Aug 27 09:28

Photo: Hawaii's K?lauea Monitored for Possible Eruption as Volcano Has Hottest Lake on Earth

A lake the size of five football fields in Hawaii’s K?lauea volcano is one of the world’s hottest bodies of water, according to a volcano alert issued by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

A thermal camera used to measure the lake’s water surface temperature reveals that it is between 176 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the USGS, very few volcanic lakes around the world have surface temperatures greater than 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aug 19 06:54

U.S. Begins Scaled-Down ‘Rim of the Pacific,’ World’s Largest Naval Exercise

The United States began its biennial Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) naval exercise off Hawaii on Monday, although the event was heavily scaled-down because of restrictions pertaining to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The biennial event, which is typically the world’s largest naval exercise, will run from August 17 to 31, but will feature only around a third of the expected countries and a fifth of the usual personnel. However, U.S. 3rd Fleet Commander Vice Adm. Scott Conn insisted in a pre-recorded RIMPAC 2020 kickoff message that the exercise would still meet its goal of building “interoperability and trust” among Pacific military allies.

Aug 17 06:34

Barack and the beach house: Longtime friend 'builds Obama's multi-million dollar Hawaii ocean villa using loopholes to bypass coastal protection laws' on site made famous by TV show Magnum PI

The beachfront compound in Hawaii where former President Barack Obama reportedly plans to someday retire used a planning loophole to retain a seawall that is likely causing beach erosion, according to a new report.

State officials and community members confirmed to ProPublica that Obama plans to reside in the compound on Oahu, which was purchased for $8.7 million by his close friend Marty Nesbitt in 2015.

After tearing down the site's mansion made famous as the house from Magnum PI, developers are building three homes, two pools and a security perimeter on the three-acre beachfront parcel, permits show.

Aug 09 08:35

Hawaii reinstates coronavirus restrictions: ‘There’s no question that the virus is surging’

Hawaii Gov. David Ige will reinstate restrictions to curb the spread of the coronvirus as cases in the state continue to grow.

Ige said he will reinstate inter-island travel restrictions beginning on Tuesday, ordering travelers arriving in Kauai, Hawaii, Maui and Kalawao counties to quarantine for 14 days.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said the almost 300 city and county parks on the island of Oahu will close beginning Friday through Sept. 5, including the beaches.

Jul 28 03:44

Deep recurring earthquakes detected beneath dormant Mauna Kea volcano, Hawaii

USGS seismologists have detected deep long-period earthquakes beneath the dormant Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii at depths of about 20 to 25 km (12 to 15 miles) occurring with surprising regularity every 7 to 12 minutes. While low-frequency earthquakes are not unusual, there are no other instances of this kind of repetition anywhere in the world. Essentially, more than one million quakes were recorded from 1999 to 2018. Adding together the energy release of the tremors gives a total that is equivalent to an M3.0 earthquake under Mauna Kea every day.

Several years ago, USGS seismologists tried a new method to detect seismicity at Kilauea Volcano, and out of curiosity, they looked at the rest of the island to see what else they might discover. To their surprise, the scientists found deep earthquakes beneath Mauna Kea-- a volcano that has not erupted in over 4 500 years.

Jul 22 12:12

Hurricane Douglas becomes first of season in Eastern Pacific, Hawaii may face impacts by weekend

The fourth named storm of the Central Pacific hurricane season strengthened into a hurricane on Wednesday and may impact Hawaii by the weekend.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami said that Hurricane Douglas is packing maximum sustained winds of 75 mph and is moving west at 14 mph.

The storm is about 1,785 miles east-southeast of Hilo, Hawaii, and is forecast to turn west-northwest and increase speed by late Wednesday.

Jun 02 05:52

US Military in Hawaii Working on Trump's 'Super-Duper' Missiles, to Host Space Force Soon

The testing of new weaponry is continuing in the state despite opposition from some locals, who say that military test sites have made the islands a potential target for adversaries of the US.

The Pacific Missile Range Facility, Barking Sands (PMRF) located on the Hawaiian island of Kauai will soon be hosting the 293rd Offensive Space Control Squadron of the US Space Force, but will only use the facility's existing capabilities. The squadron will focus on defending US space communication systems from attacks from the outside and conduct electronic warfare in space to disrupt the communications of a potential enemy.

This is not the only important task that the facility is currently doing for the Pentagon. The PMRF is also one of the main testing sites for modern American weapons, specifically missiles, and is used by government agencies and private contractors alike.

May 17 09:44

Hawaii Blesses The World In Pandemic With Beautiful Mega-Hit "The Blessing"

25 churches in Hawaii got together to record a stunning beautiful song called "The Blessing." It is quite impressive .

May 01 06:26

US Navy detonates unexploded WWII-era ordnance off Hawaii

U.S. Navy explosive ordnance disposal technicians have detonated two World War II-era bombs and removed other ordnance in waters off a Hawaiian island.

The Navy carried out the controlled explosions Monday in a well-traveled channel between Lanikai Beach and Mokulua North on Oahu, an area also known as Mokunui Islet, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported.

A snorkeler reportedly discovered the munitions and contacted the U.S. Coast Guard, which alerted the Navy.

Apr 26 07:14

Hawaii to Visitors: We’ll Pay You to Leave

In Hawaii, the spirit of aloha normally greets visitors with warmth and welcome. Now, while the state has discouraged visitors by requiring them to self-quarantine for 14 days, that culture of generosity might extend to a free return ticket home.

With a $25,000 grant from the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the nonprofit Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii (VASH) has instituted a Covid-19 flight assistance program to return travelers who don’t have the means to follow the mandatory 14-day quarantine — including paying for lodging and food delivery — required of incoming visitors.

Apr 21 05:20

"Tourist Go Home" – Tensions Soar As Hawaiians Urge Non-Residents To "Leave"

Hawaiians are becoming increasingly angry, not because the tourism industry has collapsed, and 37% of the labor force has just filed for unemployment, but mostly because US mainlanders, motivated by super discounted flights and hotel rooms, continue to pour into the various Hawaiian Islands during the pandemic.

Troy Kane, a local on Oahu, who was interviewed by The Guardian, said residents are abiding by the stay-at-home orders as cases and deaths surge. He points out tourists on the island are ignoring social distancing rules and risk spreading the virus to locals.

Apr 01 04:36

Intense Kona Low lashes parts of Hawaii, causing severe flooding in Kauai -- almost 2 032 mm (80 inches) recorded this month

Another intense Kona Low hit Hawaii on Saturday, March 28, 2020, causing major flooding in Kauai island and bringing the total March rainfall amount to nearly 2 032 mm (80 inches).

A rare flash flood emergency was issued for Kauai as another wave of floods hit already soaked island. The worst-affected was the eastern end portion, with up to 254 mm (10 inches) of rain.

Floodwaters submerged vehicles, closed roads and forced residents to evacuate their homes after massive debris from upstream slammed into the Wailua Bridge, creating a makeshift dam.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We have a close friend on Kauai who had to leave her home for 2 days!

Mar 07 07:53

Hawaii records its first case of new coronavirus

Hawaii officials on Friday said they have confirmed the state's first case of the new coronavirus in a man who had been on a cruise ship from California to Mexico that had other infected passengers.

The man fell ill after flying home to Oahu from Mexico after the Grand Princess cruise that was scheduled Feb. 11-21, Deputy State Epidemiologist Sarah Kemble said. He did not have symptoms of the disease while he was traveling home, which means he wasn't at risk for transmitting the disease to others at the time, Kemble said.

Mar 04 06:12


In the last year, gun owners across the U.S. have watched in horror as California has rolled out its byzantine and unworkable ammunition restrictions. Since July 1, 2019, gun owners in the Golden State have been required to undergo a background check each time they purchase ammunition. The program has been a disaster. In December, the Sacramento Bee reported that tens of thousands of law-abiding Californians have been improperly denied ammunition purchases under the program, while only 101 were prohibited persons who were rejected. According to the report, “[b]etween July 1 and November, nearly one in every five ammunition purchases was rejected by the California Department of Justice.”

Not to be outdone, California’s neighbor to the left is seeking to outdo the Golden State tyrants with an even more intrusive scheme to harass law-abiding gun owners and ammunition buyers.

In late January, Hawaii lawmakers introduced HB 2736.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF something can be mucked up for Hawaii's citizens in amazing and startling ways, count on the Hawaii Legislature to do just that.

And somewhere, in the richly populated tales of graft, corruption, and massive cost over-runs in the State, one only has to look at Hawaii's "Light Rail to No Where" to understand the degree to which Hawaii lawmakers, have collectively, lost their minds.

How a Train Through Paradise Swelled into a $ 9 Billion Dollar Debacle.

Mar 01 04:57

Panic Buying at Costco

Feb 28 04:51

It Begins: Hawaii Stores Empty Out On Coronavirus "Panic Buying"

Hawaii is urging residents to prepare for a potential breakout of Covid-19 amid new warnings earlier this week from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the deadly virus quickly spreading across the world could cause a "significant disruption" to American life.

Although there are no confirmed virus cases in Hawaii (the state Health Department says 80 people are self-monitoring for the coronavirus in Hawaii after recent travel to China), the CDC's warning sparked a buying frenzy among residents this week as they emptied store shelves of food and supplies.

Feb 12 10:31

I cannot believe it happened again...

Our car was stolen AGAIN last night!

I am pissed!