feb 02 09:34

UK COVID Cops Arrest Man For Handing Out Free Soup

Police in the UK arrested a man for handing out free soup in a park, claiming that he had violated COVID-19 restrictions.

Nick Smith had been giving out free soup to people in his village for 17 weeks before Sussex Police intervened, claiming he had violated COVID rules by encouraging people to gather.

However, Smith cited exemptions under the rules for volunteering, which allows for up to 15 people to gather either indoors or outdoors.

Smith said he found the whole experience “very shocking” and insisted he was only trying to help people struggling with mental health issues as a result of the lockdown.

Feb 02 07:23

Lebanon - British Embassy Infiltrates Military Intelligence, Provides Snooping Equipment, Indoctrinates Young Palestinians

Very excited to witness the arrival in Beirut of 100 armoured patrol vehicles, a donation from ???????? to @LebarmyOfficial. This is a great practical example of the ???????? ???????? partnership, and of our longstanding support for the LAF's vital role in keeping the Syria border safe and secure.

Keeping the Syrian border safe and secure is certainly not a British priority. Let's not forget that it was Britain which hired various companies, led by 'former' British intelligence officers, who then organized and ran the propaganda campaigns for the Jihadi onslaught on Syria.

The same companies were hired to secretly create 'civil society' groups in Lebanon that were then used to demonstrate for 'regime change' and to pressure the Lebanese government. It was also Her Majesties Government which hired such intelligence cutouts to embed into and undermine Lebanon's justice and security services.

Lebanon's army was another target of British intelligence efforts to gain control over Lebanon's policies.

Feb 01 10:59

UK Tory government's COVID-19 policy towards elderly, ethnic minority and disabled peoples: Incompetence or wilful negligence?

Samantha Bentley explains why the British Conservative government's negligence of the elderly, ethnic minority, disadvantaged and disabled peoples has left her wondering whether there was something more sinister than incompetence at play in its policymaking. >>

Feb 01 10:56

Hundreds of urgent operations for children including cancer biopsies 'have been cancelled in the second wave to make space for adult Covid patients'

The procedures — which include biopsies to spot cancer and fracture repairs — were allegedly due to take place at hospitals in London and the Midlands.

They were marked as 'Priority 2', which should be done within a month, or 'Priority 3', which must be completed within 12 weeks, according to the Health Service Journal.

Feb 01 07:49

What is a former Israeli spy doing in the British Labour Party's head office?

Last week when I broke the story of Assaf Kaplan, a recent Labour Party hire, the main feedback – often objection – I received on social media went along this sort of line: "There's no such thing as a 'former' spy."

A failing elections campaign operative for the Israeli Labor Party, Kaplan had nonetheless been hired by Keir Starmer's UK Labour Party.

But the most stunning part of the story was not simply that Starmer had hired someone from outside of the UK, or even that he was an Israeli (given Israel and the Israeli Labor Party's open hostility towards UK Labour's last leader Jeremy Corbyn).

My story's big reveal was the fact that Kaplan had once been an Israeli intelligence officer. For almost five years, he had worked for Military Intelligence's cyberwarfare outfit, Unit 8200.

Feb 01 07:31

[VIDEO] You’ve Never Seen a Lockdown Protest Like This…People Are Fed Up

As we all know, the lockdown measures here in the United States have not been met with much support.

But Denmark just took their anti-lockdown protests to a whole new level, complete with pitchforks and torches.

Of course, it’s not just Denmark who’s had enough of these lockdowns as protests are now erupting in the UK and Spain.

Jan 31 07:09

Brexit Britain to join £9 TRILLION free trade area in devastating blow to EU

BRITAIN is set to cash in on one of the world's biggest trade deals as it formally opens its application to join the massive Trans Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Jan 31 07:03

Leaked film banned by Britain’s Queen for cheapening the royal family is tame compared to how they’ve cheapened themselves

The mystique of Britain’s royal family wore off a long time ago, and the resurfacing of a banned documentary, which provides an inside look at the Windsors’ life, can’t tarnish their reputation any more than they’ve done already.

Royal Family, the 1969 fly-on-the-wall BBC documentary that chronicled a year in the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family – which the Queen banned in 1972 for ‘cheapening’ the royals by ‘removing their mystique’ – recently resurfaced briefly on YouTube and has caused much consternation at Buckingham Palace.

Both Buckingham Palace and the BBC wanted the film to remain under wraps and so YouTube removed it for copyright infringement. Prior to the leak on YouTube, the documentary had also been brought back into the public’s attention this past year by the hit Netflix show The Crown, which dramatized the making of the film and the reaction to it.

Jan 30 17:39

The UK government admits that covid vaccines are pointless and offer zero protection

The scientific consensus in early 2020 was one of coercion and fear, instructing humans everywhere to separate, lock down, mask up, follow lines on a floor, and contact trace until a vaccine was produced and plunged into everyone’s arms.

Now that experimental vaccines are being rolled out and offered to the world population, public health authorities can’t seem to let go the control. Britain’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock reprimanded everyone in the country to continue masking up and continue following lock down restrictions and contact tracing false imprisonment, even after vaccination.

“I want to reiterate an important point made by the Chief Medical Officers and the clinical advice that they have been giving: even if you’ve had the jab, the rules still apply,” Matt Hancock scolded a press conference in London.

Jan 30 09:33

Teenage girl's sleepover costs her parents £300,000: Landlords' daughter slept at £6m mansion that England footballer Daniel Sturridge was renting for £18k-a-month

A teenage girl's sleepover cost her parents £300,000 in their row with England footballer Daniel Sturridge who had been renting their £6million mansion.

Sturridge and his partner Jamilla Ferreira rented an £18,500-per-month mansion from Alan O'Neill and his wife Katie in October 2018, during the footballer's six-year stint at Liverpool.

Correspondence between the families had become heated after the O'Neill's pursued Sturridge in court for £67,000 of unpaid rent, saying he breached the lease by moving out five months early.

Alan, 50, and Katie, 47, from Mere, Cheshire East, now say that, unbeknown to them at the time, their 17-year-old daughter visited the property with three of her friends and the group stayed overnight.

But when Sturridge discovered about the visit, which happened after he moved out but was still technically an occupant, he claimed for return of the rent, which was granted by a judge who found the teenager was 'taking repossession' of the home.

Jan 29 13:37

The ‘humanitarian’ left still ignores the lessons of Iraq, Libya and Syria to cheer on more war

Jonathan Cook says some leftwing "cheerleaders" have not learned the lessons of the West's catastrophic military interventions in the Arab world and are now partaking in Western belligerence towards China and Russia, to the benefit of the ruling elites in London and Washington, and arms manufacturers. >>