Aug 19 07:06

Women, Kids Killed In Kabul As Biden’s State Dept. Writes Strongly Worded Letter To Taliban Asking Them To Be Nice

In another move that makes America look like the laughing stock of the world, Joe Biden’s State Department has penned a letter, which has been signed by multiple other countries (but no Middle Eastern ones), essentially asking the Taliban to be nice to people in Afghanistan.

“We are deeply worried about Afghan women and girls, their rights to education, work and freedom of movement. We call on those in positions of power and authority across Afghanistan to guarantee their protection,” the statement reads.

It sends the chilling warning “We will monitor closely how any future government ensures rights and freedoms that have become an integral part of the life of women and girls in Afghanistan during the last twenty years.”

Aug 19 06:52

Biden says Aug. 31 deadline in Afghanistan might have to be extended

U.S. troops may stay in Afghanistan past an Aug. 31 deadline to evacuate Americans, President Joe Biden said on Wednesday, and the Pentagon said the U.S. military does not currently have the ability to reach people beyond the Kabul airport.

Aug 19 06:51

Biden team canceled Trump program designed for “swift and safe” evacuations of Americans from crisis zones

A bombshell report from The National Pulse shows that Joe Biden’s State Department canceled a Trump-era program intended to provide swift and safe evacuations of Americans out of crisis zones just months before the current fiasco in Kabul.

In an exclusive report, The National Pulse said that the “Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau”—designed specifically for such a scenario as we found ourselves in last weekend—was “designed to handle medical, diplomatic, and logistical support concerning Americans overseas,” and was halted by the State Department under Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier this year.

The official notification was signed only a couple of months prior to the Taliban running over Afghanistan.

Aug 19 06:42

"Undocumented Citizens:" the Biden Administration Is Pushing the Euphemism Envelope

A press release from the Department of Justice:

Aug 19 06:26

COMEDY: Nancy Pelosi Praises Biden For ‘Strong And Decisive’ Exit From Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s execution of the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a disaster.

Even people in the liberal media are criticizing the way Biden handled it. The Taliban took control in a matter of days and thousands of Americans are now trapped there.

Aug 19 05:05

Biden and Israel's Bennett to meet at White House next week to discuss Iran

US President Joe Biden will host Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the White House next week, with the stalled Iran nuclear talks being a main topic of discussion.

"The President and Prime Minister Bennett will discuss critical issues related to regional and global security, including Iran," the White House said in a statement.

Bennett said at a news conference on Wednesday that the meeting "will focus on Iran", but the White House also promoted "an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss efforts to advance peace, security, and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians".

Aug 18 13:02

Double amputee war hero who was praised by Prince Harry slams 'd***head' Joe Biden for his handling of Afghanistan as Taliban militants rampage across country

A double amputee ex-Commando and friend of Prince Harry has branded US President Joe Biden a 'd***head' over his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan as the Taliban rampage through the country.

Mr Biden has said the crumbling Afghan forces armed and trained by the US and UK 'have got to want to fight' in the country's civil war that has seen extremists take a quarter of provincial capitals and two-thirds of the country in weeks.

British soldier Ben McBean, 33, lost an arm and a leg to a landmine blast in Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2008, aged just 20, getting to know the Duke of Sussex at various charity events.

Aug 18 10:23

Biden IGNORED Mark Milley's request to keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan, Lloyd Austin's warning withdrawal wouldn't provide any assurances against a Taliban takeover and Pentagon fears of Afghan soldiers folding, report claims

President Joe Biden ignored Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley's request to keep a force of 2,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan and warnings about the stability of the country from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, in the run-up to the Taliban's takeover this week.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Biden had heard about many of the risks of a full-scale U.S. pull-out from Afghanistan, but went ahead with it anyway - leading to chaotic scenes at Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport this week as Americans and Afghans alike tried to flee.

CNN's Clarissa Ward reported Wednesday that the scene around the Kabul airport continued to be 'extremely chaotic' with Taliban fighters screaming at people and threatening them with guns.

Aug 18 10:23

Democrats demand an investigation into Biden's 'clear policy execution and intelligence failures' with the Afghan withdrawal and have asked Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin to testify before the Senate

Lawmakers from President Biden's own party are continuing to fume about the unfolding chaos in Afghanistan and firing up probes where they will demand answers from the Democratic administration.

The push for formal oversight comes even as White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan promised an internal 'hotwash' that would ultimately take a look back at how the events culminated in the sudden collapse of Kabul and a rush to evacuate U.S. nationals and allies.

The increasingly frustrated Democrats are vowing to investigate what went wrong, setting up a formal and public reckoning even as the Biden team is trying is fielding off bitter criticism from Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

Aug 18 10:22

Biden Admin Sends Note to Thousands of Americans Stuck in Afghanistan: We Cannot Guarantee Your Safety

The Biden administration has informed Americans stuck in Afghanistan amid President Joe Biden’s botched exit from the country that the U.S. government cannot ensure they will get out of the country safely.

As if seeing Afghans fall from airplanes, people hanged in Kabul and the city’s airport turned into a stampede hasn’t been distressing enough, the federal government on Tuesday told U.S. citizens in that country that they’re essentially on their own when facing Taliban terrorists.

CBS News producer Sara Cook posted a note on Twitter that she said was sent to as many as 15,000 Americans stuck in Afghanistan telling them that they need to head to the airport in Kabul for a flight out.

Aug 18 09:36

Trump Says Biden ‘Humiliated’ America, Worse Than Jimmy Carter And Iran Hostage Crisis

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump ripped in to President Joe Biden’s poor exit strategy in withdrawing from Afghanistan humiliated the country and turned out worse than the Iran hostage crisis under former President Jimmy Carter.

Biden wasn’t Trump’s only target. He also took former President George W. Bush to task, calling the wars in the Middle East the worst decision in the history of our country.

Trump made his comments on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.”

Aug 18 09:35

Biden rejected US intel predictions of rapid Afghan collapse; called Taliban takeover ‘highly unlikely:’ report

President Joe Biden rejected the possibility of a Taliban takeover in Afghanistan earlier this year despite U.S. intelligence officials warning him that Afghanistan could collapse rapidly, according to current and former officials who spoke with the New York Times.

By July, many intelligence reports were sharing a dismal view on Afghanistan’s future and intelligence officials questioned whether U.S.-backed Afghan security forces could resist Taliban advances and whether the government could maintain control of the capital city of Kabul, officials said. One intelligence report said if cities in Afghanistan began to fall, it would set off a rapid collapse of the Afghan government and the Afghan security forces were at high risk of falling apart.

Aug 18 08:15

Carafano: Joe Biden's Afghanistan Speech Proves He Will Be President Chaos

Before President Joe Biden addressed the nation on the crisis in Afghanistan, someone should have reminded him of the adage “When you are in a deep hole, stop digging.” Because on top of his strategic failures in Afghanistan, he has now made a massive political misjudgment.

Here is the problem with a White House rebuttal that just blames anybody other than Biden for the collapse in Afghanistan: Every claim can be fact-checked. Military and intelligence leaders can be asked to testify. Documents can be reviewed. None of this will make the administration or Biden’s abrupt and irresponsible decision look good.

Aug 18 08:00

Wayne Dupree: Joe Biden’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy issue over the past 40 years, and Afghanistan proves it

Obama’s ex-Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote a damning assessment of Biden in his memoirs in 2015. His scathing verdict has, sadly, been vindicated by the president’s awful decision to throw Afghans to the wolves.

Having held the post of defense secretary between 2006 and 2011, Gates once famously declared that Joe Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

This includes Biden's opposition to going after and killing Osama bin Laden in 2011 (one of Obama's greatest achievements), the premature withdrawal from Iraq, and now, to cap them all, his haphazard abandonment of Afghanistan.

Thousands of Americans killed, maimed, and psychologically scarred for life since 2001; $2 trillion down the drain; a restoration of Al-Qaeda's sanctuary; and America's reputation sullied. Not bad for less than seven months’ work. But hey, at least those mean tweets from the White House have stopped!

Aug 18 07:30

Claim: Biden Admin Bringing Illegal Immigrants to New York with ‘Secretive’ Nighttime Flights

President Joe Biden’s deputies are covertly flying economic migrants into New York, says Rob Astorino, one of the Republican politicians running for governor.

“The issue is a matter of public safety, public health, and just as important, the public’s right to know,” Rob Astorino told Breitbart News. “We have been kept in the dark on all of this for months by our federal state and local governments, including the county that runs the airport,” he said, adding:

There is no economic fairness in this, especially for Americans who are on the lower end of the economic spectrum because their jobs are most at risk, or will be filled by non-citizens when they start to look for a job. … It is not fair to Americans that are dealing with a pandemic, rising inflation, and a shaky economy to have a President waving in hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of lower skilled people who are going to fill those jobs that Americans may need. There is no fairness whatsoever to that.

Aug 18 07:04

The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade

The US opioid crisis broadly defined bears a relationship to the export of heroin out of Afghanistan.

How will this multibillion trade (which until recently was protected by US forces) be affected by the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Private mercenary companies are also involved in supporting the opium trade.

The US withdrawal has been the object of extensive negotiations between US-NATO and the Taliban. A deal was signed in Doha in late February 2020 at the outset of the Biden Administration.

Did the U.S. reach a “secret agreement” with the Taliban regarding the opium trade?

Aug 18 06:39

Report: ‘F*** That, We Don’t Have To Worry About That’: Biden 2010, Asked About U.S. Leaving Afghan Girls Behind

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that has occurred on the watch of President Biden, leaving women and children vulnerable to the Taliban, should come as no surprise given a report from The Atlantic earlier this year about what Biden said in 2010 about leaving women and children behind in Afghanistan.

Biden responded “f*** that” to a question about American obligations to Afghans like a young girl attending school in Kabul.

In December 2001, after the United States ousted the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, President George W. Bush asked Biden, then a senator, to draft a proposal to win over young people in the Muslim world. Biden visited Kabul and met a young Afghan girl who told him, “You cannot leave. They will not deny me learning to read. I will read, and I will be a doctor like my mother. America must stay,” as The New Yorker reported in 2004.

Aug 18 05:56

Ingraham: We don’t have an actual president in charge

Aug 18 05:28

Biden’s Mounting Pandemic Failures

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit New York back in the spring of 2020, 32-year-old family medicine doctor Peter Possidente was a resident at an in-patient hospital and intensive care unit upstate. In those early days, the young physician would wake up around 4:15 in the morning for 16-hour shifts filled with death and human suffering on a level that strained even his practiced medical detachment.

“Eventually, the overall volume of death starts to register and then even if you can disconnect, it's still like, ‘Holy shit, that's a lot of people dying,’ and it gets to you,’” he tells The Daily Poster.

It’s been more than a year since the first two pandemic surges. America has a new president, Joe Biden, who promised to get America back on track. But Possidente says little has changed as the country faces another wave of the virus driven by the more infectious Delta variant.

Aug 17 10:52

Joe Biden Headed Back to Camp David to Resume His Vacation After Afghanistan Speech

President Joe Biden will return to Camp David on Monday evening to resume his vacation after returning to the White House for a few hours to deliver a speech defending his handling of the troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

The White House released an updated schedule for the president, confirming he would return to Camp David, where he was scheduled to vacation until Wednesday.

Aug 17 10:49

U.S. border has collapsed completely as Biden regime now busing COVID-infected migrants all across U.S.

It should be completely obvious by now that whoever is running the Biden regime is out to destroy what is left of our American experiment in self-government, based on reports this week about the worsening situation along the U.S.-Mexico border.

For months now after Biden reversed nearly all of President Donald Trump’s border enforcement policies, hundreds of thousands of migrants from poor Central America have traipsed north towards the U.S., and of course, with Mexico’s explicit permission.

Most of these people are simply being allowed in, the Border Patrol and the Customs and Border Enforcement agency becoming little more than U.S. welcoming committees whose personnel are now babysitters and migrant shufflers.

Aug 17 10:17

Steve Hilton torches Biden over 'disastrous misadventure' with Afghanistan

Aug 17 09:49

Biden regime discusses setting up highway checkpoints to mandate vaccines for interstate travel across the United States

Fake “president” Joe Biden wants only people who have been “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) with one of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections to be allowed to travel across state lines in the United States.

Since too many Americans are still refusing to roll up their sleeves and get jabbed, Pedo Joe wants to make life prohibitively difficult for them in the hopes that they will comply with taking the experimental gene therapy shots, which are spreading the “Delta” variant like wildfire.

In the past several weeks, Hunter’s dad has forced millions of federal workers to permanently alter their DNA in order to remain employed – all to “save lives,” of course. He has also met with business leaders in the private sector to push them to do the same.

Aug 17 09:38

Biden's speech on Afghanistan fact-checked

In his speech on Monday evening, President Joe Biden made a series of assertions about US policy in Afghanistan and the reasons behind his decision to withdraw forces from the country.

BBC News has fact-checked some of his claims, comparing them with his earlier statements on Afghanistan and the situation on the ground.

'Our mission in Afghanistan was never supposed to have been nation building.'
President Biden stressed the purpose behind the US intervention in Afghanistan had "always been preventing a terrorist attack on American homeland" and "never supposed to be creating a unified centralised democracy".

This clearly contradicts his previous positions on the US objective in Afghanistan.

Aug 17 09:37

Biden had a chance to save US allies in Afghanistan. He wasted it.

After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, many Afghans who aided the United States’ 20-year war effort are looking to flee.

Some Afghan allies have been told by US authorities not to go to the Kabul airport, currently the only available exit point, and to shelter in place until instructed otherwise. Many have shown up at the airport nonetheless, desperately trying to escape, even though civilian flights were temporarily suspended, with some even clinging onto a US military aircraft as it was mid-takeoff.

As they look for viable routes to safety, these allies have also had to grapple with whether they should destroy documents proving that they worked for the US government, which could either be their golden ticket to America or a death sentence if the Taliban finds them.

Aug 17 09:28

Judge Drops Bomb On Biden – Demands He Reimplement Key Trump Border Policy

President Joe Biden got some bad news on Friday when a federal judge ordered him to reimplement a key policy from his predecessor Donald Trump that forced foreign nationals seeking to enter the U.S. through the southern border illegally to be sent back to Mexico and wait there while their legal cases are adjudicated.

Aug 17 07:40

Congressional Reaction To Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal Has Been Scathing

Congressional outcry over the Biden's administration's handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban's takeover of the country has been swift.

Criticism of the administration was bipartisan: Republicans were scathing about the White House's actions, and Democrats, while acknowledging that President Biden was carrying out the policies of his predecessor, criticized the haphazard manner of the U.S. withdrawal.

Biden addressed the increasing criticism Monday afternoon and defended his position in his first public remarks since the Taliban moved into Kabul, Afghanistan's capital.

Here's a look at what members of Congress have said:

Aug 17 07:06

Not even CNN could 'cover up' for Joe Biden as Taliban beat Afghan army: Murray

Aug 16 14:21

Will the next US military airlift be out of Washington DC as the American empire implodes on itself?

Reminiscent of the US airlift out of Saigon during the Vietnam War, this week’s evacuation of the US embassy in Kabul portends bad times for the United States, which is beleaguered by much more than just military dysfunction.

By their very definition, ‘iconic’ photographs, like a bolt of lightning out of a clear blue sky, are not really supposed to ever occur twice. Iconic photographs – like the one showing Neil Armstrong taking the first step on the lunar surface, or the naked girl fleeing a napalm bombing during the Vietnam War – are unique in that they capture the ‘spirit’ of a generation or period of time, the so-called zeitgeist.

Aug 16 11:25


All is proving to be too much for dopey Joe, as Afghanistan is retaken after a total waste of time and human life, Joe's gone to bed while chaos reigns around him.

It's kind of like the US has now become the Titanic, it's already hit the iceberg, the captain's jumped ship, and the crew's now fighting over the lifeboats.

Aug 16 11:21

President Biden To Address The Nation About Afghanistan At 1545ET

Having been largely silent in the last few days as the disaster erupts in Afghanistan, it appears President Biden has ignored the reported advice of Dr. Jill - that he doesn't need to return from Camp David and can project his power from anywhere - and is returning to the White House from Camp David and deliver an address on the crisis in Afghanistan at 3:45 p.m. ET, following the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban's declaration of victory.

Having been proven completely incorrect on his recent projections on what would happen after the US military withdrawal...

Aug 16 11:17

FLASHBACK: Biden Said Timeline And Manner Of The Withdrawal From Afghanistan Was His Decision

Aug 16 07:21

Biden's words haunt him: President said a month ago there's 'no circumstance where Americans will be lifted out of the U.S. embassy in Kabul by helicopter'

Joe Biden insisted last month that there's no way his troop withdrawal from Afghanistan would lead to a Saigon-like situation with Americans emergency evacuated out of the U.S. embassy in Kabul by helicopter.

'There's going to be no circumstance where you're going to see people being lifted off the roof of a (sic) embassy of the United States from Afghanistan,' the president said during a press conference on July 8, 2021.

Biden insisted during that press conference that the U.S. would not succumb to the Taliban once troops were withdrawn and is now trying to divert blame for the takeover on Donald Trump.

Aug 16 07:20

Establishment Media: Joe Biden Is in ‘Real Trouble’ amid Inflation, Afghanistan, Border Disaster

The establishment media admitted Saturday that President Joe Biden in August is failing amid inflation, Afghanistan, and record southern border crossings.

“This week was supposed to be a victory lap of sorts for President JOE BIDEN,” Politico Playbook wrote. “We finally got infrastructure week. Yet at the end of it, infrastructure is not the biggest story — and the ones that obscured it spell real trouble for the White House.”

Playbook noted the following establishment media headlines hammering Biden on Afghanistan:

Aug 16 07:18

“China has tremendous power over the Biden administration because of Biden himself,” Trump added.

Trump – whose administration was hobbled by false charges that he was beholden to Russian President Vladimir Putin — asserted that China has American politicians, “especially Biden and the son [Hunter Biden] (Pictured/Associated Press) … wrapped around their finger. They know so much about Biden that’s so illegal … [that the president] can no longer be a person that takes on China because they can blackmail him like nobody’s ever been blackmailed before.”

“China has tremendous power over the Biden administration because of Biden himself,” Trump added. “There was tremendous money paid to the Biden family – not only China; there were numerous other countries too, and it’s not allowed to be spoken about.”

Aug 16 06:48

Outrage as Biden ‘Accidentally’ Reveals Identities of CIA Agents During Video Conference

The Joe Biden clown show just ‘accidentally’ exposed the identities of CIA agents during a video conference with VP Harris. Outrage on social media ensued with intel officials like Richard Grenell asking, “who took this picture outing Intel officials?”

The White House shared this image of Joe Biden meeting via video conference with Kamala Harris and other national security officials to discuss the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. Conservatives noticed that the White House may have outed CIA operatives in the boxes labeled CIA and Doha Station.

Aug 16 06:45

Biden Admin Ignored Intelligence Warnings of Swift Taliban Advance in Afghanistan, Report Says

According to reports, US President Joe Biden and his team were "stunned" on Sunday by how fast the Taliban advanced in Afghanistan after his move to begin the withdrawal of American troops. However, it may appear that the Taliban surge should not have been such a surprise for the administration.

The Biden team "disregarded intelligence assessments that warned of a possible rapid surge of the Taliban* and the group's capture of Kabul, ABC News reported, citing unnamed US intelligence officials.

"[US] leaders were told by the military it would take no time at all for the Taliban to take everything," an anonymous US intelligence official told ABC News. "No one listened."

Aug 16 06:40

China Notes That Transfer of Power in Afghanistan Was Smoother Than in United States

This is just a stone cold fact of reality.

Whereas there was an election hoax in the United States, and many big problems surrounding it, the Taliban just peacefully rolled into Kabul, and the “President” of the “Afghan Government” peacefully fled to his home nation of Tajikistan.

Aug 16 06:17

Biden ‘accidentally’ reveals identities of CIA Agents…

The White House shared this image of Joe Biden meeting via video conference with Kamala Harris and other national security officials to discuss the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. Conservatives noticed that the White House may have outed CIA operatives in the boxes labeled CIA and Doha Station.

Aug 16 06:13

Watch: Hundreds Protest Outside White House as Afghanistan Falls to Taliban

As President Joe Biden vacations at Camp David while Afghanistan falls into the possession of Taliban warlords, hundreds are protesting at the White House over what they believe is an American betrayal.

Aug 16 06:13

Biden Prioritized LGBT Agenda in Afghanistan as Terrorists Took Over 

While Afghanistan was falling to Taliban terrorists, the Biden White House prioritized the LGBT agenda in foreign policy, flying the rainbow flag above the U.S. Embassy in Kabul to mark Pride Month.

“The month of June is recognized as (LGBTI) Pride Month,” the embassy posted on Twitter in June. “The United States respects the dignity & equality of LGBTI people & celebrates their contributions to the society. We remain committed to supporting civil rights of minorities, including LGBTI persons.” #Pride2021 #PrideMonth

Aug 16 05:33

Passing The Buck: Biden Blames Trump For Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan

President Joe Biden issued a statement Saturday from the White House announcing his decision to surge U.S. troops to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban's surging land acquisition and blaming his decision on the policies of former President Donald Trump.

Biden announced in the statement that he would transfer an additional 1,000 troops to Afghanistan to complement the 1,000 troops already in the nation and the 3,000-troop surge he declared last week, a defense official explained. The president announced the move was needed after he inherited a tenuous situation from the previous administration, insisting that Trump had cut a deal with the Taliban in 2019 that put them in a powerful military position. Biden further denounced Trump's decision to roll back American forces stationed in the nation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 16 05:28

Biden Prioritized LGBT Agenda in Afghanistan as Terrorists Took Over

While Afghanistan was falling to Taliban terrorists, the Biden White House prioritized the LGBT agenda in foreign policy, flying the rainbow flag above the U.S. Embassy in Kabul to mark Pride Month.

“The month of June is recognized as (LGBTI) Pride Month,” the embassy posted on Twitter in June. “The United States respects the dignity & equality of LGBTI people & celebrates their contributions to the society. We remain committed to supporting civil rights of minorities, including LGBTI persons.”

Aug 15 05:58

White House praises DeSantis...

Aug 14 06:31

Biden administration is sued over handling of child migrant surge at two overwhelmed Texas facilities with 'shockingly deplorable conditions'

The Biden administration is being sued by attorneys representing migrant children in US immigration custody at two overwhelmed facilities in Texas where the youngsters are said to have endured mental distress and 'shockingly deplorable conditions'.

The lawsuit, filed on Monday in the US District Court in Los Angeles, singles out the Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) emergency intake sites at the Fort Bliss Army base and Pecos.

The plaintiff's attorneys cited the 1997 Flores Settlement Agreement and its rules and protections of migrant children in federal custody.

Aug 14 06:24

Biden administration warns of threat from anti-lockdown ‘extremists’ & terrorist sympathizers marking 9/11 anniversary

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a terror warning that appears to put Americans pushing back against Covid-19 restrictions on par with jihadists who might strike on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

A DHS bulletin published on Friday said that “anti-government, anti-authority violent extremists” may try to “exploit the emergence of Covid-19 variants by viewing the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the US as a rationale to conduct attacks.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has stoked “societal strains and tensions,” the DHS said, “driving several plots by domestic violent extremists, and they may contribute to more violence this year.”

The terrorism warning, which runs through November 11, cited a host of other potential threats, including violent bigots who may perpetrate mass-casualty attacks, “though there are currently no credible or imminent threats identified.”

Aug 14 06:12

Bidenflation Has an Entire Nation Worried

Voter concern over inflation persists sky high, as more voters blame higher prices on the pandemic than on the government. At the same time, more than half rate their family finances positively -- and far fewer are scanning for help from Uncle Sam than last year.

That’s according to the latest Fox News survey issued Wednesday.

Aug 13 12:20

Biden eyes tougher vaccine rules without provoking backlash

When the pace of vaccinations in the U.S. first began to slow, President Joe Biden backed incentives like million-dollar cash lotteries if that's what it took to get shots in arms. But as new coronavirus infections soar, he's testing a tougher approach.

In just the past two weeks, Biden has forced millions of federal workers to attest to their vaccination status or face onerous new requirements. He's met with business leaders at the White House to press them to do the same.

Meanwhile, the administration has taken steps toward mandating shots for people traveling into the U.S. from overseas. And the White House is weighing options to be more assertive at the state and local level, including potential support for school districts imposing rules to prevent spread of the virus over the objection of Republican leaders.

Aug 13 09:41

White House Puts Out the Most Cringeworthy Video Ever Produced

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You paid for this, too!

Aug 13 05:44

Facebook Strikes Again: Tech Giant Censors Latest Hunter Biden Story Months After New York Post Saga

Earlier, social media giants Facebook and Twitter were blasted after it became clear both platforms were deliberately disabling the sharing of articles regarding a missing laptop and emails said to belong to US President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. At the time, officials explained the move as part of an effort to limit the spread of misinformation.

Months after being blasted for having intentionally limited the sharing of articles tied to Hunter Biden, Facebook is at it once again, but this time the focus isn’t on reports from the New York Post. Now, it’s all about an exclusive report released by the UK’s Daily Mail.

The story at the center of this latest case was published on Wednesday and centers around newly surfaced video footage of a naked Hunter Biden in bed with an unidentified woman who is described as being a “prostitute.”

Aug 13 05:02

Secretary of State Blinken dresses down Polish NATO “allies”

Excerpts from today’s Radio Poland report. Before the advent of the public relations industry the sort of relationship the U.S. and NATO maintain with Poland would have been described as that of a master to a satrapy, vassal, fiefdom, conquered province. Now the hapless Poles are referred to as NATO allies and Transatlantic partners.

Note that the Polish president is being ordered by the U.S. secretary of state not to sign a bill passed by the nation’s parliament and the parliament is being ordered not to pass a bill regulating control of an “independent” news station owned by American parties; that U.S. ownership and control over the output of Polish news media enhance(s) our collective (NATO) security.

Aug 12 11:21

Laid-off Keystone worker: 'Something totally wrong with this admin'

Aug 12 10:37

Biden Desperate as Vax Narrative Falls Apart-Clif High

Clif High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events. High is an Internet data mining expert who has many well-documented correct predictions. His latest correct prediction was made last month here on USAWatchdog when he said the Biden door knocking campaign to harass people to take the CV19 injection would be “short lived” and “not to worry about it.” Sure enough, the door knocking campaign unceremoniously stopped, and the Biden Administration has morphed this into the “get vaxed or get fired” campaign. What does High say now? “Again, this is short lived, and it is a propaganda campaign and not a legal move. They don’t have the legal authority to do what they are trying to do. What they are attempting to do is scare as many of the herd past that point of hesitancy before the whole thing is shut down,” says Clif High.

Aug 12 03:40

White House 'Influencer' Recruitment Letter Allegedly Leaked

The White House's recruitment letter sent to popular "influencers" on TikTok, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram asking them to shill Big Pharma's experimental injections to their child audiences has allegedly leaked.

Aug 11 18:17

White House 'Influencer' Recruitment Letter Allegedly Leaked

The White House's recruitment letter sent to popular "influencers" on TikTok, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram asking them to shill Big Pharma's experimental injections to their child audiences has allegedly leaked.

Aug 11 08:28

Next on the Agenda: War With China

In 2014, Lew Rockwell wrote, “Clearly the empire is targeting China…The U.S. seeks to encircle China and make it bow down before the hegemon. The increasing prosperity and freedom of China threatens the empire’s self-image.”

America’s new Cold War with China is a bi-partisan imperial project. In 2011, former President Barack Obama began it in earnest, dubbing it the “Asia Pivot.” The ‘pivot’ entails surrounding China with hundreds of bases and shifting two thirds of all U.S. naval and air forces to the Asia-Pacific, the greatest military buildup since World War II.

Putative outsider Donald Trump took office and sizably enlarged the U.S. military’s footprint in what is now referred to as the “Indo-Pacific” region and significantly increased provocations of China.

Now President Joe Biden and his hawk infested administration are escalating tensions with Beijing to heights previously unseen.

Aug 11 08:11

IT BEGINS: Articles Of Impeachment Filed On Biden Cabinet Member, DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Aug 11 07:45

Buchanan: Is America Becoming A Failed State?

Suddenly, Sunday, a riveting report came over cable news:

The U.S. embassy was urging all Americans to “leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.” Message: Get out while you can.

Adding urgency was news that three northern provincial capitals, including Kunduz city, had fallen to the Taliban, making it five provincial capitals overrun since Friday.

The huge investment in blood and treasure by the United States over two decades to remake Afghanistan appears about to be wiped out, whole and entire, and we appear about to sustain our worst diplomatic and political defeat since the fall of Saigon.

Not once in this century has the U.S. decisively won one of the wars it launched - in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen or Libya. And the sole superpower status we enjoyed as the 21st century began is gone with the wind.

Aug 11 07:09

White House: Detained Migrant Children Enjoy Access to ‘Journaling’ and ‘Dance’ in Texas Camp

The White House defended conditions at a migrant detention facility in Pecos, Texas, for unaccompanied minors on Tuesday, despite reported complaints.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said migrants in the facility have access to health care and services, including opportunities for recreation.

“The children receive educational and recreational activities including reading, art, indoor and outdoor games, journaling, and dance,” she added.

Some children in the facility complained of raw food, hard potatoes, clothes getting lost in the laundry, and drinking water they did not like, according to a CNN report.

But Psaki defend the conditions, highlighting access to “laundry service, calls to home, and appointments with legal and counseling.”

Aug 11 06:58

Biden ‘checking’ if he can overrule states and order universal masks in schools

President Biden said Tuesday that his administration is examining whether he can order universal masking in public schools, overriding Republican governors in states like Florida and Texas.

“I don’t believe that I do [have that power], thus far,” Biden told reporters during an event in the East Room of the White House. “We’re checking that.”

Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended masking for all students, faculty, staff and visitors in K-12 schools last month due to the spread of the Delta variant.

However, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has dismissed the CDC recommendation. After initially banning school districts from imposing mask mandates and suggesting funding cuts for those that do require masking, the governor suggested Monday that the state could “move to withhold the salary” of local officials who make face coverings mandatory.

Aug 11 06:56

Dems Set Stage for Trillions in Tax Hikes, 87,000 IRS Agents, Woke Spending

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) have introduced the Democrat Fiscal Year 2022 budget resolution. This budget includes instructions for the Democrats to fast-track their reckless $3.5 trillion ($3,500,000,000,000) tax and spending spree later this year.

ATR urges Senators to vote no on this resolution. If signed into law, it will tee off passage of the following proposals:

Trillions in new tax increases on working families and small businesses. This budget resolution will be the first step toward the Biden plan to raise taxes by $3 trillion over the next decade. Some of these tax increases include:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 11 06:20

U.S. Foreign Policy Restraint—What It Is, What It’s Not

Restraint, a conception of statecraft, challenges principles that have shaped U.S. foreign policy for decades. Counterattacks are therefore unsurprising. They may even be a compliment, however inadvertent. The latest critique, by John Ikenberry and Daniel Deudney, two prominent self-declared liberal internationalists, appears in Survival, a global politics and strategy magazine published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Their analysis misunderstands and misrepresents restraint. Also, it exemplifies liberal internationalism’s obsolescence.

Aug 11 06:19

Where are you going, Joe? Another 'senior moment' as confused President Biden ignores Secret Service agent directions into White House and bizarrely walks onto lawn

President Joe Biden was filmed seemingly ignoring the direction of a Secret Service agent tried to direct him to a path leading to the White House.

In Biden's latest bizarre gaffe, the president was filmed returning to the White House after spending time in Wilmington, Delaware when the agent points for him to follow the sidewalk path into the White House.

Instead, Biden is seen following the agent up the lawn and through the garden into the presidential estate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 11 05:28

Win For Biden As Senate Passes Massive Infrastructure Bill

US President Joe Biden hailed the Senate passage Tuesday of a "historic" $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, celebrating a major bipartisan win on a plan he vowed would "transform America."

By funding work on roads, bridges and ports, as well as clean water and high-speed internet, Biden said the bill -- which still needs House approval -- would create thousands of high-paying jobs for people without college degrees.

"This historic investment infrastructure is what I believe you, the American people, want," Biden said in a White House address.

Aug 10 07:18

Costly and Counterproductive

The order will have geopolitical consequences. The United States has achieved energy security by becoming a net exporter of oil and natural gas; mandating sales of electric vehicles would weaken that security. What’s more, the requirement could increase production of electric-vehicle batteries in China, which already dominates the market. The order seeks to encourage the production of batteries in the United States, but it is hard to see how America can produce them at lower cost.

Aug 10 07:04

Biden Impeachment Crowd Grows Substantially

Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser to former President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign, called for President Joe Biden to be impeached, adding to the growing chorus of high-profile conservatives in the media fed up with the current administration.

Ellis alleged Biden is engaging in unconstitutional behavior and violating his oath of office with his handling of the southern border crisis, and encouraged Republicans to push for impeachment even though they are currently in the minority in Congress.

Aug 10 06:52

Biden Takes The Side Of Swamp Dems Instead Of Leftist Dems

Nearly seven months into the Biden administration, establishment Democrats are feeling instilled with courage — and securing matches around the country.

The trend marks a clear difference to just a few years ago when liberal firebrands found remarkable profit-taking on more traditional candidates, including incumbent lawmakers, in a twist that energized the activist left while infuriating party conventionalists suspicious that internal divisions would undermine the brand.

Aug 10 06:03

US has NO mandate to keep troops in Syria & America’s interpretation of international law is ‘ridiculous,’ says Russian ambassador

Washington has no legal mandate to keep its armed forces in Syria, and the presence of American soldiers in the country contradicts the 2015 UN Security Council resolution that called for a ceasefire and a political settlement.

That’s according to the Russian embassy in Washington, which responded to a tweet by Wayne Marotto, the official military spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, the American campaign in the Middle East to defeat ISIS.

Writing on social media, Marotto said that the US has a “clear mandate under international law” to keep boots on the ground in Syria.

On Monday night, the Russian Embassy publicly disagreed.

Aug 09 05:30

Conflicts of Interest: Biden’s Endless War Games and Sanctions Set the US on a Path to War

On COI #145 Connor Freeman, writer at The Libertarian Institute, returns to the show to discuss recent attacks on ships near the Persian Gulf. The first attack saw two drones hit a cargo ship, killing two. The US, UK, and Israel have pointed the finger at Iran, claiming to have evidence. However, the governments have yet to present any, and Iran is denying the charges.

The second attack was alleged to be an attempted hijacking. Again, Iran was blamed with no evidence yet presented. The attack was thwarted after the crew disabled the ship. The timing of the incident raises suspicions of a possible false flag to fuel tensions between Washington and Tehran. Kyle and Connor break down the motives of the possible actors, including Israel and Iran.

Aug 09 05:21

Congress Tried To Force Trump to End the Yemen War. Now They’ll Have To Do the Same With Biden.

“Yemen is in a catastrophic state,” says Kawthar Abdullah, an organizer with the Yemeni Alliance Committee. ?“I have family there. Every day when I call and talk to them, the reality on the ground is far worse than it is ever portrayed.”

Abdullah, who is based in New York, is part of a network of grassroots organizers across the country calling on Congress to force an end to U.S. participation in the Saudi-led war, using the same War Powers Resolution vetoed by former President Trump in 2019. These organizers are asking lawmakers to go head to head with the Biden administration, which announced in February it was halting U.S. support for ?“offensive operations” but, nearly six months later, has failed to fully extricate itself from the military intervention.

Aug 08 07:16

Video: Biden Says He Had Less Than 50% Chance of ‘Being Completely Normal’ After His Brain Surgery

The former White House physician for former president Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Ronny Jackson, blasted President Joe Biden about his mental state last month!

Jackson has been very vocal about Biden’s mental state in recent weeks. During an interview with Fox News, Jackson predicted that President Joe Biden will be forced to resign or will be faced with the 25th Amendment before he is voted out of office.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tails, Joe. You lost!

Aug 07 14:34

White House Blocks Election Security Bill

Aug 07 06:20

"No": Biden Admin Has 'No Concern' Over 'Emotional, Academic And Psychological Effects' Of Forcing Kids To Wear Masks

On Friday, Biden spox Jen Psaki said that the administration is not taking into account the "emotional, academic, and psychological effects" of forcing school children to wear masks at school.

Fox News' White House correspondent Peter Doocy first asked Psaki what she thought of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' (R) threat to withhold funds from school districts that don't let parents opt out of masking requirements, to which Psaki said she wants 'public health officials to make decisions about how to keep my kids safe,' adding that DeSantis is 'fundraising off of this.'

Aug 07 06:02

Republican Rep tells GOP leadership to consider IMPEACHING Biden over his eviction moratorium and failure to handle the border crisis

A Republican lawmaker from Ohio wants to potentially boot Joe Biden out of office after the president extended the nationwide eviction moratorium and amid a record surge of migrants at the southern border.

In a letter sent to fellow House Republicans Friday, Rep. Bob Gibbs accused Biden of taking actions that 'skirt the United States Constitution' and claimed he 'continues to disregard his constitutional duties and boundaries.'

'I believe conducting a sober, evidence-based discussion regarding impeachment is warranted,' Gibbs wrote. 'I urge you all to remember our duty to the Constitution and American people to hold this administration accountable.'

Aug 07 05:19

The US-Japanese Alliance Against China Risks World War

In 2003, when several lawyers, including myself, visited North Korea to learn more about socialism there, we were shown US Army documents captured in 1950 by the communist forces when they seized control of Seoul and overran the American Army headquarters. The documents confirmed that it was the US and its puppets in South Korea that invaded the north, not the other way round, with the objective of crushing the local communist forces and then attacking China. Their plan failed and ended in an American rout. But what did surprise me was the evidence in the documents that the Americans also had the help and advice of Japanese Army officers who had remained in Korea at the end of the war between the US and Japan that ended in 1945.

Aug 07 05:17

Is There A Way For The States To Stop Biden’s Border Madness?

“One man with courage is a majority.”

This is widely attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but some sources say he might not be the source. No matter, it’s a great quote and serves as a reminder that in doing the right thing, one might motivate others to join the cause.

We might be at a tipping point. The corrupt, corporate, state-controlled media are having an increasingly difficult time hiding the installed administration’s failures on the “dinner-table” issues that affect every American: our discarded energy independence and the resulting rising gas prices (adding to ever-rising inflation), just about all things COVID and, lastly, the unmitigated disaster that has come from Biden/Harris immigration policies.

On Tuesday, August 3, stories began to break about Texas Congressman Chip Roy’s twitter thread and that he used the “I” word – “Impeachment” (*gasp*) – in a Twitter thread.

Aug 06 13:21

The Stage Is Being Set For A War Between Israel And Iran To Potentially Begin Before The End Of 2021

The clock has been ticking for a long time, and now Israel is telling us that Iran is “only around 10 weeks away from acquiring weapons-grade materials necessary for a nuclear weapon”.  The Israelis have always been very clear about the fact that they will never, ever allow the Iranians to get to that point, and so that would appear to leave only 10 weeks remaining to avert a major war in the Middle East.  And let us certainly hope that war can be averted, because a major war in the Middle East could easily spark a full-blown global war.  U.S. relations with both Russia and China continue to deteriorate very rapidly, and the Biden administration is being very aggressive with both of them.

Aug 06 06:04

Tucker: It's hard to overstate what a momentous change this is

Tucker Carlson Tonight' host calls out Biden's unconstitutional eviction moratorium. #FoxNews #Tucker

Aug 05 09:40

Mark Levin accuses 'dimwitted' Biden of doing more damage to US than enemies

Aug 05 09:21

Tara Reade Responds to White House Dismissing Harassment Allegations

The White House dismissed Tara Reade’s, one of President Joe Biden’s accusers, claims of unwanted touching as “heavily litigated during the campaign,” while saying Biden has “been clear and outspoken about the importance of women.”

Reade responded to a clip on Twitter showing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responding to questions from a reporter asking if the White House would support an “independent investigation of allegations into the president” from a female Secret Service agent, Reade, and others.

The reporter mentioned there was an investigation into New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) allegations.

Reade responded by tweeting, “Ask Psaki: Did I miss the investigation and litigation? I sure did not miss the smears and attacks on my character during Joe Biden’s campaign as I came forward. Was it safe to come forward? I think not.”

Aug 05 07:37

Waters Pushed For The CDC To Ignore Supreme Court Verdict

After the CDC could not find a legal basis to extend a moratorium on evictions that began early in the coronavirus pandemic, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., is urging the CDC to do it anyway.

President Biden announced Thursday that he was not going to work to continue the moratorium, calling on Congress to take action instead. Waters, who unsuccessfully tried to pass a bill, showed skepticism that the CDC could not stretch the moratorium as they had made in the past.

"I don't buy that the CDC can't extend the eviction moratorium - something it has already done in the past!" Waters tweeted. "Who is going to stop them? Who is going to penalize them? There is no official ruling saying that they cannot extend this moratorium. C'mon CDC - have a heart! Just do it!"

Aug 05 07:34

White House Pushing New Plan That Will Use Taxpayer Money to Hire Lawyers For Illegals

Just days after Senate Democrats threatened to use reconciliation to push through an amnesty plan for thousands of illegal immigrants, it’s emerged that the Biden administration plans to spend a fortune providing publicly-funded lawyers to border jumpers. This is so they can fight his own government’s attempts to deport them. Say what?

Aug 05 07:28

Biden Nominates Mark Brzezinski to Be US Envoy to Poland

US President Joe Biden has nominated Mark Brzezinski to be the next US ambassador to Poland, the White House said in a press release.

"Today, President Joe Biden announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to serve in key roles promoting US foreign policy and national security: Mark Brzezinski, Nominee for Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Poland," the release said on Wednesday.

Brzezinski served in the Obama administration as the US ambassador to Sweden from 2011 to 2015, the release said. He also served on former President Bill Clinton's National Security Council from 1999 to 2001, with a focus on Russia, Eurasia, and the Balkans, the release added.

Aug 05 07:12

$750mn in artillery gear & smart bomb kits: Biden’s first arms sale to Taiwan gets State Department approval

The US State Department authorized a $750 million arms sale to Taiwan, President Joe Biden’s first weapons transfer to the island following a flurry of deals under his predecessor – all over vocal objections from Beijing.

Announced Wednesday, the proposed sale involves 40 155mm self-propelled artillery guns and related gear, a number of vehicles and machine guns, as well as nearly 1,700 precision guidance kits used to convert ‘dumb’ projectiles into GPS-guided munitions, according to a State Department notice to Congress.

The administration claimed the sale would serve “US national, economic and security interests” by supporting Taipei’s “continuing efforts to modernize its armed forces and maintain a credible defensive capability,” as well as “assist in maintaining political stability” in the region.

Aug 05 06:56

Lawsuit: Biden’s DHS Hiding Crimes Committed by Released Migrants

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is failing to disclose crimes, if any, committed by migrants that the administration has released into the United States interior, a newly filed lawsuit alleges.

After taking office in January, Biden ended the Remain in Mexico program, which had proven remarkably effective in eliminating the Catch and Release policy whereby border crossers are apprehended and subsequently released into the U.S. interior while awaiting their asylum hearings.

Biden announced in February that his DHS, with the help of the United Nations, would start releasing about 25,600 migrants enrolled in the program into the U.S. interior. Breitbart News exclusively reported that the migrants are being released in Brownsville and El Paso, Texas, as well as San Diego, California.

Aug 05 06:37

Psaki has tense exchange with reporters over constitutionality of evictions: "I didn't say that."

Aug 05 06:18

World record for tone-deafness?: Kamala Harris on mission to tell Vietnam ‘America is back’

Kamala Harris wants Vietnam to know that “America is back” when she travels there later this month, but not everyone is certain this is a prudent talking point given Washington’s previous ‘visits’ to the Southeast Asian nation.

Kamala Harris wants Vietnam to know that “America is back” when she travels there later this month, but not everyone thinks that’s the best message given the US’ past in the Southeast Asian nation.

The US vice president is gearing up for a tour of Singapore and Vietnam at the end of August in the hopes of bolstering “strategic partnerships” with the Asian nations. Harris will also aim to demonstrate the rallying cry of President Joe Biden’s administration.

"Her trip will build on the Biden-Harris Administration’s message to the world: America is back," Harris’ office said in a statement earlier this week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 05 05:58

Biden Approves First Taiwan Arms Sale Of Presidency, Ratcheting China Tensions Further

After a series of US-backed arms sales packages to Taiwan during Trump's last year in office, severely ratcheting tensions to where they are now, President Biden's administration on Wednesday approved its first arms sale to the island claimed by China.

Bloomberg is describing the potential $750 million deal as including 40 new M109 self-propelled howitzers, essentially a highly maneuverable tank-like military vehicle with a giant gun, and some 1,700 kits designed to convert projectiles into more precise GPS-guided munitions.

The contract by BAE Systems must first pass through congressional review, which is expected, and while it's not a large number for a foreign country sale at less than one billion dollars in weaponry, the symbolism is huge and will be seen as a provocation surely to be loudly denounced by China.

Aug 04 21:40

The Atlantic: 'Unvaccinated People Belong On The No-Fly List'

The Atlantic editor-and-chief Jeffrey Goldberg on Tuesday published an article from former Obama Homeland Security official Juliette Kayyem calling for unvaccinated people to be put on the No Fly List.

Odds are DHS is already actively working on it.

Aug 04 15:21

Biden Cancels Trump Program That Targeted Sex Offenders Living In U.S. Illegally

Biden has made it clear that his number one mission as president is to undo everything the Trump administration accomplished over the last four years.

His newest cancellation simply does not make sense.

Biden’s administration recently cancelled Operation Talon, a Trump administration program aimed at removing convicted sex offenders living in the United States illegally.

Though the program seems to be something everyone should support, it clearly isn’t. Why would anyone want sex offenders to remain in the country?

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson joined a coalition of 18 state attorneys general to urge Biden to reverse the cancellation, according to ABC 4 News.

Aug 04 13:33

Here are all the times Joe Biden has been accused of acting inappropriately toward women and girls

Over the last year, former Vice President Joe Biden has faced scrutiny over his interactions with women, as well as his refusal to apologize for his controversial behavior.

In March 2020, former Senate aide Tara Reade alleged that Biden sexually assaulted her while she worked for his office in 1993. Biden has unequivocally denied assaulting or harassing Reade.

Eight women, including Reade, have accused Biden of touching them inappropriately or invading their personal space in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. Seven of the women said Biden's behavior did not amount to sexual harassment or assault.

Biden released a two-minute video after the initial allegations were made public in April 2019, but he was criticized for giving what critics deemed a "non-apology apology," in which he said he would try to do better moving forward. He later said he's "not sorry for anything that I've ever done."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 04 13:10

Mexico Launches $10-Billion Lawsuit Against U.S. Gun Makers

Taking a page from gun control activists, the Mexican government is now suing several U.S. gun companies in federal court in an attempt to pin the blame for cartel violence on American-made firearms. Smith & Wesson, Glock, Barrett Firearms, Colt, Sturm Ruger, and Beretta are all named in the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Boston on Wednesday, which alleges that the companies are making guns that they know will end up in the hands of drug cartel members south of the border. -- The Mexican president won’t declare war on the drug cartels, but instead he’s declaring war on U.S. firearms manufacturers. It would be nice if we had an administration that would push back, perhaps with sanctions on the country for failing to stop the cartels from exporting drugs to the United States, but with Biden in the White House its far more likely that the administration will end up rooting for the Mexican government to see success in our federal courts.

Aug 04 11:32

US lawmakers approach crunch vote to restrain presidents from launching never-ending wars

A near two-decade old act authorising US military intervention across the Middle East and beyond will appear before the Senate for a critical vote today, which could have a huge bearing on America's capacity to launch wars in the future.

Known as the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), the bill passed in 2001 to provide the legal basis for the so-called "war on terror" has been used to justify American military intervention, which critics say went way beyond its original target which was Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Both Republicans and Democrats have been accused of stretching interpretation of AUMF to include the ever-growing list of America's enemies.

Aug 04 11:19

Biden officials back repealing Iraq War authorization

Biden administration officials on Tuesday argued in favor of repealing the 2002 authorization for the Iraq War, saying doing so would not have an effect on ongoing military operations or the ability to protect U.S. troops in Iraq.

Testimony from Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and the top lawyers at the State Department and Pentagon reiterated the stance on repealing the 2002 authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) the White House laid out in a written statement earlier this year.

But the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing Tuesday provided lawmakers with their first opportunity to publicly question administration officials on the issue.

Aug 04 08:57

Why Biden’s New Eviction Moratorium Should Worry Gun Owners

I’d like to believe that if the administration was bold enough to try this scheme, the courts would quickly shut down their plans, but there’s no guarantee of that happening. And now that Biden himself has demonstrated that pandering to the Democratic base is more important than safeguarding the Constitution, I’d say the odds of his administration trying at some point to put his gun ban into effect without a vote in Congress just went up considerably.

Aug 04 07:06

'Absolute catastrophe from Joe and Kamala': Republicans slam President's migrant crisis as drone captures wave of 1,000 new migrants being held at Texas Border Patrol

Republicans have slammed President Joe Biden's handling of the border crisis after incredible drone images revealed up to 1,000 migrants being held by the Border Patrol in Mission, Texas, after they crossed into the U.S.

The footage shows hundreds of migrants stopped by Border Patrol agents sitting in a long queue under Anzalduas Bridge on the southern border between Mexico and the U.S.

'An absolute catastrophe from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and House & Senate Democrats,' said Republican and House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik in response to the video.