Jan 07 11:32

'Jaw-Dropping' Gains for GOP in Florida as COVID Refugees Register RED

Twitter user TimDCpolitico took Florida’s voter rolls from March 31 of 2020 and compared them to the latest figures. The results, he says, are “jaw-dropping,” and I can’t think of a better way to describe them.

Out of over 14 million registered voters, last year Democrats held the edge with 37.38% of registrations compared to the GOP’s 35.28%. (The remaining four million or so — around 26% — were independents or members of minor parties.)

Democrats held a two-point advantage, but higher Republican turnout has made the state safely red in the last two presidential elections.

Here’s the county-by-county map Tim built with the numbers:

Jan 07 11:22

Watch: Gingrich Drops Bombshell about Pelosi’s Likely Retirement

Rumors are swirling that Nancy Pelosi is set to retire. Whether it’s her staff leaving, her original pledge that she’d only remain for two terms, her old age, or the weakness of her party, there are plenty of indications that nasty Nancy is ready to call it quits.

Speaking on that issue to Fox and Friends and speculating that Pelosi will retire in 2022, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said:

“I wouldn’t be too surprised to see four or five candidates initially because . . . it’s a rare moment of openness.

I also suspect that the number two and three slots will also end up being vacated partially because when they lose, and I think they will lose this fall, they are going to suddenly face this realization — who has the drive and charisma to get us back to a majority, and I think that’s going to be a very different question than if they had a big majority and picking somebody to sustain the majority.”

Jan 07 10:32

Bill Gates Caught Funnelling $319 Million to Media to ‘Brainwash the Public’

Billionaire Bill Gates has secretly funnelled $319 million to select mainstream media outlets around the world as part of an effort to “brainwash the public,” a bombshell new report has revealed.

The diabolical scheme was exposed in documents obtained by investigative journalist Alan Macleod.

According to Macleod, the funnelling of cash was exposed during a review of over 30,000 individual grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation‘s website database.

Among the beneficiaries on the list are CNN, NBC, NPR, PBS, the Atlantic, New York Public Radio, and other far-left outlets.

Jan 07 09:35

Democrat Governor Vows To Make It a CRIME to Question Election Fraud (Only If You’re Republican, Of Course)

Democrat Washington Governor Jay Inslee has vowed to make it a criminal offence to question fraudulent elections.

Jan 07 09:33

DeSantis Masterfully Slams ’Lockdown Politicians’ For Leaving Their States To Vacation In Restriction Free Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis has blasted the hypocrisy of liberal “lockdown-politicians” for taking vacations in restriction free Florida after enforcing mandates in their own states.

Jan 07 09:29

Destroying A Democracy To Save it: Democrats Call For The Disqualification Of Dozens Of Republican Members

Below is my column in the Hill on the continued calls to disqualify Republican members of Congress to prevent them from running for reelection. What is maddening is that Democratic groups and commentators are seeking to remove as many as 120 Republicans from the ballots in the name of democracy.

It is like burning books in the name of literacy.

Jan 07 09:20

Hundreds of Democrats Caught on Tape Stealing The Election - One Confesses Dems Paid Him $45,000

Jan 07 08:49

Blinken Slammed For Turning Into A Musician

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is possibly the most praised musician to lead the State Department in recent years, but his recent publication of a Spotify playlist received backlash, according to GOP critics and observers.

"We're in the middle of a pretty tense crisis with Russia and some pretty tough-nosed diplomacy there," the American Enterprise Institute's Zack Cooper said. "So, just as a tone thing, I think it struck a bunch of foreign policy experts as being a bit strange."

Jan 07 08:41

Hilarious: AOC And Her BF Still Think Everyone Envies Them

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared a bizarre video of her boyfriend's feet on her Instagram stories Tuesday, arguing Republicans are obsessed with them and she has to give the people what they want.

"So we recently went to Florida, where Republicans developed an obsession with Riley's feet," Rep. Ocasio-Cortez announced in the video, as she panned the camera down to his shoes as he walked ahead of her in an apparent parking garage.

Jan 07 08:27

‘Worse than the Civil war’: how fixation on Capitol riot makes America ignore its other major problem

One year after the US Capitol riot, Washington seems worried about domestic terrorism only when conservatives are perpetrators, but polling suggests no one outside the establishment echo chamber is swayed by the skewed narrative.

As a GOP congressman held up nearly identical photos of federal buildings being breached – one of the US Capitol last January and another of the Department of the Interior in October – Attorney General Merrick Garland sat stone-faced.

Try as he might to provoke the nation’s top law enforcement official to characterize leftist protesters who fought their way into the Department of the Interior (DOI), Representative Greg Steube (R-Florida) couldn’t goad Garland into offering an opinion. While Garland has called the Capitol riot “the most dangerous threat to democracy” seen in his 44-year legal career, the attorney general said he couldn’t make any determinations about what happened at the DOI.

Jan 07 08:11

Victor Davis Hanson: Who Are The Real Insurrectionists?

Recently, Democrats have been despondent over President Joe Biden's sinking poll numbers. His policies on the economy, energy, foreign policy, the border, and COVID-19 all have lost majority support.

As a result, the left now variously alleges that either in 2022, when they expect to lose the Congress, or in 2024, when they fear losing the presidency, Republicans will "destroy democracy" or stage a coup.

A cynic might suggest that they praise democracy when they get elected, only to claim it is broken when they lose.

Or they hope to avoid their defeat by trying to terrify the electorate. Or they mask their own revolutionary propensities by projecting them onto their opponents.

Jan 07 08:09

Midterms Doomed For These Dems Thanks To Biden

A recent Republican survey in Michigan showed just how irritating President Joe Biden’s political vulnerability can be for House Democrats as they work to protect their majority.

In the new 7th Congressional District, late November polling by the GOP firm Cygnal found Biden’s approval at an appalling 40%, with 56% not satisfied by his job as President. In the same survey, Republicans led the generic ballot, measuring which party voters would prefer to reign in Congress, by a whopping 10 percentage points, 51% to 41%. That could spell trouble for second-term Rep. Elissa Slotkin in 2022.

Jan 07 07:57

Outgoing Fed Vice Chair Quietly Covered Up Suspicious Trades Made During March 2020 Market Rout

Several months have passed since FOMC members Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren and Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan abandoned their posts following a trading scandal that raised questions about senior Fed officials.

Now, Richard Clarida, who is already on his way out the door at the Fed to make room for Biden appointee Lael Brainard, has become the latest senior Fed official to find his way into the ethics officials' rifle sights.

Because according to the NYT, Bloomberg and a handful of other reports, Clarida sold at least $1M of shares in a US-traded stock fund in February 2020 before buying a similar amount of the same fund a few days later, on the eve of a major Fed policy announcement that would trigger an 18-month-plus torrid rally in stocks, bonds and other securities.

Jan 07 06:57

Pro-Trump election audit firm Cyber Ninjas announces it is SHUTTING DOWN and firing all its staff after being threatened with $50,000-a-day fine for refusing to hand over details of its Arizona 2020 recount

A pro-Trump firm that carried out an audit of 2020 Presidential Election ballots in Arizona is shutting down after threats of fines over its allegedly error-strewn recount.

Florida-based Cyber Ninjas, which was launched in 2013, has fired all of its employees, which the company's LinkedIn page said was between two and 10.

'Cyber Ninjas is shutting down. All employees have been let go,' Rod Thomson, the company's representative, said Thursday.

Jan 07 06:51

Dems/ MSM Hyping “Janteenth” To Push Their War Against The Historic American Nation

The Democrat/Main Stream Media Complex put on sackcloth and ashes Thursday to commemorate the alleged worst attack on American democracy ever: the January 6 Capitol protests. Vice President Kamala Harris said history will remember it alongside 9/11 and Pearl Harbor as days “when our democracy came under assault.” President Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump as the enemy of democracy and vowed to ensure that another January 6 would never happen again. A litany of vigils and similar events were also held [Biden condemns Trump as a threat to democracy in speech marking one year since January 6 attack, by Maegan Vazquez, CNN, January 6, 2022]. This melodramatic nonsense—rightly derided as “Janteenth”—serves one purpose: just as Pearl Harbor prompted America to nuke Japan twice, Democrats want to nuke the Historic American Nation.

Jan 07 06:50

Patrick J. Buchanan: Why the Left Cannot Let Go of Jan. 6

That was the headline over the editorial of 1,000 words in The New York Times of Sunday last.

On first read, I thought the Times was conceding its obsession and describing its mission. For the editorial began by bewailing yet anew the "horrifying" event, "the very real bloodshed of that awful day," the "once-unthinkable trauma."

Still, a year later, said the Times, "the Republic faces an existential threat," as the "Capitol riot ... continues in statehouses across the country, in a bloodless, legalized form that no police officer can arrest and that no prosecutor can try in court."

"We should stop underestimating the threat facing the country. ... (our) democracy ... is in grave danger."

What the Times is saying is that the electoral reforms being enacted democratically in red states—requiring voter IDs, for example, and subject to judicial review—are a Republican continuation of the Capitol riot.

Jan 07 06:49

Systemic racism didn't cause the frozen nightmare on I-95 and boatloads of cash won't fix it, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg and his fellow progressive radicals need to stop trying to save the planet and start fixing the potholes, writes GRACE CURLEY

n October, when Pete returned from his 2-month paternity leave, his lack of credentials showed.

His shoulder-shrugging response to the supply chain crisis facing the American people didn't inspire confidence.

'I think there have always been two kinds of Christmas shoppers. There's the ones who have all their list completed by Halloween, and then there's people like me who show up at the mall on Christmas Eve… if you're in that latter bucket, obviously there's going to be more challenges.'

How insightful.

Another sign that Pete is over his head?

He wants to turn the topic of infrastructure into a conversation about racism.

Jan 07 06:43

Mo Brooks: Liz Cheney Staffer a ‘Dishonorable Gutter Rat’ for Claim Brooks Was ‘Cheering on’ Capitol Riot

“The sequence of events had a range of emotions to it,” O’Toole said. “When we were still on the floor, members were fearful for their lives — Republican members themselves, men crying in the cloakroom for their safety. As we escaped the chamber to what sounded like gunshots, to the secure location — I think people were still scared. Members and staff were still scared, not sure what was happening. And so, you did have some members express a different view. One member, Mo Brooks, for example, was glad. He was cheering on the fact the 117th Congress had started this way.”

“That was much to the dismay of others in the room, and certainly, I think, does not carry the sentiment that the day has today,” he added.

In a statement given to Breitbart News late Thursday, Brooks, also a candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, called O’Toole’s claim an “egregious lie” and referred to O’Toole as a “dishonorable gutter rat.”

Jan 07 06:42

Dr. Marty Makary: NIH Funded 257 Grants on Social Disparities with COVID, Only 4 on How It Spreads

Dr. Marty Makary, a medical doctor and researcher at Johns Hopkins, said the NIH funded “257 grants on social disparities” related to COVID-19 “but only four” on the coronavirus’s spread.

Makary joined Drs. Peter Attia and Zubin Damania on the former’s podcast, The Drive, published on Monday, in which he said:

We just did this study of NIH research funding last year. Less than five percent went to COVID research. Three months into the pandemic, 0.05 percent of the NIH’s budget went to COVID research. The average time for them to give a grant was five months to fund a research team to then start the research.

He added, “Two-fifty-seven grants on social disparities with COVID — an important topic — but only four on how it spreads, and one on masks which hasn’t even read out yet. So the most basic questions doctors needed evidence for, that was not being conducted.”

Jan 07 06:41

FLASHBACK - Timeline: Uranium Exec. Gave $31.3 Million to Clinton Foundation, Russian Bank Paid $500K to Bill Clinton

Presented below is a timeline of events involving former President Bill Clinton, uranium mining deals in Kazakhstan, multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation, and the U.S.-government approved sale of Uranium One to the Russian state-owned Rosatom, a purchase now under investigation by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa).

Jan 07 06:32

Amazon and Google Deploy Army of Shills to Fight Regulation

Amazon and Google are reportedly mobilizing the small businesses that they claim rely on their platforms to fight antitrust bills that threaten to break up the Masters of the Universe. Incredibly, some small businesses are arguing that bills designed to stop Amazon from copying their products and destroying their business by favoring the platform’s own brand would be a net negative for their companies.

Jan 07 06:22

Biden Accused of Using Coronavirus Funds to Bankroll Secret Flights of Border Crossers into U.S.

Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA), who sent a letter to the Biden administration requesting information on the secret migrant flights, told Fox Business Channel Biden was actually siphoning funds allocated for coronavirus testing and using it to fly border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S.

“The idea that they would do this, attempt to do it secretly, clandestinely in the middle of the night. There were two flights that came in on Christmas night, in the evening, at nine o’clock at night,” Meuser said:

Jan 07 06:21

Retrospective: The Disruption of Congressional Proceedings During Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation

Since Democrats and their allies in the liberal media have been in virtue-signaling overdrive for the last year since the Capitol riot on how, in so many words, our “institutions should not be disrupted or disrespected,” we thought it would be a good idea to do a flashback to another recent pivotal moment in our nation’s history where they seemed to hold the exact opposite view for reasons that will be obvious to everyone.

It was the fall of 2018 during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, who at the time was a D.C. circuit court judge. The retirement of SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy paved the way for then-President Trump to make the second of what would end up being three nominations and eventual confirmations to the Supreme Court.

Jan 07 06:20

Jaw-Dropping: Almost $25 Billion In Donations For “Racial Justice” And Related Causes Since George Floyd Death

I knew there was a boatload of money flowing toward various race-related and “social justice” activist groups and programs since George Floyd’s death in late May 2020. We see it particularly in education, where the flow of money to racialize K-12 seems endless. Contrary the endless jabber by teachers union messaging guides and politicians like Sheldon Whitehouse, it is the left-wing that is floating in a sea of money.

Just eyeballing it I’ve repeatedly estimated the funding to left-wing education activist groups in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and that’s not counting union spending. But I may be severely underestimating the cash flow to the education activist sector considering that almost $25 billion has been donated mostly to race-related activist groups and causes in the past two years.

Jan 07 06:09

Maricopa County Releases “Analysis Of The Senate Inquiry” – Admits To Double-Counted Ballots And Double Voting

Yesterday, Maricopa County released a 93-page response to the Arizona Senate audit.

The auditors identified hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots. They discovered internet connectivity on the Elections Management Server, deleted elections files, and several more election law violations.

The County denied every claim, but they finally admitted, a year after the election, to double voting and double-counted ballots.

Jan 07 06:08


Jan 07 06:05

Libtards Blame Youngkin For Current Dem Gov's Failures

Some critics online either affected or just reacting to the winter weather in the D.C. region, are slamming a person who is not in office yet.

Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin does not start his term in Virginia until January 15. His Democrat predecessor Ralph Northam is still in office.

Jan 06 15:41

Media mostly ignores NYC DA’s plan to keep criminals out of prison

Violent criminals seem to be everywhere. I say that because we find ourselves in the middle of a violent crime surge. The homicide rate is sky high, as are the rates for other violent offenses. -- Clearly, steps need to be taken to address this, particularly in our major cities. -- One such city is New York, where the district attorney seems to think more lenient sentencing is the answer and where the media headquartered there are surprisingly silent.

Jan 06 15:13

Never Forget The Cowardice Our "Leaders" Showed On Jan 6

Our occupiers embarrassed themselves before the American people and the world on Jan 6.

That should never be forgotten.

Jan 06 13:47

Biden White House brags about gun control orders

White House press secretary Jen Psaki praised President Joe Biden’s first-year gun control efforts even though 12 cities, all Democrat-run, broke annual homicide records during Biden’s first year as well. -- Psaki tweeted: “In 2021, President Biden took more executive action to stop gun violence than any President has ever taken in their first year.” -- Yet, as Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins notes, there’s a little something Psaki failed to mention, as per usual... Psaki did not mention that 12 Democrat-run cities broke their annual homicide records in 2021...

Jan 06 13:33

What Are Pelosi & Schumer Hiding About January 6?

Jan 06 13:27

OPERATION CHAOS: Democrats flood America’s streets with violent criminals ahead of planned false flag event

Understand this: Globalists like Soros are masters of social manipulation. They are highly capable of corralling large numbers of people into taking actions against their own self interest, all while Soros earns billions on the ensuing financial chaos and currency collapse. (The George Soros profit model is to bet against a nation’s currency, then plunge that nation into chaos, causing a currency collapse.) -- This is why you are seeing so many criminals being released onto the streets, and this is why the Democrats are running such an aggressive J6 propaganda narrative — because they are setting the tone for the much larger false flag event yet to be unleashed.

Jan 06 13:17

Seattle Times Pushing Semi-Auto Rifle and Magazine Ban

Translation: Washington gun control laws have demonstrably failed. And with the rise in shootings and homicides in Seattle, Tacoma and other Washington cities, those gun control laws have not made anyone safer.

Jan 06 13:00

What Ever Happened To The Prosecution Of Donald Trump For Incitement?

Racine and others were not restrained by Republicans in Congress and clearly were eager to make the “clear” case for prosecution. The fact is that they were restrained by the Constitution and the media attention over their dubious claims quietly faded away like so many other “slam dunk” charges highlighted on cable news programs.

Democratic politicians and commentators are still demanding that Trump be criminally charged. Former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, now an MSNBC analyst, recently declared that Attorney General Merrick Garland would “go down in infamy as one of the worst attorney generals in this country’s history” if former President Trump is not charged. Garland seemed to respond to the pressure this week by pledging that his department would charge any responsible “at any level.”

Those three words revived the hopes many on CNN and MSNBC, which spent four years trafficking in often unfounded theories of criminality against Trump and his family.

Jan 06 12:44

Watch: Schumer Uses Jan 6th Anniversary for Voting Rights Push

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is using the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill to stress the importance of passing what he insists is an "urgently-needed" federal voting rights legislation.

Ahead of the holidays, Schumer announced to colleagues that when Congress resumed in January, the Senate, "as early as the first week back," would consider voting rights legislation.

Jan 06 12:28

Ann Coulter Calls Out Ghislaine Maxwell Juror As A 'Plant' Working to Set Her Free

Ann Coulter on Thursday called out Ghislaine Maxwell juror Scotty David as a "plant" working to set her free by running to the press to "announce he lied during jury selection and his lie influenced deliberations."

Jan 06 12:15

Inflation: A Stealth Tax with No Maximum Rate

What’s most critical to understand is that the Fed buys all those Treasury securities with new money created out of thin air. Unlike in earlier times, U.S. dollars aren’t backed by anything at all. Pouring trillions more of them into the economy can’t create enduring wealth, it can only sap the value of money that’s already in circulation. -- Fed-created inflation thus functions as a stealth tax: Rather than taking your money directly and openly, the government reduces the value of your money through the opaque tax we call inflation.

Jan 06 11:53

Life insurance policies can refuse payouts for the jabbed because covid vaccines are “medical experiments”

“Some insurers are delaying applications if you are currently testing positive for coronavirus and need to provide medical evidence, but this does not mean you cannot apply again in the future,” reports indicate. -- Some insurers are still covering their existing clients who got jabbed while others are “delaying” applications for new clients who got their shots before applying.

Jan 06 11:44

Facts and Fantasies about Guns and Gun Control

The gun control lobby started it. Then the legacy media joined in and told us that guns and gun owners were dangerous. Their solution is to register and regulate guns and gun owners. They claim their gun control will somehow, someday, take the guns out of the hands of criminals. If you only read the words then you might be persuaded. Let’s fill in the facts the gun prohibitionists always leave out. Gun control laws do more harm than good.

Jan 06 11:42

What did I just read?

Jan 06 11:21

President Trump Calls for MAGA Nation to ‘Rise Up’ Against Biden’s Authoritarian Regime

President Donald Trump has urged supporters to rise up against the ‘New World Order’ elites who are hellbent on destroying civil liberties in America.

Jan 06 11:09

‘Justice Is Coming’: Rand Paul Vows To Prosecute Dr Fauci After Republicans Take Senate

Dr. Rand Paul has vowed to prosecute Dr. Anthony Fauci to the fullest extent of the law once Republicans take back the senate.

Jan 06 11:08

While The Left Obsesses Over January 6th. Let’s Remember The BLM Riot That Injured 60 Secret Service Officers Outside the White House

While the media is going crazy about January 6th, with idiotic comparisons to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, let’s take a moment to remember the BLM event that led to 60 Secret Service officers getting injured and 11 going to the hospital:

Jan 06 10:44

The liar of the year is PolitiFact

PolitFact is the best example I know of what is wrong with American Journalism in the 21st century. It lies repeatedly and with no shame.

Jan 06 10:29

California gun owners sue state to block release of personal information

The five gun owners, listed as Jane Doe #1 and John Does 1-4, argue in their complaint that the new law runs afoul of the U.S. and California Constitutions, as well as state law protecting the right to privacy, by granting researchers access to the state’s Automated Firearms System, which includes a lot of personal information; “name, address, place of birth, telephone number, occupation, California driver’s license or ID number, race, sex, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and, in some instances, social security number” according to the plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Jan 06 10:21

The Terrifying Lessons of COVID-19

I am surprised — and terrified — when the great mass of people acts as sheep; when they reject the values of America’s founding documents and they ignore the history and courage that has undergirded personal liberty in our once free society. -- Let’s get this straight: The executive branch of the federal government and of nearly all states has told Americans how to live, dress, work, travel, attend church, run their businesses and control their bodies in defiance of the Constitution; and the people — yearning more for a false sense of security than the reality of freedom — bowed down and said: YES.

Jan 06 10:04

They Are Hypocrites That Preach ‘Tolerance’ For Everyone – Except For The Groups That They Really, Really Hate

And as Yoda once astutely observed, fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate. -- We have gotten to a point where prominent leaders all over the planet are openly spewing their hatred for the unvaccinated everywhere they go, and the mainstream media is totally letting them get away with it. -- That makes this a very dangerous time for the unvaccinated, because history has shown where this sort of unbridled hatred can ultimately take us.

Jan 06 10:03

January 6th & Ukraine

Jan 06 09:56

Is There A Way To Prevent Psychopaths From Getting Into Positions Of Power?

They derive supremacy from the mobs of the stunted that they lead and exploit; the nearly 10% of the population that when organized becomes an army of raging mad hatters hungry for scraps from the table of power. We can and should continue to separate from the collectivist mob and the zealots, but all psychopaths view separation as defiance and will try to interfere. Eventually there’s going to be a fight, and maybe that’s for the best.

Jan 06 09:53

Rep. Davis: Jan. 6 Committee Is A ‘Political Circus’

Congressman Rodney Davis told One America News that Speaker Nancy Pelosi may be using the House Select Committee as a political show rather than an investigation. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

Jan 06 09:00

Bannon and Dr. Peter Navarro Are Right – Georgia Laws Were Changed Before the 2020 Election Outside the Legislature to Soften Signature Verification

The new agreement changed the law in Georgia to make signature verification easier to manipulate by fraudsters.

Jan 06 08:53

SINEMA SINKS FILIBUSTER PLAN: Sad Schumer Having Tough Time Delivering Win for Democrats

The outlook for Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and his fellow Dems: not so good. With Build Back on the back burner, the Majority Leader needs a win —big time. But he won’t find it with the voting rights bill, especially if he has to make changes to the filibuster to get there.

Says who? Says Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), that’s who.

While Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has, perhaps, been the more vocal opponent of tampering with the filibuster to cram through a progressive agenda, calling it “a heavy lift,” and saying “Once you change a rule, or you have a carve-out … you eat the whole turkey,” Sinema is no fan of the plan, either.

According to TownHall.com, Sinema may be the final death blow in Chuck’s plan. “Sinema, also a key holdout to major filibuster reform, reiterated during the Democratic lunch she will not support any effort to get rid of the 60-vote threshold, according to two sources familiar with the [conversation].”

Jan 06 08:42

Bannon to Trump: Do The Opposite Of What Lindsey Graham Says, Get To The Bottom Of The Stolen 2020 Election

Steve Bannon said Tuesday on his "War Room" podcast that former President Trump needs to keep pressing and "get to the bottom" of the 2020 election.

"Talk about the election every day. Get to the heart of the corruption in this county. Get to the heart of how they're trying to steal it. You need to get to the bottom of 3 November, you need to get to the bottom of the Wuhan lab, and now you need to get to the bottom of 6 January. We're going to get to the bottom of all of it. We're relentless and we will never give up," he said.

Jan 06 08:39

January 6th Commission Suddenly Targets Mike Lindell.. But He Wasn’t Even At The Capitol That Day

The fishing expedition continues, as Pelosi’s hack January 6th commission is now targeting the phone records of Mike Lindell from November to January. But Lindell isn’t taking this lightly. He’s suing to protect his phone records from the prying eyes of the Democrat committee:

Jan 06 08:18

Bobby Piton Erupts With Truth & Shines As a Bright Example Of What We The People Want In A Politician!

Bobby is what many people would call a ‘reluctant hero’.
He didn’t ask to get involved in this political arena.
After the 2020 election, Liz Harris asked him to look at some data from Arizona.
He did, saw several issues and decided to get involved.
And like he says, the rest is history.
Now he is running for US Senate in Illinois!

Jan 06 08:18

The Democrats’ Exploitation of Jan. 6 Gives Away Their Game

This year, Jan. 6 will be commemorated with all the ballyhoo and rigmarole Democrats and their media allies can muster. CNN plans an entire special around the anniversary, titled “Live from the Capitol: January 6th, One Year Later”; the show will feature the “heroes who protected our democracy in the face of an insurrection,” and will include interviews with such luminaries as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and January 6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson, D-Miss.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are also expected to commemorate Jan. 6 with special remarks, and Pelosi has organized a bevy of events in memory of the riot.

Jan 06 08:17

Adam Schiff Says Trump ‘Adviser’ Sean Hannity Needs To Answer To January 6 Committee

Hallie Jackson said to Schiff, “Congressman, I know I have to let you go, but this literally just popped into my e-mail from Axios reporting the January 6 Select Committee is preparing to ask Sean Hannity, Fox News host, for his voluntary testimony.”

“I would be remiss journalistic if I didn’t ask you since sitting in front of me?” Jackson said to Schiff. “Is that the expectation? Are you looking for information or cooperation from Mr. Hannity?”

Schiff replied, “Yes. I think you’ll see an announcement about that very soon. You know, we believe that he was texting with the chief of staff and that he has information that would be relative to our committee.”

Jan 06 08:16

Michelle Obama Promotes Voter Registration Group During Cameo On The Series ‘Black-ish’

Michelle Obama used a cameo in an episode of the ABC series “black-ish” to promote her voter registration group – When We All Vote. The group has advocated for expanded mail-in voting, nationalized elections, and less restrictive voter ID laws.

Mrs. Obama, who played herself in Tuesday night’s episode titled “That’s What Friends Are For,” attended a When We All Vote fundraiser with “black-ish’s” main characters.

Her appearance on the ABC series had been advertised for some time.

“You do not want to miss this,” Obama said in a video alongside actress Tracee Ellis Ross promoting her appearance, along with a virtual watch party before the episode.

Jan 06 08:08

Why Are Democrats Trying To Obstruct GOP's Own January 6 Report?

House Republicans are reportedly building their own report reporting security failures on January 6 as the Democrat-led Capitol riot committee's probe heats up, a Monday evening report asserted.

It's being formed by Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, who House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed from the House Committee, according to Axios.

Jan 06 07:55

The Latest Dem Announcing Retirement Has GOP Declaring An Early Victory

Bobby Rush, 75, is set to announce his retirement on Tuesday, at the end of his 15th term in Congress, making him the 24th House Democrat who will not be seeking reelection in the 2022 midterms.

Rush is the only politician to have ever beat Barack Obama in an election in the 2000 Democratic primary for Illinois's 1st congressional district. Rush still represents that district and has since 1993.

Jan 06 07:50

America’s Foreign Policy Death Spiral

American foreign policy today is in a reactionary death spiral. Never has a new “national security” policy paradigm been more desperately needed, yet there is not even a glimpse of salvation on the horizon—wherever you look you will find policies that speak to the past and offer little hope for a viable global future.

The paradigm that ensnares American diplomacy cemented some 75 years ago with World War II and the Cold War. Those cataclysmic events forged an enduring American national security state characterized by unlimited global intervention, cultivation of an ever-metastasizing “military-industrial complex,” and endless and often racialized enemy-othering followed by highly destructive yet ultimately losing wars replete with devastating blowback on the “homeland.”

Jan 06 07:40

Stefanik Announces Her First Endorsement For 2022

Tuesday, House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik announced her first E-PAC Senate candidate endorsement, throwing her support behind GOP candidate Jane Timken in Ohio.

Stefanik's E-PAC, is a PAC to recruit and elect more Republican women to Congress. Her endorsement of Timken is the first formal endorsement of a Senate candidate in E-PAC's history.

Jan 06 07:19

The Democrats' Problem With Democracy

Democrats have challenged the legitimacy of every presidential election they’ve lost this millennium: They blamed a corrupt Supreme Court for their defeat in 2000, crooked voting machines in 2004 and Russian interference in 2016 – sparking a years-long collusion hoax to knee-cap Trump’s presidency.

But now, as President Biden’s poll numbers tank, his legislative agenda falters and his party’s 2022 prospects look increasingly grim, they and their media allies are adding a new twist to the tactic: They’re challenging elections before they happen.

Prestigious news outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, the Atlantic, NPR and the New York Review of Books warn that American democracy is under siege. With headlines ripped straight from Democratic Party talking points they argue that Republicans are planning a two-pronged coup to seize power in 2022 and beyond.

Jan 06 07:09

Big Left-Wing 'Dark Money' Groups Fund Schumer's Secretive Anti-Filibuster Ally

Fix Our Senate, the obscure outfit leading a coalition of 70 liberal advocacy groups backing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) anti-filibuster drive, is a left-wing “dark-money pop-up,” according to a political nonprofit finance expert.

“Fix Our Senate may present itself as a standalone, grassroots activist group, but it’s actually a front for the Sixteen Thirty Fund, itself part of a $1.7 billion left-wing ‘dark- money pop-up’ empire run by the shadowy consulting firm Arabella Advisors,” said Capital Research Center (CRC) senior investigative researcher Hayden Ludwig.

Jan 06 06:53

Democrats set the stage: Statuary Hall is turned into a TV set for January 6 amid GOP accusations of grandstanding, trying to 'treat this anniversary like a Super Bowl spectacle to be milked for TV ratings'

On the eve of the first anniversary of the deadly January 6 Capitol attack, Statuary Hall - where a number of solemn events have been held over the years - was being turned into a TV studio.

A stage was set up in the middle of the ornate chamber, alongside a large camera crane and teleprompters.

The room will be used Thursday by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, as they address the nation first thing in the morning from the U.S. Capitol Building.

Jan 06 06:51

Exclusive — Heritage Foundation: Chuck Schumer Using January 6 to Seize ‘Permanent Power’ by Breaking Filibuster

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts and Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson said in a joint statement Wednesday that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is using the anniversary of January 6 to seize “permanent” political power, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

Roberts and Anderson released their joint statement after Schumer signaled that he will seek to change the Senate’s filibuster rules to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, which would mandate that states have early and mail-in voting. They said that Schumer continues to use the anniversary of the January 6 protests as the basis for passing anti-voter legislation, such as the Freedom to Vote Act.

The Heritage Foundation and Action leaders commended state leaders for enacting legislation to ensure the integrity of America’s elections and combat election fraud.

Jan 06 06:48

Left Launches Effort to Win Midterms by Disqualifying Republicans for ‘Insurrection’

Some Democrats are using the anniversary of last year’s Capitol riot on January 6 to launch an effort to win the 2022 midterm elections by disqualifying Republicans who supported the effort to challenge the 2020 elections results as “insurrectionists.”

The effort, spearheaded by Russia hoaxer Marc Elias, aims to use a provision of the post-Civil War 14th Amendment that was crafted to disqualify former Confederates or anyone who “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof” from holding federal office. Elias has pushed the effort for months:

Jan 06 06:47

GOP Politicians Help the Fortune 500 Discard GOP Voters

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), and 12 other GOP legislators are pushing legislation to help Fortune 500 companies hire foreign visa workers instead of hiring the American graduates who might vote for the GOP.

Miller-Meeks, who won her district in Iowa by a mere six votes in 2020, touted her bill in a December 30 tweet:

My America’s CHILDREN Act would support lifelong Americans like @uiowa‘s @PareenMhatre. They grew up here, went to college here, and positively contribute to our communities. I am proud to lead the effort to help these students. #YearInReview

The bill — numbered H.4331 in the House and S. 2753 in the Senate — offers no compensatory gains for Americans, such as reforms to reduce the Fortune 500’s incentives to import foreign workers instead of hiring American graduates in states such as Iowa and Kentucky.

Jan 06 06:42

Rand Paul: We Need to Get Rid of Fauci's Hysteria

Jan 06 06:24

Trump’s vaccine support may cost him victory in 2024

Trump’s most ardent supporters are turning against him, publicly ripping into him since he voiced his wholehearted approval of Covid vaccines.

During an appearance at a Bill O’Reilly ‘History Tour’ event in Dallas, the former president claimed success in expediting the creation of Covid vaccines through Operation Warp Speed, a program he created that provided billions of dollars in government funding and cut the drug’s approval time down from the usual six or seven years to one.

“We did something that was historic,” Trump boasted before the crowd. “We got a vaccine done.” When he later admitted he had not only been vaccinated twice, but had got a booster, he was booed by some of his erstwhile supporters.

While Trump tried to play down the booing as representing only a “very tiny number,” O’Reilly reported that the former president called him after the event, and needed consoling.

Jan 06 06:22

Tucker: This is who the left blames for Virginia's highway nightmare

Jan 05 19:43

Obese NYU Bioethics Prof Arthur Caplan: 'Penalize' The Unvaxxed, Deny Them Insurance For Being 'Financial Burdens'

Obese New York University bioethics professor Arthur Caplan took to CNN on Wednesday to call for the unvaccinated to be penalized, forced to pay higher hospital bills and denied various forms of insurance for being "financial burdens" on the system.

Jan 05 16:47

ALERT: Hillary Clinton Is Spreading Lies on Social Media

Hillary Clinton is using her Twitter account to spread fake news—also known as lies—the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

"2022 is the first year women's faces will appear on U.S. quarters. It's about time," the failed politician wrote on Wednesday. She also posted a link to a story published by 19th News that also claimed "women's faces will appear on quarters for the first time" in 2022. Journalist Alexa Mikhail amplified the statement, writing, "It's FINALLY happening in 2022!"

Fact Check: That's false. The face of Helen Keller, a woman, was featured on the Alabama state quarter issued in March 2003. That wasn't even the first quarter to feature a real woman. More than a century earlier, Queen Isabella of Spain appeared on a special commemorative quarter released in 1893.

Jan 05 16:16

WATCH: MTG Says Twitter Has ‘Declared War’ On Republicans And Vows To Launch Investigations

Over the weekend it was reported that Twitter banned Marjorie Taylor Greene for so-called misinformation regarding COVID. Now she’s calling on all of her Republican colleagues to leave Twitter and join GETTR or other alternatives:

Jan 05 15:30

BREAKING BIG: True the Vote Is Releasing Ballot Trafficking Findings from Their Investigations in FIVE ADDITIONAL STATES!

Last night Just the News released an update on the True the Vote investigation into ballot trafficking and ballot harvesting operations in Georgia.

One of the ballot traffickers in Georgia was identified and is now talking to investigators. According to Just the News the man WAS PAID THOUSANDS to harvest ballots in Georgia.

Jan 05 14:04

From Espionage to Tax Evasion — A Deep Dive On Charles Lieber AKA The NanoTech King

By Maryam Henein

“Digital electronics are so powerful that they dominate our daily lives. When scaled down, the difference between digital & living systems blurs, so that you have an opportunity to do things that sound science fiction–things that people have only dreamed about.” Charles M. Lieber

As Ghislaine Maxwell’s show trial winded down, there was scant coverage of Charles Lieber’s trial despite the fact the former chairman of Harvard’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department is the defining influence in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Thomson Reuters even ranked Lieber as #1 in the world’s top 100 chemists for an entire decade from 2000-2010.

I call him the NanoTech King. The court case, which unfolded a year and a half after his arrest, began with jury selection Tuesday, December 14, and concluded after only six days.